Ayu Oshiro

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Ayu Oshiro
Ayu Oshiro.png
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Doma
Server Balmung
Age 36 summers
Deity Azeyma
Nationality Doma
Occupation Daimyo of her family(Former), Adventurer
Alignment Lawful Good
Marital Status Taken
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Basic Info

Ayu Oshiro is a Hingan woman born in Othard to a noble Hingan family situated within Doma as foreign diplomats. A prominent member of the Doman Liberation Front and a fierce samurai trained from a young age under her father's tutelage. With Doma's newly gained freedom Ayu has dedicated her time to traveling her homeland, helping those where she can and standing ever vigilant for the Empire's forces ready for the inevitable defense of her homeland in the future. Her weapon of choice is the Nodachi, a massive weapon thought to be to large to be used efficiently in battle, Ayu have proven that wrong. Wielding strength great enough to use the blade as if it were a standard katana.


Born to a powerful family from Hingashi Ayu Oshiro lived a pampered, regal life for most of her childhood. Upon her 15th birthday her father had begun training her as a kensei sparking quite the change in her life and the realization of how awful their oppressors had a grip on her homeland. Goro Oshiro, her father had known his time is limited and spent his last years teaching his daughter Ayu how to fight, how to lead, to extend one's hand in peace before raising it. Ayu had grown well into her intended role and her father could not have been more proud of his daughter though just short after her 24th birthday her father was found dead, mysteriously murdered in his own bed. Ayu, now the head of her household, was sure it was the Garleans and years later when the time came she and those in her estate and family rose up along with Lord Hien to fight the Empire. They were defeated, utterly crushed by the Empire's might. Ayu's forces were destroyed, estate razed and her family hunted down to the last one. Ayu having suffered a near fatal injury in the uprising itself had escaped barely with her life. Those left on her side had secured transport and along with most refuges she made her way to Eorzea. Once there she had taken refuge up in the Shroud, hiding away from The Empire while she healed, in no condition to fight let alone walk unassisted she had little choice but to find help and shelter. She learned much of this new land and continues to discover something new about Eorzea quite consitantly. When she had recovered well enough she began training once again, venturing out more and more offering her services as a sellsword and training her body for battle once again. It was not her most glorious moment, the head of the Oshio family working as a common mercenary was not what she had ever foreseen but vengeance burned inside her and she would stop at nothing until it was hers.

With her body healed mostly and enough gil to secure her transport she had made her way back home, though the return was bittersweet... The state of Doma was depressing to say the least she was devastated at just how ruined the land had become, how beaten down her people were. Her heart ached for her home and for her fellow countrymen driving her straight into the ranks of the Doman Liberation Front where she had been given command over a small unit. She fought fiercely and she struck out without mercy at the Empire's forces when the opportunity provided itself. Her commanding presence on the battlefield and her skill in combat carried on were something to be feared and when the time came to siege Doma castle she jumped at the chance to join the battle. That day Doma was freed and that day Ayu returned to the ruins of her family's estate, to offer a final prayer to her father and her family name. The last of the Oshiro's she set out to live her life watching over her people and her land. Set to safeguard her land's freedom at all cost for aslong as she lives.

Personality & Appearance

Ayu is a kind and caring woman, reserved but passionate prideful to a flaw when it comes to her family and her homeland. Her up bringing heavily influences how she conducts herself in public though her time in Eorzea had hampered some of it. Standing at 5'3 Ayu towers over Lalafell and that is about it! Medium length black hair covers her head and her eyes are a dark shade of brown, across and peaking over her right shoulder in particular is a tattoo that also trails down her back ending just above her rear. The tattoo in question depicts a river flowing with several kinds of flowers adorning both sides of it. Dead center of her abdomen, just above her stomach is a scar, a nasty one at that too, the same wound sits on her back to match.

RP Hooks

Doman Liberation Front

Upon her return to Yangxia, Ayu wasted no time getting involved in the effort to take back her home. Perhaps you've fought alongside or her had met her while visiting the area?


Ayu, while born to a noble Hingan family, had grown up in Doma with them. Maybe you've met her years past and have reunited? Maybe you've heard of her family name through the grapevine growing up? Or you were a witness to her family's downfall?


During her time away from Doma while she was recovering she took shelter in The Shroud. Perhaps you could have run into her? Been a conjurer she had visited to help with her recovery? Been a kind soul to help the injured woman when she struggled to traverse the city?

OOC info & Other Notes

If anyone would like to contact me you can find me on Balmung under the same name Ayu Oshiro or if you would prefer one can find my discord at Sunbro#9679