Az Rael

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Azul "Az" Rael
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun. Formerly of the (dying) Qu tribe; raised by Highlander Hyur.
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
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At 5'5, he's relatively tall for a Miqo'te, though his height is hardly the most imposing thing about him. He has piercing, mismatched hues of white and light blue; the right one is milky and discolored with blindness. His skin is lightly tanned, his hands are calloused and his muscles are toned from a life of hard work. His hair is medium-length and pure white, save for the black 'splotch' that engulfs a little over a quarter of the right side, including his ear. His lion-like tail is also white, but fine light-grey stripes start around mid-way down and eventually grow progressively darker until they fade into his inky-black tuft at the end.

An unusual tattoo rests on the backside of the base of his neck and there is another on his left upper arm. Both are black and 'tribal-looking'. There's a chunk missing from his left ear that looks as though it was shredded by something. He has a simple scar on the left side of his chin and a much larger, thicker one running down the left side of his torso, from his collar-bone to his hip. At certain angles, it may be apparent that the 'two' scars are actually one wound. There are also very faint scars on his arms that look like he may have stuck his hands in fire at one point, but these aren't noticeable at first glance.

He prefers to wear minimal clothing on his upper body and what he does wear often is form-fitting and closely contoured to his slim figure.

Rarely, if ever, does he smile. When he does, it simply doesn't seem genuine. His eyes perpetually hold that 'thousand mile stare' inside of them.


He often comes across as cold, apathetic, scrutinizing and perhaps even brooding. Or an asshole. Or all of the above. He may come off at first as someone with a superiority complex or just a general 'I'm better than you, get out of my way' attitude. It's clear that the man is surprisingly intelligent when people manage to pick at his brain, and perhaps they'd even find a softer side to him that's been buried long ago. Most of this is done on purpose so that he maintains a great emotional distance between himself and almost everyone he meets.



He's a man who has seen much fighting in his short life, so it should come as no surprise that he's a gifted fighter and surprisingly strong. His weapon proficiency is based on close-ranged weapons, such as blades, daggers and his own fists... but where he shines brightest is in his ability to wield a lance.



  • Being 'left the fuck alone'.
  • Good food. Anything that's spicy is an instant favorite. He also has a soft spot for sweets, fruits, nuts, poultry and fish.
  • Animals in general, but Chocobos are his favorite.
  • Caves, caverns, the ocean, forests and other
  • Swimming, fishing and other activities involving the water.


  • 'Ranged' fighting. He insists that he finds it cowardly, but the truth is he just has poor depth perception after about 15 feet.
  • Loud and/or repetitive noises/people/things.
  • Weakness and vulnerabilities; including his own.
  • Cold, snow, ice... seriously, fuck all things colder than room temperature. Why do they even exist?


  • He has a voice and ear for music. Wind and string instruments are his favorite.
  • On top of music, it's said that Az is quite the dancer and entertainer, though he'd never admit to it or advertise it.
  • He's a gambling man and word has it that he's got Lady Luck on his side more often than not.
  • He's a little bit of a nerd for metals and different types of ore, crystals, etc. He spends a bit of his time collecting and selling what he mines up.


  • He chews at the inside of his cheek when he's thinking or biting back hostile words.
  • An unhealthy amount of his time is spent staring off at the sea.
  • He can vanish for weeks at a time on unknown ventures.
  • He gives less-than-zero fucks about nudity and will frequently be half-naked as he's 'more comfortable' that way.



  • Gil Rael: Adopted father. Highlander Hyur. Widow of Rena Rael. Currently MIA.
  • Rena Rael: Adopted mother. Highlander Hyur. Deceased.
  • Khai Rael: Biological, full-blooded brother. While the two have grown apart, they are rekindling their friendship and brotherhood in these trying times.
  • P'raemha Phen: Former wife, Seeker Miqo'te. Deceased; died during childbirth.
  • Liam Rael: His first and only child. Deceased; stillborn.
  • Reginald: His chocobo companion and nearly always with him or close by.


These are few and far between. He has many acquaintances, but no 'true friends'. Perhaps this will change in time and with enough patience from the potential 'friend'. Those he once considered close friends are either missing or dead.


Thus far, he's made no true 'enemies', either. Well, none he knows of, anyhow. Like friends, these require a less dismissive attitude that he simply can't be assed to deal with.


Common Rumors

  • "I heard he actually murdered his wife and child."
  • "I hear he keeps company with pirates! I mean, look at him. He'll probably rob you blind if you get too close."
  • "I hear he'd do anything if you slip a little coin his way."


Birth and Childhood

Born half-blind and a part of the dying Qu tribe under the initial name of Qu'Azul Tia, his arrival spurred his biological mother to give both he and his older brother (Qu'Khai Tia) up. It was her hope that they might live a better life and find mates and more outside of a tribe with such dwindling numbers. The two of them were placed in the care of an adventuring Hyur couple that originally hailed from Ala Mhigo and sympathized with the tribe, earning their trust after several years of careful interaction. Communications, for whatever reason, were halted when the children came into their care. The two Highlanders (Gil and Rena Rael) returned to their outpost and, inspired by their own adopted children, started and maintained a very small orphanage near Gridania.


Az grew with a bit of silent jealousy in watching his brother's social and aetheric talents take form. His own were muted and almost non-existent and he often hid behind his mother and kept close company with her rather than the other children. Though his mother had given up hope of returning to Ala Mhigo (and rather enjoyed her new life as it was) his father still harbored ambitions, plans and even a small following hell-bent on taking the city back from Garlean rule. His approach to raising Az in particular was one that was fierce and militaristic. Around the time that Khai (4 years Az's senior) left the orphanage to seek his own fortune elsewhere, Az and Gil left as well to start to gather up friends and colleges of Gil's. They started their own resistance group and Az became a true child-soldier at the ripe age of 14. This lifestyle continued for the next 6 years.


Eventually, Gil's small resistance group grew quite large and allied with the Maelstrom. When the Battle of Carteneau finally exploded, a nearly-20-year-old Az was there on the frontlines alongside his father. Like many survivors of the battle, Az vanished for the next five years following their grave defeat. Gil, to this day, hasn't been seen since.

The Return

Trying to return to his normal life after being gone for so long proved nearly impossible, but Az managed to work once more in Limsa Lominsa. He did keep company with a few pirates as it was inevitable, though he insists he was never one himself. He mostly did hard labor on the docks; heavy lifting and loading and whatnot. In this time, Az managed to locate his father's Chocobo, Reginald, but there was still no sign of his dad. Once he managed to save up enough for a trip home to see his mother, he was met with more sad news. His mother, Rena, had died and been buried after he and his father had gone missing.

The Blades

Not much is known of Az's life around this point, particularly not to outsiders. There are whispers of the organization known as the Blades of Nald'Thal, its internal betrayal and eventual downfall following the disappearance of its leader, as well as the deaths of many members, but Az is tight-lipped about his experience. He does glance down at the burn marks on his hands when recalling those days, though. He will admit, however, that this is around the time that he met P'raemha and fell in love, however.

Astral Agents

Az joined up with the Astral Agents after working briefly for Two Moons Trading, longing to have a more relaxed place to associate, work and raise the family that he and P'raemha hoped to create. By this time, it was discovered that Rae was pregnant, and the two of them were wed shortly after. Unfortunately, the situation ended in tragedy when Rae passed away due to complication with childbirth and the male child was discovered to be stillborn. The now-widowed Az still has ties to the Astral Agents, though he's become far more reclusive and bitter. After several months spent in isolated mourning, and after spending most of what he had saved for their house on anything BUT a house, he's returned to the general public and to the Agency in need of shelter, food, work and coin.


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