Belyara Kerwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Belyara Kerwyn
Class is in session
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 27
Orientation Bisexual, strong female preference
Guardian Menphina,_the_Lover
Server Balmung
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Basic Info

Commonly known as Bel or Yara. She is a student of the arcane, alchemical and physical sciences and loves to see what makes things and people tick. She can be a bit cold and calculating when dealing with her subject-matter of choice, but those close to her will see a very different side of the highlander.


Born into a family of Ul'dahn merchants, Belyara showed an early interest and aptitude for alchemy. Apprenticed to the Alchemist's Guild she enjoyed being surrounded by alembics, bubbling beakers, crystals and some of the best minds in the city, eagerly soaking up any knowledge or research she could. She was fascinated by the ability to change, enhance, or cleanse being contained in a bottle. She helped around the small store her parents ran and would often sell wares there to earn some coin. She blossomed early, developing a more mature and curvy figure by the time most girls were just starting to change. If this was helped along by alchemical means or not is unknown.

As she grew into a young woman, a chance encounter with an Arcanist visiting the Guild opened her eyes to another avenue of inquiry and experimentation. It was suggested that she go and study with the Arcanist's Guild in Limsa to broaden her knowledge, and likely get her out of the Alchemist's Guild for a while. With her family's merchant connections and her own growing funds, she secured passage to Limsa Lominsa and a modest dwelling to live in while she studied. Much better than communing with spirits or finger waggling for hot and cold, these were magicians after her own heart! Science applied to magic, with clear cause and effect.

It was here that she leaned how to bend magic to her will just as alchemy was how she altered the natural world. Once she learned how to summon her own carbuncle, then she and Mr. Bunclesworth were neigh inseparable.

She has recently joined a local academy in hopes of improving her wealth of knowledge and acquiring more business skills to build her trading efforts.


Very inquisitive when her mind is focused on magic or science, and passionate about her work. She tends to be a bit disconnected from empathy when she gets like this, but as so long as no one gets any unintended lasting and ill effects, progress needs test subjects! A little bit of a mad scientist, but she'll tell you she's just enthusiastic!

She prefers to be in control of the situations she finds herself in, through research and understanding. Structure and discipline are important in her fields of study and she usually applies those to personal relationships as well as it is just how she thinks. When confronted with someone excitable or spastic, she will try to observe their chaos and the effects it has while keeping that same nature from affecting her as much as possible.

Once she gets past seeing someone as a potential test or source of information, and as a person unto themselves she can be very friendly. She is a bit motherly with those she is close to, as the oldest of four children she had to help raise her siblings.

She is distrustful of men having been accosted as a young girl on the streets of Ul'dah on more than one occasion, and quite often since coming to Limsa by drunks and sailors at the taverns she frequents. Not a drunk, but she enjoys a relaxing libation after a long day. Thanks to these trips and the brawls that happen with some regularity, she is coming to learn how to fight more physically. She uses her knowledge of the body, physics, angles, pressure points and leverage, to deliver blows that one wouldn't expect from the physically unassuming woman.

Often seen with her summon, an emerald carbuncle named Mr. Bunclesworth.


Currently enrolled as a student at Vylbrand Academy (Unsung Heroes Free Company) in the Artisan school.


Parents - Still living in Ul'dah. Siblings - 2 younger sisters, 1 younger brother (deceased).

Other Notes

Has attempted to make a Fantasia potion, with mixed results.


"Here, have some tea! I made it myself."

"The rumors of some creations having side-effects are largely exaggerated."

"People always complain when I let them help me without their knowledge. Don't they know this is for science?"

"Practical application is the natural progression of learning. What value is knowledge if you don't use it for anything?"

20 Questions (adapted from "The 20 Questions," 7th Sea RPG)

What country is your hero from? Ul'dah. Born and raised in the city among the bustling crowds and jingling purses.

How would you physically describe your hero? A tall highlander. Her blue hair is streaked with violent and often pulled back into a ponytail to keep it out of her eyes. She is very curvy with a generous bust and slightly plump rear. Good peasant stock.

Does your hero have recurring mannerisms? Switches between extremes of being analytical and scientific, or loving and flirty.

What is your hero’s main motivation? Science! To increase her knowledge and through that her fortune, to fund even more learning and experiments while living comfortably.

What is your hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness? Her greatest strength is her ability to see patterns in chaos, and cut through the crap and get to the heart of the matter. Her greatest weakness is a toss up between her uncaring attitude towards random people, or her enjoyment of the senses.

What are your hero’s most and least favorite things? Favorite things are knowledge and the practical application of it for profit and pleasure. Least favorite things are ignorance, being bored, people that complain about her experiments, or men who think they can touch without permission.

What about your hero’s psychology? She has a bit of a disconnect with most people, seeing them as means to an end or test subjects for her latest experiment. Once she gets close to someone, or is interested in them for more than scientific reasons, she is a bit possessive and domineering though adventurous and forward with her affections. She is getting better at shutting off her scientific side and blending in with the normal folk when a situation requires it.

What is your hero’s single greatest fear? Being penniless and alone, unable to work or learn.

What are your hero’s highest ambitions? Their greatest love? Her highest ambition is to create something as wondrous as the Fantasia - and use it to become very wealthy. Her greatest love is exploration of the mysteries of the world and making them bend to her will through science.

What is your hero’s opinion of their country? It's home. She's not overly attached to places, but respects the city as a place that embraces commerce and learning.

Does your hero have any prejudices? She dislikes politicians. Always standing in the way of progress and making all these silly rules like not spiking the punch at an event with your latest potion.

Where do your hero’s loyalties lie? To herself and those she considers in her care.

Is your hero in love? Are they married or betrothed? She has one person that she is currently close to, but she is not married or betrothed.

What about your hero’s family? Her parents still live in Ul'dah. Her brother died in the war, but her younger sisters help run the family shop though one does some bar-tending on the side.

How would your hero’s parents describe them? Very focused. A bit driven and doesn't always relate well to others on a personal level, unless they're someone she's become friendly with... then perhaps she's a bit too friendly.

What is your hero's social status? Merchant. Not wealthy per se, but comfortable enough and funding her experiments and life in Limsa Lominsa.

How religious is your Hero? Which of the Twelve do they follow? She follows Menphina, for her aspect as the lover, but with little evidence to actual existence she's not sure the Twelve really existed or were just stories to make people feel better.

Is your hero a member of a guild, gentleman’s club, or secret society? Nope.

What does your hero think of sorcery? Arcane science is where it's at. Healers are useful, and thaumaturges are amusing, but she's not a tree-hugger or finger-waggler. Sure they work, but can you back it up with hard evidence as to why?

If you could, what advice would you give your hero? Quit using people as test subjects without their knowledge. There is also more to life than just coin and self-indulgence.