Azyria Ziada

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Azyria Ziada
A vigilante known as Blue Moon
Azyria with her mask and spear.
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ul'dah
Day job Miner and smith
Night job Vigilante (Dragoon-style)
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Basic Info

Azyria is a citizen of Ul'dah. She lives there with her sister, just above their smithy. If she ever fights as a civilian, she uses her fists, or an axe, and pretends to wield clumsily but somehow efficiently. Only at night, when she wears her vigilante costume does she use a spear.


Azyria's parents were born in Gridania but moved to Ul'dah for some years and had their daughters there. Both Azyria and her sister have Uldah citizenship as a result. They all moved back to Gridania but Azy and her sister moved back to Ul'dah and opened a smithy there. Their business has always been rather modest until the war came and the troubles started and then even with all the competition in town, they managed to get more and more orders coming in. After the events of Dalamud, monster troubles still had the sisters working hard.

Of course, Azyria's night life didn't help. Wearing armor and mask, she started haunting the rooftops and dark alleys of Ul'dah at night. Calling herself Blue Moon, she wields a spear and defends the innocent against the criminals and thugs of the big city. She choose her name after hearing a beggar saying that he met someone truly helpful "once in a blue moon" at best. Besides, Azyria is a blue-haired Keeper of the Moon, so she thought it was rather fitting.


Azyria has a sense of honor and loyalty, and believes in the strong protecting the weak. She's cautious to the point of sometimes being hesitant in the face of danger, but wearing her Blue Moon armor and mask somehow makes her feel more confident. She's worked so hard to keep her two identities different she seems like she's almost developed a different personality for each. Kind of like deep roleplaying, actually. In her civilian persona, she seems to be kinda lazy and easy-going, but her intensity and willpower come out in her vigilante self. As a civilian she rather flee from danger, not only because she doesn't want others to know she's actually good in a fight, but also because she doesn't feel quite as safe then.


No real allies at the moment.

Her enemies include the worst criminal elements of Ul'dah, the Syndicate and the Brass Blades. Anyone who preys on the weak.

Other Notes

About the Secret Identity thing. A secret identity being revealed or discovered is always an important, sometimes climactic, moment in a story. For this reason, I reserve the right to decide when another character has sufficient clues to guess it, and when another character actually knows the truth. Of course, I'll be doing my part by not being obvious, but I ask that fellow RPers respect this. Some examples of how Azyria will keep her secret:

- Wearing something to mask her features

- Never using a spear when not "in costume"

- Masking her scent with certain herbs (like people do with their clothes when they go hunting in RL)

As a Legacy Character, she has the Mark, but ignore it. she wasn't at the battle and continued doing her thing in Ul'dah during those 5 years, helping refugees and opposing the Sultanate at every turn when they wanted to keep them out or profit from their plight... but she of course couldn't do much.

Character Tropes

[[1]Cat Girl]

[[2]Chaotic Good] Type 4. She's a vigilante, after all!

[[3]Action Girl] duh

[[4]Faux Action Girl] Before she went vigilante, she got into a few scrapes and managed very well, which is part of where the whole vigilante idea came from. However, since putting on her mask and haunting the roofs of Ul'dah, she's been pretending in order to maintain her cover...

[[5]Let's Get Dangerous] could happen if civilian Azyria is caught in a bad situation and has no choice but to fight to the best of her abilities.

[[6]Waif Fu] with a spear

[[7]Blades On A Stick] are her [[8]Weapons Of Choice]

[[9]Heroic Resolve] she got it

[[10]Cool Mask] for serious

[[11]You Gotta Have Blue Hair] she got that too