Aynur Rajani

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 Aynur Rajani
Aynur 2.png
"One day, I will return."
The White
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ishgardian;
Year Born (Age) 1540 (37)
Namesday 12th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Birth Guardian Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Chosen Guardian Halone, the Fury
Job(s); Training White Mage, Paladin;
Monk, Dragoon
Server Behemoth


♦ Appearance

A dignified presence radiates from her tall figure, an imposing 6'6" allows Aynur to look down upon most whom she encounters, save for some males of her race and the Roegadyn. In spite of this demeanor she carries so easily with her strides, the only "truth" to a first impression onlookers may get is the extreme sense of pride she holds in herself and her abilities. Being an Elezen, it is no surprise to those who meet her to find her somewhat easily offended if someone doubts her ability or her morals, which many would find easy to do due to the fact she is of the Duskwight Clan within her race.

Perhaps the first thing many notice about her other than her height is the striking facial tattoos she bears against ebony skin, received after she fled Ishgard. Two branched white stripes through both eyebrows and down both eyes, stopping in the middle of her cheeks. These two stripes are for the sake of hiding an impressive scar (now visible only upon close inspection to note the disrupted surface of her skin beneath the white) lined vertically across her left eye. As the idea of having such an asymmetrical appearance perturbed her, Aynur chose to have a mirror image of that simple tattoo over her right eye as well. The brilliant crimson pattern covers three-quarters of her face, striping down her cheeks and the top of her jaw as well as curling around her eyes to sit upon her forehead, the intricate pattern one she chose herself for the sake of uniqueness. Along with the tattoos, something that often sets people first meeting Aynur at unease is the complete heterochromia iridium she sports - one of her eyes is a pale, light blue of her right, while the left is a vibrant shade of magenta. Her original eye color is the pale, light blue seen in her right eye, but an injury during her time serving in the Ishgard forces in the war with Dravanians resulted in Aynur acquiring heterochromia through siderosis. The event in which her eye was injured (and fully blinded) resulted in the scar across that side of her face, as well as a shorter one reaching from the left side of her nose to partially over the cheek beneath her eye.

The reason for both tattoos was to alter her appearance from what people of her homeland knew, along with other measures taken (and described below). Her altered eye color, as well, has proven as a useful measure in creating a new identity for herself in the rest of Eorzea.

In addition to an impressive height, Aynur is long-limbed and fairly strong-bodied, sitting at 167 pounds. She has lean muscle beneath her skin, giving her body a feel similar to a warm stone were anybody to press on her extremities (whenever it is revealed and not covered with armor...though it is not recommended anybody try this). Her hair, too, is long, seeing as she grew it out after fleeing Ishgard. Her hair is naturally dark red in color, though she has dyed it black save for the tips. Her current hairstyle is partial dreadlocks with platinum bands around the foremost locks. Only the hair on the front half of her head is locked, leaving the rest long and unaltered. She takes care of the dreadlocks every day, to maintain her health and hygiene. Before dying her hair black, and while she was still growing it out (as it used to be cut fairly short and close to her head), she had dyed most of her hair purple and braided it in the back.

It is very rare to find Aynur wearing anything other than her robes (while working as a White Mage), armor (while working as a Paladin or Monk), or mail (while working as a Dragoon) save for when she is asleep in a house. However, when she does allow herself to relax a little, she can often be found in Camp Bronze Lake, Upper La Noscea sporting a coeurlskin bikini.

Aynur's voice is comparable to that of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

♦ Behaviour

orientation / personality / views on other races

♦ Other Notes

Seeing as Elezen naming conventions are distinct, for the most part, throughout both Wildwood and Duskwight clans are similar, the name "Aynur" distinctly sets her apart from those of her kind who dwell in the Eorzean city-states of La Noscea, Gridania, and Ul'dah. Although the naming conventions do alter somewhat for certain individuals in Ishgard, and other places with Elezen populations, the name "Aynur" continues to set her apart even there. Although this distinction may bring curious questions her way, and perhaps unwanted attention, she wagered that such a name would receive an eye turned away, as what sort of noble Elezen or distinguished Ishgardian would forsake (or so many would believe she did...) the name they were born with? That said, the name Aynur Rajani is, in fact, an alias created when she fled Ishgard. She chose it based off a favorite storybook character from when she was much younger. Whatever the origin of the name is, she knows not, but she does know that it roughly means moonlight (Aynur) the dark one (Rajani). Her true name, the name which holds her citizenship in Ishgard, is Zéphyrine Soraya-Yseult. She carries a strong name, the surname being of both families she is the product of, and it is one she once felt could be feared, the west wind (Zéphyrine) of the Pleiades' (Soraya) ice battle (Yseult).

Rough pronunciation(s): [eye-ner] [rah-zha-nee]; [zeh-fahy-reen] [sor-ay-ah]-[ee-soolt].
Creator note: All parts of Aynur's true name are either of French origin, or French versions of names with varying origin.

Born under Rhalgr, the Destroyer, one may think it appropriate given the apparent affinity Duskwight Elezen have for using magic offensively and in catastrophic manners, be they attuned to the ways of the forbidden Black Magic or summoning the essence of Primal gods. Although Aynur wields power through her body as well as her mind, the birth under Rhalgr never sat well with her. As such, she elected to place her primary beliefs in Rhalgr's mother: Halone, the Fury. With a taste for war (as she grew painfully familiar with it at a relatively young age) and never forgetting Ishgard as her home, and the roots from which her life grew as a tree, Aynur (then Zéphyrine) found an inner peace upon selecting the deity she worshiped as her guardian.

There is more, though, to the beliefs Aynur holds within her mind. However, this "extra" belief is considered heresy, as she regards Shiva as something of an idol. It would be more correct to say that she regards Ysayle as something like an idol, seeing as Aynur only gained this forbidden attention toward Shiva after encountering Lady Iceheart's body masked by the essence of the Primal, acting as an avatar for Lady of Frost. After this encounter, Aynur began to deeply question what exactly she is fighting for - a question posed to her by Ysayle whom, upon defeat, deemed her as foolish as other Ishgardians fighting in the Dragonsong War. Since then, Aynur has began to question her support of fending dragons from Ishgard, as she holds faint hope for the human-like races of Eorzea to live peaceably alongside dragons. However, she is not about to lay down her staff (or sword) and attempt to go about it unarmed as Ysayle so bravely does, instead believing she will have better luck if she fights for such a peace to be brought.

It should be noted that Aynur's idolizing of Ysayle and Shiva stem partially from infatuation. She holds some degree of attraction (at this point she's unsure which kind) toward Ysayle, while Shiva's is primarily of lust.



♦ Birth & Childhood (0-12 years)

before dalamund's fall

♦ Teen Years (13-19)

before dalamund's fall / family / childhood friends

♦ Post-Ishgard

after dalamund's fall

♦ Adventurer (Present)

a realm reborn

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♦ Crafting and Gathering

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