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Inspector A. Cross
Seeker of Truth



Birth Name... Avery Cross

Aliases... The Inspector

Race & Clan... Probably Hyur | Midlander

Gender... Male

Age & Nameday... 26 | 5th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon

Marital Status... Single


Tribe... Steelsoul

Current Residence... Limsa Lominsa | Apartment

Occupation... Maelstrom Inspector/Therapist

Height & Physique... 6’2” | Lean Muscular

Alignment... Lawful ???

Status... Investigating and interviewing the Maelstrom 81st Foreign Levy.

M I G H T   A N D    M E A D

Smug Ael.png


Ael is a larger than life character who's priorities in life revolve around the frequent use and abuse of alcohol and his imported cherry-scented cigars and finding excuse to hedonize throughout the day. He is a remarkably crude and honest individual who usually offends and impedes on the sensitivities of the masses. He elects not to observe many Eorzan themes of decency, such as not belching aloud after a meal, or not pounding on tables to demand more mead and eats. He is loud, bold, merry, and lax. Aelfred will speak his mind without remorse in any setting, regardless of backlash or consequence.

In spite of his crass and unrefined demeanor, few may find more characters as approachable as Aelfred. He is quick to welcome others to his "Hearth", whether it be a simple table or the precise place he has decided to plop his rear and drink his honey-wine. His standard greeting is either pointing out a quality of the individual to tease and initiate an apology on their behalf for any infinite number of transgressions he can think of, and then proceed to request their name, title, and manner of business. He is often very curious to hear individuals' tales and feats of strength. He despises shyness in all forms, and desires that those worthy of his company be boastful and straightforward. At face value, Aelfred can appear simple-minded and rather stubborn. However, his struggle of life at an early age following the Diaspora of his countrymen, and the experience of having lived in two nations has awarded him with a great deal of worldly knowledge and philosophy. His wisdom can be off-set often by his propensity to become drunk and engage in tom-foolery, and being triggered by specific topics that incite his great rage such as slavery or Elezen behaviors of propriety.

The Highlander may best be described of as a "Lazy Bear" or an enabler, as his past friends have affectionately named him. He is often inanimate and lax, and a warm figure to welcome most who approach with good or honest intentions. He can be quick to anger and maul or lash out what he judges as a threat to the physical well being of those close to him, or his beliefs. The Achilles's Heel to Aelfred's temperament is his unwavering demeanor that earns him as many enemies as it does allies. He simply could not be bothered if he insults and belittles those he considers "meek", "needy", or "petty". Aelfred lives for the moments where others may bask in his simple and honest life style, and that the courage he lends to his allies enables them to make better men and women of themselves.


Aelfred stands out as a short and stout member of his species. He is notably short for a Hyur, and especially a Highlander. His body is massive in proportion to most Midlanders of equal height; His chest numbers forty-six ilms around with massive pectoralis muscles often bulging past his form fitting robes. He carries a slight beer gut that tilts any belts he wears down. His deltoid and tricep muscle groups are tremendous from decade of work hauling ship cargo and smuggled goods. His thighs hold proud hamstring and quadriceps that bulge like a caveman, and most his body is covered in a fine fur akin to his head hair's color, which is strangely off-white suggesting he is greatly aged, despite his more youthful features.
His right eye is completely milky white with a traumatic cataract paired with a grotesque scar that runs vertically from brow to lower cheek bone. His left eye, however, holds a blood-red iris. He inherited it from his father, and it could mistake others into believing he is an albino were it not for his sun-kissed flesh.

Getting tipsy
Philosophical conversations
Bloodsport and carnage
Miqo'te ears
A sense of kinship and brotherhood
Enabling others
Owing nothing to the world
Obtaining firearm upgrades
Sensitive individuals
Passive agression
The Law
💀 Murder
💀 Genocide
💀 Infanticide
💀 Treason
💀 Smuggling contraband
💀 Assault
💀 Battery
💀 Insubordination
💀 Kidnapping
💀 Tribal intolerance
💀 Hedonism
💀 Substance abuse
■ Can make a girl giggle and give a mean foot rub.
■ Often refers to the first person "I" as "a lad"
■ Has an awful blend of pirate, common and tribal accent.
■ Is known to dye his hair red with streaks of his natural hair forming highlights.

Abyssal Drain 3.png


Dirty Fighting
While Aelfred has respect for loosely-standardized bloodsport, he fights without honor or chivalry. He actively uses cover and innocents to escape or discharge his firearms. He's not above shooting or stabbing someone in the back, and knows well how to make use of his environment.
Abyssal Aether
Aelfred obtained a Dark Knight soulstone while returning from his mother's lodge in Gyr Albania. The initial disturbances were soft whispers in his conscience; reaffirmation that self-interest was not evil. That refusing money to give a beggar was not wicked, or that not injuring him physical or financial well being to protect a friend from their repeated follies was not bad.

Eventually, the darkness of his heart took aetherical form that he initially rejected and staved off with excessive drug abuse. Only recently had he accepted the magic freely, and discovered the utility and potential of the awesome powers he could call upon. Emotion is synonymous with how he can summon his Aether. Lacking a Dark Knight mentor, Aelfred meditated long on how he could use his un-restrained Aether in offensive ways. His various trials in protecting his friends and his own life added further mastery of his ability.

His most common uses of Abyssal magic include draining the remaining aether stores of an individual to empower his own, or drain the life essence, and even blood of his enemies to restore his own blood supply and energy.

He can conjure forth raw chaotic energy to burn and pelt his foes and blind adversaries. The pinnacle of his power comes with embracing the darkness of his heart caused by years of suffering anguish at the hands of others. It heightens his senses like a shot of adrenaline and grants more immediate access to his various utility abilities. Dark Knights refer to it as Darkside.

Being the son of a stern Garlean swordswoman and Steelsoul Shield Maiden naturally granted Aelfred familiarity with the blade. The Zweihander and Viking Sword and Round Shield are most familiar to his hands. Even aboard ships he never replaced a stout Viking Sword with a more streamlined cutlass. He can hold his own against most knights and elite guardsman but often supplements dirty tricks and Abyssal magic to ensure victory.
Firearm Proficiency
Before a sword, Aelfred can always be found with a firearm. Either as a main weapon or, more commonly, in the form of concealable single-shit smoothbore flintlocks that he can afford to be expendable with. Repeating firearms he knows are rare and often Garlean in origin and would provoke suspicion. His depth perception has taken a hit for long-distance shooting, but he has near mastered the art of 'point and shoot' by having a feel for a specific model and weight of handgonne for accurate shots up to twenty yalms away with a quick draw.

These are innate traits.

Hyuran versatility
Aelfred's body is neither lean as a Miqo'te lacking body mass for power or great height of Roegadyn or shortness of Lalafells. His body is compact and pound for pound offers similar muscular strength as a Male Roegadyn.
Low center of gravity
Aelfred's newer, shorter body and stout weight allows for few instances of loose footing or tripping by enemies.


These are immunities & resistances.

Pain Tolerance
Aelfred's body is a patchwork of old scars, cauterized wounds and botched field dressings. He suffered from routine flogging for insubordination in a short time of the Garlean Navy. Years of un-caring and self-destructive habits put him in situations where he would he harmed, and now he can fight on non-fatal wounds for extended periods of time drowning out the pain.
Dark Arts
Aelfred is mended by Abyssal Aether being used on his form. His body often rejects Aether-based healing as a result by others.
Mental Fortitude
A result of Aelfred's steel willpower is his resistance to being possessed and mind dominated. His mind harbors a torrent of horrible pasts and regrets that would disturb or shatter the focus of most mind controllers, especially voidsent. The simplicity of his mind allows him a remarkable discipline in his fighting. He is cold and calculating and allows no handicap for his opponents' taunting or feigns.

These are weaknesses.

Aelfred is a chain smoker and a massive mound of fast-twitch muscle. His strength is great but his fighting cannot be prolonged. This leads to him assuming defensive stances when forced to melee combat.
Having his right eyesight removed leaves 1/3 of his vision with a blind-spot that can be taken advantage of.
Negative Aether-based healing Reaction
His body reacts poorly to magic-based healing from others, having little conductivity in his body from his large stores of Abyssal energy. His healing is often limited to physical applications or draining the life essence from enemies.


Dalain and Ael.png
  Color Key

Romance Attraction Unique Friendly Neutral Poor Business Unsure Enemies Deceased


  Agatha Armis ( ) - Mother; Stern and Distant
Aelfred's three-eyed mother. She presently lives in the familial lodge high in the mountains of Gyr Albania in hermit-hood, an hour's stride from Aelfred's birth place. She had left the Garlean Empire three decades ago to live in seclusion of the Highlands of Gyr Albania, and fell in love with Aelfred's father in his tribe and decided to settle down with child. She remains a figure of marvel for Aelfred, who regards her as a powerful potent woman with unparalleled skill with a zweihander. Despite Aelfred speaking highly of her, she is distant and largely rejecting of him, remarking his failure of the Garlean navy and how he has not secured wife and child in his encroaching middle age. Nevertheless, Aelfred knows that these are expectations of a tribesman and that he is her only living son. She couldn't ever entirely reject him.
  Siegmund Saigathsson ( Friendly ) - Father; Tribal warrior
Siegmund is Aelfred's often unmentioned father, being mostly stated for Aelfred's surname. Siegmund was an adviser for the chieftan and a landowning warrior within the tribe. He was regarded as a stoic man and gave Ael little affection, but was not distant. He taught Ael at a young age how to ride Chocobos and fish and hunt in the summers as the ice melted. Aelfred holds brief but fond memories of him. He is presume dead following the Ala Mhigan resistance against the empire.


  Dalain Ejinn ( ) - First mate, Matriarch of Ejinn
Dalain's Respite.png



Aelfred was born and raised in the small Steelsoul tribe west of Ala Mhigo. His family and extended kin made up the majority of his tribe, with very few settlers from Ala Mhigo. The tribe was renowned for their tempered steel that could resist the bitter cold of the north and not split upon colliding with shields. Aelfred lived a part of his childhood in security and 8 cycles before the invasion of the empire.
Age 8
By age of 8 cycles, Aelfred had learned how to ride a Chocobo, albeit he was far too small to reach the stirrups. He had knowledge of his land to survive the wilds: to eat the right colored berries, how to fish through ice and river, and how to trap small game. This was the year that Ala Mhigo became invaded by the Garlean Empire. Confidence quickly fell that the Highlanders' resistance would be formidable. The men of the Steelsoul tribe had gone to war, leaving behind women and children. When so few men returned, the remaining families decided to travel further South into Eorza to flee the encroaching legions. Garlean soldiers were known to rape women and pillage lands they conquered freely. By the time soldiers arrived at the tribe, they have found a forge long gone cold, and one of their own countrywomen living alone with child. Agatha kept Aelfred alive by pretending that she had been taken captive long ago and forced to live within the tribe and bear a bastard son. Aelfred's home was looted, and he and his mother retreated to a lodge that Agatha and Siegmund had built ten summers prior. It was here where Agatha would live out remaining years as a hermit to the present day, and Aelfred would spend ten more cycles learning the art of swordplay.
Age 18
With Ala Mhigo long conquered a decade ago, the conscription of Ala Mhigan citizens had long been in effect. While Aelfred remained safe in the lodge atop the mountain, his mother decided it best for him to make a man of himself and not live out his days as a half-breed with no land or wife or son. She sent him away to join the Garlean navy much against his wishes, but he would not deny a mother who stood firmly at 6 fulm 4 ilm. There was good knowledge that young men and boys born of platinum or grey hair were bastard half breeds. Aelfred's proof of citizenship was fair enough with his mother's seal, and he joined the Navy among many other conscripts, mainly Othardians and the youth of his countryman who had not fled.
Age 19
Aelfred had survived nearly a cycle into his service. His hardship was often caused by his own doing. The free-spirit of his Highlander blood boiled fresh in his veins, and he was often apt to routine acts of insubordination or poor cooperation. To the present day, he bears countless flogging marring across his back and shoulders, and is very well familiar with a mop and bucket for swabbing. His main reprieve from daily struggles of navy life were found with the crew he was sailing with. Few desired to be numbered among the sailors; many were men and women from conquered Garlean lands.
A morning of cannon fire spurred fate for the young Half-breed. He had sailed half a world away to reap the bounties of the Thanalan shoreline for the glory of the Empire, but the crew had not counted on the waters being patrolled by the true Masters of the Sea, the Sea Wolves of the Maelstrom. The Eorzan city states often granted free passage of shipped goods from other states. While the Maelstrom seaman traded spices and other bounties, the occasional Garlean galleon was a floating bounty and a delicious opportunity to enact revenge. Aelfred had awoken to the booming sounds of cannonballs wracking through his ship's hull. There was hardly a time for return fire, and as the munitions of the galleon caught fire and exploded, the ship began it's sinking along with Garlean officers and the first group of men and women he could call family. He survived being one of the first to jump ship aided by little feeling of allegiance to stay and die for a nation he despised.
He was pulled from the waters surrounded by drowned conscripts and hoisted above ship. The passions and hate of the Empire from the Maelstrom pirates was seldom matched. Aelfred was greeted with cutlass to the throat, and the Pirates decided that another dead sailor was counter-intuitive. It was decided that Aelfred's apparent knowledge of the various ports of Ala Mhigo and his rather negative disposition of the Empire earned him his life. The Maelstrom would have hold over him with an obligatory 'working visa' with his life as condition of service. Aelfred knew by this point there was no returning home to his mother, and he began to harbor feelings of diminished self worth. He had traded one set of shackles for the next. For the next near decade, he would work ten months of the cycle smuggling Garlean technology with help from Eorzan supporters in Ala Mhigo. He returned to the city state as the lone survivor of the Maelstrom attack, and was granted an honorable discharge. He could not see his mother even if he had desired it, she still lie weeks of travel through snow and mountain which was time not afford to him.
Age 28
Aelfred had grown into a seasoned adult with a great deal of influence from his life as a salty sailor. He had picked up dirty fighting and turning away from the traditional, honorable soldierly fighting that he was reared up by his mother and empire basic training. Self interest was boundless, and Aelfred had long abandoned any hope for his life being great. In the two months afforded to him on land, he spent nearly every sun becoming drunk and lying with various bar wenches. His life had become vulgar and aimless, for having lived so long for another's benefit and service.
This cycle he had decided to spend his small months of pleasure in Ul'Dah, a strange desert land unfamiliar to one of snow and sea-breeze. Keeping his Maelstrom duties a secret, he went about his daily doses of entertainment in the Quicksand tavern and Adventurer's Guild. There was little meaning in the day to day living of slurping more mead than a Hyur ever should and rising the next day to do it all over again. His life gained a renewed sense of purpose when he developed affection for one Seeker, Varys Suelan. She was a very sweet and friendly Seeker who had introduced him to a concept of l'amour, and that there could be more to life than simple substances. She had helped him along a bit of rehabilitation and recovering from near death of a band of perverse mercenaries who let him float in a river. There was a great misfortune when sailors of the Maelstrom returned to force him to service again. Attacking in the night, they wrestled him back to the vessel to be sailing immediately for Ala Mhigo for another tour of service. This left Aelfred crippled, and once again resorting to his self-destructive habits and losing that glimmer of hope that things may have turned for the better in his life.
Age 29
Aelfred had not coped well with his separation from Varys. He had struck his 29th nameday as little more than a prisoner to resume duties committing treason against one empire. Before the next spring, and just after the new cycle, Aelfred made a change of heart. A fire spurned in his soul to start this year as a master of his own fate. He decided to leave Gyr Albania by foot, and head into the Shroud as the nearest Eorzan city state. Initially greeted with hostility, he presented an official Maelstrom identifier that allowed him freedom of passage. His 'mutiny' led him back to Ul'Dah where he searched for many weeks for Varys but could find no trace of her. Accepting that after months passing by she had possibly left, he sank into a deep depression and fell back upon previous habits of substance abuse.
His fate changed yet again when he met Grymoefyra Fyrillwin, a Sea-Wolf slave refugee, and the Crow company of slaver hunters that found use for his experiences aboard ships and smuggling and spy work. Fyra offered a tender hand to help aid him through his grief, and his fire was set aflame again as he desired to fight on behalf of those who could not fight for themselves. Aelfred knew all too well the misery of not being one's own master. He managed to develop feelings for a Xaela name Eilana, a strange scaled creature he had not ever seen before. Her past was dark and stopped her from reciprocating intense and fast degrees of affection Aelfred was offering. This drove him to another sadness, and he decided to leave Eorza for a time and find his mother again and see what became of his home.
Age 29, return home.
Aelfred, now a determined freed man, continued his dismissal of Maelstrom smuggling to find his mother in her Lodge. It had been over ten cycles since he had seen her again. She welcomed him to a harsh strike and held at swordpoint before he was identified. Upon hearing her son's life and choices over several hours of tea and meal, she scolded him immensely and stressed he has yet to make a man of himself, that he was not half the man his father was. A mother's guiding hand was delivered with yet more blows and scolding. Aelfred got a second wind of motivation by tough love, and he set out to return to Ul'Dah bearing his Father's ancestral armor, and his Mother's greatsword.
Age 29, return to Eorza
Aelfred arrived again to Eorza in the early summer. He found Fyra and the crows with a few more souls devoted to the cause. He discovered Eilana had longed for him to return, and his comrades found an Aelfred stout in spirit and with renewed confidence. On the first night of settling into a tavern room, Aelfred discovered the Abyssal Soulstone in his luggage. Uncertain of what it was, he kept it merely for monetary value. He developed a strong bond with Eilana and fought for the Crows until their eventual disbanding from finding corruption within the leader. He had many nights where he had strange dreams of his past where he changed the outcome of his fate by killing the men responsible for his captivity every stage of his life. Garlean invaders, Garlean officers, and Maelstrom privateers. His Abyssal powers came to light when he was forced to defend himself against Maelstrom pirates that found him in Ul'Dah and attempted his capture again. They were forced to flee from a man who had finally turned the tide of his long life of bondage, and truly became a master of his fate.
Age 30
Where Aelfred had gained the courage and confidence to steer his fate, he had succumbed to a madness in his heart. He began to find fault in every comrade. Everyone would become an enemy eventually and his delusions suggested everyone simply wanted something from him. His romance with Eilana had parted from her desiring to harnass his power and be her King, where he desired not to become a Hyuran weapon. He lived for many moons in a torment of internal struggles. He staved off the Abyss in his heart by drinking heavily again, and even taking up such substances as Somnus. He went through several romances that did not last, and finally pushed away his last friend, Fyra, as she went off alone to gain revenge for her fallen mate. Aelfred's already marred body had taken substantial abuse in fighting for friends that he inevitably rejected with his growing dark heart. He searched for a Magi who could grant him a more compact form and be rid of torn ligaments, mis-shapen bones and torn cartilage.
Aelfred had failed to keep the many friendships he earned and romances he desparately opened his heart to. With a heavy heart, sailed away from Eorza to go North to the borders of the Shroud and Gyr Albania. A storm had taken place on the fourth day of his voyage. He was in the crow's nest searching for land to dock at, a simple passenger put again a role to rescue others with his experience at sea. With visibility poor, the ship ran aground and tossed Aelfred overboard. Wearing his full-plate at the time, Aelfred sank as a rock to the bottom of the sea. His soulstone drifted away from his reach, and for once, he welcomed death's cool embrace. He felt there was nothing to live for and was at peace when his last breath gave out and water filled his lungs.
Age 30, return to life.
Aelfred awoke on the shores of La Noscea on the opposite edge of Eorza. A stroke of fate and an unknown cause left him waking up to find his hands more burly, his body sore. He looked to the sea foam and found his body had reverted back to a former, crippled condition. His mind was adrift and suffered a madness from a mix of drinking too much sea water and being starved of a proper meal. A Sahagin had found his mangled form on the beach and attempted looting what was thought to be a corpse, which was met with a gnarled Highlander crazed on seafoam. The encounter left Ael with one horribly scratched, unusable right eye, and a bounty of Sahagin meat from one asphyxiated beastman. He remained here for many suns until a sea-shell collector found him distraught and returned him to civilization.
Aelfred reunited with Fyra and Simeon, a tall lithe Knight from the company of Crows, at the Aldenard Leveworks. With a near loss of his life, Aelfred took this second chance to make amends with all he had forsaken before his departure of Eorza. The soulstone remained disappeared and he was pleased to be rid of it. He identified with Dalain Ejinn and marveled at her plight to find a home in Ul'Dah for herself and her two twin sisters. They formed a powerful bond and would become a mated pair. Her ability to hold breath for great duration did well to recover his soulstone. Aelfred originally would never desire the source of his powers again, but Dalain had almost been taken from him as a sex slave and concubine for a Dotharl clan. This specific event forced Ael to commit his greatest sin of Genocide. Only a few women and children fled to the jungles, and he accepted that the darkness of his heart remained even without the soulstole. He desired power in any form after that, and once again posted atop a slippery slope of danger that led to his near demise.
Time mended Ael's soul and heartache for how he turned his back to his friends before. Eventually he accepted his shorter form once more with the same magicks, to shed his body of its original marring. He found enlightenment in accepting the soulstone's influence without fighting it with drink and substance abuse. He rid his conscience of guilt and saw past the paranoia that anyone close to him desired to use him. Dalain offered him a gentle heart to heal with, and unfortunately she had duty as a Matriarch to leave to far off lands and try to meet with others of her tribe who were rumored to still be surviving, and desired Ael not endanger his life to go with her.
Aelfred found peace at last. He was a freed man of either nation. He had comrades he could look after again. The dark thoughts and paranoia had disappeared, and he had found a real and lasting love that was only lost by a duty he wouldn't dare impede upon. A master of his own fate, Aelfred continues to live by the skills he's acquired and finding satisfaction in making small differences in lives of many who would come to call him ally, or friend.

A True Warrior
Artist: Disturbed
Theme: Aelfred-Unwavering Will
Context: “I can't be told the compromises from every toppled body lying at my feet.They know for minimal reminder they will speak my name for eternity. I have no need of any guidance, I am a weapon powerful beyond belief. Seen through the warrior's eyes I never need to question how to defeat you”
Fall from Grace
The Sound of Silence
Artist: Simon and Garfunkle
Theme: Aelfred--Alone
Context: “Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again. Because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping, and the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the sound of silence."
Context: "People talking without speaking. People hearing without listening. People writing songs that voices never share. No one dare disturb the sound of silence"
Follow the Reaper
Artist: Children of Bodom
Theme: Aelfred--Easy way out
Context: “Sinking down in the ocean of severe emotions. Grab a bottle to drink up the pain-reliefing potion. But after all, that got boring too, so no matter what happens, I couldn't give a damn or two. The portal has been past 'til the point of no return. No more lines to cross, no bridges to burn. Now when your blindly death-raying blade swept my griefs and tears away. I'd never go back to cross that line. I cross my heart and hope to die."

Artist: Disturbed
Theme: Aelfred--New Purpose
Context: “Determination that is incorruptible from the other side. A terror to behold. Annihilation will be unavoidable. Every broken enemy will know that their opponent had to be invincible.Take a last look around while you're alive. I'm an indestructible master of war.
Context: "Another reason, another cause for me to fight. Another fuse uncovered now, for me to light. My dedication to all that I've sworn to protect...With not a regret. A declaration embedded deep under my skin. A permanent reminder of how we began. No hesitation when I am commanding the strike. You need to know that you're in for the fight of your life. You will be shown how I've become Indestructible"


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Plot-Driven. Stories are the purpose I seek RP. I do give alot of random RP and can be seen making contacts in taverns often.
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