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A young Miqo’te woman born within Garlemald, she was raised her whole life by adoptive parents: Kaeso het Marcellus and Icilia rem Marcellus. Having been raised by them since infancy, Bellona has no memories of her biological parents.

Her birth mother was a Miqo’te by the name of Viridia tol Glaucia and she served loyally in the Imperial Military. She was not in her daughter’s life long before duty called her away and she had leave her behind. Killed in battle, she was never able to return to her now abandoned infant daughter.

Her father was a pureblooded Garlean who served in the military. The man is shrouded in mystery, very few people seem to have known his face or his name. But Viridia had apparently loved him fiercely and he her. So it had been a surprise when the man had suddenly left before his child was even born.

Rumors spread quickly about the man and who he was.

He was one of the emperor’s most valued spies and had to be sent away on a dangerous mission.

He was an aan that Viridia was ashamed of loving.

He was a resistance leader who had infiltrated the empire.

On and on the rumors went. None were confirmed or denied by the wife he left behind. Neither did she give a reason for why he left.


Raised within the Imperial capital, Bellona had a rather privileged life. She was a very happy child, and few ever questioned her about her parents. Raised within aristocracy, she had very little things to worry about. Far was she from being a spoiled brat, but the girl did grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Despite her upbringing, she never thought herself to above anyone else. Bellona was always rather humble as a child. Never finding those who bragged and flaunted to be pleasant company.

Though it was something eventually grown out of, she was somewhat of a rambunctious youth. Always looking for a new thrill or adventure every day. She was bold as a young girl, never wanting to be outdone by her peers. Always accepting the bets and dares other children put her up to. But usually was stopped by her best friend Atticus when the task seemed a bit too outrageous.

Growing up, young Bellona took quite a strong interest in the arts. Favoring singing and dance above all else. And while she never thought her talents to be anything special, there were occasions where she was invited to sing at events--concerts and banquets held by the upperclass of the Empire. Her singing was admired by many patrons of the arts amoungst the nobility. A few theatre tropes even taking interest in her talents. She found many of the galas and balls she attended (whether she was there to preform or simply enjoy the event) to be entertaining for the most part. She loved the music and dance. Though she found the amount of political talk and gossip there to be rather unpleasant.

Bellona the Songbird.jpg

Bellona eventually came to an age where she began to ask questions about certain things. Questions about the Empire in particular, the Populares, the Optimates, etc. Many of the Empire’s actions she found odd…almost questionable. If what the Empire was doing was truly for the greater good, then why were there so many that opposed them? Why did so many fear them?

Why did other nations resist the Empire’s guidance? Why did Garlemald have to forcefully take nations? Why treat the people of those nations so badly? What was the point? Ruling through fear and oppression didn’t seem like the proper way to go about things. The Empire’s actions felt wrong…

When she voiced these questions to others, Bellona was immediately discouraged from speaking of such things. Though often silenced, it didn’t stop the girl from pushing the subject. Even when it often led to her butting heads with her father. Magistrate and praetor, Lord Kaeso was fiercely loyal to the Imperial crown and having his own daughter speak against everything he believed in was shocking.

However, Bellona’s behaviour was merely brushed off as a rebellious phase by many family members. She was young and still knew very little of the world and would get over it eventually, so they assumed. As frustrating as it was, it would not last.

And eventually, Bellona did become less vocal about her doubts. But not because she had grown out of a phase. Rather because she knew she had no one she could turn to about her apprehensions. The only thing these opinions and questions seemed to do is cause tension. One night, she decided to make a decision. A very frightening decision. Leave Garlemald.

And go where?

She’d rarely been outside the borders of Ilsabard’s continent before. And trying to hide within one of the provinces would be too difficult. She would be found quickly. She needed to venture beyond imperial borders. And she knew of only one place she could possibly flee to.


Remaining would make her grow more discontent with the way things were. And feeling powerless to do anything about it, Bellona decided to run away. To desert the only home she ever knew.

And so one night, the Miqo’te packed her things and left, only leaving behind a note to explain (or she hoped it did) what she had done. And so without looking back—and trying her best not to—Bellona bas Marcellus began her very long journey south.

With the help of a smuggler—who made for some rather terrible company—Bellona managed to get across the border and into Eorzea. However, it was only upon arriving that the young woman realized just how little planning went into her decision.

Eorzea was a land she knew very little about and if she wanted to start a new life, she needed to figure out how to get by in this new realm. Either enough to settle down there or enough to move on somewhere else. She needed money.

And luckily for her, an opportunity presented itself to her rather quickly. Adventuring. Though not her first choice of career it seemed to be a decent way to make the money she needed. Eorzea was a strange land and far from home. But she would have to make do. Perhaps in time it would grow on her?

It was too late to turn back now anyway.

This was a new life.


Currently, she resides within Eorzea assisting her new friends and allies. She eventually caught the attention of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Finding their cause admirable, she agreed to aide in fighting back against the primal threat.

Eventually she finds herself pulled into the war between Eorzea and Garlemald--her homeland. She is unsure of where this path will take her but has a feeling that this may be the right thing to do. Or so she hopes.

Perhaps she can find a way to end this in peace? Perhaps she could help usher in a reform of the Empire? Save both Eorzea and Garlemald.

Bellona Marcellus 03 01 2019 21 52 20.jpg


Bellona is gifted with a form of the Echo. A power she has yet to learn how to control yet. Her Echo grants her the ability to see souls of the past—those who died long ago. They appear to her as physical beings that she can hear and interact with. However, only she can see and hear them.

The ability initially frightened her, as she didn’t quite understand her gift at first. People there that others can’t see? It sounded like the words of a madwoman. Eventually, with some guidance from the Scions, she does come to understand her Echo.

For the most part, she can tell the difference between someone living and someone who isn’t. The latter gives off a strange feeling that she finds hard to describe. The people that “appear” to her tends to be random. Sometimes they are great warriors from battles that were waged centuries ago, sometimes they are lauded scholars, and sometimes they are simple merchants or farmers.

The Echo is an ability that Bellona has yet to master and thus has no control over. Yet she strives to understand it one day so that it can be control and used at will. She just has to find someone who understands more about it first…


No third eye do to her being a half-blood. Though, despite her Garlean blood, Bellona is actually rather on the short side at about 4 fulm 11 in height. She has an average build for a young woman her age. Grey eyed and dark skinned with long raven black hair that falls passed her shoulders. Her ears are also noticeably smaller than other Miqo'te and she lacks the distinct facial markings of the race.
Bellona Marcellus 02 08 2019 17 21 14.jpg
Aspects That Stand Out:


A bit on the reckless side, Bellona has a habit of getting herself into unsavory situations. Also being painfully stubborn, the woman's pride often prevents her from accepting help in some situations. Especially those she feels are her's to deal with alone.

She is fiercely loyal to those she calls friend. Villains can threaten her all they want, but the moment the topic shifts to someone she loves, Bellona loses her temper regardless of what kind of situation they have her in. That being said, those that abuse her loyalty do not get second chances for her. Bellona lives by a very strict "Never Forgive, Never Forget" kind of philosophy.

She is by no means a shy woman, but with strangers, she tends to be closed off. With strangers and new people comes all sorts of personal questions about family and home. Questions that she'd rather not answer about herself. And those who pry tend to be met with annoyed or even angry responses.


Reading. She has no preference when it comes to books and enjoys most genres. Whenever she has downtime, it is not unusual to find her hiding somewhere quiet to read.
Dancing and singing. Secret hobbies that she'd never admit to anyone. Growing up, Bellona was encouraged to take part in the arts and developed a strong liking for music. She knows how to play a few instruments but prefers dancing over the two activities. While very gifted in both arts, the woman is easily embarrassed and will put up a fuss (or at least pretends to) whenever someone tries to push her into singing or dancing for them.
Climbing. An activity she picked up in childhood, Bellona enjoys climbing things. Buildings and trees and whatever she thinks would be a fun challenge to scale. As a child it drove her mother mad whenever the young Bellona would clamber up onto the roof of their home. Presently, Bellona usually only climbs things when she wants to be alone with her thoughts and doesn't want anyone to find her.


Insects. Bellona can't stand any creature with six or more legs. The woman is absolutely repulsed by them and thus refuses having to do anything involving them.
People who pry. She likes to keep things to herself and a few people don't seem to understand that. Be it about her past or something that's clearly upsetting her, Bellona would prefer no one question her about it. She's quick to lose her temper with anyone who doesn't respect her wishes.
Gridania. She a lot of problems with Gridania, though most of them have to do with the people's beliefs and the Elementals. Perhaps she just misunderstands the faith but she dislikes it greatly that people allow these beings to dictate the fate of everything and everyone. Something about several homeless refugees being turned away because the Elementals willed it felt wrong. Then she especially has her gripes with the Wood Wailers. She was not welcomed warmly by them and many treated her rather poorly. As a result, Bellona has developed a deep grudge against the Wailers and has even made enemies of a few of them.
Bed Rest. Bellona doesn't like being forced to remain in bed, despite being injured. She's rather prideful when it comes to this, feeling useless because she is unable to provide help to anyone. Even with the most grievous of injuries, the woman will put up a fuss and protest and even make many attempts (to the ire of the healers looking after her) to sneak away from her bed.


Hunting and exploring. Bellona is very curious about Eorzea and takes any opportunity she can to explore it. She's absolutely amazed by many of the sights she finds.
Harassing Wood Wailers. Perhaps a dangerous hobby, but Bellona whenever in a petty mood, enjoys pestering the Wood Wailers of Gridania. Usually with harmless pranks or scathing quips. Often times it does lead her into confrontation with one of the Wailers, but the woman hasn't let that discourage her from her "fun".


Determination. Or just being plain stubborn, Bellona does not back down easily.
Sharp Shooter. Highly proficient in ranged combat. She knows her way around a gun but is more comfortable with the bow.


Reckless. Bellona tends to throw herself headlong into danger with little to no thought. Her actions often lead her to get herself hurt. Despite this, it doesn't discourage her from her rash behaviour.
Little Confidence in Herself. She feigns it, but in reality, Bellona tends to doubt herself often. Often questioning if her actions are the "right" ones. To avoid the worry of her friends and allies, she wears a brave face and puts on a confident act to distract from the fact that she's very much the opposite.
Close Ranged Combat. Bellona certainly knows how to fight...with the bow and blade that is. However, when it comes to using her fists, that is her weak point. While she knows how to throw a punch and can take a hit, such fights usually end up with her on her back rather than her opponent.


A Different Garlemald - While having run away from her home in Ilsabard, Bellona doesn't feel overwhelming hatred for the Empire. It's committed many wrongs at the behest of its corrupted monarchy and while little can be done to right many of those wrongs, she does believe that the Empire can be turned into something better. How that will happen remains to be seen, but Bellona holds onto the hope that the Empire can change. And if she must, she is willing to do whatever it takes to see that happen herself. Even if that means taking up arms...But if cold Ishgard could change it's ways, than perhaps there is hope for Garlemald as well?
Her Friends. Bellona is the type to fight tooth and nail for those she cares about. Never backing down from even the greatest of challenges if it means her friends remain safe. If it means those she loves are allowed to remain happy and safe, then she is willing to go on fighting.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Kaeso het Marcellus, Adoptive Father. ( ) - Stern but Loving.
Character's Thoughts: "He is a stern man. One of those no nonsense types. But his smile is always one of the warmest ones I've ever seen whenever he looks at me."
A busy man but by no means an absent figure in his daughter's life. He has a stern and serious air about him. While many may find him intimidating, he tends to have a soft side for his daughter. Bellona's fondest memories with him were when he had work to do in Kugane and he'd bring her with him. She'd run around exploring the city while he had business to take care of in the Consulate. There were even times when the man would sneak her sweets when her mother wasn't looking. "Our Little Secret" is what he'd call it. Though he loves his daughter greatly, Kaeso had little patience with her qualms about Garlemald but simply believed her complaints to be a phase. Furious though that his daughter had actually run away from home, he has sent people to retrieve her with promise of a reward. Kaeso Het Marcellus.jpg
Icilia rem Marcellus, Adoptive Mother. ( ) - Dangerously Protective.
Character's Thoughts: "She taught me how to fight and defend myself. We were always rather close. Whenever father was busy with work we'd always spend a lot of time with each other."
Coming from a prominent military family, Icilia rem Marcellus is not a woman to be trifled with. Honed in many combat skills, she is very proficient fighter within her legion. Formerly enlisted in one of the conquering legions, Icilia transferred to legion that would have her working closer to home after she married and adopted her daughter.

Wishing to raise a family, she knew she could do so by risking her life on the battle field in another land. Still there are days when work will take her away from home for a few short days. However, Icilia is always sure to come rushing back as soon as she is able. Icilia is a very loving and protective mother. Willing to do anything for her daughter. And isn't above bringing harm to those who would threaten Bellona's safety. She is a woman very loyal to her family and country. And those who would bring harm to either had better beware. Bellona's desertion has left her and Kaeso devastated. She knew of her daughter's "rebellious" phase but never thought it would drive her to run away.

Icilia rem Marcellus.jpg
Claudius pyr Marcellus, Older Brother. ( ) - Distant but Loving
Character's Thoughts: "He's like father. Stern and reserved on the outside but I've seen the warmer side of him many times."
Claudius pyr Marcellus, the eldest child of Kaeso and Icilia Marcellus. A rather reserved soul that tends to take after his father. Outwardly, his demeanor seeming cold and stern. He does have a rarely seen tender side for those he cares about.

His relationship with his younger sister is a relatively good one. Rarely do the two sibling ever clash about anything. Rather it seems their relationship is a somewhat distant one.

Distance as he is from Bellona, Claudius did have his ways of showing his sister affection. Small ways. Coming out to place a cap on her head while she was out playing in the snow. Buying her a new book she might like. Leaving her a cup of tea on the table when she dozes off while reading in the parlor.

All aught but small peeks at a brother’s love.

Currently, he resides within the VIth Legion. He is a very gifted and loyal soldier, fiercely upholding the law of his emperor. And has very little patience for those who would prove themselves to be obstacles for him.

Claudius Marcellus 04 29 2019 18 54 38.jpg
Viridia tol Glaucia, Birth Mother. ( ) - Forgotten Mother.
Character's Thoughts: "She was killed when I was just a baby. I never knew her...don't really care to."
She was said to be a proficient fighter, rising through the ranks quickly. Some described her as cold but having a soft side for those she loved...others believed that such a side to her did not exist. She raised her daughter for a short time on her own as the girl's father had left them before she was even born. However, Bellona never got to know her as the woman was said to have been killed. Being a mere infant when she lost her mother, Bellona has no memory of her and has little care about that. "What is the use in getting attached to a dead woman?" is her reasoning.

10 25 2018 16 53 27.jpg

Sisenna, Birth Father. ( ) - The Abandoner.
Character's Thoughts: "He left before I was even born. So I'm told. Don't really care much for a man who couldn't bother to stick around to care for his child."
Little is known of him as Viridia never spoke of him often and he was a man of mystery, preferring to keep to himself. There have been many rumors about the man. Shrouded in mystery, the man who sired Bellona however was no man at all, but Ascian. He bore the face of a pureblooded Garlean soldier when he met Viridia tol Glaucia. And they fell in love, the woman knowing nothing of his true nature at first.

He seemed to care very deeply for Viridia. He trust her greatly. And shortly after they married, he revealed what he was to her. At first Viridia was apprehensive, frightened by this new dark world he revealed to her. However, she loved him and swore to stay by his side regardless of what it was. However, the day came when he found himself torn between two loyalties. For his powerful Lord and for his beloved...and their child. In the end he chose Zodiark and left Viridia, unable to resist the call of his dark master. Before he left, he did try to convince Viridia to come away with him. Promising to protect her and their daughter. However, the woman was bound to her country by own loyalties. And in truth, felt somewhat distrustful of her beloved’s world. And unwillingly to wait for her to change her mind, the man left without another word. However, he had every intention to return to them. At the very least for his daughter within whom he saw potential. Yes, a fine servant of Zodiark she would make once she was properly trained.

Plans that were foiled when Hydaelyn left Her vile brand on the girl. The Blessing of Light preventing him from reaching out to Bellona, he now must find away to convince the young woman to come to him. Should she refuse stepping from the path of Light…well then, all fathers must do what they must to rein in their unruly children…

Bellona knows nothing of him or her own nature. Simply bearing some resentment for his abandonment. And as with her mother, cares very little for a parent she never knew.
Atticus pyr Vitalion, Childhood Friend. ( ) - Childhood Partner in Crime.
Character's Thoughts: "We've been best friends since we were little children. He was always like a brother to me. Always there for me."
Close with Bellona as a child, Atticus was like her partner in crime whenever the two would get up to trouble. A few years before Bellona left for Eorzea, he enlisted into the Imperial Military. Her desertion has pushed their friendship into uncertain territory. Should their paths cross, which would he side with? His country or his dearest friend? Atticus Vitalion 02 03 2019 11 40 08.jpg
Esredes Rosemond, ??? ( ) - Mysterious Snarky Elezen.
Character's Thoughts: "I'm...curious about him. There's not much else to it."
Knowing him at first by the name of Licano, Bellona took him as nothing more than some sort of bandit. One that claimed to be working for a noble cause. Intrigued, she decided to help in a plot to steal supplies from the Wood Wailers.

However, she had no clue that in doing so she would be pulled into a new world of men and dragons and men who could turn into dragons. Heretics. An oppressed and abused people...or at least that is Esredes' side of the story he's told. A story that paints Ishgard as a monster of corruption that must be defeated. A monster that sounded all too familiar.

Feeling for their plight, Bellona agrees to help Esredes and his people. Though, her sympathy may have left her somewhat vulnerable to manipulation from the heretic. There is much hasn't told her.



Some are true, some are untrue, and some are the truth but greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"She has little respect for the Elementals. Tis no wonder they give her trouble every time she is in the Shroud. I hear the Greenwrath has seized her so badly that the entire Shroud quakes whenever she sets foot in Gridania."
"Has a strange accent, doesn't she? No one knows where she's from and neither does she like telling. Probably just a little shy. "
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Isn't that the lass who bit off a Wailer's finger?"
"I hear she was warming the bed of that Fortemps son. You know the one stationed out at Camp Dragonhead."
" Seems ever since she's arrived, Gridania has been seeing a lot more poaching. The woman looks to be the secretive type too. Keep an eye on her. Wouldn't surprise me if she had something to do with it or is just some bandit looking to cause trouble around here."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"You can't trust that one. She's hiding things. I hear she's actually a spy sent by our enemies."
"Some believe she works for some black market merchant. So I've heard. Apparently, takes care of the...messier work for her masters."
"Saw her messing around with some magitek once. Lass, seemed to know more than most people."



◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"...." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
Hi there! I'm somewhat new to FFXIV RP and decided to get into the community. I'm still getting the hang of it some I might be a little shy and slow to approach people. But I'm working on getting over this. I'm located on Mateus and if I'm not running content, I'm usually available in the evenings on weekdays. On weekends I'm usually also online during the afternoons. If you're not on Mateus, that's okay! I'm also fine with doing discord rp and if you have a tumblr I'm fine with doing rp there as well. Tumblr: catte-bard
Personal RP Limits
There are a few limits I have. The biggest one is ERP. The closest I'd be comfortable with is a fade to black scene so if you're looking for some ERP for the sake of ERP, then you're going to have to look somewhere else. I don't mind Bel being captured, defeated, or injured so long as it's nothing that could leave her permanently disabled or disfigured.
I will play I wouldn't mind doing long term stories with plots to them. I don't mind planning out some story ideas. I will do darker themes in rp but this is something the REQUIRES COMMUNICATION between us to avoid pushing any boundaries. I am open to shipping but this also requires communication.
I won't play I will under no circumstance do any ERP. Nor will I do anything where my character is killed.
Little Tidbits.
Time Zone is US Central
If I say or do anything in rp (or even oocly) that rubs you the wrong way please don't be afraid to tell me. RP is supposed to be fun and I don't mind working something out to avoid it happening again!


Potential Plot Hooks
Any adventuring shenanigans. Bel spends a lot of time exploring Eorzea and sometimes gets caught up in some wild stuff. Anything involving Garlemald or Garleans is also a pretty good hook.

Character Lore Adherence
I'm rather lax when it comes to sticking to lore and I don't mind if someone wishes to bend it a little (or a lot)!

Bellona Marcellus 03 30 2019 20 34 42 (3).jpg
Name - Bellona bas Marcellus
Race - Miqo'te/Garlean
Age - 20
Name Day - 9th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Deity - None

Alias: Bel, Bella
Citizenship: Garlemald
Occupation: Adventurer
Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Hair color: Raven black
Eye color: Grey
Complexion: Dark
Piercings: Ears
Marks or tattoos: None
Alignment: I hate the alignment chart. No.
Key Items: A pendent that once belonged to her mother--Icilia. She's very protective of it and rarely takes it off. And her bow and quiver which she rarely ventures outside the cities without.
Favorite Food: Rolanberry Cheesecake
Favorite Drink: Sweet Thanalan Tea and Hot Chocolate
Favorite Color: Blue
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