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 Bentii Amariyo Fleur
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 19
Hair Black (Like Raven Feathers) with dyed purple tips
Skin Alabaster
Eyes Thin almond shaped with long black eyelashes, right eye is dark purple while the left one is a pale lilac
Weight 107Pz
Height 4Fm 11lm
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Bentii is a Miqo'te, unaligned with any clan due to her mother being half Keeper half Seeker and her father an orphan (Born Keeper). Currently she is on the run from a man that goes by the alias of The Collector. A man that calls himself Vikar has taken her to Ul'dah, a place that Bentii has wanted to go due to the stories her grandmother told.


Bentii is on the shorter side of the normal Miqo’te height, standing just under five fulm (5ft). With soft skin that is so pale that it seems to glow when the moon is full and shines on her skin. There are no scars, nor marks anywhere on her body due to her lack of physical conflict in her life.

Bentii has a perfect hourglass figure, wide hips and full breasts with a smaller shaped waist. It is clear she does some sort of physical activity often (dancing) due to her lightly toned muscles.


Bentii is just a kind person who has a heart to big for most people. She is accepting and welcoming to anyone who talks to her, no hesitations whatsoever. Finding a light at the end of a dark tunnel is her specialty. She is ditzy and clumsy... kind of a space case. But she is just an all-out friend of anyone that is willing to accept her friendship.

A natural curiosity reigns most of Bentii’s decisions. She tends to find herself in situations that can have the turn for the worse when it comes to the things that call to her curious nature.

For an easy summary on Bentii’s kindness you could say she is the one you will see taking her own clothes off her back to give to someone that needs them more than her.

Alignment: Currently Lawful/Good (Further development can change alignment)

Religion/Philosophy: Religion was not something that Bentii learned when she was young due to her parents not being religious either. But if she was to ever learn of the teachings from a God/Goddess that called to her kind, warm nature then she would happily follow them.

Sexuality: Straight

Positive Personality Traits:

Kind, Intelligent, Curious, Warm, Trusting

Negative Personality Traits:

Trusting, Curious, Has a tendency to over-react



  • Dancing
  • Magic
  • People
  • Music
  • Sweets
  • Fighting
  • Slavery
  • Rudeness
  • Blood
  • The Collector
  • Death
  • Dancing
  • Conjuration
  • Wind Magic

Misc. Quirks

  • Rubs her arms when she is nervous
  • Sleep walks
  • Talks in her sleep
  • Constantly moving (tip of her tail twitching, ears flicking, some sort of subtle movement)
  • Coughs when she wants to change a subject


  • With her fair skin she tends to burn in the sun easily
  • Has low control over the Earth Elementals, little control over Water, and no control over Fire (Fire tends to explode in her face)
  • She is very trusting of strangers



- Grandmother (Maternal): L’besha Sahin

L’besha was born and raised in Ul’dah in the Viper tribe Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te. L’besha was well known as one of the most popular dancers within the city, many came everywhere to watch her dance. Her tribe valued her very much for her devotion to their tribes traditional dancing as well as her skill in hunting. This tribe was known for meshing themselves with the city life as well as their old tribe ways. Even though they were known for mixing their ways with the common city life it was still forbidden to have relations with anyone outside of the tribe. Unfortunately L’besha had fallen in love with a merchant that had courted her for a time. Deciding to run away from her home so she could be with him they made their way to Gridania, his home.

- Grandfather (Maternal): Dahl’ir Amariyo

Dahl’to is a Miqo’te, Keeper of the Moon, who was orphaned at a young age. He has no recollections of the accident that took all of his family and scared his body. Growing up in Gridania he joined the Conjuror’s guild due to his talent with communing with the Elementals. They raised him until he was 19, where he left to join a merchant’s company so he could travel Eorzea. He met a beautiful Sun Seeker Miqo’te that he immediately fell in love with the moment her saw her. After months of courting her and attempting to encourage her to break her tribe’s law so they could be together he finally convinced her to come with him to their home. Eventually he branched off from the company and began to build his own so he could better support his family and offer them a life he wished for them.

- Mother: L’tasha Amariyo

Learned to dance from her mother when growing up in Gridania. She was a kind hearted woman that saw the good in all things. Teaching her daughter about the beauty of the world as well as the traditional Seeker dancing style. L’tasha doted on her daughter, giving her all that she could and encouraging Bentii to learn how to use her gift of communing with the elementals. With a heart so big it was devastating to her when her daughter was taken from her. When L’tasha got sick she didn’t try to fight back against the sickness and so she died in her sleep within a year of her daughter being taken.

- Father: Ishen’to Entineh

A Keeper of the Moon Miqo’te that worked for Bentii’s Grandfather (Dahl’ir Amariyo). After a fall out with his tribe over him wanting to join a merchant’s tradeskill instead of their traditional hunters, he left his tribe and was hired on by Dahl’ir. Spending most of his young adult life learning the trade and found himself loving the time spent doing so. He fell in love with L’tasha’s kindness and went to Dahl’ir and L’basha asking for their daughters hand if it was her wish to do so. When he married into their family he was given rights to the company, eventually taking it over when Dahl’ir passed away. The company was small to begin with and his vision for it to become bigger was planned out day and night. Eventually there was an error made in the numbers and he found that he owed a few other business money that he did not have. Afraid to lose his company and have his family living on the streets he borrowed money from a sketchy group that tricked him into borrowing money he could never pay back (with the interst build up). When his daughter was taken he did all he could to try and earn back the money to get her back but failed to do so before his wife passed away form sickness. Driven by madness he tried to take her back by force but was killed in the process.


- Rehnly Vikar

A miqo'te who has lost his birth name due to his time in slavery. He was taken at a young age from his clan via unknown means but it was likely due to the twisted acts of another. When put into the darker underbelly of Ul'dah he was stripped of his clan name and it was replaced with a more common name. Removing the marker of what clan he comes from and it is still unknown if either of his names are a bastardization of his former. All that is known is he is free now and is kept under constant watch due to his gift of a very strong etherical power. Little is known on the details. Recently has rescued Bentii from her cover in the shroud, agreeing to take her to Ul'dah and to watch over her some while she gets used to the city.


- Reubegeant Evradeux (Roo-bay-jean Evra-dough )

AKA: The Collector

A Duskwight Elezen that is one of the sub-leaders of a crime organization that branches out over the three main cities (His location being Gridania). He lent Bentii’s father some money in the knowledge that he wouldn’t be able to pay back the intrest. When Ishen’to couldn’t pay the money back he took all of their belongings as well as Bentii herself in payment, causing her family to be homeless and separated. He treated Bentii like a pet for years, using her however he saw fit. (It is rumored that the group he works for may have sabotaged the entire scene with Bentii’s father)


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