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There's a hero in every heart just waiting for the dragon to come out.

Birth Name: Berenger Mercier

Gender: Male

Race & Clan: Elezen, Ishgardian

Age: Twenty nine

Height 6 fulms 11 ilms

Weight: 250ish ponze

Nameday: 17th Sun of the Third Astral Moon

Guardian deity: Halone


Birth Place: Coerthas, Western Highlands

Citizenship: Ishgard

Residence: Wanderer

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Job: Ex-Dragoon Knight, Mercenary

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Fishing, Training

Alignment: True Good

Latest activities (RP hooks): Wandering about the city-states looking for work or someone to pass the time with in pleasant conversation.

Berenger is an ex-knight dragoon who has served his time and managed to make it away with his life.

He has a strong sense of justice and will not keep himself from going above the law to see that it is served.

Despite his rather intense training and brief stint on the front lines fighting the dravarian horde the man is still upbeat and friendly to most he meets.


Berenger is large by most Elezen standards in both height and physical bulk. Back in his days spent with the rigorous training as a Dragoon he was a bit more lithe and limber, he has since added a bit more mass to himself. The ability to eat a nice healthy diet and working more with his body than training has him with a physique that is both solid like a tree yet soft to the touch. His eyes are a piercing golden dawn as the sun crests over the horizon, a coldness to them at time that you can only achieve through battle hardened determination. He typically smells faintly of a fine citrus based cologne, notes of sweet hidden amongst the more masculine overtones.

Scars & Markings: The mans body is a testament to his time spent on the battlefield. Several scars adorn his face in such a pattern one might infer they are from his helmet begin torn violently from his head in some fashion, though they are mostly superficial. If you were to ever see him without a shirt you would be able to see the much more grevious scars he has earned. His right side has the markings some creature's frightening large mouth filled with sharp teeth. Sporadically there are more minor signs of cuts or punctures, the occasional rough patches of flesh denoting previous burns he had suffered as well.

Voice: A subtle ishgardian accent, a low baritone with warmer undertones that make him seem more friendly and approachable than his expression might.

Clothing: Varies depending on the day and the location. He dresses for comfort and function, not looks.

Confident, Brave, Friendly, Patient, Loyal, Honest

  • Northern honeyed wine
  • Deep conversation
  • Libraries and books
  • Military tactics
  • Raising animals
  • Training
  • Things that are cute
  • A good laugh
  • Being incredibly corny


  • Dragons
  • Large bodies of government
  • Corruption
  • Imbeciles
  • Cruelty
  • Tomatoes
  • Large crowds
  • Nobility
  • Dishonesty

Distinctive Features

  • Dragons
  • Large storms
  • Ghosts
  • Rejection


  • Favorite food: Various tropical fruits
  • Favorite drink: mead, cider
  • Favorite colour: Blue
  • Vices: The thrill of battle excites him more than any drug.
  • Possible alignment: True good

Skills & Abilities

   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Ever the martial fighter, Berenger was once at the pinnacle of shape to be a member of the elite knight dragoon order. It has been some time since he had that honor and he may not have the speed and prowess he once had, but he can still take a crippling blow and keep getting back up for more.

The man is intelligent as he is stubborn, but has some of the worse luck imaginable. It was purely by training and skill he manged to live through the hell he has, but he came out all the better for it in the end. It is due to this poor luck he never sought to further his knowledge of the aetheric magicks that always seemed so finicky and unreliable to him.

OOC Information

Stances on RP: Usually 'heavy' kind of RP, with emphasis on humane character development and growth as well as gritty or light-hearted, overall mature settings. Modest tri-dimensional characters, lasting and creative plots. I'm not okay with overpowered types of characters or unrealistic characters, or mary-sues. I am not okay with breaking the lore. I will however always try to adapt to my RP partners specific styles and needs!

Hooks and relationships: Totally open to any idea that can provide potential quality RP with my character. If you feel that my character profile can provide a hook for a story you have in mind, don't hesitate to reach me out to see what can be done! I am also definitely open for family ties, or background/business connections between characters.

RP combat and injuries: Open for most systems as long as they make sense to me. I can roll random dices or settle it through a fully organic RP exchange without any other tool, or a combination of both. I am a strong supporter of dealing with the consequences of every actions our characters do (except when true death, or other very dire things have to happen, which will need my consent).

Miscellaneous: That wiki page is pure OOC knowledge unless your character specifically knows or learned about it.

Important! If anything that my character does or says unsettles you in an OOC manner, or if suddenly you are not okay with something in my RP, please let me know right away! Communication is key! I am also very embarrassed and anxious when it comes to reach people out ingame repeatedly, so.. don't hesitate to tell me if I'm being intrusive or anything.

Server and Timezone

Player Info: US player, GMT-5. Usually available between 0200 and 0600 EST on Monday and Friday, or most of the day any other time.

Server: Balmung

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