Aya Avernus

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Sharlayan.jpg Aya Avernus
"'Wandering Scholar'"
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Sharlayan
Age Unknown (Assumed late twenties/early thirties)
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Namesday Unknown
Marital Status Single
Alignment Neutral


♦ General

"Wanderer, adventurer and a lover-of-books; even I struggle to find a more fitting description." To the unobservant eye, Aya is little more than an unassuming hyuran midlander whose style of dress and exotic brogue paint her as a foreigner. Those more attentive are like to brand her as an adventurer; a title she wears contentedly, if only to absolve herself of 'unimportant details'. Whatever the case, she lives with a purpose - rare is it that she grounds herself in one place for any prolonged period of time, which makes it all the more strange, then, that she has become a frequent sight around the streets of Ul'dah.

♦ Appearance

At a glance, Aya appears young – seemingly no more than a day older than her late twenties. Hers is a figure quaint and winsome, with features soft and a size all but diminutive; yet her posture and the thoughtful candor of her features exude an aura of confidence and solemnity. Long crimson tresses taper down past her cheeks, neatly gathered in braids towards her ears and a pony-tail at the back of her head. Sapphire orbs wander to and fro, their striking gaze betraying more than would seem fitting for one of her scope.

Those more curious might note a number of effects commonly seen among Thaumaturges on her person, ranging between a long, gnarled staff to a handful of vials bearing faintly glowing liquid that scintillate with motes of brilliant light. Though one would struggle to gleam any impressions as to her proficiency with them, perhaps there is more to her than seems apparent?

♦ Behaviour

Beneath a guise of dignified calm and formality is one possessed of views those more even-tempered would label 'world-weary', or 'cynical' - hidden by a streak of introvertedness, and a general distaste for more personal conversation. In a public setting, Aya conducts herself with wit and a confident, almost courtly demeanor; while around colleagues or those she considers more or less familiar, she has been described as sharp-tongued and nosy - ironically in spite of her aversion to sharing. Whatever her outward explanation, she prefers being in a position of knowing, a tendency that has left her with more acquaintances than friends.

At heart, Aya is an avid bibliophile who feels every bit at ease in a library as she does the comforts of home. She is deeply fascinated by the prospect of uncovering the many 'hows' and 'whys' of the world, an interest that regularly compels her towards the unknown. Indeed, she has made something of a career out of delving through ruins in search of texts and artefacts alike, and will rarely shirk an opportunity to do so.

To those closest to her (or who she considers useful), she can be quite loyal - though she expresses such feelings with a modicum of subtlety. Even so, she is largely distrustful, and rather slow to warm.


Aya prefers subtlety to brute force, though she is not averse to conflict it the need is apparent. In lieu of more traditional methods of fighting, she relies on her magical prowess and her cunning, often using both to disable her opponents.

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Disregard for history/texts
Slovenly behaviour
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Aya is a regular face around the Miner's Guild in Ul'dah
Aya has more resources to her name than would seem immediately apparent.
Aya remains staunchly neutral, and owes no allegiance to any of the Grand Companies.

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