Azaili Resorel

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Azaili Resorel
"A friend's duty is support one another, no matter what...right?"
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Half-breed
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Patron Deity Oschon, the Wanderer
Age 30
Nameday 4th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon, 1547
Occupation Mercenary
Server Balmung
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Officially, not much is known about Azaili. He was orphaned at birth and adopted by a member of a street gang based in Ul'dah. It's unknown whether his parents are alive or not, but it is believed they were related to the gang somehow which explains why he was adopted in as a child. He has features resembling both sects of the Miqo'te, most notably being the odd eyes from the Seekers and the more feral-like features of the Keepers. From a young age, he was trained to be an enforcer and personal assassin to the boss. Although adept in most forms of combat, he took to martial arts easily and became a valuable asset to the gang. He performed his first job around the age of fourteen and earned the moniker "Bloodeye" because of the way his red eye seemed to glow when he was excited and how brutally the job was carried out. Despite his affinity for combat and his inability to sit still, Az is actually an avid reader (though he tries to hide this fact) and his intelligence is such that he would often balance the illicit ventures of the gang. He tried his best to avoid this, however, as it did not interest him. Although he did not show mercy to his enemies, he was particularly protective over children and unarmed civilians. He thought that, although he himself didn't really have a choice in his upbringing, others still could make the choice and had no desire to take that choice away. For years, he secretly helped the families of those the gang deemed "expendable" were able to escape before they were taken care of as well. He never received nor expected thanks, acknowledging that the evil he committed against them far outweighed saving them. Shortly after the Calamity, he had been spotted working for the Maelstrom in Limsa Lominsa. It's unclear as to why he is there but it's believed that he ran from Ul'dah because of some trouble within the gang. It's suggested that he might also be trying to turn a new leaf and distance himself from his unsavory past.

After many years and becoming an officer in the Maelstrom, the increase load of paperwork and work not related to the field caused Azaili to resign officially. He now works as a merc but still does unofficial work for the Maelstrom. Consequently, his lifestyle choice has added more excitement and therefore danger, as his left eye (the blue one) is currently injured and is covered by an eyepatch. It's unclear whether there is any permanent damage or not.

Merc work has it's ups and downs. After taking various jobs, many of which most have said would be suicide, Az is still working and enjoying (most of the time) what he's doing. Unfortunately, he has not come out of it unscathed. It is now confirmed that he is blind in his injured eye after a surprise run in with a mage he was hunting. Although he took out his target, the stress from the fight and the various potions(?) thrown at his general direction destroyed the tissue in his iris as well as changing his features.


Eye(s): Red and (blind) White Hair: Reddish-Pink with purple highlights Markings: Face tattoos now black Skin: Pale

Small build but very muscular. The majority of his body (up to the base of his neck) is covered in burns and scars after a run in with a mysterious mage in Ul'dah. Has features from both clans of Miqo'te including large, odd colored eyes (now from blindness) and feral features (such as enlarged canines).

Most noticeable scars: Large stab scar on belly, large cleave scar from left shoulder down to the waist, scar on cheek, and large slash across chest. Large flog-esque scars on his back.


Generally quiet and doesn't speak when he has nothing to say. This doesn't mean he's anti social, just not great at conversation usually. Normally very caring about those around him, especially friends, although he becomes very emotionless and sadistic if allowed to engage in battle too long or if it's a good opponent. Calm and collected but will become violent if pushed too far or watches someone he cares for being harmed. Intelligent but tries hiding this fact more often then not. Naive about how to act around others at times, as he never fully developed socially when he was younger.



Azaili has fought as long as he can remember. He took to martial arts and has a very deliberate and quick fighting style, usually involving breaking and/or shattering bones to impede his opponents own abilities. He is proficient in all forms of weapon though, allowing him to be somewhat competent in most situations, he just prefers his fists as you can never really take those away.



  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Fighting


  • People who insult those close to him
  • Living fish
  • Being used or watching others be used


  • Enjoy reading (although tries to hide it)
  • Very quick and able to adapt quickly to varying situations
  • Very good with animals


  • Enjoys having his ears pet, just not generally in public or without his knowledge
  • Has a overwhelming desire to destroy the fish population
  • An effective tracker and hunter



It is unknown as to whether Azaili has any living biological family or even who they are. Because of this, he tends to view friends as the closest thing to family he has, treating them in the same manner you would family.


Jack Swift: One of Azaili's closest friends and confidante. Although they never usually say much to each other in the way of idle conversation, he nevertheless feels comfortable with Jack, happy in the fact they don't really need to talk to understand one another.

Shizu Ayana: Another close friend, the two would spend nights at the tavern with Jack, drinking and playing games for long stretches of time. One of the few women that Az fears because of "The Book"

Aya Foxheart: A good friend and source of encouragement for Azaili. Does remarkably well getting him to open up about things bothering him.

Kagerou Imaizumi: Azaili's training partner and another close friend along with Jack and Shizu. Another case where, even though they don't speak much, he feels like they don't necessarily need to.

Razeiel Venaire: Although he knows not whether to refer to Raze as a friend, he respects him and willingly follows his commands after the events of his initiation.

Nad'rael Reed: He has not spoken with her much, but she did save his life, therefore earning his respect and thanks.

Belila Tineniel: Az's newest friend. He enjoys her company, finding her rather entertaining (plus she cooks food for him). Greatly enjoys when she plays with his ears but is still embarrassed by it as well.


Unknown to him, although he is sure he has pissed off someone in his life.


Common Rumors

  • "That's the guy who is always sleeping somewhere, isn't it?" -Random Lominsian
  • "Hell of a fighter, not much for the desk though." -Maelstrom Officer

Moderate Rumors

  • "Yeah I saw him reading once, some small brown book with no name. Wonder what it's about?" -Quicksand Drinking partner
  • "Saw him fling fireballs around once. Scary bastard, can fight AND fling spells." -Mercenary

Rare Rumors

  • "That reminds me of someone I used to know." -Ul'dahn Tavern goer
  • "Saw him out-word a merchant once then completely reorganize his account book in the same day. Impressive for a guy who hates deskwork as much as he does." -Ul'dahn contact

PC Rumors


The Betrayal

The young Miqo'te sat silently in the corner of the tavern, watching his target closely. The Hyur was drunkenly waving his arms about, apparently telling a story of his great exploits around town. Az watched him intently, waiting for his moment to attack. His body was prepared for a fight, honed thoroughly from the years of fighting and martial arts. Suddenly, the Hyur rose, striding out of the tavern with a few other patrons. Taking this chance, the Miqo'te rose and followed them out into the street. "Hold." Az yelled loud enough to be heard and the group turned. Silently, he took his stance, staring directly at his target. The Hyur just observes him, looking him up and down. "You got a death wish Az?" Laughing loudly, the Hyur points to himself. "You know I'm gonna be the gang leader riiiiight? Piss off, before I decide I don't wanna see your face attached to your neck anymore." The men surrounding him snicker loudly yet the Miqo'te does not move. Snorting, the Hyur just waves his hand, signaling the men around him to attack. As the first man reaches to strike at him, Az finally makes his first move. Side-stepping the punch, he grabs the man's arm, bringing his knee up to strike at the elbow, shattering the arm. Screaming in the pain, the attacker stumbles back before receiving a quick kick to the face that sends his sprawling on the ground. The second man grabs Az from behind but receives a swift headbutt to the face before being flipped over and struck hard in the throat. The final attacker stands staring, shaking violently out of fear. Taking advantage of his petrified state, Az flips towards him and launches himself from a handstand onto his enemy's head. Placing his head between his calves, the Miqo'te twists sharply, breaking the man's neck, before leaning back onto his hands and launching his enemy behind him. His target stands stunned, watching Az wipe himself down before fixing a cold glare at the Hyur. "W-wait a minute, just hear me out!" The target stutters, trying to find his words as he falls backwards. "Look! Tell the boss I'm sorry, I didn't mean to skip out on the payments honest! The boys and I wouldn't REALLY try to overthrow Balthior! Honest!" Now he sat on his knees, pleading to his reaper as he stood over him. "Your reasons aren't my problem. My job was to deal with traitors." Placing a hand around the Hyur's throat, he lifted him up. "Say whatever prayers you have to your Gods." The man cried softly, reaching into his pocket to pull out a locket and some money. "Please, help my family then," he choked on his words, "I know they'll be next if someone doesn't save them." For a brief moment, a soft look of understanding took to Az's features as he took the objects from the Hyur's hand and nodded solemnly. With one last shudder, the man fell limp, his eyes becoming dull. Taking the locket in both hands, he opened it, biting his lip as he stared into the eyes of two women, a mother and daughter. He quickly turned and began running to their home, which he remembered well. After was seemed like an hour, he arrived and knocked on the door loudly. To his surprise, it was answered by another man. "Hoy there, Az, took care of that bastard didya?" Walking in, Az was shocked to find the mother and daughter crying in the corner of the room, the former's clothing badly torn. "Yeah, I was sent to clean up here, so we thought we'd have some fun." Chuckling menacingly, he clapped the dumbstruck Miqo'te on the back. "Ya want first dibs there mate?" Staring at the two women, then at the floor, his voice came out as a animalistic growl, "You scum. They're innocent in all this. Don't bring them into this." He whipped around quickly, staring at the other enforcer with rage-filled eyes. "Oh pipe down, you self-righteous git. I'm just following orders same as you." The enforcer spits at Az's feet, sneering. "There is nothing wrong with having a little fun while you wo-" He's cut off suddenly by the lightening fast punch to his throat before being thrown back by Az's leaping kick to his chest. Dumbfounded and flustered, the man stands up staring angrily at the young man. "You taking their side you stupid git! I don't care if you're the boss' foster son, I'll gut you!" Charging at Az, the man removes his sword from it's sheath and swings, but is easily dodged. Grabbing the man's arm, Az disarms the man and brings his elbow down, breaking the enforcer's arm. Yelling loudly, the man falls back but before he is able to get up, Az is standing over him holding the sword. "He'll kill you for this boy!" The wounded man spat the words out savagely. "The boss will have your damn head." "I don't kill those who can't fight back. Especially not woman and children." Impaling the man in the chest, he turned and walked over to the cowering figures in the corner. "Take this money, the two of you must run quickly." "Why Azaili!? How could you!?" The woman rose and struck him across the face with her palm. All he could do was flatten his ears and look away in shame. With a trembling lip, she continued, "He was your best friend! We treated you like family, even when Balthior used you! Maria looked up to you!" She turned, picking her daughter up before moving towards the door. "I'm sorry Anna...I had no choice." Az clenched his fists, unable to look Anna in the eye. "Balthior wanted me to bring him in to torture him...death was the only mercy I could grant him." "No, there is always a choice. You made the choice to save us but you killed my husband." Anna turned, tears in her eyes. "He died for nothing. You're already going to be hunted for what you did to that other enforcer. Following orders doesn't matter now. Part of me hopes they catch you, monster." As she said her final words, the two ran into the night. Dumbstruck, Az sat thinking about her words. She was right, there was no way he could return now. Everything was pointless. He started to walk aimlessly and eventually ended up at the outskirts of town. With nowhere else to go, he walked into the darkness without looking back.

The Exodus

He sat quietly, reading the small book he managed to buy from the last harbor town the ship stopped in. As he flipped through the pages slowly, another man yelled below deck. "We're getting close to Limsa. Figured I'd letcha know." Azaili gave a light nod without looking up, but closed the book and stretched. Rising from his seat, he walked briskly up the steps out into the midday sun and looked out over the water towards Limsa Lominsa. "Beauty ain't she boy?" The gruff sailor spit into the sea before looking back towards the Miqo'te. Give the sailor a curt nod, Az looked intently upon the city. "Don't talk much do ya? And ya got a glare that would make a couerl think twice bout eatin ya." The man laughed heartily, slapping Az upon the back. "Smile more lad, things ain't so bad ya can't find something happy to think about eh? Plus it'll help ya make some friends." Az only looked at the man, bowing slightly. "Thank you for the passage sir. I have only my thanks to compensate you though." The sailor just grunts and waves him off before pulling out a small flask. "Don' worry bout it boy, ya helped out the crew and me so I figure we're square." Taking a large swig of his flask, the captain saunters off, yelling orders about. As the ship pulled into port, Az didn't wait for it to properly dock, opting instead to leap from the ship onto the pier. Taking a moment to collect himself, he begins walking, not quite sure where to go. After a few hours of walking, he finally sat down with a loud sigh. He pulled out the book from earlier and began reading for a few minutes before a group of rowdy men, clad in red, walked by him. One of the men looked at Az and pointed. "Hey, looky there guys, a kitty! Look at the little kitty readin his book!" Snickering loudly, the men gathered around him. Despite the large, drunken men surrounding him, Az continued reading, his ear flicking being the only sign that he acknowledged any other presence being there. "Hey you!" Another one of the men yell far too loudly in his face and kicks the small book out of Az's hand, sending it off into the water. "W...we. were talkin to you kitty!" His tail flitted around furiously, yet Az still did not look up at the men. Finally, the man bent down, speaking softly, "What's wrong, boy, cat got your tongue?" With one swift motion, Az grabbed the man's head and slammed it into the stone below him. The other two drunks stepped back, eyes wide as the Miqo'te rose slowly. "Call me kitty. One. More. Time. I promise you won't walk away. I might not even let you CRAWL away." Looking at both the other men, Az's single red eye seemed to glow and he had his fangs bared. "That's enough!" A woman, clad in similar clothes as the men, walked up and placed her hands on her hips. "Just cause you boys are part of the Maelstrom doesn't mean you can go starting trouble. Pick up your friend there and report back to the barracks. I'll deal with you later." She glares at the two conscious men as they scramble to pick up their friend and drag him away. "And you," she whips around to stare at Az, "I'll not have you causing trouble just cause you're new here, Bloodeye." "Who are you and how do you know that name?" The male fixes a cold glare on the woman but receives only a loud laugh in response. "Oh come now, you think just because the city-states are separate we don't talk? This might not be Ul'dah, but even I know who you are." Returning his stare with a cool look of her own, she adds, "Fortunately for you, YOU don't fall within my jurisdiction. I was actually looking for you, offer you a deal." She waits for some sign to continue and receives a curt nod in reply. "Here's the thing: I don't want to fight you. If you're half as good as the stories I've heard, I wouldn't stand a chance anyway. However I can't have you running the streets, causing problems see? I figure, if you're here instead of Ul'dah, something must of happened and you want to hide out." She pauses, looking for any indication that her theory is correct and continues, "So, you work for us, the Maelstrom, specifically you work for me, and in return, I'll make sure no one finds out you ended up here in Limsa, alright?" Azaili quietly thinks for a moment, mulling the deal around in his head. "One condition. The name is Azaili. Not 'Bloodeye'. The moniker is a distasteful reminder of the past and I'll not have you throw it around so casually." With a quick handshake, the deal is made and she turns to walk away. "Officially, you'll work under a R'ashaht Rhiki. If I ever need you to run anything for me, I'll contact you." The mysterious woman walks a few paces before stopping. "By the way, that whole 'Bloodeye' thing, I get that it's connected to your red eye and the fact you aren't exactly...merciful to your enemies, but there are rumors I've heard that it's more then that. That you truly see death through the eye, that it's fed by blood and other such stories. Any truth to that?" She turns to look upon his face. "You know how people like to talk." His answer is simple and curt but he has an unsettling smile upon his face and the eye seems to glower. Without another word, he turns and begins to explore his new home.

Angel and Demon

Drybone Cemetery

He stood over the grave silently, eyeing the name with a cold glare. "I'm surprised they even buried you, Kilon." Flattening his ears, he sighed heavily. "I thought I'd moved on completely but then..." He falls silent again, remembering his outburst the last time he was at the Windsinger with Crowe and Belila. Shaking his head, he let out a low growl, "I made myself look like a moron. It's been some time though...maybe I should go back..."

"Lookout!" A female voice pierces the quiet cemetery. Az simply steps to the side, though, using his nameless assailant's momentum to slam his face into the hard stone. After knocking the assassin unconscious, he looks around for the source of the voice. "I'm right here, dolt." Stepping out from behind a large gravestone, a female Miqo'te stands with a disapproving frown. "You're becoming overtly violent again you know? You should really try and tone it back down."

"That's hard to do when you're sharing you're very being with another. Remember, I didn't have a choice of what traits of mine you inherited." Crossing his arms, he looks upon the woman and sighs.

"You act like that's my fault." "Well it's not mine." "Then live with it."

Az's eye twitches slightly, obviously annoyed. "What do you want, Iliaza?"

"When did we agree to that name?" She raises her eyebrows, surprised.

Shrugging, he leans down and picks up the unconscious man. Throwing him over his shoulder he adds, "Well, it makes sense in a way. You're the opposite of me, yet you are also me, at the same time. We're a whole together, as we are separate."

"When did you get deep, Az?" Iliaza teases him slightly. When she receives only a shrug in reply, she continues speaking, "Anyway, how is that group you're with doing? I haven't been sleeping much recently so I haven't been catching glimpses of your life."

Shifting the dead-weight, he directs his gaze back at her. "I'm not sure...I haven't been around in a bit. Not since..." He hesitates, and Iliaza nods her head, remembering the outburst. "...Anyway, I'm going to deal with our friend here, then I guess I'll make my way back..."

Iliaza frowns, looking bothered. "What are you going to do with him...?" When Az doesn't answer, she begs, "Please were doing so were fighting the urges..."

Although his gaze is cold, for a brief moment there is also regret. "Don't go to sleep anytime soon..." He begins walking away, "I need to know why he was sent and how they found me..."

For a moment, it seems like she is going to argue, but decides against it. "...Fine..." As he exits the cemetery, she walks over to the grave, her eyes filled with sadness. "You were the only target he felt remorse for..." Placing her hand on the grave, she lowers her voice. "I know you would have forgiven 'us'...but can 'we' forgive ourselves is the question..." As she turns to leave as well, she can't help but remember Azaili's words when he found out about her existence.

"If you're me then that makes it easy. You can be the Angel. I'll be the Demon."


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