B'kali Umibi

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png B'kali Umibi
Just another poor cat trying to make a living.
Classy Cat
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Boar
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 24
Height 5'
Weight 105
Profession Adventurer, Former Con Artist and Forger
Patron Deity Oschon
Server Balmung


A short, thin Miqo'te with gleaming green eyes and dark skin. Her hair and fur is red brown and she wears her hair shoulder length with long bangs. B'kali normally wears a pair of blue pants with black shoes, fingerless gloves and a simple sleeveless top with a bow around her neck. She is rarely seen without a pair of small glasses perched on her nose and carries a staff that features a fan of pink feathers at the head.


B'kali’s life had a bit of a rocky start. At a young age her mother, B'mema Akahl, fell in love with a weaker male named B'amali Tia and B'kali may well have been the result of a pregnancy outside of tribal tradition. Not long after this tia failed to challenge for position of nunh he broke off to form his own smaller tribe with a selection of females he managed to convince to follow him. Most of these small, split tribes fair poorly and this tribe founded by B'amali was no exception. After a short, miserable run plagued by hunger and illness the tribe was dissolved and B'mema ended up leaving the tribal lands altogether for the city rather than go crawling back to the main tribe, taking her daughter with her.

In Limsa Lominsa she toiled and begged until eventually finding a job as a seamstress to support her small family. It was during all this that B'kali realized something very important: this life wasn’t for her. She spent more time among the criminal elements of the city rather than trying to learn the trade her mother had dedicated her life to. Over time the young Miqo'te became quite the troublemaker and into adulthood she further honed the skills she picked up in the streets of Limsa Lominsa to become a proper criminal in her own right.

For a time B'kali made her living as a wanderer who ran various scams and cons at the towns she stopped in alongside her partner and mentor, a ‘scholar’ named Elwil Cartran. She produced forgeries and even impersonated merchants and officials in attempts to make her fortune. She has since started passing herself off as an adventurer and expert consultant in matters dealing with spirits and ghosts. Though she shows some legitimate skills, she rarely uses them if she can get by on expending less effort.


B'kali seems to care about herself first and foremost. She exhibits some loyalty towards those she's worked with in the past, but these relationships usually only last while she feels can get something out of it. This attitude has won her few longstanding friends or allies but she generally assumes she can just make more when and if necessary by saying the right things. She attempts to seem classy, dignified and intelligent, but since she's barely any of these the result is that she often ends up looking out of place or childish.

She finds her freedom and her ability to enjoy herself to be the most important things in life and is willing to do almost anything to make sure these freedoms stay intact.

Friends, Enemies and Everything Between

  • Chantelle Rondelais: Met while B'kali was running from former employers with a bag of 'acquired' artifacts she'd taken as part of what she believed to be her fair share of their loot. Chantelle helped the suspicious Miqo'te find the artifacts after she'd lost them in exchange for a cut of the profits and offered her a place to stay while she had them appraised.
    Since then B'kali has taken Chantelle's offer to make herself at home to heart and comes and goes as she pleases to get a bite to eat, swipe sweets or just relax after a busy day of doing... whatever it is she does.



  • Sleeping
  • Warm Sunlight
  • Money
  • Expensive/Fancy Food (whether it tastes good or not)
  • Getting Her Way
  • Unexpected Gifts
  • Praise (sincere or not, unearned or not)


  • Authority Figures and Lawmen
  • Living Poor
  • Rain
  • Snow and Cold
  • Being Corrected
  • Birds, Smelly Animals

Areas of Expertise

  • Magic: B'kali seems to be a natural spellcaster, which is good since she doesn't like to put much effort into things. She is an adept healer and capable conjurer who prefers summoning winds and water to aid her, but is no stranger to calling on stone and earth.
  • Forgery: B'kali's real talents lie in her ability to produce fairly skillful forgeries. From works of art, to ancient relics, to simple letters, her skill at mimicry far outstrips any actual artistic ability. These fakes will seem to be completely genuine at first, second, maybe even third glance, but in the end are just cheap imitations.
  • Dirty, Filthy Liar: B'kali is a shameless flatterer and self promoter, able to weasel her way into parties, meetings, homes or gatherings by making herself (or her target) seem important and necessary. She's able to weave fantastic lies and tall tales with all the conviction of a burning truth, but these stories she comes up with often have a short shelf life as she can't resist adding to them over time.


  • Good Liar
  • Capable Healer
  • Good at Keeping Secrets
  • Has Some Real Potential Hidden Somewhere


  • Shallow and Petty
  • Values Herself Over Others
  • Has a Tendency to Overstay Her Welcome

Other Notes


Commonly Known

  • Will never turn down a free meal.
  • Must be an artistic type. Is often seen buying materials...

Uncommonly Known

  • A mooch and a difficult to get rid of house guest. Don't let her into your home.
  • A con artist who's services are for hire. Be on guard around her.

Rarely Known

  • Possibly connected to the death of a traveling scholar in Gridania. Details are unknown.
  • Has actively stolen the identities of important people in the past, complete with phony papers for identification.

Opinions and Comments on B'kali

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know B'kali from:

  • Limsa Lomisa: B'kali's mother lives in the city working as a seamstress and she sometimes gets bullied into helping her out. She's generally in a bad mood from having to do real work during these times.
  • Ul'dah: Despite lurking around Limsa Lomisa from time to time, B'kali knows Ul'dah is where the real money is. She does her best to keep her reputation clean in the big city but has developed a minor reputation for her less than legitimate bargaining and services.


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