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Azlem Riendotte
「In this world, it's use or be used.」

Nickname: Az, 아즈냥
Birth Name: A'zhlem Tia
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Seeker of the Sun
Orientation: Homosexual
Marital: Single
Guardian: Azeyma, The Warden
Namesday: 15th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Occupation: ???
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Azlem profile.png

Height: 5 Fulm, 6 Ilm

Weight: x Ponze

Build: Lean, on the thin side

Skin Tone: Tanned brown

Tail: Long and fluffy

Notable Features: Nails can become sharp

Scars: Large scars on his neck, wrists and ankles from shackles. Otherwise small scars can be found scattered around his body. A huge scar across his abdomen.

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Golden yellow

He prefers clothings that can cover his neck, wrists and ankles. If not, he wears things like gloves in order to hide them.


Appears easy-going and laid back
Not the most talkative person
Good listener, but won't spend even a millisecond of his time to listen to bullshit
Devious, shady, secretive
A huge liar
Can be manipulative
He dislikes getting stuck in sticky situations. He would rather stay as the third person so that he doesn't have to deal with it directly.

To him, helping people out are okay, but only when he feels like it. He does not understand why people would spend so much of their efforts trying to help strangers out. He thinks that the strangers don't care about you, and neither does he care about them. He can come across as incredibly cold hearted because of this in some situations.

He is not the most talkative person, and conversations with him will go as far as an exchange of greetings when first approaching him. However, if you manage to keep his interest, then he can be a pleasant company to a small chat.

Because of his gentle demeanor and mild nature, he can be a great listener. He loves listening to his friends' tales and fun events, and more than willing to listen to their complaints as well. As he says, simply talking it out to someone can take a weight off of your heart.

He is never driven purely by emotions and takes a step back from problems to look at them more logically. Thanks to this, he can make reserved decisions and suggest possible solutions to those problems without being overwhelmed by his emotions. However also because of this, it is equally difficult to see him show extreme forms of emotions, if ever.

He is good at hiding his emotions and doesn't let it slip past through his expressions. He can show expressions, but they are rarely genuine. This makes him incredibly difficult to read. All this adds on to his habit of lying; he lies almost all the time, and nothing could possibly be trusted about what he says once you start doubting. There are genuine words in there somewhere but with all the lies covering it, it's almost impossible to tell what the truth is.

He is a very loyal friend once you manage to befriend and get closer to him.


Sitting on high places (roofs, shelves, trees, etc.)
If I fits, I sits
Jeweleries and minerals
Weaving, hand crafting, cooking


Having to keep people he doesn't care about
alive/help them
Being directly involved in drama; sticky situations
Dislikes being touched in general. Don't do it
(...unless ur his's ok)


Being restrained; bound


Vice(s): Apathy towards strangers, manipulative,
Favorite Food: Pastry Fish, mostly anything
Favorite Drink: Triple cream coffee, Spiced cider
Favorite Color: Anything translucent
Element: Earth, Dark


※NSFW themes and settings, proceed with caution.※
Dictated tribe
Azlem was born in a nomadic tribe with an excessively dictating leader. His tribe travelled around the world and settled down at places for as short as weeks to as long as a few years.
The leader of his tribe was a cold hearted male who did not care about his tribe members but his profit and amusement. He killed or sold away anyone that got on his wrong side or women that he simply lost interest in. Publicly executing them and showing his power, he made sure that no one would dare oppose him but cower in fear. It wasn't simply because he was the leader that everyone let him continue his dictatorship - as if showing how unfair the world can be, he was an incredibly powerful individual and could not be beaten no matter how many of the tribe members came together to resist against him. Knowing full well how hopeless they were against him, everyone in his tribe had long given up - more exactly, did not dare to even think about opposing him.
Even while the dictator knew no one would dare defy him, he was afraid that one day any of the young male children could grow up to overpower him and throw him off of his throne. Not willing to take any chances, he sold away male children that showed any hints of becoming a possible threat in the future to the slave traders, killing two birds with one stone - getting rid of threats and gaining coins at the same time.
As any other members of his tribe, especially to male Miqo'tes, Azlem was subjected to heavy labor and abuse since very young.
Sold away
Azlem was intelligent and had a talent in reading people's facial expressions and body language to percept their thoughts and true intentions behind their words. He picked up vast variety of knowledge from eavesdropping on people's conversations wherever his tribe traveled to, and because his tribe travelled around countless parts of the world, he had a vast bank of knowledge. Often sneaking into libraries and reading whatever he could get his hands on, he became as knowledgeable, if not more, as most adults by the age of 11.
Unfortunately, Azlem gaining knowledge and being more intelligent than most started to catch the dictator's attention. The dictator only truly realized the immense threat Azlem's intelligence possessed when Azlem easily persuaded some townsfolk nearby where his tribe settled to gather what he wanted at the age of 13. Seeing how easily Azlem could move people to do his bidding with just words, the dictator felt uneasiness and fear towards the boy. The fear grew stronger steadily until Azlem reached the age of 14, when the dictator had enough of taking any risks and sold him to the slave traders.
Azlem was sold as a sex slave and was sent to Ul'dah. He spends the next decade and a few years cuffed up and wandering a small section of the shady parts of the town, linking to the slums. Used to being used as nothing but a tool from his tribe, he did not find much difference in the 'new' life he was given and thus did not even think of 'being free'. There was no reason for him to want to escape, as he was oblivious to life of not being used as a tool - it was only natural.
The owner of the prostitute business used a similar method in which hunting birds are trained by. He chained and shackled the slaves on their neck, wrists and ankles and made it so that they had extremely restricted movements allowed. They would then be forced to live in that condition for a few years until their reflexes made them think that they are unable to move when the shackles are on them, even though there are no chains holding them down.

Unexpected visitor
The days, months and years passed by in a haze of dull, identical routines until one day when he was suddenly pulled out of the haze by a mysterious dark figure. The unexpected guest appeared out of nowhere one night and brutally murdered the owner of the brothel and his subordinates, painting the walls and floors of the brothel with their blood and echoes of screams filled the halls. All Azlem could make out of the figure in the pitch black darkness was red glowing eyes. When their eyes met - or so he thought - he heard a voice in his head, calling out his name; telling him to open his eyes. But to what? The questions in his head did not linger for long as the figure disappeared into the darkness as swiftly as they appeared.
After his shackles were removed, he felt more lost than freed. He had lived the entirety of his life in captivity, controlled and used by someone; freedom was too foreign to him that he did not know what to do. A few days past, as he was lingering around the area of the brothel now nothing but a ruin, a female lalafell approaches him and offers to help. He learns that her name is Sharelle, and she teaches him how to use conjury as a starting class for his journey to adventuring. Finding it useful that you can heal yourself as well as be able to protect yourself, he decides to walk further into the art of conjury.
However, with his distrust and cold-bloodedness towards strangers, he often overlooks and ignores people who required aid; watching coldly as they were left to die.

Black Magic
Soul of the Black Mage Icon.png
Drowning in blood
Newrelate positive.png Positive Standing    Newrelate neutral.png Neutral Standing    Newrelate negative.png Negative Standing

Dark love.png [???] Dark Love

Newrelate trusted.png Trusted
Newrelate physical.png Physical Attraction
Newrelate romantic.png Romantic Attraction
Newrelate relationship.png Family/Platonic
Newrelate business.png Business
Newrelate uncertain.png Uncertain/Puzzled
Newrelate deceased.png Deceased
Newrelate enemy.png Wary
Newrelate npc.png NPC
Newrelate negative.png
Newrelate npc.png
 ??? Nuhn (Birth Father)
Newrelate neutral.png
Newrelate deceased.pngNewrelate npc.png
 ??? (Birth Mother)

Organizations & Groups

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Newrelate trusted.pngNewrelate relationship.png
Lui Migarus
Azlem meets this strange Au Ra while he was honing his skills on thaumaturgy in Ul'dah. At first he ignores this rather odd lizard who did not speak but only motion with his gestures. He seemed to be asking for directions so Azlem returns a very short response in gesture - by pointing to the direction he needed to go. However, not after so long, Azlem runs into him again, and is asked the same question. He returns a short response. Again. ...And when he thought it was over for sure this time, he meets him once again... And at this point he had enough. Azlem gives in and directs this lost and confused lizard to where he needs to go by walking with him.

This strange encounter (and rather unbelievable that someone could get lost to that extent, he could swear it was just around the corner that one time he pointed in the direction,) doesn't end there. It almost felt like some kind of curse when Azlem ran across him in Ul'dah again, lost. These encounters make them become friends in a rather strange manner.

Lui aids Azlem when the strange dark power slowly consumes him, trying to take over.
Dark love.png
Koh Nobu(Qestir)
While Azlem was traveling around the Steppes, he comes across a horse. He has always been fond of animals and were gentle to them, although he is skeptical and wary of people. The horse picks up on his gentle nature and quickly takes a liking to him. It turns out the horse was a wife to a Goro, Lhamid.
Sharelle was the first person to approach him outside of 'business' matters. She approached him when he was lost on where to go and what to do after he was freed from slavery, and suggested him a road to adventuring. She teaches him conjury since it can come in handy as adventurers put themselves in dangerous situations. After she teaches him the basics of conjury and he was set for starting as a proper adventurer, they carried on their separate ways. However, their meeting was not short-lived as they met again after a few dozen moons and decided to join together in a journey to the Ishgardian and Dravanian lands.

Some of these rumours are untrue, speculation, or exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumours under the Player Character category.


◢ Common Rumours | Easily overheard.

    "He's polite and soft-spoken alright, but there's just something unsettling about him."
    "What? He's an adventurer? I thought he was just a... town cat or something."

◢ Uncommon Rumours | Difficult to hear.

    "His eyes look dead... I bet he killed dozens of people, he's just deceiving us with that mild smile."
    "He reeks of blood."

◢ Rare Rumours | Very rarely heard.

    "He used to serve at a brothel..."


◢ Player Character Rumours | Feel free to add.

    "Add rumor here." Name
    "Add rumor here." Name
    "Add rumor here." Name


※Always be warned of blood here.※

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