Axia Valor

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Axia Valor
Axia Valor 02 small.png
Crystal Red Mage
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander (Ala Mhigan)
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 23
Profession Red Mage, Arcanist, Alchemist
Server Balmung



Dark skinned woman with natural white hair. Her glasses are never far from her face yet always far enough for her to have the need to push them back up to the bridge of her nose. She usually wears loose clothing or clothing with a lot of breathing room. Her face only has one expression and any other attempted expression always looks unnatural.

Axia Knowledge.jpg


20 years ago was the fall of Ala Mhigo. 27 years before that was the birth of Axia’s mother. Her family comprised of an older brother, an ailing mother, and a father of scholarly lineage. He would always go on and on about how their family had an obligation to their ancestors of Amdapor and Mhach to learn more of their ancient art of red mage.

At the young age of 6 she began training under her father who had already been teaching her brother. She quickly began to exceed in red magic far beyond her older brother and any of her previous benefactors in the family. She grew in popularity and became known as the Crystal Red Mage, due to her finely crafted crystal rapier that glimmers after each strike of the blade. Her skills in both melee and magic were above many others who had taken up red mage in hopes to unlock its many secrets. She even gained favor from one red mage in particular whose skills in the art were…lack-luster, but his heart was kind and he never let his lack of skill stop him from helping others.

They later got married and years later she found out they were having a child. Then everything changed when the Imperials attacked. During the hostile takeover the Crimson Blades and many other warriors fought back while smuggling as many citizens out as they could. Axia’s mother would have stayed and fought, but the safety of her daughter was first priority, and so her father stayed behind to fight allowing for her mom to escape. Once Ala Mhigo was completely overshadowed by Garlean rule, Axia’s mother stayed in Rhalgar’s Reach and finally gave birth to Axia. Her mother then began to help around at the resistance while someone took care of Axia for the next few years. Once she was 5, her mother deemed it necessary to begin her red mage training.

She took any time she had to teach her magic and swordplay. Her schooling was done by others, and her “nanny” was the one who taught her manners. She would always say things like, “Even in times of war, a young lady must never forget their manners!”

At the age of 15 she was considered a very successful red mage, one worthy of succeeding her mother. At least that’s what most around her would say. Her mother gave Axia a special mission. To spend some years in one of the big city states in hopes to gain political favor. Her influence could make it easier for the Ala Mhigan resistance to receive those willing to fight. This was a real mission, but it was also a way for her mother to keep Axia safe. She doesn’t truly want her daughter to fight in this war. She wants to fight in hopes to give Axia a better future here and won’t let Axia risk her life. She told Axia not to use red magic during her time away and to just use normal magic skills. So when she made her escape through the tunnels, she left her rapier with her mother. She in turn gave Axia a book. “Do not open this book until I say so…just keep it with you.”

It was around this time that the calamity took place. Axia was supposed to meet someone within the Limsa area but something must have happened to them since they were nowhere to be found. As Dalamud continued to fall and while many people were being evacuated, many decided to stay. Either they were too stubborn, thought it was no use, or wanted to fight back. Axia wanted to protect those who decided to stay but couldn’t fight, and using her arcane knowledge she would help fight monsters that attacked the city. When Bahamut finally emerged and the calamity reached its climax, Axia was struck heavily by the aether that was released due to her delicate connection with magic in general. This caused much of her memory to be wiped as well as losing all her emotions. Mako, her owl companion disappeared soon after.

When she awoke, a small family took her in. After a few days staying with them she decided it was time for her to help in the reconstruction of Limsa and quickly joined the Arcanist guild in hopes to retrieve a way to return her emotions and memory. Though this seemed like a bad situation for most people this actually worked in her favor. Without the vast complexity of feelings in her way she had more time to focus on other things. Her capacity to learn, memory, and magic skill increased exponentially. Years later and here we are in the present.

Recently she had successfully created a potion which allowed her to feel emotions once again but only for a limited amount of time. During her first potion test she learned much about herself and how she felt about a certain Au ra named Rana Kotsu. This was the day their relationship truly blossomed into something more than just friendship.

The Familiar Mako

From as far back as can be remembered, this owl has been connected with Axia's family. Signs point to the creature being created around the time Machi and Amdapor, the ones connected to the creation of red magic, first started working together. Since then it has been a Familiar which was passed down from generation to generation, using the next child in line as the base for a connection. At this moment he belongs to Axia Valor. She lost him once, but somehow he found his way back to her. Even with the loss of her memory Axia still gave him the name he's always had, almost instinctively.


Crystal Red Mage.jpeg


She hasn't one...well not a real one. She is purely basing all of what she says on the knowledge she has obtained from other encounters with people. She'll randomly make jokes only if she thinks the joke might be considered funny based on where she last heard it being told. She can't laugh, in fact Rana had used Axia's disability to not laugh by conning a free room out of some members of a free company by trying to get them to make her laugh. It obviously ended with Axia not laughing which meant Rana won the bet and had successfully gotten them a place to stay for awhile.

Her personality only exists once she has taken a sip of her emotion potion. Her demeanor never changes, but the way she speaks does veer slightly off course from how she'd normally speak. Normally she picks her world carefuly and speaks in a calm and monotone manner. Once her emotions return, she loses all control over her normal thought process, as she gets overrun with emotions from all her previous encounters. This means she's very unpredictable when she drinks this potion. It also makes it hard for her to fight. Actually you could say that if she has emotions she'd be unable to fight at all.



  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Bisexual
    • Marital Status: In a relationship
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: One side is blue the other side is red.
  • Skin: Dark Chocolate Brown


  • Reading?
  • Learning?
  • Discovery?


  • Seeing others with sad expressions?
  • Not understanding a situation?
  • Not knowing how something works?

(These all have question marks because this is what she thinks she likes and dislikes based on her current knowledge.)


  • Intelligence
  • Quick Learner
  • Pays attention to every detail
  • Has no emotions


  • Not much of a talker
  • Can't help but correct somebodies grammar
  • Has no emotions


(If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here.)

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