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A Duskwight Elezen hailing from Ishgard, Auliander has recently left the Holy See for the sake of research, and to find answers to many mysteries that have recently overtaken his life. He was born in the Brume and when young, was left behind by his father, a drunk and former soldier of Ishgard. The Elezen never knew his mother. Auliander was found and raised as a servant and retainer to a minor noble house and growing up, discovered a loving, adoptive father-figure in the Lord he served. His current mannerisms and politeness tend to reflect his upbringing. Although he was raised around nobility, Auliander is modest, humble, and considers himself entirely conventional. His current research has Auliander traveling to dark places in the Shroud like The Palace of the Dead and to places as far as the Azim Steppe. He still has yet to find what he has been searching for.


The first thing people tend to notice about Auliander (besides his very tall stature, of which he stands 6'11' ') are his amber eyes which are a striking contrast to his dark skintone. The Elezen has light, slightly dirty-blonde hair which he keeps neatly groomed. He has many scars and markings. A large, deep, and slightly grotesque scar on the back of his neck. Burn scars etched deeply from his hands to his forearms. Recent scars on his back (looking to be from a lashing of some sort) , and light scars upon his face/torso, those of which resemble claw marks. The Duskwight tends to wear clothes that cover more of his skin, as he's more comfortable that way. He prefers to wear jackets or coats with high collars that cover his neck. He also wears a simple pair of brass spectacles, of which he cannot see without.
Aspects That Stand Out:
Bright, golden eyes surround by dark skin.
If seen, the deep scar at the back of his neck.
Very tall.


INFJ [[1]] - Auliander is a very private and introverted person. He would prefer to stay in the back of a room, quietly watching others and perhaps listening to a conversation here and there. The Duskwight does not actively seek speaking with others but is not particularly shy as he does not run away when he is engaged in conversation with another. When spoken to he is courteous, pleasant, and over-all charming. To others, it is almost scary how well the Elezen can read people using his keen intuition and observations, but even as he gains this knowledge he would keep it to himself rather than reveal what he knows. Auliander avoids any form of conflict unless it interferes with his ingrained moral standards, he is practical, humane and highly realistic. He is steadfast in his opinions and ideals and will defend them if provoked. Auliander believes, in most cases, that he is in the right but would drop an argument if it meant conserving the pride or well-being of another.


Slow snowfall. Reminds him of quiet nights in Ishgard.
Hot cup of tea. The Elezen usually crafts his own brew of tea from Ishgardian tea-leaves and covets the almost secret recipe, one he had learned from his previous Lord.


Dragons. He grew up hearing whispers from Knights, Dragoons, and Nobles. Hushed voices with stories full of blood and gore. More recently he has had firsthand encounters with dragons.
Heretics. ████REDACTED█████


Reading/Research. Auliander has a fairly large collection of books, some more rare than others and he still finds himself collecting more and more. He enjoys nothing more than an interesting book, cup of tea, and a warm fire.
(Very) Amateur Gardener. Something the Elezen has only recently began to learn and is doing so by taking care of White Lilies.


Recalling/Keeping Information. Auliander was raised around Nobility, and as an outsider to such a world, it was very easy for the Duskwight to observe and soak in everything and anything said and done around him. He retains this skill even now.
Aether. He was born with an abundance of aether and because of a more recent event, the death of ████████, it has left it somewhat unstable. He has been learning to control and focus this energy but ██████████████████████.


Sacrifice. Auliander tends to think of others before himself, which gets him in trouble fairly often. This does not mean he is a self-sacrificing fool, but if he would be asked to assist, his answer is often yes.
Aether. As before, having so much aether is both a blessing and a curse.


Answers/Research - Is currently fixated on researching ██████████████████████ and the affect on ██████. Other areas of research delve into the Void and certain aspects of Aether study.
Family - The Elezen has recently had thoughts about what exactly happened to both his father and mother, and often wonders if either of them are still alive. Or the possibility that he might even have siblings.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
██████████ Mother. ( ) - -
Character's Thoughts: "I... have no memory of my mother..."
No relationship, as he has never met his birth mother nor are there any records of her. At least to Auliander's knowledge.
██████████████ Father. ( ) - -
Character's Thoughts: The Duskwight seems immediately put off. He frowns, looking away, "He abandoned me. There is nothing more to say."
Their relationship is almost non-existent as Auliander has few, if any, memories of his father. If he recalls anything of his birth father, they are mostly in the negative.
Oleandre Torchier [[2]] Partner/Lover/Friend. ( ) - Geometer and Creative Director of Palazzo Aldenard
Character's Thoughts: "O-oh Oleandre?" A smile tugs at his lips and his dark complexion only darkens more around the young man's cheeks, "He is... He means far more to me than a few words can even possibly convey."
Auliander and Oleandre met at a Club Crescent Valentione's Day event, where-in after some talking, Oleandre asked the Duskwight over for dinner. They both have been through many hardships both apart and together, but have always been there to support one another. It has only been recently that they have actively sought each other yet again. In any capacity, Auliander cannot imagine a life without the Wildwood in it.
Gwyn Lavellan Friend (?). ( ) - Sharlayan Exile, Doctor, crime lord
Character's Thoughts: The retainer is silent a moment, and considers his words carefully, "Master Lavellan is... a friend, yes." He nods slowly, "Though he hardly treats me, us as such at times. Despite many things, I ... I trust him. His motives are not always clear, but I know him to be a good man."
Gwyn saved Auliander's life after ██████████████, when the Duskwight was bleeding and almost dead, pounding and pleading at the man's door for death. Gwyn did not allow Auliander to die, and instead employed the Duskwight. When the doctor succumbed to dark forces, Auliander in turn, saved the Wildwood, but in doing so almost killed him as well. Their relationship is rocky at best, but despite everything Auliander trusts Gwyn with his life, as he is the one who saved it so long ago.
Jeannot Fondebrodeur [[3]] Friend(?). ( ) - Lord of Ishgard, Master Weaver
Character's Thoughts: "Lord Fondebrodeur is... Well, he is an admirable man." He says, somewhat stiffly but then he relaxes, "Though he sometimes does not like to show it often to others, he is inexplicably good. A... a friend."
Auliander and Jeannot's relationship is complicated, as through an unfortunate event, Auliander accidentally burned the Lord, left him scarred, and in the chaos burned down the man's apartment. The Duskwight still has not forgiven himself for the harm he caused Jeannot and desperately wants to make up for the past.
Elphanse Silmontaix Friend. ( ) - Lady of Ishgard
Character's Thoughts: "... She is... one of a kind, her own brand of Lady. There is not much else to say other than I trust her completely."
Through the same event where Auliander burned Jeannot, so did he harm Elphanse as well. Again, he does not entirely forgive his actions or himself for what has happened though he did pay some price for it. Auliander served as a retainer for not only Elphanse, but her mother as well, as part of payment for his crimes. It has only been recently he has become more relaxed around the woman, even finding her company comforting in an odd way. Regardless of the past, he sees Elphanse as a close friend, one of whom he feels he can speak to honestly.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Hm what, oh? That Duskwight? He always sits in the back by himself... I'm lucky he doesn't make a fuss and always orders the same kind of tea but he just... watches people. S'strange... You'd think he'd get bored or something... " - Unknown Gridanian Barmaid.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I saw,I did! *The boy jumps around excitedly* The man, the dark one, the Elezen - *He speaks in a hushed tone* He 'ad a scar on his neck, big ugly thing - skin just tore righ' out! Amazin' thing, must have hurt like 'ell!" - Unknown Lominsan streetboy "
"Mnn, it was a horrid affair what happened to that Lord and Lady, Ser. I can scarce believe it. Burned by some unknown Brumeling if details are to be believed. If you ask me those lashings he recieved from the Tribunal were not enough." - Ishgardian Noble"
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"*The knight shifts, suddenly nervous* I-I hadn't seen anything like it... Fire stretching out onto the snow and burning everything in sight I-I wasn't sure what I was seeing was even real. Everything just gone, the trees, plants, everything Ser - gone. E-Except for him..."
"Hmf, you know I've seen him with that Wildwood, the one with the dark hair and sharp eyes? Called the Duskwight a pet could you believe it?" - Wealthy Ul'dahn aristocrat "


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Auliander is the kindest and most gentle soul I have ever met, a bit of a surprise considering the many sleights of hand the Twelve have employed to break him. I admire him a great deal, and pray to be fortunate enough to spend the bulk of my days in his presence. He comforts me in a world designed to be uncomfortable." — Oleandre Torchier
"Auliander is a very unique individual. Very rarely do you meet one who is not only content with the class they have been born into, but take joy in serving. As a retainer, and as a friend, one will hardly find a better man." — Elphanse Simontaix Anonymous



Player Note
I enjoy roleplaying mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use, rape) as long as they're logical in a story/plot-driven encounter. This includes coarse and excessive language, temporary injury and incapacitation, or temporary imprisonment. I enjoy walk-up encounters and appreciate but do not require /tells beforehand. Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement, long-term captivity or imprisonment. I will not play permanent character death.
Server: Balmung (Feel free to /tell if you would like to talk about RP or have any questions!)
Tumblr: Link here [[4]]


Potential Plot Hooks
Auliander was raised in Ishgard as a servant/retainer, so he has been around the Holy See. He knows it like the back of his hand and if ever there was an event for nobility and one his house would attend, he was likely there in the back as well. It is very likely if your character hails from Ishgard, they might have seen this certain dark-skinned Duskwight with gold eyes.
He also has recent affliation with the Free Company NOX, as a researcher.
Auliander recently had a trial in Ishgard, held in The Supreme Sacred Tribunal.
Character Lore Adherence

Name - Auliander Zielione
Race - Elezen; Duskwight
Age - 25
Name Day - 16th Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon ( 10/16 )
Deity - (???)
Sexual Identification - Homosexual
Relationship Status - Taken

Alias: None
Citizenship: Ishgard
Occupation: Former (?) Retainer, Researcher
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Gold
Complexion: Dark, like charcoal
Piercings: None
Marks or tattoos: Many scars
Alignment: Neutral Good
Key Items: Spectacles
Favorite Food: Light pastries
Favorite Drink: Personal brew of Ishgardian Tea
Favorite Color: Blue/Green
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