Benathi Nightsong

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Ishgard.jpg Benathi Nightsong
Gender Female
Race Half Hyur—Elezen
Clan Midlander/Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgardian
Age 24
Alias "Bena"
Occupation Mercenary
Height/Weight 5'7" fulms / 176 ponze
Orientation Bisexual

Basic Info

Usually laid back and content to stay quiet and play on her hand harp, Benathi is a woman whose relative youth and oft doe-eyed stares belie her combat experience. The Ishgardian boasts variety of weaponskills, including the bow, sword, and lance. She has seen the conclusion of the Dragonsong War, and now devotes her time to either assist the Beast Tribes in Dravanian territory or the Sea of Clouds, or works as a mercenary in greater Eorzea.


Less than sunny weather
Playing Music
Seeing people who are happy


Purposeful ignorance
"Oh, you're so beautiful, please run away with me forever!"
Abuse for the sake of a display of power

Other Notes

Mount: An abandoned Gold Saucer Chocobo
Less than moderate tolerance for alocohol; prefers wine
Favorite food: Grilled seafood
Favorite sweet: Cinnamon roll

Appearance & Personality



Given name: Benathie Angelica Nighte

Used name: Benathi Nightsong

Actual History: Soon™


Mount: Benathi owns a personal Chocobo that possesses violet feathers. Her name is Courrier, and she is a racing Chocobo that was abandoned, assumedly intentionally injured, in Western Coerthas two years ago. Bena found her and nurtured her back to health. Her care for Courrier seemed to impress the Temple Knights, who permitted the Midlander to officially declare ownership of the Chocobo.
Favorite Weapon: Benathi tends to carry two weapons with her when she's doing work: a longbow, and a longsword. The longsword has an aged, cared for look to it. A small emblem of house Haillenarte hangs on a thin chain from the crossguard. The longbow is made of sturdy wood, and reinforced with a light, pliable metal. On the grip of the bow, there are a number of runes. These runes seem to be of different words and colors. Bena can press her finger on a rune to "aspect" her shot. For example, she can press on the Wind rune to increase the velocity of her arrow, and make use of the same Wind to force the wound the arrow creates to open farther. There are currently three runes on the bow: Wind, Fire, and Ice.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated... or are they? Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"She's got one hells of a singin' voice, but she'll kick yer knee off if you ask her to sing." - Ishgardian Soldier
"If you want someone to look after your Chocobo, Benathi's your girl!" - Several Temple Knights
"For'n archer, she's real skilled wit' a s'ord." - Lominsan Thug
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Oh, her? She's been lookin' at books on Thaumaturgy for weeks now." - Ul'dahn Scholar
"Bena? She buys way too much food for someone who apparently lives alone." - Gridanian Merchant
"Don't seem t' be intimidated by normal means, but if you go after th' Chocobo... I ain' ever seen a woman take such joy in causin' pain." - Thanalan Bandit
"She beat up m' employer fer hittin' me an' handed me a purse of gil worth at least a moon's pay. Was a Twelvesend, I tell ya." - Ul'dah streetwalker
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"She looks up to that Highlander like an idol of some sorts. Not sure why." - Dragoon
"Seein' the shit she does, 'm a bit scared fer makin' fun of her an' her mum when we were kids." - Lowborn Ishgardian
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Don't let that pretty little innocent face fool ya, woman's got one hells of an arm...not to mention her aim is deadly." - Dominique La'fleur


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love     ! Good Standing     ? Neutral Standing     X Poor Standing
! Dominique La'fleur : "We fought a lot when we were kids, but that was mostly for fun and we have a good understanding of eachother now."
! Erioch Koren : "He appreciates my ability to play music, and lets me drink as much wine as I want at the bar he operates."
? Tarasa Blaetwyn : "Her knowledge of her magic is terrifying. Maybe she could teach me."
? Nalukai Swarfjaryn : "Sometimes I feel like she sees some sort of potential in me. Is that some pirate sense?"
? Odile Delacroix : "We seem to share common interests in combat style, and it's hard to not like the person who hands you big purses of gil."



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