Belathor Redd

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Belathor Redd
[[Image:2015-03-15 00001.jpg|250px]]
"Lets all try to have a good time, alright?"
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Guardian Nald'Thal
Sexuality Bisexual
Marital Status Single
Namesday 5th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
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Not much is known about him, no matter how many people have asked him he doesn't seem to give a straight story. He sometimes claims that “The past holds nothing to offer, especially in the face of the future”. However the most concurrent details about his past include him being an only child, running a general store with his father and his father dying in a tragic fire. When people ask though, they just can't help but sense a cold shudder up their spines as if death was just passing through for a visit.


Belathor has a Mohawk type of pony tail, dark black with a red highlight he obtained awhile back when playing with a bottle of ink in his fathers shop. He usually wears simple garbs, nothing too fancy with his strange misshaped short sword. The blade having a noticeable curve inwards towards the blade at the hilt. All combined with some form of 'rust' residue that seems to reside on the blade, however it appears more so lined with the sword in a strange circuit board like pattern.


Belathor is the kind of man that's easy to talk to (And have a drink with), He always seems to have a certain “warmth” about him as some people describe. Willing and ready to listen to peoples problems, offer helpful advice. Yet there is this strange 'aura' about him that some can't quite shake off, like the feeling you have when something is following you, watching. Something you can't quite seem to shake off somehow.



People have rarely have seen him draw his sword, some even say it's because once he draws it they don't live to tell the story afterwards. Yet some witnesses claim that his style is quite disciplined, giving some indication that he's had some form of serious training or it just came with experience.



  • Classical Music
  • Reading
  • Philosophy


  • Overly nice people
  • Being interrupted
  • Aristocrats


  • Loves to read, he'll usually be seen with at least a small novel on hand
  • Art, he's an above average artist at best but his work is still admirable nonetheless
  • Fishing, he just loves the peace and relaxation of a good afternoon fishing


  • He's usually found in the streets when he's got a plan to do something, if not he's in the local tavern bored
  • He has no problem getting into touchy subjects of others
  • He can't say no to a challenge



Father: Unknown but supposedly has died in the rumored family shop fire

Mother: Unknown






Common Rumors

  • “That man, he always manages to be in a good mood for some reason” -Bar Tender
  • “Always seeing him wandering in the streets, He best know we have our eyes on 'im” -Brass Blade
  • “Why is it always romance novels with that man? In't that fer dames?” -Local Drunk

Moderate Rumors

  • “Got worries on your mind? Should see Belathor he's always got some good advice” -Social Drinker
  • “He's so nice...We need more people like him around here” -Local Call Girl
  • “Don't get into an argument with that guy, it'll most likely end up with you buying him a victory drink” -Rich Drinker

Rare Rumors

  • “Heard he was the only one not injured in the fire that killed his pa...Makes you wonder..” -Brass Blade

PC Rumors

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