Ava Anders

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Ava Anders
Ava Anders info.png
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Age 24
Nameday 15th Sun of the 4th Astra Moon
Hair Color Reddish Brown
Eye Color Mossy Green
NOTE: This Wiki is always changing and updating!! Currently very much in WIP. 
(Ava Anders )


Body: If there were a single word to describe Ava physically, it would be tiny. Reaching only around 5'2 in height and 130lbs, one would assume she'd be impossible to see in a crowd. (This usually isn't the case, however.) Despite her size, however, few are stupid enough not to take her seriously in combat. The lass is fit, with tight muscles on her arms, legs, and abs. Despite her muscles, she is of a smaller frame, with a tiny waist, and attractive enough 'feminine qualities'.   
Complexion: Despite living most of her life by or on the sea, Ava's only slightly tan. Many small burns and scars cover her hands, a clear example of her 'trial by error' method of learning her crafts. There are other burns and scars of no special importance on her arms, legs, and back as well. 
Face: Many would say she was a pretty lass. She wears only a little makeup, just a little black shadow to make her mossy green eyes pop more. She has a faint scar that reaches from under her right eye to the left edge of the bridge of her nose, but is otherwise unblemished. 
Clothing/Apparel: Ava is modest in color but not in garb. She tends to stick to more neutral colors, like greys, blacks, brows, and reds. However, anything that catches her eye for flair is fair game. That means those thigh-bigh battle boots she just made? Oh yeah, gonna wear those EVERYWHERE.  


Speech/Accenting: Growing up, Ava got to travel with her father to Ul'dah many times. Because of this, her accent isn't quite as interesting as some of the other's who were born in Limsa. alongside this, because she has worked extensively in the last 5 years with the Malestrom Grand Company to rebuild and protect Limsa Lominsa, she can wade in and out of formal and slang talk, though her standard prefrence is somewhere inbetween.
Demeanor: Calm, go-with-the-flow, and sometimes confident. A generally plesant lass, with an obvious desire to make others smile, however she can sometimes be too trusting. She handles stress and change well, and is a decent leader. Loyal to a fault and also protective, the one thing that can make her lose her cool is when those she cares about or those she is charged to protect are in danger. She's a silly drunk.
  • Meat
  • Berries
  • Booze
  • Being with friends
  • The sea
  • The night sky
  • Flying things. (Birds, insects, etc.)
  • Cold weather
  • Caves/Mazes
  • Leafy veggies.
  • Cruel people
  • Garleans
  • Cocky people

  • Baking
  • Reading
  • Crafting
  • Training
  • Relaxing with friends
  • Playing the harp
  • Flying things
  • Unredeemable failure
  • Lightning/thunder
  • Not all, but most men who seem able to easily defeat her.



                          Strengths:                                                                            Weaknesses:

 -Good at hand-to-hand combat. Her small frame                -She's a smaller girl. While she can dodge most
  and strong leg muscles allow her to dance                          things, a Roegadyn sized weapon blow can and
  around a battlefield.                                                             will still cripple her.
-She can use guns and has very good aim. She                  -She's not good at magic. She understands it in 
 can also use bows, but does not prefer                                theory enough to be able to counter it, however
 them to guns.                                                                        she cannot use it.
-She's equally skilled with all types of common                     -She can be a bleeding heart and has a bad 
mercenary jobs.                                                                     habit of helping people without asking for pay.
                                                                                              Even if the job takes days to complete or nearly
                                                                                              kills her. 
Crafting and Discovery

                 Strengths:                                                                                     Weaknesses:

-Is semi-profecient in leatherworking,                                    -Exploring/Navagating.
amorsmithing, woodworking, tailoring. This                           -Translating.
means she can create basic items and tools in                     -Fishing.
these professions.                                                                 -Has a very strict 'trial by error' method of 
-Very skilled in Blacksmithing, alchemy, cooking,                   discovery. This usually leads to many injuries, 
goldsmithing. She's got a lot of experience with                     property damage, and loss of materials.          
these professions and can make custom goods.                   -She gets lost easily. And when she does get
-Has a good bit of knowledge regarding magiteck.                 lost she begins to panic. 
-Can repair most anything to workable condition.                  


                   Strengths:                                                                         Weaknesses:

-Has an eye for design.                                                         -Has a mild fear of heights.
-Can play the harp.                                                               -Cannot read maps.
-Can draw.                                                                            -Can't read anything not in the common tongue.
-Can mend wounds to a degree with                                     -Sometimes tunnel-visions and needs help 
potions and basic medical methods.                                       seeing the greater end goal.


  • Father: Maxwell Anders:(Presumed deceased) A sucessful merchant and smuggler known both in Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah. A stern and distant father, though protective and willing to teach Ava what he knew. After his wife perished during the Calamity, he turned to drinking. When his actions grew overtly abusive towards Ava, she left, and has not seen him since.
  • 'Mother: 'Gervina Anders:(Deceased) A simple lady of Ul'dah of average birth who knew the alchemy trade. Left to help heal the wounded soliders during the Battle of Carteneau. Did not return.
  • Siblings: None that she knows of. It's likely that she has half-siblings, as her father was quite the lady's man before settling on Gervina. (Possible RP-plot! /elbownudge)
  • Other: Ava knows she has family and cousins, though she hasn't met many, and those she has she met when she was very young, and doesn't really remember them. (Like above! /elbownudge) 

Friends and Associates

  • man she's lonely n stuff

Ememies and Grudges

but at least no one hates her yet either


Limsa Lominsa Grand Company

Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png

Her Chocobo

Name: Bron

Bron is a large chocobo. Easily more properly sized for a large Elezen, instead of a tiny Midlander Hyur. Bron has a calm attitude, and is saddled with most of Ava's traveling gear and equipment. He has been known to peck apart people that hurt her, however.

Rumors and Allegations

Common Rumors (Easily overheard):
  • "Tha Anders lass? Oh yeh, she's a fun one fer sure. Must 'ave gil stached somewhere, 'cause when she gets hammered she buys rounds fer tha whole bar!"
  • "Go find Anders in Limsa if you need something repaired quick and cheap. She's no artist, but she's able to keep you're head from bein' split."
  • "I hear she hates flyin' things. Like them buzzards outside? Shoot's 'em like she's at a fair."
Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear):
  • "Apparently, that Anders lass was rejected for a formal induction to the Malestrom Company. Somethin' about her past or family or whatever. Wonder what she did."
  • "Yeh ever notice how that lass over there, the redhead, always sizes 'erself up against guys who talk to 'er? I heard she got that scar on 'er face af'er bein' assulted, poor lass. In Ul'dah, no doubt."

Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard):

  • "Anders? You mean that no good, rotten son'a bitch who swindled money from those suffering after the Calamity in Ul'dah? No? Not the merchant man? Oh, you mean his pipsqueak daughter. Ain't seen her in years. Bet she's exactly like 'er father."
Player Character Rumors (True or false just make sure it's IC!):

Behind the Scenes (OOC Information)

Name/Alias: I typically go by Ava or Zope.
AGE: 19
Wanted for Interesting Roleplay: Everyone and any type!
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