Belila Tineniel

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 Belila Tineniel
"Even if people let you down, even if the world seems to fall apart, always remember: your smile will enlighten the shadows. Be the light. "
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Nomadic
Age 23
Occupation White Mage
Height 5 Fulms 2 Ilms



Nicknames/Aliases: Bell, Lili, Chalindra, Pest, Nyiri, Runt

Age: 23

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Seperated

Religion: Devout follower of the Twelve

Patron: Nyemia, The Spinner

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Concept Art by Izzy


  • Height: 5'2"
  • Body: Physically, Belila is built with a curved body. Always noted in her earlier years before marriage for having good mother bearing hips. Chest size being a comfortable 32C for her. Often compared in shape to a guitar or an hour glass by men interested in her. Her back is covered with lashing scars and her wrists have thick scars circling it, often hidden behind leather braces.
  • Face: Belila has a baby face, so often despite her more slender features, is called chubby cheeked by a few others. Her large amethyst eyes hold a tender emotion in them, usually showing what she's feeling despite what emotion she's projecting to others. Along her cheek bone going down her jaw bone are swirled scars.
  • Hair: Waist length chestnut colored hair, often framing her bangs at the sides of her face to hide/mask her facial scars.


  • Demeanor: Belila is often considered "spastic" or "random" even bordered at "Crazy" depending on who you ask. She has a bright and vibrant personality that for most cases rubs off even on the most apathetic individual. She strongly believes that each situation requires a certain amount of time to process and mull over before you need to pick yourself back up, stemming from her own depression that she's overcome over the years. Though most at first meeting would believe that she is only a goof ball, she's highly capable of adapting her behavior depending on the situation at hand. She understands fully that there are times to be serious and times that require you to be silent and attentive. Overall however, Belila has a kind heart and even though she believes that she holds no loyalty, she will defend and help anyone who's shown her kindness as well.
  • Quirks: Belila is often times searching for "Genies" when she talks to someone, claiming she has one selfish wish to make. What wish she has to make is a mystery to anyone but those who pay attention to what she calls a Genie will often times see that she's using that term as a code name. She's long been searching for something and to avoid explanation on it she confuses people with random names and creatures of stories. In awkward situations she's also known to break out singing or create a joke with someone near by that's also been trapped in the situation as a way to cope and deal with it.
  • Intelligence: Though most would call her dimwitted, Belila holds an IQ of 148. She's extremely intelligent and amazingly cunning. She doesn't let things pass her notice (even if she acts like it has) and is always acutely aware of her surroundings. Puzzle solving is a high point in her intelligence as well as street smarts. However she what she has in intelligence, she lacks in willpower. Often time indulging herself in something that would be unwise to do.



  • Style: Belila is a White Mage, and while she can attack through means of magic all her stances are defenses. Often times used to chip away at her opponent's stamina instead of actually dealing any real damage. What physical strength she has for combat is often used for grapples to throw opponents, using their weight and momentum against them.
  • Strengths: Belila is a healer first and foremost, this is where her talent lies in battles. When attacked, it's often difficult to deliver crippling blows because of her ability to manipulate stone and air to act as shields. Not only for herself but for others around her as well to help defend them. Because of this, Belila is seen as a 'punching bag' to her peers when training and sparring.
  • Weaknesses: Compared to the average person, Belila is shockingly very easy to knock out. Because of this, Belila is constantly paranoid and warning people not to do knock out moves during sparring sessions.


Belila surrounded by a majority of her friends during the Starlight Festival


  • Laughter
  • Singing
  • Eorzea
  • Doing Tarot Readings
  • Books
  • Odd Foods
  • Hot springs
  • Helping others
  • Animals


  • Upset people
  • Lover Quarrels
  • Bickering
  • The Empire
  • Mention on Romance
  • Her Husband


  • Herbalism
  • Cooking
  • Alchemy
  • Singing
  • Aetherial Healing
  • First Aid (Healing through none aetherial means)


  • Favorite Food: Roasted Dodo
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Flower: Nymeian Lillies



  • Cedric Swallowheart - Belila's family and clan was brutally massacred 10 years ago. Being the only survivor from the event, Cedric stayed in hiding as a smuggler named Procel Hart. Not having many resources as a child, he worked tireless and lost a childhood in to work and devote his life to one day saving his sister from slavery. As he matured to an adult, he joined a group known as the Tailor's Spinners and with their aid, he helped his sister finally escape. However, in the mess of the escape, his sister remained always 2 steps ahead of him as she fled into hiding and it took him time to track her down while helping to cover her tracks from Garlean trackers.


Belila and adopted brother Izzy
  • Izrikairin "Izzy" Rish - First mistaking Izzy for a genie, Belila is rather fond of the young Miqo'te. She often will choose his company over others because he was one of her first friends when coming to Eorzea. In time, both swore to care for each other like blood and have adopted each other as Brother and Sister.
  • Azaili Resorel - Having met him for when making dinner for the group she works for, she often enjoys petting his ears when he sleeps, much to his dismay. There was a time that Belila fancied Azaili but as he disappeared for a few moons, she soon lost her romantic interest in him but still regards him as a good friend.
  • Nad'rael Reed - Though Belila's first words for Nad would be to regard her as an air head, Belila holds a heavy respect and love for the young scholar. She shares a heavy passion for reading and the thirst of knowledge, just like Belila, and is the starter of many awkward yet enjoyable conversations. Their first meeting was of bad impressions but through time and patience on both sides, the two have become a unique and strong pair of friends.
  • K'haz Tia - Without a doubt, Belila holds K'haz almost in an idol state as she desires to become "at least half as good" as him in the medical field. She trusts him with everything and always looks out for his best interests, even if it annoys him.


  • Genesis - Genesis is Belila's ex-husband. While Belila seems phobic of romantic encounters, it's only because she had been forcibly married and held a bad experience because of it. Her owner at the time wanted to gift his legion commander with a wife as a show of loyalty, which led to their marriage. However, when Genesis tried to consummate their marriage, Craven took control of her body and attacked him. Because she was no match in a fight against him, Genesis was forcibly separated from her as others feared he'd kill her. Her owner than announced he was to annul their marriage immediately however in fear for her life, Belila ran, going back to her homeland of Eorzea to hide.
  • Shryvanthius - Belila's Owner and the leader of a Legion that joined with the Empire. He educated her after slaughtering her family, having seen her talent for healing. To hide the fact he considered Belila a daughter a younger age, he treated her poorly and set her as a servant's rank to keep from appearing weak. As she began to mature into a woman, he married her off to Genesis in order to keep from having her as a weakness as that daughterly love for her began to evolve into something more intimate. He saw the possession of Belila by Craven a sign to annul Genesis and Belila's marriage to take her as his own wife.
  • Zeegalie - Belila's tutor and mentor in her younger years, while he was suppose to handle her education he also performed vodial experiments on her as well as various forms of torture. The scars around Belila's wrists were the result of him using a machine to regenerate severed tissue. He sliced off her wrists before using it to mend them back to her body. While the machine proved successful, it only worked on injuries that were fresh.

Something Else

Belila and partner Brand in Morbay Drydocks
  • Razeiel Venaire - Many times when asked about the Poet, Belila will dance around the subject. It is unclear if she considers him a friend, however she was loyal to him and his group. After Razeiel's disappearance, Belila holds strong resentment to him, even going as far as to say she felt 'abandoned' by him.
  • Craven - Few know who this Craven is, however Belila will speak of him in terrified whispers. All that is known is that Craven has an obsession with controlling Belila but can only do so when she's rendered unconscious.
  • Brand Dehlor - Belila's lover and mentor, Brand and Belila's relationship started out as he took her as his apprentice in Alchemy. Though they had a rocky start, the two inevitably became close before their partnership became more romantically inclined. While the relationship is far from perfect, the two are heavily involved and are normally seen together rather than apart.


Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

  • "I hear she's rather obnixious" - Disgruntled Adventurer
  • "She's an air head, I doubt she takes anything seriously." - Gossiping Alchemist
  • "She seems like she just appeared out of thin air." - Confused Serpent Sergent

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

  • "I think she's got a lot more going on beneath that bright smile. I don't trust everything she says." - Gossiping Wood Wailer
  • "I think she's a Nyemian cultist, the way she searches for tomes of her so passionately." - Confused Traveler
  • "Some say she's blessed by Nyemia herself, have you gotten your fortune told by her yet?" - Surprised Elezen

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)'

  • "I heard she slaughtered her entire family in one night." - Skeptical Bard
  • "Her face scars glow like voidal magic, I wonder if she's a black mage or something." - Wide eye'd child
  • "Never knock her out, if you do Craven will take control." - Scared Wood Wailer

PC Rumors (Other players are free to add here)

  • "Lili!? She's real nice, an' quiet, an' calmin'. ...Don' go messin' with 'er will ya? Cause... Ah'll 'ave t'snap y'arms off~" - Izrikairin Rish



Records of Belila's childhood reveal that her true name was Nyiri Swallowheart, coming from a clan of Nyemian Cultists that traveled all over Eorzea. The clan was known as the "Heart" clan as each family took the name of a bird and ended it with Heart for their surnames. Another well known trait of the clan was their Nyemian Rituals. Upon a clan member's thirteenth birthday, they performed a special ritual that would allow them to tap into the life stream and summon the experience and knowledge of warriors in their clan that have passed away. This allows for the child during that critical part of development to become a stronger and become a better protector in their clan.

Nyiri's youth was spent training and preparing for this ritual, many clan members believing that her skills in summoning would become enhanced by it. Among her peers, Nyiri was responsible and always acting like the big sister among them. She took to the color red as a symbol of being a hero to help inspire the other children she grew up with. As she started to approach her teen years, many parents started looking to arrange marriages between their children and her, seeing her skill in predictions and fortune telling as a blessing of Nyemia that needed to be breed strongly for future generations.


Teenage Years

As she reached her teenage years, she began to prep and ready for her rituals. On the night of her thirteenth birthday, a man named Shyrvanthius Laurent came across the Heart Clan in the Black Shroud. Allied with the Empire, he decided to wipe them out completely but was enthralled by the potential their Nyemian rituals could do. He gave the clan the choice of joining his Legion or face extermination by his army. When they refused, the blood bath began. Nyiri had been in the middle of the ritual when this all happened and to records, it is unclear if Shyrvanthius affected the out come of the ritual or if it was even completed. When he came to her, he took her as spoils of war and enslaved her instead of killing her with the rest of her family.

As the lone survivor, Nyiri told Shyrvanthius that her name was Belila Tineniel. This translated to 'The Worthless Champion' as she had been powerless to help her family and friends. During her time in slavery, she was educated to become a healer instead and was the hand maiden of Shyrvanthius. Often taking over as his personal medic when he'd return from battles and as she continued to grow, rumors were made that Shyrvanthius had taken her as more than a hand maiden because of the rare tender exchanges he'd give her when he believed no one was watching.

Belila decided through her years of torture and abuse in slavery to wear all her challenges with a smile however, knowing that nothing would change if she chose to wallow in her own self pity. This made her extremely likable to other members in Shyrvanthius's legion and she soon befriended one of his commanders, a man named Genesis Renault. The two had a good friendship as Genesis enjoyed the joyous company of Belila after long days of work and training. Belila in turn help much trust in Genesis because he always defended her when she was being punished or used in experiments by one of the legion's scientists, Zeegalie.


As Belila grew into a woman and advanced her training from a conjurer to a White Mage, Shyrvanthius decided it was time to marry her as he began to fear people would exploit her as a weakness against him. He decided the best place to put her was in a marriage with Genesis since the two had long since gotten along. The two both were against the idea as they held no intimate emotions for each other but as property of Shyrvanthius, Belila had little choice and Genesis was forced to follow orders from his leader. The two spent several months together in marriage, never consummating it however.

Upon Belila feeling a bit more free with the lax control around her now through marriage, Genesis was often forced to drag her back home because she'd go missing for days at a time. Often times looking to find a way to escape back to her home in Eorzea. One night, Genesis decided it was time they started to act like a married couple and tried to consummate. Belila met him with heavy protest and during their fighting she was knocked unconscious. According to guards that came to the scene, Belila had gone into a blood lust and a foreign entity was controlling her body, trying to kill Genesis for trying to force himself on her. Genesis demanded answers from Shyrvanthius, otherwise he'd be forced to kill her and in turn Shyrvanthius announced he was annulling their marriage. When Belila came to from her possession, Shyrvanthius told Belila of his decision, as well as he was going to take her as his wife instead to keep her safe. Overcomed by fear, Belila decided to finally escape.

Once she returned to Eorzea, Belila began to search for tomes on Vodial Magic as well as lost Tomes from her Clan that protained to Nyemia. In order to keep rumors from flying about what she was looking for that could attract Shyrvanthius's attention, she called her searches 'Genie Hunts'. Shortly after arriving to Eorzea though, she came across a riddle in Ul'dah. Upon deciding to figure it out just for the sake of doing it, she met an elezen that went by the title "Poet". Offering her aid in her situation as well as help in locating the tomes she wanted, he gave her a place among his group called "Blades of Nald'Thal."


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