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Birth Name: Ava Anders

Gender: Female

Race & Clan: Mixed Hyur (Ala Mhigan & Ishgardian)

Age: 27

Height 6'3 fulms

Weight: 160 ponz

Nameday: 17th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon

Guardian deity: Azeyma, the Warden


Birth Place: Dravania

Citizenship: Ala Mhigo, Ishgard

Free Company: Azure Acquisitions

Residence: The Emporium (Her business.)

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Job: Artisan, Mercenary, Astrologian

Hobbies: Gardening, playing card games, people watching, cooking/baking, tinkering.

Alignment: Chaotic Good



Ava Anders is, in a lot of ways, a woman of excess. She was born in the outskirts of the Dravanian Sharlayan colony, to a Hyur Ishgardian mother and an Ala Mhigan father, both of whom had traveled to the city-state to study their trades in Sharlayan techqniques. The youngest of six children, Ava grew up in a home equally proud and expressive of both parents' heritages.

It might have been the competitive nature between siblings, or the need to establish herself in Ishgard, but whatever the cause may be, Ava grew into a woman incapable of half-measures. Always moving, always working, always progressing.

She gathers her many interests and holds them close to her heart, finding a way to inject them into her life regardless of their seeming incompatibility. Her home, her businesses, and, ultimately, herself, are a patchwork quilt of styles, cultures, and purposes.


Appearance bannerava.jpg

The Ala Mhigan blood lives strong in Ava's veins. Like in all things, she kept collecting ilms until she was standing shoulder to shoulder with some of her Elezen friends by the time she was fifteen. She settled at 6 fulms 3 ilms and filled out accordingly. She's more built than an artisan and diviner normally would be, but given her fondness for diving into ruins, it's a feat that pays off for her. She is also very fond of her arms, which, to her credit, are quite nice.

She's fairly tan, mostly devoid of markings or blemishes, aside from a few key scars. Her honey-colored hair is always trimmed and swept-back, with just enough strands of straight, thick hair to frame her face falling free. Her eyes, despite being covered, are often accented with a deep red shadow and lined with khol. Her lips, which are thick and lack a defined cupid's bow, are also always done with a dark mauve lipstick.

Scars & Markings: Due to her work with metals and forges, Ava sports a fair number of small burns and scrapes on her hands and forearms. The heel of her palms as well are calloused and scarred from scrapes. Either half-hidden or entirely hidden by the glasses she wears is her least favorite scar: a long, clean slice that goes through her right eye. The eye itself is devoid of color, washed out and pale, which is a stark contrast to warm brown of her left. It is likely that she doesn't see through it.

Voice: Ava is surprisingly soft-spoken, an amusing juxtaposition to the dry humor she often employs. Her voice is a smooth, rich baritone and tinged with a nearly permanent hint of amusement and warmth, regardless of the situation. It's rare to hear her sound genuinely angry or hostile, and such times are often reserved for the worst of the worst.

Clothing: Her clothing varies wildly depending on where she is, what she's doing, and who she's interacting with. The only constants are that she prefers clothing that's dark blue in color, that she is always wearing jewelry of some kind, and that she's wearing tinted glasses.

In the field, she prefers to wear a leather jacket over a simple cloth shirt, along with thick woven pants and mail-plated boots. She often also wears a number of accessories, such as a gauntlents which she uses for fighting, digging, catching herself from falling to her death on ledges… etc.

While she doesn't always use weapons or fight, if she is giong to, she'll likely be defaulting to a sword and shield. She fights with a standard Ishgardian knight technique, likely having learned it growing up in the event that she needed to enlist in the Dragonsong War.

At home or in the city, she wears a mixture of button-up shirts and suspenders with boots or a more traditional Kugane robe and sandals. When visiting her family in Ishgard, however, she sticks to clothing expected of her, using the visit as an excuse to go all out with elaborately jeweled coats and dresses, inlaid with gems and metals alike.


  • Reading
  • Generosity
  • Oranges
  • People watching
  • Nearly all baked sweets
  • Careful planning


  • Greed
  • Improvisation
  • Being forced to stay still/being unable to travel
  • Lack of ambition
  • Pacifism

Distinctive Features

  • Failure
  • The fear that she'll end up alone
  • Flying bugs


  • She's an excellent cook
  • She is deeply self-concious, hiding the fact behind her laissez-faire demeanor
  • Smokes when stressed



Ava's dramatism is belied by the subtle, subdued ways in which she displays it. While she is prone to sweeping gestures and gesticulating during conversations, her actions and decisions are generally mellow. It's when you string together multiples of these 'mellow' actions or lean back to look at the bigger picture that you'll notice the extravagance of her desires and ideas. Patience is one of the few virtues she possesses and it can sometimes take years for her plans to come to their exorbitant conclusion.

As a result of this, she often doesn't explain the full picture, preferring to withhold the result of her ideas and keep them to herself. Instead, she focuses on the here and now. This extends to talking about herself, unfortunately, resulting in her coming across as secretive and far more mysterious than she actually is, occasionally making it hard for her to make close friends.

This isn't helped by the fact that she is rarely, if ever, seen without wearing tinted glasses of some sort. She goes between two pairs, mostly: a red and gold set that's Sharlayan in nature and assists her in seeing aether, and a plain pair of black sunglasses. If asked she'll usually say she wears them because she has a mean resting bitch face and doesn't want to give people the wrong idea, which is, at least, partly true.

She's an odd mix of shrewd and a bleeding heart- eager to make a profit (if only because she doesn't do half-measures) but incapable of taking advantage of others. She'll often find a way to justify a discount to herself if someone genuinely needs it. She can throw out scathing sarcasm with the best of them, and play along with the false niceties of nobility and the wealthy, but often seems tired afterwards.

Skills & Abilities

   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Ultimately, Ava is an artisan and a researcher. While she has some combat capabilities, trained in traditional Ishgardian sword and shield techniques, her passions revolve around creation and understanding the theoretical aspects of her chosen field.

Professionally, Ava is a jewelcrafter first and an astrologian second.

As a jewelcrafter, Ava is trained to make everything from traditional albeit frivolous jewerly to enchanted tools and armor. Now that's she's struck out on her own professionally, however, Ava focuses on the restoration of historical artifacts, the recreation of cultural artifacts, and enchanted tools and armor. To bolster her income she does also make collectable art pieces, such as culutrally updated jewerly, trinkets, and so forth. She has a passion in the reclamation of cultural art lost or missing due to Garlean invasions.

As an astrologian, she studies the historical implications of astral patterns and attempts to find the way to divine information from her deck of sixty. She can, and occasionally does, use a star globe and the magic wielded by astrologians; though she is hesitant to use the title for herself due to her relative inexperience beyond fortune-telling. She may have her mother's soul crystal- But she struggles to use it as she hs little to no real guidance otherwise.

She is also adept at gardening and the making and maintaining of inks and dyes. She paints professionally enough to sell her work as well, though it's more of a hobby for her than a core profession. She is not adept at knitting, but she does very much enjoy it.

Romantic Relationship
Romantic Interest
Trusted Friend
Lost contact


Monlanyn Anders ( ) - Mother
Monlanyn Anders was an ambitious, driven woman who's work was only second to her family. She was a skilled Sharlayan researcher, though knew little of the practical applications of the work she researched. She had inhereted her master's star globe, deck of sixty, and soul crystal, but never used the former or the latter. The deck was used sparingly as well, and was eventually broken as she gave each of her children one of the Major Arcana when they came of age as a blessing.

Vanir Anders (
) - Brother


Vanir Anders is one of two of Ava's elder siblings who traveled to Ala Mhigo with their father during the first year of the Eorzea Grand Alliance under the Ishgardian banner in an attempt to free their homeland. While their father returned home with the army when Ishgard withdrew, both siblings remained behind, sending only their Major Arcana cards and a letter home with their father. Vanir is the only one of the two to survive the years apart, spending his time after Ala Mhigo was abandoned as a wandering minstrel and adventurer. Since Ishgard's reopening, he has since returned to visit his family and has rekindled his relationship with Ava.

Vanir is middle-aged, but that doesn't stop him from getting onto the field with Ava, either. The grey streaks in his hair might earn teasing from his sister, but his arrows still find their marks in the creatures, and occasionally people, that oppose her. Most recently, they fought together in the liberation of Ala Mhigo, which was a source of signifcant bonding and closure for them both.

The Other Anders (
) - Siblings and Father
The remainder of the Anders family either prefers to stay out of most interactions, keeping to Ishgard and their business or is deceased. Ava does not often keep in contact with them, given their strained relationships, though she does love them and they her. Still alive are her middle siblings, the twins Roche and Rosamund, who run the family business in Ishgard. Her father, Eddval, passed shortly after Monlanyn. Her eldest brother, Alred, died during the Calamity. Her eldest sister, Nora, lost her life in the Dragonsong War.


Margaux Fabre
Childhood Friend

Margaux is the youngest daughter of the Fabre family, a wealthy merchant family in Ishgard. She joined the Order of the Knights Dragoon and did quite well for herself. Growing up, Margaux and Ava caught on like a fire on dry tinder, spending nearly every waking moment together. They never grew apart, simply outgrew their need to be in each other's presence 24/7, partially due to necessity as they took to different professions. Now that the Dragonsong War is officially over, Margaux has taken to Ava's example and begun to travel and explore- using her friend's experience as a guiding point.



Llas Arda
Business Associate

Llas and Arda met recently after Ava first opened the Emporium. Not an adventurer or artisan herself, Llas wasn't interested in selling her wares at the Emporium or in the work Ava aggregated but managed to work out a deal with Ava, renting one of the smaller rooms in the Emporium as a training dojo and gym.

The Balanced Bole

The Balanced Bole is the name of Ava's fortune-telling office, where she uses various methods and techniques to divine the future for clients, as well as imbue trinkets and armor with luck. She primarily uses a deck of sixty to do readings, however. Most of her clients come in by appointment, but she does occasionally do walk-ins.

The Emporium

The Emporium is the property Ava purchased to serve as a artisan warehouse and pseudo-home. In truth, it's a large property with more rooms than she knows what to do with, the main two of which serve as a storefront and a social area for her friends and associates; many of whom are artisans who sell in their works store above. The majority of the products sold in the Emporium are art, with very little practical value, though some vendors do peddle potions and special supplies through her.
The Emporium.png
The Emporium1.png

Azure Acquisitions

Azure Acquisitions is the free company Ava started to organize and dole out the contracts she contuinally aggregated. The company takes up the main area of the second floor in the Emporium, as well some of the rooms in the basement levels, allowing for the Azure associates to congregate, prepare for contracts, study relics, and store their acquired goods. Azure Acquisitions focuses on unusual and potentially paranormal gigs, with a heavy focus in investigation, ruin spelunking, and research.
Azure Acquisitions .png
Azure Acquisitions.png

Common rumours & quotes

  • "Trust me, bring her something like a cake or- or a cookie, even, and she'll give you a discount." Customer
  • "It was a little scary how accurate she was. But that means I got my money's worth, right?" Customer
  • "She gets all manner of clients, sure. But her office always smells so nice, like a holiday dinner, you know? With all those plants she grows. Plus, she's very sweet." Neighbor

Rare rumours & quotes

  • "I think there's something wrong with her. The eye. Why else would she be wearing those glasses all the time? What's she hiding?" Tavern patron

Players rumours & quotes

  • Example example person


Ava Anders was born in Dravania outside the city-state of Sharlayan in the year 1551 of the The Sixth Umbral Era. She was the youngest of six siblings, all born to an Ishgardian mother and an Ala Mhigan father. Both cultures were featured prominently in the family's household and both having profound impacts on Ava's early years. When the Garlean Empire took Ala Mhigo and the Sharlayans abandoned their Dravanian colony, the Anders household remained behind.

Luckily, they found support in Beaugard Fabre, the head of a wealthy merchant family in Ishgard and a longtime friend and business partner of the Anders. He offered to serve as their patron and encouraged them to move back Ishgard. He was true to his word, and within a year, the Anders family had managed to re-establish themselves comfortably within the city. Ava's father, Eddval, and her two eldest brothers, Alred and Vanir, joined the Ishgardian forces that would fight in the Eorzea Grand Alliance to free Ala Mhigo.

When Ishgard withdrew, however, and closed it's gates a few years later, only Eddval returned, fracturing the family. In the years to come, the worsening weather as a result of the Calamity, mixed with the ongoing strife cause by the Dragonsong War, caused the family to both succeed and suffer. Both parents threw themselves into their work, determined to ensure they were able to provide a happy future for their remaining children. Both died only a few years before Ishgard's reintegration into the world and the end of the Dragonsong War, leaving the business to their middling children, the twins Roche and Rosamund.

Ava spent most of her childhood in Ishgard as the family diplomat. One of the most adept at swaying others, she spent her time evenly between attending galas, events, and socials and manning the family business offices and various stalls in the city; winning sales with honeyed words and gaining support from new patrons bit by bit. She wasn't necessarily fond of the latter, but she was good at both.



Kugane and Adventure

When Ishgard opened their gates for the first time, Ava wasted no time in leaving to travel. With the tenseness present by this point between her and her siblings, and with her relative lack of impact in the overall success of the family business now that it was firmly established, it was no problem for her to travel. She went to Ul'dah first, attempting to find her other two brothers. She learned of Alred's death during the Calamity, and learned that Vanir has since become prone to bouts of vanishing and wandering.

Inspired by a friend of Vanir's who sought her out after hearing she was looking for her sibling, she traveled to Kugane and promptly fell in love. With the city, but also, mostly, with the market.
It was love at first sight. And then second sight. And third. And soon, Ava had purchased an apartment, one which she quickly furnished into a working office she titled The Balanced Bole.

Ava remained in Kugane for quite some time, traveling back and forth to Ul'dah when able to check on news about Vanir. It wasn't until she joined the Ala Mhigan Resistance that she found him, however, as he'd joined up as well. Together with the friend that intially helped Ava, they fought in Gyr Abania, each providing to the cause in their own way.


Currently, Ava goes between the Balanced Bole and the Emporium, her two businesses, spending her time evenly between her work. She's been taking more mercenary contracts as well, though often doles them out to her contacts instead of taking them on herself, accidentally fashioning herself as a contractor of sorts. This has expanded to the degree that she's felt necessary to add a third business to her belt: Azure Acquisitions. In order to see it running properly, she's begun going along for the contracts more often as well.


OOC Information

Stances on RP: I adore it! I'm almost always down to RP. If in open world or endgame content areas, PST me first, though, just in case! I'm down for pretty much any type of RP, but I prefer longterm, indepth storylines, with a good mixture of comedy and seriousness. But, naturally, I'm also always down for card readings and shorter clinet-based RP as well.

Hooks and relationships: Ava deals in a lot of different markets, though primarily in metalworks, jewels, and art. She's also commonly found loitering around the Adventuerer guild, various bar-like establishments, and peddling her services as a fortune teller. She has room for friends, collegues, rivals, enemies, lovers, haters, clients- you name it. While her immediate family is offlimits, I'm not opposed to making connections for extended family or any other pre-established connection!

RP combat and injuries: Bang her up, I don't care as long as it's not too severe or permanent. If you want to fight or potentially injure her seriously, DM me first and lets figure something out so we're both happy with the result! I'm fine with emote battles or using the /random system as a guideline as well.

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