Ayin'a Quist

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Ayin'a Quist
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Balmung
Age Late 20s
Sexuality Homosexual
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Basic Info

Sharply-dressed, well-groomed and well-spoken without much to mark his place of origin, with big blue eyes and a youthful face that keeps many people guessing whether he is really of age. He drinks large amounts of tea, has a soft spot for sweet treats, and can often be seen scribbling something down in a notebook. His demeanour is generally relaxed and pleasant, and it's rare to hear anyone utter a bad word against him - any professional acquaintances will tell you he's reliable and hard-working, and tends to keep mostly to himself. His apparent docility and harmless looks lead people to trust him, which he unashamedly uses to his advantage in order to disguise his black market dealings and other work outside of the law.


Born in the Twelveswood somewhere near the border between the East and South Shroud, his early life was mostly spent with his two older sisters, as his mother hunted and his father was absent, allegedly working in La Noscea. Facing the oppression that many Keepers of the Moon do from Gridanians, they often struggled to get by, and as a young boy Ayin'a regularly ventured to the city and its surrounding camps with his sisters to relieve residents of food, money and other possessions, himself often playing the role of innocent, helpless child in order to provide a distraction.

As they grew older, he and his sisters began to venture further afield to look for work, travelling throughout the Shroud and Thanalan, and, eventually, La Noscea by way of ferry. Finding food and work in Limsa Lominsa proved much easier than Gridania, and it was there that he began to learn how to read, eventually taking up membership of the Arcanists' Guild. Over the next ten years or so, Ayin'a worked in a variety of jobs across each of the city states in reputable professions - acting, bookbinding, accounting - but smuggling and illicit trade remained the the real means by which he made a living. Having recently attained a position at the Alchemists' Guild of Ul'dah, he is now afforded even more opportunities to take advantage of the black market, which in turn has landed him a considerable sum of money with which to purchase a house in Mist.


Pleasant and amiable with almost everyone, though with a tendency towards shortness and sarcasm when overworked. The side of him that rarely gets seen by the general public, however, is a little different. In private, he is emotional, passionate and sharp with a tendency towards the masochistic. Those who truly know him are few and far between, but once a bond develops he is unwaveringly devoted and loyal, willing to fight to the death.


Ensetsu Hakuuchi - His fiancé, an intimidating Raen man who resides with him in Mist. Ayin'a is rarely seen in the company of anyone else in his private time, and anyone who gives him trouble is likely to see it put to an end by Ensetsu.

Other Notes