B'jaern Mori

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Gridania-transparent.png B'jaern Mori
Eohji - Flame Tail
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan None
Citizenship Gridanian
Diety Nophica
Occupation Tracker, Courier, Craftsman, Farmhand, Spy
Family Mother- Mimori, Brother-Montari, Uncle-Magni, Aunt-Mindi, Grandmother-Moromi, Puko Pina - Moogle Guardian
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  • Ht: 5 fulms 7 ilms
  • Wt: 155 ponz
  • Age: 20
  • Hair: Dark Red, with orange highlights
  • Eyes: Crystal Blue
  • Skin Tone: Tan

B'jaern has standard features for one of his kind all except for the minute difference in the length of his tail. An accident in his youth caused the severing of a small portion of it. His face is often dirty through all the numerous of errands he and his brother Montari perform for local entreprenuers. He isalso very fond of his White Wolves pin and patch he earned in his early teens and can sometimes be seen in uniform while on escorting detail. In moments of quiet contemplation, he can sometimes be seen clutching his mother's keepsake from around his neck.


Flame Tide Rising: Origins[1]

B'jaern's foster mother Mimori Mori returned to her family homestead in early 1558 after escaping from the outbreak and destruction of Urlyskyr Island Prison, but she did not return alone. She brought with her an orphaned miqo'te babe that was presumed to be the catalyst of the debacle and decided the child deserved a better life for what it was destined for. The days of her rebellious Ala Mhigo insurgency life began to take it's toll and she decided it was time to settle down. She eventually had a child of her own and raised her two sons together on the farm.

Early childhood for B'jaern consisted of learning the lay of the land around the farm and hard work associated with producing a successful yield. Tilling fields, collecting wood, feeding their two chocobos as well as other crafting pursuits became second nature. In his early teens Mimori began to notice B'jaern's affinity for archery. Being an adept herself she encouraged and took him under her wing on trips into the forest and teaching him the art of tracking and attuning his sensibilities to the pulse and cycle of the forest and it's denizens. At the age of thirteen he participated in the quarterly assessment for new White Wolves recruits, impressing many with his tracking, survival and archery abilities. Two years later he is assigned to escort detail for local merchant caravans through the Twelveswood. During the Bahamut calamity the farm was razed and the Mori windmill was utterly obliterated with B'jaern's foster father and grandfather caught in the devastation.

The years that followed, B'jaern has served in many of the Adder military units. The White Rams of the North Shroud, the engineering task force of the Blue Badgers and eventually enlisting into the God's Quiver with his friends Galfrid and Chansteloup. As missions mounted, he became adept at subterfuge and making himself invisible while infiltrating behind enemy lines in order to obtain intel. These skills piqued the interest of Bowlord Lewin himself who invited B'jaern into the elite order of Black Arrows. The Bowlord's Black Arrows are special operatives and bards who at behest of the Bowlord seek to investigate and engage in espionage against threats to Gridania from afar.


Somewhat shy around other races (especially Tribal Miqo'te), B'jaern finds himself more comfortable around Lallafel. He exhibits their mannerisms and know more about their culture than his own. At times he can be impetuous and stubborn when haggling for a cheaper deal or silently detached when he has his moments of introspection of who he is and his purpose in the world around him. A majority of the time he tries to be attentive and silent letting his worth ethic and actions speak for him. He and Montari have had somewhat of a dubious reputation of being vigilante pranksters when rumors of price gouging infect the local area. In moments of extreme frustration his tail begins to throb and a subtle smell of burnt cat hair follows him around leading to chuckles from locals who know him. On nights of the full moon the smell of lilac has always arisen from him on other nights such as the Hunter's moon B'jaern recalls horrible images becoming unusually agitated and distant.

Signature Prank: Opo-Opo pheromone. Attracts Opo-opos. The only way to get rid of the smell is to thoroughly wash clothing.

Recent Events

The Inferno Cell Saga:[2] B'jaern's kidnapping by an old family friend spurns friends into action as secrets within the miqo'te's blood slowly become unlocked for purposes unknown. Rising again from his ordeal the miqo'te's memory is brought back forth from the lifestream old magicks reweaving is mind body and soul with onlooking family and friends noticing that things are not what they seem.

With Mimori enlisting the aid of doctors from the famed Vylbrand Academy, the concerned mother seeks to return her son's memory to the present before a new one can override the old. Coming to terms with telling the miqo'te the truth about what happened on that fateful night at Urlysker Prison, B'jaern's reaction to this news spurs him to leave the Academy with a flighty white furball in tow, not looking back searching for his own answers while the malevolent creature hunts and awaits in the shadows seeking to reclaim what is rightfully his.


Past: White Wolves, Blue Badgers, White Rams, Mysterium, the Ivory Tower, Vylbrand Academy.

Current: Mori Family, Order of the Twin Adder (Chief Sgt-status MIA), God's Quiver (Black Arrow -status: MIA)

Likes / Dislikes

  • Anything involving Moogles and or Moogle Lore
  • Chocobos and racing
  • Cooking, even though he's terrible at it. Beware.
  • Sporting events & games
  • Sun flower seeds, always has some
  • Unexplored areas
  • Licorice addict
  • NM bounty hunting
  • Pompous asses
  • Cruelty
  • Kazoos (Montari's favorite torture tactic)
  • Beans: Any


Montari Mori

Supposedly B'jaern and his brother have been asking locals if they've seen the white opu-opu, somewhat of a local campfire tale to warn travelers to keep an eye on their packs. Most of the reception to them have been dismissive assuming its just another one if the pair's tall tales. The brothers claim that this opu-opu is highly intelligent for it's kind, though not overly dangerous.


"If you toot that thing one more time..," to his brother.