Ayane Hideyoshi

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 Ayane Hideyoshi
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"Can you hear the song?"
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship None
Age 17
Occupation Drifter
Residence N/A
Guardian Menphina, The Lover
Namesday 1st sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
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Ayane is a young woman who comes from the country of Doma. She is of royal blood but does not understand the weight of what that means as she was moved from Doma to Eorzea long before she began to understand the politics in which she lived in. She is a calm and caring individual, albeit slightly naïve. She would prefer to try and see the best in people and not judge others before she knows them better.


Ayane will wear almost anything so long as it provides her with modesty. She does not like revealing her figure under any circumstance, and will shy away from anything as such. She likes to wear long robes and coats, and loves to wear anything of silk.


Very well educated, proper, and polite. Ayane tries her best to be polite and considerate of others. She is described as a person who would put others’ needs above her own, even if it meant potentially causing harm to herself.

~Elaboration will come after more RP~


Ayane has little to no formal training in any sort of martial arts or any form of weapon training. She has a limited amount of experience when it comes to magic, and she can hardly use it any form of combative manner.

~Elaboration will come after more RP~



The ocean
Cats (Specifically of the fat variety)
Reading and Writing
Sweet foods


 Being referred to as a princess
Any sort of bug or insect


 Walks on the shores of Costa Del Sol
Finding interesting things about magic
Chocobo Riding


Favourite Place: A quiet morning on the beach
Favorite Weather: Warm weather, maybe a light rain
Favorite Season: Mid-summer
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Scents: Cooked seafood


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

None as of yet

Enemies & Rivals

None as of yet


Easily Overheard Rumours
"Quite a beautiful thing, I sometimes watch her go up and down the beach every morning from my perch. She is like a flower that one day washed up on my lovely white shores.” -Gegeruju
“I cannot recall how many times she has asked to ride a specific porter chocobo. It’s as if she loves to ride that one bird, and is inseparable from it. It seems to like her, so I don’t really mind.” –Chocobo Handler
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"That Doman girl? Yes I have heard of her family from the time before Doma was destroyed. Very prestigious, although it would seem that she cannot find her family, or maybe she’s not trying to. In either case it is rather tragic she does not come with us to Mor Dhona.” -Higiri
Rarely Overheard Rumours
Player Character Rumours


Born to a wealthy family in Doma, Ayane is a young woman who grew up in a sheltered lifestyle for most of her life. She did not fully understand what her title in her village meant, as she hardly had any interaction with anyone from the outside world. Her mother and father doted on her, grooming her for the day she would be married to someone else for political reasons, and it would seem that she was none the wiser of these things.

Most of her early life was spent within the walls of her family’s manor, most people only heard stories of the princess, and never actually saw her. This was due to her parents not wanting would-be criminals to recognize her and kidnap her so that they could ransom her off. Ayane as a result is very naïve of the things around her despite her age, and some people think of her as a childish sort of person despite being so soft spoken.

When she began to mature into a young woman, Ayane was smuggled out of Doma by her mother and father during the imperial crackdown, leaving her on her own in a foreign land. This land happened to be Eorzea, where Ayane came ashore in a small boat. However within four days of making landfall, her entourage had been attacked by Sahagin, and as a result Ayane was the only survivor. She had fled to the resort area of Costa Del Sol, where the owner lord Gegeruju allows her to stay free of charge after hearing of her problems. However it was for other reasons as he gave her a small home on the beach, right in plain sight of his perch so he could watch her whenever she went walking around the beach.

She had attracted many men by her gentle nature, earning her a multitude of love letters and many men wishing to try and win her heart. However she repeated time and time again she was not ready for such a thing, and eventually she begged for it to stop. Finally Gegeruju granted her wish, and she was no longer being pestered by the multitude, and she began to make plans to start traveling upon hearing rumors of a Doman settlement in Mor Dhona. Several of her countrymen actually knew of her when she approached the group outside of Wineport, and although they could not help her get to Mor Dhona, they told her that there were plenty of safe methods to reach her destination unscathed.


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