Auristela Tullia

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 GF1.png Auristela goe Tullia
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Primus Frumentarius
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Garlean, Formerly Doman
Doman Name: Atori Yamada
Garlean Name: Auristela goe Tullia
Marital Status Married
Age 43
Orientation Presumably Bisexual


♦ General Summary

Auristela goe Tullia is a woman known to have worn many faces and many colours. Her past shrouded partially in mystery and clandestine activities with the double life of a Shinobi, she is known to hail from a humble farmer's village in Yanxia, within the dominion of Doma prior to its occupation.

Appalled by the terrible history of her nation and having first-hand experience with the hardships and turmoil of the poor, she grew rapidly discontent with the leadership and ways of her people. Seeing a means to bring justice for her village and the loss of many relatives, she readily welcomed the arrival of the Garlean Empire when they marched upon eastern Othard. Offering her services to them, she joined the imperial army and shined above her fellow annexed comrades over the course of long years of service where her knowledge in the arts of warfare and espionage came to light. For this exceptional display of loyalty and talent she was granted the rights of full citizenship over a whole decade in advance and she quickly cast her old name; Atori aside. A final act out of spite to bury the painful memories of Doma.

Moving to the Garlean homeland of Ilsabard she was transferred from the Imperial Shinobi branch to work for Garlean Intelligence, or Frumentarium as they call it. She became a Local Operative; a Frumentarius. During an assignment abroad in one of the imperial provinces she met the man whom later would become her husband; Varius Nan Tullius A failed operations bound the pair together to salvage some modicum of victory, lest both would pay a steep price for failure. It was in these times that two individuals from separate lifestyles grew an understanding and friendship together. After a non-romantic tumble with the man - an act after drunken celebration of keeping their heads above water in their mission - she came with child. A fact she learned far after they had said their farewells and went their own way. Unable to discard the baby, no matter how sinful the act, she sought out the man who had unknowingly become a father. Fortunate for his sense of responsibility, agreed to raise him in a household where the child would be healthy and safe, they shared a growing bond that eventually led to marriage and the birth of two more children. Now living in central Ilsabard in a Garlean household near the previously conquered nation of Dalmasca where her children grew up.

Family Tree of House Tullus & Clan Yamada

House Tullus FamilyTree 01.png

♦ Behaviour


Magitek Creation
Sophisticated Society
Vintages & Fruity mixes
The memory of her home village
Southern Ilsabard


To be alone or abandoned
Doman Nobility
Eikons & False Gods
Xaela Tribes or savagery in general


Enjoys sightseeing and discovering new lands.
The study and use of Ninjustsu.
Fast observational Learner.
Enjoys studying history.


Player Character Rumours (Feel free to add your own)

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♦ Footnotes

Auristela is a mother of three. (Son: 23, Daughter: 20, Son: 19)