Augustus van Strauss

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 Augustus van Strauss
"You better get out of my way, boy."
The Outlander
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Non-affiliated
Citizenship Expatriate
Patron Deity Althyk, the Keeper
Age 26
Namesday 20th Sun of the Eight Astral Moon
Height/Weight 1,90m / 90kg
Occupation Mercenary

"Augustus van Strauss" Is a haunted man. Born on the battlefield,a life of war was the only one he ever knew. Known as The Outlander by those who have heard of him, this foreigner wanders through Eorzea as a lost man, perpetually looking for something whose nature eludes him. A shattered past and a shattered mind, his military proficiency is the only thing he has - and so he relies on it to survive. Although food has no taste, he eats. Although women doesn't make his heart beat, he fucks. Although alcohol doesn't kill his ghosts, he drinks. And he pays for all of that in blood - his or his enemies'. Before you lies a broken man.



Given Name: Augustus van Strauss
Name Meaning: 'Greatest', 'From the Fight'


The Outlander: This is the only way 95% of the people knows him. He keeps his name for himself and, since it is evident that he's not Eorzean, people started calling him outlander. Over time, as he gained his reputation as a ruthless mercenary, the nickname stuck and now many whisper about the Outlander, even if they never saw him.


Height: Augustus is a very tall man, taking it from both his father and mother, whose noble garlean blood shows on his 2.13m.

Weight: Once heavy with muscles, the years on the dungeon took their toll his body structure hasn't changed, but he is thinner than he ought to be, with 93kg.
The informal Coat of Arms of the 103th Infantry on the Garlean Imperial Army. Tattooed on Augustus' right biceps.

Body: He is a bull of a man, with broad shoulders and a barrel chest, his back always straight with the perfect posture from over two decades of military service. Even if he is not as strong as he used to be out of malnutrition, he is still powerfully built, with sinewy muscles bulging everywhere.

Complexion: His pale skin is covered with a hundred scars, ranging from battle wounds to heavy torture. He has three tattos:
1. The number XIII 'branded' on his right pectoral, representing the number of the legion he served in.
2. The informal shield of his unit on his right biceps, depicting a naked pin-up on a sexy pose holding a spear. The words Garlean Imperial Army - 103th Infantry are written over stylish flags.
3. Typical Amalj'aa beastmen tribal tattoo from left hand to chest/back. This is a very mysterious tatto to many - it was, though, the first thing he did once he reached Eorzea.

Face: It is a blessing that nobody who knew Augustus from before his time on the dungeon can see him now. He is a shadow of his former self. He used to be very handsome, with manly features and a confident grin on his lively face. However his strong jaw is now bony with hollow cheeks. A few scars framing his missing eye and the constant scowl do nothing to add to his appearance. His one good eye is green, but a portal into emptiness. It might be that upon proper feeding and rest he may return to his gallant looks, but those conditions are very rare for this restless man.

Hair: His hair is very pale blond as it's common among the nobility of Garlemald. In the past he used to be clean shaved with very short military hair. However, in these dark days where he cares not for his appearance or military discipline, his hair is long and unkempt and there is always at least a stubble on his jaw.

Fashion: Augustus always detested clothes - for him it is armour or nothing, as he suffers with the heat from eorza. He prefers practical plain clothes on somber tones, but cares not if they are clean or neat. At least he covers his missing eye with an eyepatch.

"I couln't care less about your opinion. Piss off before I take what you called 'rag' off and choke you to death with it."


Voice: His voice is another feature that fell in in disuse. A strong, imposing voice that once commanded a hundred soldiers on the battlefield is nothing more than a rough whisper now. It is also easy to pick him out as a foreigner due to his accent.

Demeanor: He used to be a boisterous joyful man, full of life, always cheering and complimenting people, trying to motivate his soldiers - the soul of every party. Now he is the exact opposite, always brooding, silent and introspective, avoiding personal contact, seemingly lost in himself. When he drinks, he may have flashes of his old behaviour, however that is very rare - and short winded.

Personality: At the present moment there is absolutely none. A whirlwind of fire inside his mind confuses Augustus to the point where he knows not who he really is anymore, or even what he wants on the long run. He focus on the present moment and his current needs, lacking mental stability to really set any goal or settle on finding his inner peace. The two years of his life he can't remmember are the sole recurrent thought on his shattered mind. But for all that darkness, his nature is still good.

Quirks: Manny of his military customs still sticks. He's always looking over his shoulders, always picks the most tactical place to sit on a tavern, always keeps his armor and weapons battle ready. His body language is really easy to read, too - he quirks a single eyebrow when amused, frown when confused, folds his arms when in a defensive stance and puts his hand on his hips when on an agressive one.

Flaws: He is obviously depressed, and alcoholic. When he drinks he sometimes turn into a womanizer - looking for the warmth he lacks under the skirts of any wench. Going through what he did, he is very paranoid - he checks his drinks and food for poison every time, checks his rooms, always have a weapon in reach and never trusts anyone. Due to that, he also became something of a lone wolf, rejecting the company of others when working. Last but not least, something is broken on his mind. He sometimes gets prone to bouts of animalistic violence, going berserker.

Intelligence: bla

bla on special habilities.

Religious Views: bla:

"bla on religion"
bla on death
"bla on death"


  • Storms
  • Near Death Experiences
  • Rough Sex
  • Battles
  • Reading
  • Drinking
  • Meeting different people
  • Overwhelming odds
  • Monsters
  • Animals
  • Kids
  • Warriors


  • Cowardice
  • Treachery
  • Lies
  • Loud Noises
  • Nobles
  • Clothes
  • Natural food
  • Lalafels
  • Closed spaces
  • Himself


  • Strategy/Tactics
  • Natural Born Fighter
  • Good with children and animals
  • Can be Intimidating
  • Can be Charming


  • Favourite Food: Meat.
  • Favourite Drink: Whiskey, but any strong spirit will do.
  • Favourite Creatures: Dragons
  • Least Favourite Food: Vegetables
  • Least Favourite Creature: Cats



name (who)- Bla.


name (who)- Bla.


  • Style:

bla on fighting

  • Specialization:
  • Strengths:
  • Weaknesses:

bla on fighting.


  • bla
  • bla
  • bla




bla on phylosophy of fighting


Rumour Mill

Common Rumors (Easily overheard):
  • “Nay... No one 'ere knows 'bout where he's from. Last 'un to ask got clocked real bad.”
  • “Don't go near him, fool! That's THE Outlander! I've heard he'd slit his mama's throat for a nickel!"
  • “All I can say is that he comes 'ere every day, drinks himself stupid and goes out - without a word.”
Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear):
  • “I tell ya! He bathes every day! It ain't natural!"
  • “I heard he never kills two people with the same blade! That's why he carries all those weapons."
  • “Nancy told me that angelical looking ogre's name is Augustus. Sound's weird doesnt it?"
  • "Yeah, he's always in a somber mood, alright - until the booze comes in, yes? Then he's all smiles - and quite a skirt chaser too! I swear, he once tried to flirt with me AND my sister at once. Well, all I can say is that my dear Helena is not as stout-hearted as I am."
Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard):
  • “He is imperial, indeed. Only, not just some cannon fodder - we're talking nobility here. Military Careeer. Heard he was arrested and escaped to our fine land. Rummor has it he hates Garlemald with a passion.”
  • “He's got a bad temper on him, allright. In the week we stayed on the the same hostel, he trashed people three times on fist-fights. One of them was even a Hellsguard, man! He was always calm, drinking or reading, until they approached and said something. Then he went batshit crazy out of the blue and - Boom! Berserker."
  • “Pff... He ain't a fraction as bad as everyone says. He's a big softie, my Outlander. I once saw with my own eyes as he stormed inside a burning building and took Mr. Hancock's children out - and even went back for their dog! He then ignored the thanks, walked in here and asked me for a beer. Ahhh... he is also always very gentle with me. When we are together... Now, go back to your business!"
Wanted for Interesting Roleplay:
  • I'm absolutely open for all kinds of RP.
  • I would like to find him relationships such as best friends that can influence and change him from the brooding depressed man he is right now. It's his ~character arc~.



"The road I walk has no end... Each step I take is paved with the bodies of my enemies. How do you expect me to smile?"

Born in the battlefield, he was treated as an adult from day one by the soldiers who raised him on the Imperial Military School. A favorite of his guardian, Sergeant Cassius, he was always around the real soldiers who regarded him as something of a mascot. He was assigned to a squad on the record age of thirteen and for some mysterious reason his squadron was always sent to the worst of the battles. On his 18th name day, he was for no apparent reason summoned to attend to a council of noblemen at court.

With sergeant Cassius as his escort he found out that he was actually the legitimate son of a Legatus and, therefore a nobleman. He found out the truth was hidden from him for fear of assassination attempts by the political enemies of his father. However, his estate and fortune were out of reach because of his current field assignment. He became a commissioned officer and through the years remained on the battlefield - never able to actually go back to his so-called home. It fit him. The soldiers were his only family and the infantry his only haven.

He was a centurion when orders came from above that would cause the genocide of many civilian beastmen - a people he had come to respect. He refused and was promptly court-martialed and arrested. There is where Legatus Boagrius van Haagen revealed his plot to inherit the Strauss' family fortune and the treason of his father. There was nothing Augustus could do. He was tortured and experimented with magitech for long weeks.

Then, he woke up one day on the back of a moving wagon - finding out he couldn't remember anything after his last torture season, which, he learned, had happened over two years ago. He knew not what happened to him on that dungeon or how he got out - all he knew was that he hated the empire. The coachman eventually took him to the Eorzean lands, where he wandered for a while, lost in many ways, before hunger assaulted him and he got into the only business he knew: death.



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