Benetoix Havillant

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Gridania-transparent.png Benetoix Havillant
Ben Havillant.png
Benetoix Havillant
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Age 25
Height 7'1"
Guardian Oschon
Marital Status Single
Occupation Inventor
Residence Carline Canopy

Basic Info

Benetoix Havillant is a pilot, engineer and scoundrel. He's in his mid-twenties and is from the East End of the Shroud. He has strong features and piercing blue eyes. He is educated and well-spoken. The last seven years of his life was spent traveling the world as one of Tatabaru's leading airship pilots. During his off-time, he has taken the odd job here and there for more spending money, which he usually spends on tools and clothing. An inventor and pilot before anything else.


Born in 1553 of the last Astral Era in the Twelveswood. His father, an engineer for Highwind Skyways allowed his son to follow him to work on occasion. At the age of ten, he stole one of the airships from the docks and promptly crashed it. His mother, Renette Havillant, a conjurer of the Stillglade Fane was horrified and enrolled him as an apprentice. Although he is a natural born hearer, his impetuousness prevented him from communing with the spirits and he was ultimately kicked out for cheating in 1570. Seeing no other recourse, his parents allowed him to work at the Skyways where he was rapidly promoted. Despite numerous crashes and mishaps, Highwind has yet to fire him because of his piloting talent.

Benetoix was occasionally approached to smuggle various things during his flights. This expanded during his off-time as he was approached with more unsavory work which led him to a highlander resistance fighter conducting the odd foray into Gyr Abania. Although they were already familiar with each other, Cai Far'darrig immediately took responsibility for him and despite Benetoix's best efforts he has yet to shake himself of the old Ala Mhigan.


Ben speaks with a very odd accent. After studying in Ishgard, he has developed a fondness for clipping some of his consonants and using the new language he learned there. He believes this makes him more exotic. This fits in with his very outgoing and optimistic nature of leaping before looking and hopefully encouraging as many people other people to jump as well. His only reticence shows in close-combat where he possesses no skills what-so-ever. He is daring and adventurous and many who meet him may see foolhardy and obnoxious instead.

Ben is a first-class pilot and works well with his hands. He has tinkered and invented throughout his life and this has made him an indispensable bridge between the airship engineers and pilots for the company's airship designs.


Ben's current partner and associate is Cai Far'darrig, a veteran solider and stick-in-the-mud. Cai is older and wiser and Ben has learned to listen to him only because he has been right so often. They've spent time partnering together against the Garleans in Gyr Abania -- Cai for patriotic reasons and Ben for the fame, money, and women.

Tatabaru, the owner of Highwind has known Benetoix for most of his life since his father has also worked for the company. The conjurer's in Gridania are also familiar with him since he's one of the very few who has wasted his talents and was kicked out from the Stillglade. More recently, he lost his position as test pilot at Highwind, spending more time inventing and tinkering than anything else. After a strange courtship, he has found himself engaged to Etherie Etoluna.

Ben has recently joined a new free company with Etherie due to a number of friends he has made during the odd contract.

Rumors and Quotes

Known to many

  • The loud, obnoxious Elezen who speaks strangely? Why would you bother? - Everyday Gridanian
  • Seen him running around the airship docks since he was a boy -Random Gridanian
  • That idiot elezen? We're gonna catch him one day -Garlean Sentry

Known to some

  • Freer with his hands than he is with his purse -Carline Barmaid

Known to few

  • Likely one of the best pilots in Eorzea if he could stop crashing. - Unassuming Hyur

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