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Ishgard.jpg A'dien Epocan
Adien face.png
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Hybrid
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 35
Affiliations Orbis Vitalia (FC)
Roles Stealth; Striker
Main Discipline Rogue
Other Disciplines Monk
Alignment Chaotic Good

Basic Info

A'dien Epocan was once a successful shopkeeper who had been trained in the way of the Monks of Ala Mhigo and had taught himself the arts of the Ninja of Doma. His shop was a front for illicit activities, as he was a high-ranking member of a shadowy organization called the VIM Brotherhood. His knowledge of the leader's true identity, (as well as how to defeat him), made him a target, resulting in the death of almost all of his friends and loved ones, as well as the destruction of his shop in the Lavender Beds. He is currently under the care of one Adam Knight, a friend of B'hen Tia who seeks to enlist A'dien in the ongoing war effort against the Garlean Empire.


A'dien was born to A'shuren Tia and Claros Epocan, a forbidden union of a Tia and a Keeper of the Moon. When A'dien's uncle A'druien, the Nunh of their tribe, discovered that his own brother had betrayed him, he banished him and his son from the tribe, forcing them to travel across the Dravanian Forelands to find shelter. They were taken in by another camp of Seekers, and A'shuren made his way southeast toward the Black Shroud to reunite with his lover, Claros.

After finding each other again, the pair bore their child away to Ala Mhigo, where he spent his early years being taught by the Fists of Rhalgr in the ways of the Monk. When King Theodric launched his assault on the Monks, A'shuren is slain due to him trying to protect his son, who had been taught the arts since he could walk. Claros and A'dien flee the capitol and make for Gridania. However, they are captured by soldiers loyal to the mad King and put in a small prison in an outpost in the middle of nowhere. The soldiers bludgeoned A'dien and put him into a coma, then raped Claros repeated for nearly two weeks. Finally, Claros is able to escape with her son and made for Gridania once more.

Upon arriving in the forest, they are picked up by a Wood Wailer patrol east of the citystate. Claros is taken prisoner and has a PTSD attack, stealing a bow from one of her escorts, killing two Wailers, and stealing a ferry boat with her comatose son in tow the whole time. As she made her way down the river, an archer's arrow found her and she dies almost instantly. However, the current had caught the boat and was taking it away faster and too dangerously for them to pursue it. And so it made its way to the sea.

A fishing boat spotted the small rowboat and finds the comatose A'dien and his mother's corpse in it, taking the boy with him and leaving the body for the birds. The fisherman returns to Limsa Lominsa, where he delivers the boy to a Miqo'te named B'aerin Tia who had lost his son to an infected leg wound. A'dien woke up as they entered the citystate's walls and said that he had no memories from before that moment. So he began his life anew in Limsa, adopted by a retired ferry skipper.