Ayultai Tsakhilgaan

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Ishgard.jpg Ayultai Tsakhilgaan
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"I’m not bound by petty notions of conscience."
The Raven's Bane
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Ishgard
Age in his 40s
Nameday 7th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Affiliation The Unyielding / Griffin's Bone
Guardian Halone, The Fury
Marital status Single
Sexual Orientation Unknown
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(Currently a WIP, typos and other of the like) Ayultai Tsakhilgaan leads a life of crime the shadow of Ishgard and amidst the rocky moutains of Dravania. Raised by Ishgardians, he turned back on them when he found out they had been the undoing of his family. Yet, so far he hasn't found home within his blood relatives either. He has no problems getting his hands dirty and has his own code of honour. Ayultai and his Griffin's companions make a living by dealing in black market goods, information brokering and any other activities worth the profit. He has a fascination for long lost, rare or legendary artifacts, and treasure hunting holds special interest for him. From all the treasuress he's out on the hunt for, one holds special relevance and meaning. He has vowed to retrieve them and cut down any who stands between him and these family heirlooms.



Some of Ayultai's closest relatives met their demise at the hands of the Corbeau family, when mistaken for heretics with draconian features. His heavily injured mother managed to escape with his older sister but by misfortune a weeks old Ayultai was dropped on the snow during the chase and retrieved by Raphelaux Corbeau. Though the Xaela child was also possesed of seemingly draconian characteristics, the elezen decided he wouldn't taint his blade with an innocent babe's blood. So Ayultai was taken, raised hidden and in utmost secrecy by Lord Corbeau, who in time grew somewhat attached to this very sharp boy. Ayultai was trained within the Unseen, the group of mercenaries sworn to the Corbeau. Raphelaux always gave him special treatment, but his childhood was still one marked with hardship, torture and confinement. When as a young man he discovere about his true origins, he felt betrayed by the man he had considered almost a father. Hurt and blinded by pride and grief he ran away only to come back a couple of years later to foment and lead a mutinous uprising within the ranks of the Unseen. With this, the mercenary group divided in two opposing factions that destroyed each other, and Ayultai ended up killing Corbeau himself when the later refused to return to him the belongings that had been prised from Ayultai's biological father. There were very few survivors from either side of this conflict. He went back to Othard where he met his older sister Eji and the remaining Tsakhilgaans. Though he was the son of the previous Khan, because he had been thought dead and raised by Ishgardians, his foreigner ways were frowned upon and though the family celebrated his return, due to some of their beliefs in time he didn't feel welcome. So he spent some years in Doma instead, with the Kurogane clan. When the Garleans began their earnest invasion of Doma, he went back to Eorzea, building upon what had been left behind by the Unseen, but no longer hiding behind the false pretense of righteousness, he founded the Griffins with the few allies that had accompanied him, most notably Eji Tsakhilgaan and Ensetsu Kurogane, older sister and friend. Going through some records he found out his family's heirlooms remained within a sealed vault somewhere in Coerthas and he has ever since been looking for the supposed last Unseen survivor who's keeping the key from him.


Snow white skin, yellow eyes with a golden limbal ring, dark purple scales and long jet black hair. Educated by an Ishgardian Lord, Ayu has some care and refinement with way he presents himself when it comes to clothes and appearance and his speech and mannerisms, but it's just a force of habit and acquired taste. Always in dark clothes to better blend with the dark of the night #theedgeiscallingtonight.



  • Sharp, creative and strategic;
  • Highly self-confident;
  • Independent and decisive;
  • Hard-working and determined;
  • Open-minded;
  • Adaptable.


  • Arrogant;
  • Judgmental;
  • Overly analytical;
  • Loathes hierarchy and pre-established rules or conventions;
  • Aloof and insensitive.
  • Cruel













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