Auriana Wynter

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 Auriana Wynter
Ffxiv 06102016 232740.png
Gender Female
Race Highlander
Clan Wynter
Citizenship None
Age 25
Sexuality Omnisexual
Occupation Mercenary
Guardian Halone
Namesday 3rd sun of the 1st Astral Moon
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Auriana is a difficult person to know, and even harder to understand. She lives by her own code of honor, instilled into her by her former Doman master, Takeshi. Constantly struggling to understand the world around her, and how it works, she often times leaves the wrong impressions. Be it her struggle with finding the proper words, at the appropriate time, or her lack of understanding of conventional etiquette. Although she is well educated, her life has been dedicated to her craft, and warfare. Disciplined and focused, one would be hard pressed to find another with her skill.


Auriana stands at 5 fulm, 11 Ilm's. She is however quite muscular, and toned.

Her hair very light blonde almost white, with stands of pink *highlights.

She prefers to keep it tied back, as the risk of anything obscuring her sight during combat, in her own words, "Will just not do."

Her eyes, are perhaps the most notable thing about her. They are platinum, almost silver in color, and as cold as ice. She has a white tattoo on her cheek, both its design and color have meaning.


Auriana is not quick to trust, but isn't quick to judge either. She gives fair chance to all. In spite of herself, she loves to laugh and enjoy the simple things in life, though she often denies these things to herself. If one is lucky enough to win her trust, if it should ever be betrayed, it would be wise to sleep with one opened. She is patient, calculating and above all has no compassion for those marked. She is one who will let you believe she is still an ally after a betrayal, until the right moment to strike, and often without warning.

When she decides you're a friend, you will find none more loyal.

She spends most of her time alone, wishing she belonged somewhere. Searching for something to believe in, and something to hold on to.

She will fight for what she sees as right, and fight for those she is loyal to with a ferocity. But at the same time, she is not above humility if she is in the wrong.

Outgoing, and caring to those who do manage to get close, she still denies herself any emotion when and where she can. Yet, to those who do manage to get close enough, she will occasionally let them get a glimpse of that side.

She will often drink to cope with unwanted emotions, and to force sleep when none can be found. She is quick tempered, and strong willed, and not one to have lengthy discussions about who, when, and why. She would just as soon cut your throat as to go on sparing words.



A twin pair of Wakizashi swords, throwing daggers and on occasion a bow and quiver. Her armor is hand crafted Doman armor, made of mythril chain-mail, breast plates, gauntlets and leg armor. It is extremely light, and has what appears to be ancient carvings throughout. These markings could appear to used to channel something to the keen and trained eye.

Hidden beneath the sash she wears around her waist, is a kusarigama. A deadly chain weapon with a devastating blade on each end. This is a weapon of last resort, which in her hands, is not something one wants to face as she is quite skilled in its art. If this weapon comes into play, whomever is on the receiving end should be prepared to forfeit their life, she will be ready to do the same.


As with all Highlanders, she was taught from an early age. Her village was home to a Doman man who had married one of Dragons Keeps influential daughters. This man, known as Master Takeshi, had trained Auriana in the Doman arts from age five. She was one of six Takeshi had trained to become a feared adversary to any enemy of Dragons Keep.

She is unrelenting, and ruthless in her execution. Auriana will at times hold up defense until her opponent grows tired, angry or impatient, or at the very least makes a mistake. She is patient in this manner. "Ones arrogance, is also ones defeat."

In addition to her Doman training, she spent some of her free time learning to use the bow, and became fairly proficient.


She will watch, listen and learn as much as she can in any given situation before engaging. Be it social, professional, battle or just simple conversation. It is her belief that what is not said, is more important than what is. What is not done, more important than what is. To her, these things are far more telling about what the true nature of a person is. She tends to be unpredictable, often times coming from all different angles at once, making it difficult for others to know what it is her true intentions are. This often creates more trouble for her than she realizes. Drinking is one means of coping. Usually fueled by anger, or just weariness of the world around her. If cornered, she will not hesitate to push back. Auriana stands her ground, and has little to no tolerance for those who like to boast and speak highly of themselves. Despising those who think themselves supperior, she has a general loathing for those who tell of of how great of a warrior they are, or how many have fallen under their boot. This will almost always provoke her to engage them on some level.


The sunset on the beach
Hard physical training


Large crowds
Cowardly people
Anything to do with Garleans


Maintaining her armor and weapons
No hobbies interest her at this time.


Favourite Food/Drink:Rum
Favourite Place:The Mist beach
Favorite Weather:None
Favorite Season:None
Favorite Color:Purple
Favorite Scents:Cooked apples


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

: Rhesh'ir Zhwan

The Captain of the 81st, Rhesh'ir has been an enigma to her. She trusts the man completely, having witnessed the most selfless act she has ever seen at his hand. Since coming to the 81st, he has been nothing but kind, honest and straight with her. She never needs to question where she stands, and admires him for his courage and ability to inspire the rest of the company. In spite of this, she also finds him to be the most frustrating man she has ever met, which in turn draws her attention when he enters the room.

: Shoshopu Shopu

Meeting not long after joining the 81st, the Lalafell has shown nothing but kindness and support to Auriana. Offering her advice and consolation during the dark times, and watching over her while she healed after being attacked. Shosho has earned Aurianas loyalty, and is considered one of her closest friends.

: Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn

Fyril was among the first people she met when she came to the 81st. He has been a loyal friend to her from the start. The 'big man' as she likes to secretly refer to him, has laid his own well being down for her more than once. Always the first to offer advice, and steer her back on course he has become the closest thing to a father figure she has known in many years. Fyril had earned her trust and loyalty many times over, and in spite of her shortcomings he has never given up on her.

: Keaira Twinning

'Twinning', as she is called has made an impression. A fellow soldier, and one who understands the turmoils in which haunt one such as they. She has a level of respect for the woman, not only for the kindness she has shown her, but for her honesty. Keaira has made her share of sacrifices for the 81st, and though these sacrifices have left the woman withdrawn, she has earned more respect than she already had. For Auriana, it is difficult to see her friend withdrawn. She looks forward to their conversations, and appreciates Keairas insight more than she probably knows. She hopes that one day, things will get better and she can once again sit with her friend and catch up on lost moons.

: Y'lyfriel Sikah Deceased

'Lyf' had earned Aurianas respect and trust through the compassion she had shown her. While she knew little about her beyond what is common, the highlander still considered her an ally. The events in the aftermath of the tower incident, Auriana had seen few with her level of compassion since. Lyfriel once told Auriana, that she was part of the family she fought for. At the time, the highlander did not understand these words. But in the wake of her death, she finally understood. Although the two were not particularly close, her death has had a profound impact on Auriana. Her one true regret, was not knowing her better in life.

: Onuma Ahntifi

The Lieutenant. Auriana trusts her judgement, and her leadership in every way. Auriana sees her as a formidable fighter and a strong leader. It wasn't until recently, did she see the other side of her. Speaking like a friend would, has earned the Lieutenant the deepest respect. On more than one occasion, Auri has sought Onumas council on several things. Always honest, and speaking as a friend, Onuma is considered by Auriana to among her closest friends. She knows that she can always trust confidence with the Lieutenant, and always count on Onuma to keep her on the right path when things become clouded. There are very few who have earned the level of trust Auriana has given her.

:Ralamano Nulumano

Another of the 81st's Lieutenants, Ralamano has shown nothing but support, kindness and an overall concern for not only the well being of Auriana, but the 81st as a whole. He has stood fast to defend her, fought in her name, and has saved her an early demise. Ralamano has shown himself to be kind, generous, and caring beyond what his position requires. He has been a friend to her, and played an instrumental role in saving her beloved from her own demise. During Auriana's darkest hour, Ralamano had shown her a compassion and an understanding that she never expected, forcing her to consider his council and heed his advice. In doing so, she learned a great deal about him, and about herself. She will always be grateful to him for restoring her beloved to her former self, and giving her a second chance.

:R'miah Tosh

'Miah', as most call her, has appealed to Aurianas softer side. Always upbeat, pleasant and showing no signs of hardships or despair ever bringing her down. Miah is considered a friend, and because of her soft approach, Auri would be quick to defend her. The highlander admires her for her ability to always see the positive side of things, even when they are at their most dire. It is Aurianas hope, that she might learn a little bit from this high energy girl, and mayhaps better herself.

:Alicia Bennett

Alicia is one of the few that Auriana can relate to on certain levels. Through mutual acquaintance, as well as mutual turmoils they have become closer than they had been. On more than one occasion, they have shared between them things that most would never hear from the highlanders own mouth. She trusts Alicia more than most, but still not quite as much as some. It could be the midlanders ties and history with a certain Elezen that keeps Auri on her guard, but whatever it is..Alicia has never shown Auriana anything but the kindness and consideration that any friend would. She does enjoy their talks quite a bit.

:Senelle Silverlight

'The Elezen'. Senelle has gotten a bad wrap from Auriana, and none to her own fault. Dating back to an accident where a friend had a mishap in her shop, changing her sex completely, Auri since blames her for any mishap of the like. All starting as a mild distrust, this distrust has grown into a deep seeded mistrust again, to no fault of Senelles. It wasn't until Auriana's beloved H'lanah told her of her feelings for the Elezen in conjunction to her feelings for Auriana, did things become so volatile. Since then, any time the Elezen enters the room where they are both present, Auriana immediately switches over to her basic instincts, wanting nothing more than to eliminate this unwelcome tormentor. It is not through jealousy, but Aurianas strong sense of honor that compels her. In her view, she has drawn the lines of her tolerance for all to see, and any breath beyond those lines offends her honor. But it is her love for Lanah that Auriana shows restraint. Slowly, she is beginning to trust Senelle more and more. She is making every effort to set aside her ridiculous notions towards the Elezen, and come to know her as everyone around her seems to. Auriana knows deep in her heart, that no one would seek to offend her honor, and so it is her goal to start anew with each encounter with her, until she can lay her misplaced distrust aside.

:Brielle Ashenfist

Brielle, a fellow highland woman and a warrior none the less. She has more than once shown compassion to Auriana and has done much to help her when and where the fellow highlander is able. Brielle has shown interest in Auri's happiness, and has offered her friendship more than once. Auriana is difficult to befriend as it is, so it has taken her some time. But through Brielle's assistance in freeing Lanah from an uncertain fate, and aiding in delivering the seeker back whole and hale, Auriana no longer questions her motives, but sees her as a loyal and trustworthy friend, as well as a formidable fighter.

:Lynn'wo Vahnal

'The Jester'. Auriana simply adores Lynn, and sees him as an upbeat and necessary part of the 81st. Always quick witted, and first to do his best to make people smile, she sees him as carefree and happy. Though she suspects a lot of his jesting, and laughter is a cover for some deep rooted hurt, she enjoys his antics and his friendship very much. He is one of the most thoughtful people she has ever met. His pranks and tormenting of the girls around the estate she finds endearing. Auriana secretly awaits the day when one of them throws him into the pond, arse first. Her greatest hope is, to be there to laugh, and offer him a hand up.

:Ayane Lenneth

The Brawler' Few have caught Aurianas attention as Ayane. Her ability to adapt, and observe intrigues her. Auri sees much of herself in Ayane, as well as a deep untapped potential. They have spent some time training, and discussing certain aspirations which Auriana admires. It wasn't until Ayane came to her for council, did she realize how much the woman trusts her. This in turn, has earned Ayane Aurianas trust, and loyalty. However, Ayane has long since disappeared without word or warning. Auri hopes where ever she may be, the sun finds her well.

:Sami Molkoh

'The Mender' Sami is in Auriana's opinion, a rare find. Skilled and sharp witted, Sami has proven herself to be a valuable asset as well as a friend. She trusts Sami, and has taken a special interest in her development. She has shown tenacity, and bravery and also a keen sense of loyalty and commitment. For Auri, Sami's presence in the field and off is a welcome thing to be encouraged.

:Okiku Sarayashiki

'Ki'. Okiku is high energy, and one of the most unsuspected fighters she has come across. The girls talent in acrobatics, as well as her loyalty to Sami leaves little doubt that she will prove to be a valuable asset. Auriana has also taken an interst in her development as well, spending time overseeing training, and watching her grow is an intriguing endeavor that the highlander has come to enjoy. Ki brings with her the lighter side of things with her upbeat approach, and her positive energy almost always leaves its mark on those around her. It is for this reason, among all others, that Auri has taken such an interest.

:Catara Masanori [a.k.a 'Smolls']

Catara met a rocky beginning with Auriana, having been the one her wife had shared an intimate moment with that send Auris life spiraling downward, and inevitably ending her marriage and friendship with her former apprentice. Catara however, in the face of confrontation, displayed honor and courage, never once offering excuse for her actions. As Auriana had learned, the act was not invited nor welcome, and knowing her then wife for what she was, the highlander harbored no ill feelings for her. Since then, Auri has accepted the girl under her guidance and is now her new apprentice. Cat has also been recruited into the 81sts special operations unit under Aurianas command.
The highlander finds her pleasant, and easy to speak to. And her skills reflect in how quickly she is learning under the Shinobi Masters teachings. So fond, Auriana has even given her a battle name, unprecedented to earn one so swiftly. "Smolls" as Auri calls her, the highlander has much hope for her.

Enemies & Rivals

Those unlucky enough to land on this side, usually don't live long enough to be remembered..

H'lanah Yhisa

Aurianas one time apprentice. She had a soft spot for the girl. Lanahs tenacity and drive had inspired Auriana to take her as her student in the Doman art of the Shinobi. Knowing each other long before either of them found their way to the 81st, she once felt a strong tie to her. In spite of herself, Auriana found Lanah to be a loyal student and friend who had earned her trust. They share a common history that dates back to the dark days when Aurianas master, Takeshi was murdered. Though the girl does not know it, she took the highlanders focus from hunting down the murderer and falling into the trap of revenge, to honoring her former master. It wasn't until well after joining the 81st, did H'lanah confess to Auriana her feelings for her. Auri believed that Lanah truly cared for her, and wanted to be with her. After Auriana had taken Lanah into the lands of Gyr Abania, to the mountain of sorrow, as she and her clan called it, Lanah had to face her trials to prove herself worth of becoming a proper Shinobi under Auriana. Much to the pride of the master, Lanah had returned having completed the trial and was granted the soul stone of the Shinobi.
Their time spent together, over a cycle training and advancing Lanahs aspirations, Auriana has learned much about her, as Lanah has learned about Auri. The girl made clear her feelings for the highlander some time ago. Though initially, Auriana resisted, the more time spent and the more things that have changed in the highlanders life, has given her new perspective. Lanah had stood at her side for quite some time, and no matter what, she had shown nothing but undying loyalty in the face of whatever comes their way. Though Lanah had always had an insatiable appetite for physical pleasures, she had on many occasion vowed her loyalty and her commitment. Recently, having faced one of their most difficult tasks with the 81st, Auriana realized that any of them could fall at any moment, and her one regret would be falling, having not known what if felt like to be loved. Lanahs loyalty, and her commitments, along with the personal sacrifice she had made to be with Auri, the highlander at long last pulled down her walls and let the girl in.
They were bonded before all of their friends and family of the 81st, and as they professed their devotion to one another, Auriana began to believe that she may at long last find peace and happiness for herself. It did not last long, however. It was not but two moons before Lanah revealed her true colors to the highlander. A simple kiss to another, in front of more than half of the 81st and those loyal to Auriana. The act itself, stung, was was not beyond forgiving. But deep down, Auriana knew Lanah was incapable of being loyal. This caused Auriana to share lanahs doubt, and soon she began to doubt not only the one person she had given everything to, sacrificed her virtue for, but she began to doubt her own self. So ggreat, and painful was the doubt, that the Shinobi warrior had lost her focus and sustained a mortal would that should have claimed her life.
As the highlander fell to her death from the crumbling island in the Sea of Clouds, her entire life passed before her. Her unlikely savior, a dragon, saved her life and helped her find her strength once more. In the weeks that followed, as she continued to heal, Auriana had plenty of time to think and sort through what led her to this. Upon her return, she had told her wife that there is no room in her life for doubt. Lanahs pleas were seen as false and nothing more than deception, which latter was proven true. Lanahs deception and disregard for anything beyind her own wants, including Auri, had earned her the highlanders ire many times over. The love she once had, has turned into a burning hatred, seething with scorn and contempt for being so deceived and tossed aside so easily. Auriana has nothing but contempt for her now, and if given the chance, would relish the excuse to end her.

Easily Overheard Rumours
"That one there? I hear she cut a man in Ul'dah for calling her 'lass'."

"Something strange about that girl. Word is, shes a little unstable."

Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"I heard up near Drybone, she cut a road agent open and strung him up in the trees and let him bleed out for all to see, just for slapping some brat child that gave back talk."

Rarely Overheard Rumours
"Wynter? You mean the girl with the pink hair and the tattoo? I heard she was a hunter of some kind. And I'm not talkin' about the four legged type, follow?"

Player Character Rumours
"I like Wynter. She's a good woman, though hardly sees that herself. She is a fine example of a warrior, no?" :Rhesh'ir Zhwan


Auriana is the daughter of Roland and Adela Wynter. Roland was known as a fierce warrior and was considered by many to be of the most brilliant strategists when it came to battle. Aurianas home was a village in the southern region of Gyr Abania. When she was 16 Garlean forces were moving through Ala Mhigo sweeping for signs of those loyal to the Ala Mhigan Resistance. Any found to be affiliated were punished severely, if allowed to escape with their lives at all. She was brought up as any normal highlander, trained in combat from an early age, she was no stranger to the sting of battle. Most of her time was spent training, hunting, learning to fight and track. Her father, Roland, of the most brilliant commanders, over seen most of the village youths trainings during times of peace.

Auriana was taught by a Doman named Takeshi in the arts and tactics of his homeland at the request of her father in hopes that one day she may "earn his legacy." It was no secret among the ranks the roumors of the name Wynters' origin. It was said, they called him Wynter because of the ice in his veins and the chill in his stare. Aurianas' mother, Adela Wynter, was a beautiful highland woman. She was tough as stone, yet could be a soft as linen. In her youth, it was not uncommon for Adela to run from home and seek out Roland only to disappear into the night until the next sunrise. For Rolands reputation as an intemperate man in his youth, their union was all but forbidden. Yet, Adelas one true love was her daughter, Auriana. She looked over her with a ferocious protectiveness until Aurianas training began.

Life during that time was difficult. Auriana was born in rebelion. The Garlean take over drove the people out, some others submitted, but Roland like many others refused. Battle after battle, fought and lost against this seemingly unstoppable force that was sweeping across the land, consuming all who opposed. He lead his men against the invaders and struck at every opportunity. But it was useless. Rolands men began to fall, one by one. In spite of Master Takeshis six students known as "The Pack", It wasn't long before Roland became the hunted. A young suitor known as Eiann Grande, wished for Aurianas hand, but she was dedicated to her training and her destiny. She denied his advances repeatedly. The events soon to take place, would changer her life forever. Eiann in his bitter resentment, turned on his home and the people of Dragons Keep, and began feeding intel to the Garlean forces. Eventually, their rebellion found themselves locked in a loosing battle. Rolands men were traced back to the village. They had no choice. The village had to move, Adela and Auriana stood and fought bravely as the aged and the very young took what they could and fled.

Adela and many of the other highland women held the line until the men returned from the flanks. The village was being over run by massive war machines. The entire place was engulfed in flames. Auriana watched with her eyes wide open as her father approached, the huge blade that pierced his armor from behind, and through his chest. Her screams pierced the night air as she watched the life fade from his eyes. With his dieing breath, his last words to her..." damn you!" As he collapsed, Auriana felt the life she knew drain from her veins. Rage would soon take its place. She drew her swords as aether crackled blue electric sparks in her eyes, the air around her began to swirl with aether, faster and faster.

Adela stunned by what she had witnessed, suddenly snapped out of it and grabbed her by the arm and tried to drag her away. Still determined, Auriana tried to break free and charge forward. Adela slapped her hard across the face. It worked, she snapped out of it and looked at her mother. Seeing her mothers tears, she knew she had to pull it together. Adela ordered her to pull back and flee with the others. Auriana in turn made it clear she would not leave without her. Adela agreed, and began drawing fire away from her daughter. Auriana wasn't about to leave without the bow her grandfather had passed down to her.

She turned around and looked up at the flames coming from inside the house, but she ran inside anyway. The bow was wrapped in a cloth, under her bed. She made her way through the flames, shielding her eyes from the heat. Choking on the thick smoke, she found her prize. Just about that time, one of the war machines was bearing down on them. The noise was deafening. Before she could make it to the door, the upper floor gave way. The heavy beam itself on fire, split in two, striking Auriana on the head driving her to the floor. Outside, Adela seen what had happened. She and one of the surviving warriors of Rolands men ran inside. They lifted the burning beam off of her, and carried her out. They escaped through the darkness and towards the river. Adela knew where the tiny boat was, she loved to fish and it was an excuse for her to get a little quiet time for herself. What had seemed like a bolt of lightning pierced the darkness, striking the warrior in the back. Causing him to drop Aurianas' body to the dirt.

Fading in and out of consciousness, she fought to get to her feet. The pain was excruciating, and it extended though out her body. She could taste the iron in her own mouth, knowing it was her own blood. Adela fought to get her daughter up and to the boat. Auriana fading in and out, collapsed inside the bottom. Her mother got a glimpse of her injuries in the flashes coming from the explosions and flames behind her. It was severe, her face red with blood. Adela pushed the tiny boat into the water, but before she could jump in she heard the voices yell behind her.."There's one, grab her!!" She looked back to see four armored soldiers coming for her. She looked down at Auriana, and back again. Auriana opened her eyes to see the shadow of her mother over her. Adela smiled softly as she looked into her daughters eyes. She knew, she had to sacrifice herself if Auriana was to escape and have a chance to survive.

With one last sigh, a single tear ran down the mothers face. She wanted so much to remove the pain from her daughters heart, and her memory. She muttered some words under her breath just as the boat left the shore and drifted into the rivers current. Adela knew a little magic, enough to be dangerous to herself. But she knew she was about to die, she had to try. As the blade pierced her, she focused her life energy on Auriana. With her dieing breath she whispered, "Forgive me.." What happened next, none can say for certain.

The Aftermath

After drifting down river all night, and most of the day, the current shoved her tiny craft against the shoreline far from the smoldering remains of her home. An aging Highland man known as Fareman Ironhand, who long ago choose solitude away from others along with his wife Selona, discovered her state while returning from a hunt. He had been out since sunrise and managed to bring home enough to eat for the night when he seen the boat. Laying inside was the dieing Auriana. Her head, split open, and her eyes swollen nearly shut from the blow of the heavy beam. It was obvious she had lost some blood, and her injuries severe. She was breathing, but barely. Dropping his freshly taken game, he lifted her out and made haste home to his cabin.

Selona could hear him calling out to her long before she seen him coming down the trail. Running outside, she was in dismay at her husband of 25 years carrying this young girl. She could see right away she was badly injured. "Get her inside, quickly!" she ordered. Fareman carried her inside and lay her on the bed in the corner of the cabin. "Who is she?" she had asked. He simply shook his head and answered, "I don't know. But I'm willing to bet it has something to do with what happened up river last night." Concerned, the pair considered their options. At once, Selona undressed her, and began cleaning her wounds while Fareman gathered more wood. As she wiped the blood and the soot from Aurianas face, she noticed the necklace around her neck. Her name inscribed on the back side of the tag that hung from it. "Auriana Wynter. Daughter of Roland Adela. Follower of Rhalgr"

When Fareman came back inside she said to him, "You'd better come have a look at this." As he did, and read the inscription their eyes locked for a moment. Selona took the necklace off and handed it to Fareman who hid it behind the stove. Neither of them expected her to live through the night. They ate in silence that night, knowing what the presence of their guest would mean should she be discovered there. For many days, Selona wiped, and gave her water from a sponge. Until one morning, Aurianas' eyes fluttered open. She raised a hand to her head. "Oooh. Wha- where am I?" She asked as she looked around. The Ironhands looked at each other across the crude table, "Now you lay still. You're weak, and still in bad shape." Auriana peered at them, the light making the throb in her head intensify.

"Who are you?" she asked as she lay her head back down. "I'm Selona, and this is Fareman. What happened to you? What can you tell us?" Faremans wife had asked. Auriana thought for a moment, but she drew a blank. "I- I don't know. I mean..I can't remember.." Fareman studied the girl for a moment, "What are you saying, that you can't remember Anything?" Auriana thought for a moment and shook her head as she lay a hand over her eyes. Concerned, Selona asked, "Do you know your name?" Auriana was weak, but enough strength was in her to grow irritated, "Of course! I'm..I-" A pained expression came over her face as she realized she didn't know. "It's alright. You've had a nasty bump on the head. It will all come back to you maybe tomorrow, you rest now." With that, Auriana closed her eyes and slept the rest of the day.

Only, that tomorrow never came. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. It was on the third day, the Ironhands decided for her protection, and theirs she must never learn the truth of who she really is. Fareman buffed off all but her name from the necklace, hoping it was obscure enough to protect them. He had hoped that when she did remember, she would be well enough and healed enough to not rush for vengeance nor to her death. And worse yet, bring the wrath of the war machine down upon them. For the next few years, Fareman taught her to hunt, though for Auriana it was more things remembered, than things learned. She remembered without realizing it. To her, she was just a quick study. But the Ironhands, having heard the rumors and the reputation of Roland Wynter, knew better.

Seasons came and went, until the time came where Auriana was no longer content staying hidden in the foot hills of the mountains in that little cabin. Instead, she set out to find her answers. Early one morning, she packed some food and said her goodbyes and made her way into Gridania, hoping to one day discover who she was...else who she is.

Memories Regained

Through a twisted turn of fate, Auriana found herself working for a mercenary company who would receive jobs from the syndicate. One particular job involved a stolen artifact. This artifact was sought by a Garlean officer and none other than Eiann Grande. Through the course of the ordeal, Auriana realized they wanted more from her than they revealed, and seemed to know a great deal about her. Seeing through their facade, she turned the tables when the officer made an attempt on her life. She was gravely wounded in the attack, which lead her to seek aid. Upon returning to the mercenary house, she was near death having all but bled out. During the treatment however, the healer found a block in her memory during a scan. With the highlanders permission, the block was removed and her memories came flooding back with a violent rush. Reliving the events that changed her life left her isolated for a time. But when she emerged, she hunted down Eiann Grande all the way back to the ruins of Dragons Keep where she took his life as retribution.

Some months after, she learned Master Takeshi had survived and had been searching for her for six years. A letter found her detailing his search. In it he told her he had a gift for her that he never got to present to her before the attack. Setting out to find her master, what she found was his murderer standing over his corpse. She and her companions fought this abomination of Garlean technology and magitec armored foe off forcing his retreat. She was nearly killed in the attack. But it was too late. Takeshi lay dead next to Aurianas nearly broken body. Retrieving what Takeshi had sought to bring to her, was revealed to be her armor and weapons that he himself forged. Seeing this, she knew what she had to do.

The months of healing that followed, she emerged stronger and more focused than ever. Leaving behind the mercenaries that lacked belief in anything beyond self serving purposes, she boarded a ship bound north where she intended to return to Dragons Keep and take up the fight once again. But circumstance and word of the man who killed Takeshis sighting, forced her to jump ship and plunge into the cold, night sea. She swam for what seemed ages until she could swim no close to shore she could see the lights. She could go no further.. The morning sun finds her washed up on the beach. A new day, another chance to find what she has sought all this time. And with it, a new start...

The 81st

Auriana is currently a 'shadow' for the 81st foreign levy. Working and living among the people of the 81st, she has found a purpose. Still unable to allow herself the simple things in life, she at least tries to be 'normal'. Every day she is with them brings on more challenges, and raises more questions within herself. If not for those she has come to call friend, and have grown attached to, she would have given up trying to understand long ago. They are some of the finest warriors she has seen, and in her eyes, stand for something bigger than themselves. Mayhaps this is why she finds it honorable to stand among them, to bleed along side them and to tolerate the antics around her. Whatever the case may be, Auriana finally feels at home, and as if she belongs somewhere. However at ease she may feel, she is still unable to understand that these people accept and care for her as she is, and see the good in her even if she doesn't. In her mind, she is just a weapon to be wielded to whomever has earned her loyalty. And in this case, it is the 81st, and their Captain.


Theme Song: Ciscandra Nostalghia - Who You Talkin' To Man?