Avaline Starsong

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Gridania-transparent.png Ta'avaline Kihl
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Avaline Starsong
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon/ Half-breed
Citizenship Gridanian
Age 22
Height 5'1"
Weight ?
Profession Bard
Patron Deity Oschon
Server Balmung


Avaline Starsong is a lithe girl with a feminine build, but when her muscles are exposed, you can tell she's built for archery. She has a queenly jawline, stunning Keeper's eyes and pale skin that nearly resembles the moon itself. Though, unlike most Keepers, her skin shows a golden undertone that resonates from her half seeker heritage. On her face, she bares the striped markings of the moon. On her left cheek she wears a scar that resulted from her oh so mischievous nature leading her into the weapon hold of her past tribe. Her eyes are a deep burgundy, or were... Her right eye has become a dead, cloudy light blue over time due to a horrible accident in her past. And her hair is a light golden blonde mane, soft and silky in texture, passed down to her by her Keeper mother.


Avaline was one of the two children mothered by Mihra Eshal, a woman stolen from her home tribe amongst Keepers into a Seeker tribe known as Gryphon. As a very young kit, Avaline lived along side her older brother, Lyle, and her mother. Within the spliced tribe, there was much tension amongst some of the original stolen women. They were not mistreated in more than forcing their stay, but for some, that was too much in itself. Mihra had made up her mind to escape. With her young daughter in her arms, she made a break for it. Though, Lyle, for being so close to the Nunh, was left behind to not risk the evidence of her plot. Upon escape, she changed her daughter's name from the Seeker's tribal to a name that would allow her to live safely amongst the Gridanian's. This way, risk of recapture was lowered. On that night, G'avahl Kihl became Avaline Starsong. A name that would bring her daughter success amongst the heavens where the moon resided. As an young adult, Ava began to branch out on her own and left her mother's side. She now searches Eorzea for her long lost brother and the beauty of the land her mother spoke of so often.

-Update 23 Nov 2014- Upon a deep discussion with Ta'Kheo Nunh, she discovered he had become quite possessive of her to the point of claiming her in his tribe. This idea was at first very upsetting, but upon him giving her rein over her freedom, she chose to stay under him. Avaline adopted the tribal prefix and her sire's name once more. And so, Ta'avaline Kihl was born.

-Update 28 Jan 2016 The turmoil had been tense between herself and the new members of the Chimera tribe after their first meeting. After many years by the side of Ta'Kheo Nunh, Avaline seemed to have vanished leaving her love behind. Truth betold, she had not intended to take leave, but merely put an end to the inner anger and sorrow she felt over the recent murder of her mother. After a serious talk between her and her nunh, she took leave in secrecy to seek out her father's aid in order to end the the pain within her heart. Problems began soon after, stranding her in the far reaches of the desert with her father's tribe unable to contact her beloved way longer than she had expected. Nearly an entire year. Now able and back in her strength, Avaline has sent word to Kheo of her return with much anticipation. She had not meant to leave him behind.


Ava tends to be very friendly and heavenly sweet, but has as time has passed, she's learned to keep her suspicions after getting some worldly experience within Ul'Dah. She can go from prideful huntress to playful kitten and then to quiet observer in a matter of seconds. If one word could describe her, it would be 'curiosity'. Though with curiosity comes a cautious watch,and it's likely she'd take a swing at anyone who catches her off guard as she'd investigating those tempting curiosities! In Ava's eye, the world is her playground. She finds entertainment in her own mischievous tendencies. Nosing around where she is more than likely not meant to go and small playful testing with others would be something to expect when dealing with this miqo'te. She has much to learn when it comes to dealing with anything of 'bedroom' nature, and she is very inexperienced due to her mother's watchful eyes. But boy, can that girl play up those bright keeper eye's to reel in what she wants to play with! While not that particularly 'girly', she loves to indulge in her feminine side, fixing flowers in her hair, adorning with jewelry, and experimenting with minor cosmetics like tinted lip balms and subtle perfumed scents.

Affiliations and Known Associates

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G'Kihl Nunh - (Father)(Non-player)

Ava has never really known her father. She was too young to remember him before leaving her tribe. In her early twenties, she spent almost a year with him in his tribe.

Mihra Eshal - (Mother)(Non-player)

Ava grew up along side her mother and was quite close to her. She raised Ava alone within Gridania to keep her from being so easily stolen away as she, herself, once was. Mihra was a woman of strength and heart that would never give up in a fight. She has instilled the same drive in her daughter.

Lyle Daray - (Brother)

Though Ava and him have already met again, they have not yet recognized each other. As far as they both know, the other is a stubborn miqo'te that just doesn't listen, but beyond that, there seems to be mutual care.

Teld're Eska'aldren - (Brother)

One of the two males born to G'Kihl and Mihra. He was the youngest of the three children. Avaline can only briefly remember the younger child, as she was only about two when he was born. He was left behind with the tribe along with Mihra's eldest son to stay with their beloved father. What became of him is completely unknown to Avaline.

Ta'Kheo Nunh - (Romantic Interest)

Avaline met Ta'Kheo within the Quicksand. Over time, he has grown the closest to her in friendship and romance. As the one she trusts, it was him that she went to when she ran into financial trouble, causing the loss of stay at the inn. Even though her income has returned to a consistent enough flow, she opted to stay with him as her room mate. He is her king, reining over their small pride, and she is none other than his most prized lioness.

L'oki Wulfskar

Avaline met L'oki early on in her move to Ul'Dah. He has kept much secret from her, but no less has become a trusted friend. Even when finding out that he was a thief, she kept her trust with him. After all, saying you're a thief is one thing, stealing from her is a whole 'nother topic.

C'kyza Nunh

Avaline met C'kyza through the most odd of circumstances.....A staring contest. The flame of competitiveness rages bright between the two, but it's all in good fun! At lease.... most of the times it is. He is like a shiny cat toy for Ava, always batting back at her when she plays with him. She finds him to be one of her most enjoyable playmates. Though, beyond this shallow joy, she does care for him. It was enough for her to give it her all when she found the Nunh shredded from his armor in the Thanalan desert. With the help of Ta'kheo Nunh, she was able to save him from the creeping hands of death.


  • Nicknames: Ava
  • Age: 22
  • Nameday: 3rd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Generally good, but quite mischievous!
  • Body: Lithe
  • Hair: Blonde and Burgundy
  • Eyes: Left is Burgundy, her right is dead and cloudy
  • Skin: Pale
  • Clothing: Whichever suits her fancy


  • Beautiful scenery. She's an adventurer at heart.
  • Following her curiosity, even though it sometimes leads to a bit of trouble!
  • She takes high pride in her ability in archery and won't hesitate to brag.
  • She -loves- to have her ears rubbed, petted, and generally touched. It was the only was her mother could keep her at ease in the midst of bad storms.


  • Thunderstorms
  • Being talked down to

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Bard (Archery and Harpist)
  • Crafting: Culinary skills were learned though her mother, but he expertise is limited to the meals she grew up with.
  • Occupation: Avaline is a freelance huntress. Of course, this has its downsides when the industry isn't buying. Usually she gets by just fine with using her skills to bring in meat to local butchers and skins to leather shops.


  • Archery. Her aim is as sharp as a needle's point.
  • Her flirtatious innocence gives her sway with most she deals with. It's genuine, but don't doubt she knows how to use it to her own advantage when the going get's tough.
  • Though she is physically weak, her canines and pure wit are both sharp as can be. So beware!


  • Her right eye has become completely dead over a period of time due to a tragic event when she was very young. Her memory blocks most of the accident, but she can, however, recall the location. If you're to get her talking about it most of what she babbles off about it is a fantasy she's created herself. Needless to say, approaching from the right gives you the advantage over her..Less she hears you coming!
  • Thunderstorms. This relates back to the event she can not fully recall. The mystery all occurred during the midst of a loud thunderstorm. Ever since she was a kitten, the noise brings back feelings of terror.
  • Her small size has her at the disadvantage of dealing hands on combat. Up close, her strength could easily be outmatched.

Other Notes



Her style varies day to day, but if in armor, she is bound to have her bow and arrows.


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Common rumours

Uncommon rumours

Rare rumours

What PCs are saying

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  • "Do not underestimate Avaline. She may look soft and sweet, but she is satin laid over steel. She has a heart of gold and cares fiercely for her friends, but if you challenge her she will rise to every expectation that you put before her -- and she will win. She is a lioness and a Chimera." - Ta'kheo Nunh

Known Haunts

  • Ul'Dah
  • Thanalan
  • Coasta de Sol

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