Avila Elenvaul

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Gridania-transparent.png Avila Elenvaul
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Gridania
Server Mateus
Age 23
Height 5'1
Weight 115 ponz
Profession Huntress
Patron Deity "It does not matter to me."
Server Mateus


With medium length black hair and a striking set of lilac eyes, Avila has a rather demure appearance. She gives off a simple impression, wearing fairly basic clothing that would not draw any attention to herself. A simple, flower blossom tattoo can be seen upon her upper left thigh whenever she wears anything that would expose it. Her skin is creamy and pale, burning rather easily after a life spent surrounded by tall trees and forested groves. Freckles adorn Avila's face, along with a usually tired or irritated expression. She would almost appear hostile if it wasn't for her otherwise petite, feminine features. Avila's body is rather lithe and athletic, lacking any noteworthy muscle tone outside of what one would come to expect from someone in her line of work. She is of average height for an Au Ra female, and has a relatively pretty face on the off chance that you find her smiling and enjoying herself.


Born into a small, barely-noble family which made its name through the illicit drug trade and pleasure districts in the heart of Kugane, Kotomi Kira was set to accomplish less-than-great things in life. Whether it be fortunate or not for her future, her family nearly collapsed just after she was born. The Kira clan had found itself being thrown into an unwinnable war with the Yakuza families which they had feuded with for decades. With their defeat certain, her father looked for any way to secure a future for his daughter, secretly shipping her off with an estranged, yet trustworthy contact of the Kira family who lived out in the far away land of the Black Shroud.

Now under the name Avila Elenvaul, the Raen grew up with her adoptive parents from the young age of just one year. Careful to hide her heritage, Avila was told she was adopted on whim by the Hyur couple on a business venture out East. Neither Beric or Heidi Elenvaul had, nor wanted children, and having the young Au Ra suddenly thrust into their arms created an uncomfortable tension. She would then spend her childhood hunting, farming, and tending to their land under the strict, callous watch of her father. Though through the years, Beric eventually came to love her as he would his own. Yet mother barely paid her any mind, just doing barely enough to make sure she knew the basics of womanhood. Because of her upbringing, Avila grew up unhappy. Constant teasing by fellow children of the Shroud due to her heritage, along with her parent’s passive care for her developed a deeply seeded disdain and lack of trust for others that would shape the cold, bleak woman that she would become.

Upon reaching adulthood, Beric found it necessary to tell Avila the truth of her origins, feeling that it wasn’t right to keep the girl he had raised in the dark about her real family. After hearing the tale of her family’s plight, she would travel East to her homeland of Kugane to see firsthand what fate had come of her relatives. Avila traveled across the sea, landing in the port of Kugane to eventually encounter her not-so-distant clan after just a few days of searching. Shocked, yet joyous to meet the presumedly deceased daughter of their late clan head, the struggling Kira family welcomed Avila with open arms. Their prestige had certainly lessened since the tumultuous time of her birth, and the family had found themselves brought into the ever-growing Yakuza crime syndicate following their defeat twenty years prior.

The next couple of years of her life, Avila, or rather Kotomi to her kin in the East, took to family business. Though she rarely ever became directly involved in the more violent or harrowing sides of criminal life, she would make connections and dealings in the underworld that would harden her resolve and temper her already wavering morality. The criminal life was not something Avila could keep up with for long though, and after dealing with the dregs of Othardian society for a few short years, she would take her leave and return to Eorzea. Hopefully to make a living doing something that wouldn’t leave her dead or in jail.

Returning to her home continent, Avila made a modest living using the hunting skills she was taught growing up. She quickly fell in love with the solitude of her work, being able to go where and when she pleased as she drifted across Eorzea, picking up stray hunting marks from the Grand Companies. Now at the age of 23, Avila has reached a point in her life where she can live comfortably off her skills, even if it does become a bit tedious and boring at times. Every now and again, she feels an urge to get back to something big and exciting. But is it enough to pull her back into another hectic adventure? Only time will tell.


Affiliations and Known Associates


  • Alias: Kotomi Kira
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Height: 5'1
  • Weight: 115 ponz
  • Body: Slim, barely toned
  • Hair: Medium length, Black
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Skin: Pale, freckled
  • Clothing: Dresses simply, attempts not to stand out


  • Thunderstorms
  • One on one talks
  • Alcohol
  • Tiny animals
  • Purple


  • Do-gooders, 'Hero' types
  • Crowded places
  • Loud, boisterous people
  • Unnecessary help
  • Yellow

Areas of Expertise

  • Infiltration
  • Hunting & Tracking
  • Espionage


  • Loyal to those she gets to know
  • Adaptable and willing to go to any length to accomplish a task
  • Objective and open-minded
  • Can blend into most situations
  • Proficient with bows, knives, and many throwing weapons


  • Rather weak, must stay out of close combat
  • Impassive and often uncaring
  • Pessimistic
  • Prone to period of self-doubt and lack of motivation
  • Can be outwardly cold if caught in bad mood


Doesn't pay it any mind, but casually reads about the Kami as a passing interest.


  • Chews on her bottom lip whenever she feels any sort of negative emotion.
  • Becomes fidgety when surrounded by others.
  • Tries to avoid being out in the sun.


  • Usually carries her bow around with her, feeling safest whenever it is near.
  • A small, curved dagger can usually be found strapped to her leg unconcealed.
  • If she is wearing more casual clothing, she probably has some sort of weapon concealed.


You might have run into or otherwise know Avila from:

  • Anyone connected to the underworld, especially in Hingashi, might have met her at some point.
  • Anyone associated with the Sekiseigumi or another rival clan might view her as an enemy.
  • Any fellow hunter, or anyone who spends time out in the wilds, might run into her around Eorzea during her travels
  • She frequents bars quite often when she is in town, mostly keeping to herself. If your character is the social sort, she would seem like easy company.