B'raht Nunh

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Gridania-transparent.png B'raht Nunh
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Point him at the problem.
Single-minded Spearman
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Gridania
Age 19
Height 6'0"
Weight ~180 lbs
Profession LNC
Patron Deity Halone
Server Balmung

B'raht (BEE-rit), called Raht (RAHT or RIT) by his friends, is a runaway Seeker of the Sun who has found a home working for the Adventurer's Guild--and by extension, all of Eorzea.

OOC NOTE: character is currently shelved as I have moved servers.


B'raht is tall relative to many other Miqo'te, even other Seekers. His skin is tan, though it has lost some of this color in his time out of the desert. He has a toned physique, perhaps not as muscled as one would expect of a soldier, but still evidence enough of his profession. He has two scars visible on his face--one that begins at lower left of his forehead and crosses the bridge of his nose, and one at the left edge of his chin, angled towards the edge of his mouth. He has prominent eyebrows. In addition, the palms of his hands have several small scars and the beginnings of calluses from his days of fighting with a lance.

Raht stands with a firm back and straight posture, though the minute yet constant shifting of his feet may lead some to believe that he is, in fact, just ready to sprint--whether away from something or towards something else is up for debate.


B'raht was born the year after Ala Mhigo was taken over, into the B Tribe--a tribe of Seekers who occupied some of the Sagolii desert near Ala Mhigo, not a very far distance from the U tribe. Because of his tribe's location, B'raht's childhood was unstable, as oftentimes his mother would go out to fight against encroaching Garleans. He would be taken care of by other members of the tribe while she was away, instilling a strong sense of community into him, as well as duty to the community. At a young age, B'raht was seen as dependable enough to watch over younger B tribe children, and by his 13th year, many members of his tribe had pegged him as a likely future Nunh. When the Calamity came a year later, B'raht worked with the hunters and the few other Tias of the tribe to keep the younger members safe, and the tribe took remarkably few casualties, though each was mourned heavily. Most of B'raht's scars come from this event.

Over the next five years, B'raht worked as a Tia in his tribe, satisfied with his position despite some of his fellow tribemates insisting he could or should work towards the mantle of Nunh. Instead, he hunted for the tribe, continued his training with the spear, and more or less assigned himself the job of looking over the youngest members of the tribe. However, in 1577 B'raht got into a fight with the B tribe's Nunh over something that was in truth small, the two of them unknowingly goaded into blind rage by other members of the tribe. It was a short but bloody fight, and when it was over B'raht was the only one standing, technically making him the Nunh of his tribe. However, disgusted with himself for killing the former Nunh, and terrified of the realities of being a Nunh, B'raht fled immediately into the desert with the yells of his tribemates following him.

B'raht somehow made his way to Little Ala Mhigo, avoiding the U tribe, and from there traveled to Ul'dah. Not satisfied with that, he went where he was certain no one from his tribe would follow him, Gridania, and from there began his adventure. He now works under Batu Himaa, another lancer.


Duteous and incredibly diligent. Raht goes above and beyond what is expected or required of him. He knows no fear when doing his duty in combat, in part due to trust in his leaders, in part due to genuine courage, and in part due to what seems to be a desire for redemption for his past mistakes, including fleeing from his tribe. Beyond this, he has a somewhat strange sense of humor, often bringing in references to his early hunting days--he finds that it almost never fails to make someone else laugh when he makes fun of his younger self's mistakes. However, even these references he keeps to a minimum; Raht is generally quite taciturn concerning his past, and can be a bit suspicious of new people, especially other Miqo'te.

Affiliations and Known Associates



  • Nicknames: Raht
  • Age: 19
    • Nameday: 3rd Umbral, 21st Moon, 1558
  • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Straight
    • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Good
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: ~180 lbs
  • Body: Toned
  • Hair: Dark brown, unnatural dark blue highlights
  • Eyes: Mossy green
  • Skin: Tan
  • Clothing: B'raht favors clothing that is easy to move in. Occasionally he will wear armor.


  • Phoenix Down Free Company
  • Gridania
  • Well-cooked meats
  • Hunting
  • Following a competent leader


  • Seekers he doesn't know
  • Sagolii Desert
  • Beans
  • Garlean Empire
  • Bad parents

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: B'raht is quite skilled with a spear, and has some rudimentary bow/axe skill.
  • Crafting: He can put together some bandages.
  • Other: Surprisingly fast runner.


  • Formidable fighter, adept at adapting to the situation in a fight.
  • Runs fast.
  • Hunting--and by extension, he has some skill with tracking.
  • Single minded when given a duty.
  • Good with kids.


  • Relies too much on keeping enemies at bay with the reach of his spear.
  • Has been known to get distracted easily in the presence of unknown Seekers.
  • Known to make poor decisions if he lets his passions get the best of him, so often he tries very hard to retreat from those same passions.
  • Outside of personal combat, B'raht doesn't really deal with unexpected situations well. Lacking confidence in his own decisions, he prefers to do things by the book and is thus a bit weaker when it comes to having to make snap decisions.
  • Doesn't fight as well in a pair, unless he's taken the time to discuss with his partner their battle plan.

Other Notes


Loosely follows the pantheon of gods.


Constantly shifting his feet.


Nothing too special, though he has been known on occasion to carry a lance whose blades fold away.


The following rumours can be heard about B'raht, predominantly in the Sagolii Desert, Ul'dah, and Gridania. (If your PC heard a rumor, feel free to add it to the PC rumor section!)

Common rumours

  • "I hear he's a member of the Phoenix Down Free Company. I also hear there's not much else to say."
  • "B'raht? Oh, you mean Raht? Yeah, he comes into the Inn at Gridania fairly often for meals."
  • "Watching that Miqo'te fight with a spear is befuddlin'--I've seen him take down a pair of Ixal by 'imself, and I'm still not right sure how he did it."

Uncommon rumours

  • "Raht? I heard he's got a massive grudge against the Garleans. Who doesn't, though?"
  • "Strangest thing I can tell you about that Miqo'te is that there's not much to tell. Whenever anyone asks, he just says he works and leaves it at that."
  • "You know, I saw Raht run once. He's faster than I would've expected, to be honest--he was chasing after this purse thief, see, and caught up to him in no time flat."

Rare rumours

  • "Heard that some members of a Seeker tribe are looking for a lost Nunh. Dark brown hair, skilled spearman... sound familiar at all?"
  • "I heard he got those scars on his face from a fight with another Miqo'te back at his tribe, and that only the ones on his hands are from the Calamity."

What PCs are saying

  • "*Sneezes* Thal's balls, i'm allergic to your kind you know! If you weren't so dammned useful, just... just stay outside!" -World Champion

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know B'raht from:

  • The Goblet, Ul'dah
  • New Gridania
  • Almost anywhere there would be a job for a fighter like him.

OOC Inspirations

Big thanks to the RPC for helping me make an interesting character despite a mistake made at character creation!