Ayla'a Dahraq

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Ayla'a Dahraq
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ul'dahn
Age 30's
Marital Status Single
Occupation Healer (Mostly?)
Height/Weight Taller? Stockier?
Orientation Homosexual
  • Ayla Dahraq (Deceased)
  • Several Sisters
  • Ul'dahn Housecat, Fancier of Feasts, Murderer of Mice (And Men)

    Basic Info

    A House Cat! That's what his detractors have taken to calling him, and perhaps in truth that isn't an unfair comparison to make. Given to napping through the Ul'dahn day, meandering aimlessly at night, loathe to hunt his own prey, incapable of going a day without pampering lest he complain loudly, demanding of affection on his own terms and yet ever so quick to viciously rebuke unwanted advances. The only injustice in this comparison is that cat, kitten and even coeurl are known to play with their food. Ayla'a on the other hand is not one to let anything suffer.


    Hedonism of Every Variety
    Well-crafted Leatherwork
    Philosophical Bickering
    Tall Dark and Anything
    Explosions. But that's a secret.


    "Ferals" and "Strays"
    Ala Mighans


    Alignment: Mildly Neutral Evil
    Vice(s): Forbidden Literature, Gambling
    Favorite Food: Sachertorte
    Favorite Drink: Coffee with Cream
    Favorite Color: Red? Blue?

    Appearance & Personality

    Exceedingly well groomed, typically more than half-naked, and never in any particular hurry to get anywhere. It'd take a rare naivety or even rarer kindness of heart not to assume the worst of his nature by way of appearances, and to the credit of the observer that assumes him some manner of courtesan or hustler he is so rarely in the company of anyone who doesn't have gil spilling out of every pocket. For those of certain perceptions though, there're tell-tale signs of deeper devotion and even thought: the red and blue he accents himself with in equal portions, the fact his leathers of choice are clasped with a seal bearing the scale of the Traders. His matter of speaking is that of the educated and the philosophical, dreamy and drawling as if he has all the time in the world to discuss the weather with insipid prose. Indeed the only time he seems to move with haste and exacting certainty is when conflict arises- something of little comfort to anyone adjacent to whoever offended. His hair like the night sky, skin like a stormy sea. Red comet streaks accent the former, not particularly styled in any way but kept long and thoroughly brushed. The latter is barren of mark or scar until one reaches his face, which is crowned and laced with a vibrant and symmetrical abstract in bright blue paint that must be freshly reapplied no less than twice a day. His features are decidedly soft, the only harsh edges are in the brow and those disconcertingly yellow-gold eyes. The greed in their glint is as evident as his appeal to those inclined to pay for his company. Indeed - if one were to summarize - his is a form born of flawless care and obsession as opposed to hardship and toil. Every line is sculpted and not chiseled, shaped and not wrought. It only further speaks of his love affair with the great city he calls home that he toils so to look the part of dancer and entertainer like so many female Seekers do, and even they are often a slight more modest.



    For those who'd know so much of his history as to understand the circumstances of his birth and upbringing, Ayla'a is much easier to rationalize. How many can deny the man's quiet belief that he has been favored by Nald'thal when his very birth claimed the life of his mother? In doing so it closed the matron's last prophetic prediction and created a distinctly uncomfortable rift between sisters much his senior. That isn't to say he was abandoned on the spot, or even neglected to the point it would foster malice, but when as the boy grew the distance was never closed and when the Calamity struck his quest for survival led him far enough afield that he never bothered to look back. They cared enough to see his inborn magical talent fostered, and in his mind that was more than he could've asked for.


    When one comes of age amidst what amounts to an apocalypse of a kind - armed only with the basest knowledge of conjury and what's safe to eat - it tends to create a rather hardened individual indeed. In those years of fire and confusion did Ayla'a wander, eventually finding his way to Thanalan and then Ul'dah. The only certainty anyone could have is that he came to study Thaumaturgy and found in it everything he needed. Though likely not what one would consider prodigial or even talented, there are lingering tales amongst the membership of the Ul'dahn guild of how slavishly he isolated himself with the requisite texts in the quest for knowledge and how he never did an onze more than he had to to pass a trial.


    Nowadays, those who actually know of his membership in such circles tend to be confined to the same. The Order of Nald'thal is chiefmost amongst his loyalties, and it is in service to the aspect of Thal that he lives his life of shifting identities, weathering accusations of being a vulture and opportunist even as he receives considerable contributions for being close at hand for the wealthy and the dying who for their own reasons do not wish to directly visit the great Ossuary of the capital. On more than one occasion has this line of service lead to him - perhaps ironically - thwarting an assassination, but Ayla'a isn't one to pass up an opportunity to ensure his charges are motivated to give generously (and continue to do so). To the common Ul'dahn he's a shameless leech, to the well-off he's a predator, but to those who call him to service he is in their minds no less than a toll paid to keep death at bay.


    Is not cold, but is grateful whenever the supposedly taciturn Ishgardians express care for his wellbeing.
    Really doesn't understand why anyone would prefer a gun over magic, but supposes not everyone has the choice.
    Isn't terribly worried about the children. They're likely farther from death's door, why is anyone worried about the children.
    Has a serious padjal-phobia and largely avoids Gridanian soil if he can.


    Ul'da wouldn't be half as great if not for her devoted gossips, after all.

    ◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
    He himself is a serial murdering gold-digger from the seven hells.
    That he is in fact part of a guild of assassins.
    That he's just bad luck to be around, plain and simple.
    ◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
    According to at least one beggar he's a fireproof voidsent spying on mortal men.
    According to another beggar, he's a righteous slayer OF voidsent.
    He keeps a secret hoard somewhere out in the dunes comprised of vast swaths of "Inherited" fortune.
    The closest anyone has ever come to putting a ring on it was an Ishgardian dragoon- slain by cyclopes while hunting for dragons.
    ◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
    That he is, in fact none of these things and is a decidedly unorthodox attendant of the Traders.
    That he once unleashed a Flare on an angry mob. A Flare!
    The Order itself is still trying to verify if that last rumour is at all credible.


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