Azeiox Venmortis

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 Azeiox Venmortis, Az
"Beasts resides within us all. The ones who allow themselves to roam free aren't the ones we should fear."
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ul'dahnian
Age 26
Marital Status ????
Occupation ????
Height/Weight 6'8" / 240 lbs
Orientation Pansexual
  • Father; Vinic Nelles [Deceased]
  • Mother; Zenel Ural [Deceased]

Basic Info

Azeiox is one to be reclusive and keeps his distance from people with reasons of his own. He holds a neutral standing with others within Ul'dah. Strong and silent some may say. But the few that do know him understand that there is more than meets the eye with the Elezen sitting within the corner as the group converses. Within an instant, he can change into a man with no morals, no fear, no regrets and nothing to lose, willing to cut down anyone and anything that would stand in his way of success. While he doesn't look much like it, he practices the fighting style of pugilist and the studies of thaumaturge magicks. One would think that the man is studying such things to grow stronger yet truly, he is harboring dark secrets and tries to control the shadows that follow him. He is one to take up jobs of different sorts, so long as they do not clash with current interests. He has been seen to use different types of weapons but favors fists weapons most of all yet most are made by himself.


Fire Places
Alcoholic Beverages


Ditzy people
Indecisive people
Orders from others who didn't hire him


Alignment: ???
Vice(s): Alcoholic Beverages
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Drink: Red Wine
Favorite Color: Crimson

Appearance & Personality

Holding the height of 6'8, the Elezen is on the slender yet athletic side. His skin is of a greyish tone, showing he is a Duskwight lineage. While his torso is not being covered by longer clothing, a tribal looking tattoo is etched across his flesh, a reminder of his past. On his back rests the burned scar in the shape of a spider, covering his whole back. Naturally, he is an Albino and his natural hair color is of a pure white shade with sanguine stained orbs and ivory skin. However, thanks to the help of Nymira, he is able to actually appear as a Duskwight, changing his skin tone to the shade it is now and dark hair. He was unable to change his eye color and due to an accident, he now must wear a patch over his left eye, which was left nearly blinded due to the wound.
Quiet, thinking thoroughly and distant are few words that can describe one side. Those who truly know him and seen the other side would call him brutally honest, unforgiving destructive and a bit on the sadistic side when he is pushed past his limits. Depending on what the subject is would differ which side you get. He isn't known to smile or laugh yet is rather insightful.
If not locked within a library or training, he can be seen hanging about the Free Wings Society's Company Housing or is possibly off training within Gridania or Thanalan.


Aetherical Skills: His skills with Thaumaturge magic grows with each day as he learns more but understands the dangerous of pushing things too far. He is skilled with the basics of the magic yet is still seen as a novice compared to others.
'Crimson' and 'Tear'": The two fist weapons he has been seen to use on numerous occasions. The weapons are more so daggers with curled tips made to dig into the flesh of the victim melded into the ebony metal. There is a slight slight, giving the weapon the appearance of 'claws'. Both weapons are identical to one another. The origins of the weapons remain unknown to even the man wielding them.
Knives : Holds a few daggers within his belt for easy and quick use.
Photogenic Memory: A natural gift he holds and uses it well, especially when reading of new things such as items, places and weapons.


The Life, The Taken and Past Events Azeiox held a rather normal childhood. Aside from the usual hardships of any child, Duskwight or not, things were rather normal and something he was quite content with. His father, Vinic Nelles, trained him to use weapons at a younger age, believing it would be best to learn young. Even if his mother, Zenel Nelles, didn't quite agree with it, she allowed it. He'd return home with a wound every now and then but nothing to be alarmed by. She took it upon herself to show her son what magic she did know, which was a mixture of different types but nothing too strong or harmful. He grew up being well educated from his family and the friends they held.

He has been one to keep to himself and quiet since he was young yet others simply associated it with the fact that he was simply a shy child, which wasn't far from the truth. He was never one to go out and try to make friends, being content with the stories he read in books. Yet it was within the contents of his home did he meet the first person that approached him willingly, neither of them knowing the plans that was already set within motion.

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