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Aurmont was born whole and hale in the year of 1550 to a lowborn family in the Brume. His mother passed away shortly after his birth from various complications leaving his father alone to raise the boy, she was buried by her childhood home in the Dravanian Forelands. For the first few years Aurmonts father would visit regularly bringing flowers and talking to the grave for hours on end. Eventually time grew shorter to visit as Aurmont needed more time with his father as he grew older and gil needed to be made to help pay for what food and shelter they had.

During his early years his father had taken up work as a hired soldier to earn money. While out on duty he often left Aurmont with close family friends to watch him. Upon reaching his fifth nameday he was sent to "prayer school" run by the Orthodoxy Church. There he learned the skills to read, write, proper manners, daily prayers to Halone and communication skills. Despite discrimination from other students for being lowborn he excelled at the studies he took and showed potential, thus earning the attention of a lowborn knight to be taken on as his squire.

Aurmont began his training as a squire on his ninth nameday and took the pledge. His mentor was strict with his teachings and his rulings were fair. Aurmont was taught enough conjuration to tend to wounds his mentor would receive during combat and how to take care of armor and weapons when off the battlefield. He was taught the moral code that a knight must undertake upon the day when they receive knighthood. During sparring he with his mentor he would learn how to use the traditional sword and shield combination and when Aurmont was home his father would teach him how to use a much larger blade. When there was time Aurmont would ask his father about his mother and of other things, his response would always be that she would be proud of him as was he.

When Aurmont reached his eighteenth nameday he was approved by his mentor and an Orthodoxy priest that he was ready to undertake his final vows into becoming a fully fledged knight. A brief ceremony was held with many other squires around his age who all been accepted to become knights. There among Aurmont among many others recited the words "My arm will not falter, my shield will not break." an oath to protect Ishgard and her people and treat them fairly. In the back of the small crowd that watched his father felt a swell of emotions both pride and joy and a lingering of sadness, if only she could have seen Aurmont now and how he had grown. That evening Aurmont and his father went to his mothers grave, there they both spoke of the days events together long into the hours of the night.

The next day proved the first tough of many to come. Becoming a knight wasn't going to be as tough as getting his very on set of steel armor along with a arms to defend himself with. Fortunately his father had been saving and scrounging what gil he had and presented Aurmont a congratulatory gift of his own set of armor. Despite it being an older used set that the smith had to refit; Aurmont took great pride in it. His father then handed over an old set of a blade and shield both well kept relics from his earlier years as a mercenary. With his own set of armor and arms he made his way to the barracks.

Aurmont was assigned tasks befitting to guard duties both outside and inside of Ishgards walls. When away from higher Orthodoxy members or prying ears he would face heavy discrimination for being Lowborn. It seemed no matter how hard he tried it would never be enough compared to when a Highborn id the same job, despite excelling in comparison. All that ever mattered in the end of the day was your social status and birthrights and the only way to ever make a large impression to outshine his shortcomings on his birth would be to slay a dragon alone or win the tournaments both of which where slim odds.

When on inside patrols he began to pick up how unfairly certain situations would play out. Petty arguments, fully escalated fights to even disputes about mistreatment always tended to land in the direction of Highborn. Lowborn citizens were considered fodder to some of the same knights that took the same oath as he did. Aurmont grew to resent certain fellow knight he had to work with and during times would often break into an argument with them often siding himself with the Lowborn victim when evidence became clear. Some knights began to call him a Baseborn who only sympathizes with other Lowborn. Aurmont always tried his best to shoulder off the back handed names and only strove for proper justice despite peoples birthrights.

One evening on patrol he came across a family friend who was just leaving the Forgotten Knight. He looked to his fellow knightsman and told them he would take the route through the Brume and meet back up at the Tribunal. There they would continue their dual watch together for the rest of the nights shift, with a slight grin and nod the fellow knightsman walked off. AS Aurmont approached her and offered her a walk back to the Brume she eyed the knight walking away explaining that tonight she wouldn't need to worry about being used by the guard. Aurmont asked what she meant by that and she explained everything on the way through the Brume back to her place. He learned about the horrid things some of the nights do to the some of the ladies on their way home; it made his stomach turn. Once at the tribunal the fellow knightsman commented on how Aurmont was a quick to finish, to which Aurmont responded with a grimace and shook his head. The knightsman gave a shifty look at Aurmont and grunted and mumbled below his breath.

A few days passed after the awkward rest of the shift, Aurmont offered to rather take shifts alone from the day forward. The rest of the day went by normally, a few petty arguments easily solvable and a potential clash with heretics nearby the city. All of which amounted to nothing come the end of the day. Upon his arrival back home in the Brume he was accosted at the sight of people swarming his ramshackle house. Aurmont made a his way quickly to his house, gently pushing his way through the crowd on to see two knights standing by the door. He recognized his fellow patrolman from a few nights ago and grimaced at him. His father came out clapped into iron and being escorted by two more knights and an Inquisitor. Aurmont asked what was going on and the Inquisitor looked him over then gave a signal to put irons of Aurmont as well. Aurmont knew what would happen if he fought with the Inquisitor, whatever the punishment it would become much worse if he had.

Once placed into a cell he was told of his fathers crimes. His father was seen talking to known heretics out by the Dravanian Forelands and by multiple eye witnesses of the nearby patrolling guards. Aurmont argued for his fathers innocence explaining he would have fended off the heretics much less talk to them; but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The inquisitor explained in great detail the punishment that was bestowed upon Aurmonts father, he was to be taken to a Witchdrop with other heretics. Aurmont was to await his trial as the only evidence they had was aiding a potential heretic.

Weeks went by and not a word was spoken to Aurmont. Occasionally the Inquisitor would come by with a few knights and take him to the torture chambers below. Sessions often lasted hours while they attempted to get answers out of Aurmont, answers that he never had but they wanted. As suddenly as it had started it had stopped and Aurmont reveled in the few days of respite from the torture chambers.

Early one morning the Inquisitor walked into the room and gave his condolences to Aurmont. His father had been pushed into the chasm at the Witchdrop and despite the accusations never transformed into a dragon. They explained that his father would be allowed into Halones Halls with his innocence proven through death. Aurmont stared at the Inquisitor in disbelief while his hands trembled as they balled up into fists. The Inquisitor explained with his fathers innocence proven the charges again Aurmont were to be lifted, however for the eye of the public his knighthood could not be re-instated. The inquisitor left and had the other knights let him out, there he had locked eyes with an all familiar face of his old fellow knightsman. Aurmont smirked at him and left without delay.

Aurmont returned to his broken home and gathered what little was left. His steel armor was missing along with gil and a few mementos that he desperately wanted but could not find. A familiar voice had spoken up by the door and Aurmont turned around, there a long family friend stood holding a familiar old sword and shield. He walked over to her and grabbed the items from her with a broken voice he thanks her. Unable to hold back his emotions his composure broke and he wept the loss of his father.

The next morning Aurmont set out for the chasm where the Witchdrop took place. Being unable to retrieve his fathers body to bury next to his mothers grave he took the blade out of the shieth and firmly stuck it into the ground. He then placed the handle of the shield over the blade and secured it in place, all resembling a makeshift gravestone. After sitting quietly next to the makeshift grave for a while Aurmont gathered himself and headed back into Ishgard.

For the next few years he earned gil through small jobs varying from hired muscle to item deliveries. Once he had enough gil set aside he bought a sturdy set of leather armor and a two handed sword; he could now begin work as a soldier. The wage was low but better than working odd jobs, but the best perks was working with fellow Lowborns while still helping out others in the Brume.

Years passed by while he worked as a soldier and things went back to some semblance of normal for Aurmont; until a red moon began to draw closer each day. Not many in the Brume knew what was going on and word on the pillars was another war going on with the Garleans. Rest assured they would be safe as long as they stood in Ishgard but the ever drawing moon denied the peace of mind they all sought.

With a bright flash came the 7th Umbral Calamity. Life in the Brume was bad enough with food and shelter but now cold winds blew in bringing snow and ice with it; enveloping Ishgard in what seems to be an eternal winter. Lands nearby Ishgard that tended to crops and animals all withered and died out from the cold and refugees from lands came en masse flooding the Brume with people attempting to escape the cold harsh winds outside the walls.

Gil eventually meant nothing as the cost of food and warm clothing sky rocketed and shelter was scarce to come by. People were dying in the streets from starvation or freezing to death where they stood. The young and elderly were more common to succumb to these fate and the Knights were of no help to these folks. Aurmont did what he could to help others in this time of need, he offered his ramshackle house for succor and split what food he could afford. No matter the outcome he knew he couldn't make enough to help everyone for long, he had to find work elsewhere to receive more gil. He made a plan to cross the Gates of Judgment when he well prepared enough.

Weeks went by that soon turned to months then to years and now the threat of the Dragonsong War loomed overhead. All was going well though in spite of the recent events above the Brume; Aurmont had close to enough money to leave Ishgard. Out there he could find better employment for money and send items back to the Brume that would cost a fraction of it in Ishgard. Though before leaving he had one last thing to do and he wasn't going to leave until it was finished.

When nightfall came Aurmont found his way towards the Forgotten Knight and waited across the road outside. After a few bells he noticed a few people leave the tavern together where he followed a safe distance behind. Soon the group split apart from one another and Aurmont followed the lone walker and when the moment was right he gave a short shout to get the persons attention. Turning around the familiar face of the old knightsman grew in horror as he recognized Aurmont.

Aurmont began to close the gap between the two and the knight drew his blade shouting at Aurmont to stay back. Aurmont drew his large blade and waited for the knight to make his first move. With a quick swing of the knights sword they began a dance of ringing steel and skilled footwork exchanging close blows towards one another. Moments passed and the knight began to show signs of fatigue shouting for Aurmont to stop in between breaths. With a quick sweep at the knight legs with Aurmonts blade he fell to his knees and began pleading with Aurmont to let him live. Aurmont raised the blade over his head and he spoke a single word "Justice." then with a hard swing he carved his blade into the knight. That same evening Aurmont left Ishgard with what belongings he had with him.



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Name - Aurmont Ravnelleaux
Race - Wildwood
Age - 27
Gender - Male
Name Day - 20th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon (1550)
Deity - Oschon, the Wanderer

Citizenship: Ishgardian (Lowborn)
Occupation: Ex-Knight/Mercenary
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Complexion: Fair
Piercings: Silver clasps on left ear.
Marks or tattoos: None
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Key Items: Small bundle of letters.
Favorite Food: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Knights Bread
Favorite Drink: Small Beer
Favorite Color: Black
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