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Berrod Armstrong is an Ala Mhigan highlander who works for a Free Company that operates out of the Goblet in Thanalan. Prior to his association with the Free Company, his day to day life consisted of seeking means of survival in post-Calamity Eorzea. He has recently officially entered into the Fists of Rhalgr led by Widargelt Beake, and even more recently taken up residence in the Ala Mhigan Quarter.


Berrod is a tall and solidly built Highlander male who reaches a proud height of six fulms and seven ilms. His body is at its physical peak, wrapped in two hundred and eighty-nine ponz of bulky, well-worked muscle. His most distinguishable feature is the shock of red hair on his head. Bright green eyes peer from behind an oft-folded brow, the prelude to a rather roughly handsome face accented with a neatly trimmed red beard about his hard, square jaw. His name tells no lies, both the Highlander's arms are powerfully muscled and rather large, with moderate vascularity and a ruddy dusting of hair along his corded forearms. They end in big calloused hands with scarred knuckles -- a testament to both hard labor and training. He proudly sports a prominent chest (also red-swept with hair), a broad back and a well-developed core that tapers slightly at the waist before expanding into trunk-like thighs and calves. While the intricacies of his form are usually obscured by his clothing, Berrod's big frame is enough to go by. Berrod seemed to be very interested in gaining mass at one point, and it has shown results; every few moons he appeared noticeably larger than he had been prior. He has gone from a starting weight of two hundred and thirty-five ponz in the streets of Ul'Dah, to his current weight of two hundred and eighty nine ponz.
Aspects That Stand Out:
His hair. It's blood red, and often pulled back into a tail.
He's rather large -- on the bigger side for highlanders, though not exactly the largest there is.
He's usually quite scowly -- smiles are rare, but genuine.


While fighting to survive in Pearl Lane and the streets of Ul'Dah, Berrod had developed a rather crude, rough, violent and short-tempered personality. The man was as easily pleased as he was angered, however, and found enjoyment in simple things like sharing a meal with friends.

When in a good mood, Berrod was often crudely flirtatious and prone to levity, known for his loud and scandalous barks of laughter. As anger took over he was quick to resort to violence, no matter how imposing his target was. The Highlander was no stranger to obscene language and had no qualms about belting out profanity -- regardless of who was around.

Later on, once he had extracted himself from the street situation, Berrod came across as a serious no-nonsense fellow, though he had his rare moments of levity and other juvenile pursuits. Where his temper was once short and his reactions overt, he gained a tendency to hide most of his reactions behind a solid wall of solemn regard. The wall was not permanent, and fell in the private presence of close friends and lovers.

Recently his personality has balanced somewhat, especially in light of his induction into the new Fists of Rhalgr. While there is a definite serious side to his dealings, one can easily identify the man's history of thuggery through his speech, and odd lapses. He does his best to help those who come to him in need with patience and due consideration. While it may not always be apparent, he is a deeply religious man -- even when he slips, one would not hear him take Rhalgr's name in vain.

Berrod is a persistent and hardworking individual, willing to do what it takes to achieve a goal. This manifests in his tendency to work long hours at whatever job he finds as well as train incessantly until he is satisfied with his level of progress.


Meditation. Berrod enjoys the quiet diligence of meditation; it is where he does most of his thinking, and the source of most of his insight.
Training. The man cannot get enough of hard training and sparring; he's always up for a fight whether it's friendly or not.


Obnoxious Arrogance. Berrod tends to despise people who seem to think that they're better than others without proving so first - he has proven himself to be a bit of a hypocrite in this regard.
Sweets. He hates sweets! They disgust him, they make him sick - and thirsty. The taste is awful!.


Prospecting. Berrod has taken a liking to prospecting and appraising bits of ore and raw gems to make guesses at their value. He's usually rather accurate.
Groundskeeping. Keeping a yard nice and clean, making sure a building is scrubbed and presentable -- those tasks put the Highlander at peace.


Physical Strength. Berrod is quite physically strong -- there's no two ways about it. If there's any task that needs pure brawn, he's a prime candidate to see it done..
Stamina. While not absolutely tireless, Berrod is a wellspring of vigor, able to keep at tasks for long periods of time, or simply endure awful amounts of punishment and still persevere.


Magic. When it comes to matters of magic, Berrod is often lost and incapable, beyond a hazy theoretical knowledge of the basics.
Trust. Even though it takes some time for a person to prove themselves in his eyes, Berrod is a man who is somewhat quick to place his trust in his friends and allies. That trust can either be exploited or simply placed in the wrong person. He has often felt the backlash of this, through both betrayal and simple disappointment in those at his side.


His loved ones - A predictable enough thing -- though one Berrod keeps close to his chest. Everything he does, he does for the ones he loves, be they living or long passed -- it includes himself, for the Highlander is no stranger to bouts of selfishness. He trains for the one who trained him, he wishes to provide for his family, he strives to keep his friends safe. Most important of all, he labours to live a happy and fulfilling life for himself.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Caleb Agron, relationship. ( ) - Bonded.
Character's Thoughts: " Brightest star I know."
Caleb Agron
Caleb was a guest at one of Berrod's old places of employment, who Berrod had set his sights on making a one night conquest. The plan went awry as the two Highlanders ended up growing quite close -- close enough to eventually become lovers. Despite the many tests that their relationship has endured and regardless of their often conflicting personalities, the pair said their vows of Eternal Bonding to seal their union for life.
Caden Agron, relationship. ( ) - Bonded.
Character's Thoughts: " My moon, quiet an' cool."
Caden Agron
The beginning of Berrod's acquaintance with the Caleb's identical twin was turbulent due to a bit of early deception on Caden's part. The twin posed as his brother to seduce Berrod, which almost shattered the twins' relationship. It took several moons for Berrod to trust Caden again, but since the man's move to Thanalan, the two of them have resolved their issues and grown close -- close enough to join their hands in bonding.
Sarij Rahzersyn, relationship. ( ) - Bonded.
Character's Thoughts: "The deep green sea."
Sarij Rahzersyn
Sarij Rahzersyn , who Berrod affectionately refers to as 'Flowers', is a Sea Wolf who was once a guest at the Spectrum Lounge during Berrod's time there. Berrod befriended Sarij during his stay, and has remained his friend ever since -- even through periods when Sarij had been called out to sea for moons at a time. The two had shared a bed on more than one occasion, and have since joined hands in bonding.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.

Alistair Greywolf, relationship. ( ) - Friend.
Character's Thoughts: "'s complicated. I can rely on 'im though. Won't mix matters there."
Alistair Greywolf
Berrod and Alistair have had a tumultuous relationship, ranging from being lovers to being enemies at one point. Now they have settled into brotherhood -- though things can become complicated at times. Still, Berrod considers the man a loved one.
Autgar Bloode, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Pupil.
Character's Thoughts: "He's a lil' strange, but as good as a friend could get. It's sickenin' sometimes. I don't really know anybody who dislikes 'im. Scary though, just a lil' bit. Strong, too."
Autgar Bloode
Berrod encountered Autgar through a chance meeting with members of the Blue Sky Ventures Free Company. Curious about the man's strength, he purchased a fight from him through an auction and was subsequently demolished. That fight led to the kindling of a friendship, which gave way to training the Highlander in the ways of the Fist. Berrod intends to see the man's full potential realised.

Aya Foxheart, relationship. ( ) - Friend.
Character's Thoughts: "Ray o'sunshine-- an I mean that in the best way!"
Aya Foxheart
Berrod was introduced to the Quicksand waitress during one of his many visits there, and was instantly captivated by her beauty and upbeat nature. Though their encounters were few and far between, he enjoyed every interaction with her. After a recent visit, he hopes to keep in closer contact and see her more often.

Balthius Stark, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Pupil.
Character's Thoughts: "A man with potential -- just needs some direction and a bit of a push."
Balthius Stark
Berrod met Balthius through company matters, and the two became friends -- eventually, Balthius sought Berrod's teachings, and the two developed a student-teacher relationship atop the existing friendship. Berrod believes that Balthius is a man rife with potential, he simply needs to find his focus and apply it.
Beexu Spiritbreaker, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Company Mate.
Character's Thoughts: " Wild spark, that one."
Beexu Spiritbreaker
Berrod was introduced to Beexu when she joined his Free Company, and has worked with her several times in the field. The Highlander enjoys her spunky, wild and independent nature, and has a particular admiration for her insight regarding the more subtle disciplines of martial arts. He sees in her a rival for his students, and most importantly, a friend.
C'lai Nunh, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Rival.
Character's Thoughts: "I call 'im the Aetherfury. Fight 'im and find out why."
C'lai Nunh
Berrod first encountered C'lai in Western Thanalan, where the aetherically proficient fist fighter challenged him to a duel. After an intense bout, the Highlander emerged victorious. It was the beginning of a fierce rivalry that has resulted in a string of high-powered battles. After each one, the two grow to understand each other a little more. Berrod shamelessly calls the man a friend.
Cerina Borlaaq, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Company Mate.
Character's Thoughts: "She deals in both common sense an' death."
Cerina Borlaaq
A veteran of their Free Company alongside Berrod, Cerina has braved through many trials. Berrod values her keen judgement and insight, and often applies her counsel to his decisions, whether he agrees entirely with them or not. While awkward during simple interactions, he considers her a friend and would very easily trust her with his life.

Dondubhan Kelly, relationship. ( ) - Friend.
Character's Thoughts: "You should see the man dance. Puts me to shame."
Dondubhan Kelly
Berrod met the talented performer during an evening of provocative performances. After a few moons they met again in the Silver Bazaar, and struck up a very easygoing friendship. Berrod also feels just a tiny pang of jealousy anytime the man talks about his parents, yet is always thrilled to hear about what such a family life is like.
Edana Gundyr, relationship. ( ) - Acquaintance.
Character's Thoughts: "Friendly gal. Tough too, by the looks of it."
Edana Gundyr
Berrod chanced to meet Edana in the Quicksand while he was gathered with his company mates. Their first meeting was rather brief, but the two sat and talked at length on a later occasion. Aside from a few details that had been shared with him, Berrod doesn't know her too well, but he enjoyed her refreshing, down-to-earth demeanour.
Evening Fist, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Rival
Character's Thoughts: "A mystery, if I'm gonna be honest -- but a friendly one, so it ain't a issue."
Evening Fist
As with most of his friends, Berrod's meeting with Evening was a matter of chance. Since then, he and the Far Eastern Roegadyn have developed a friendship and casual rivalry based on deep, mutual respect. Granted, so far Berrod's skill with his fists has yet to match up to Evening's skill with a blade.
Flora Valerian, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Fellow Monk.
Character's Thoughts: "...more devout than most other monks I've met. Still in need o'some balance, though."
Flora Valerian
A very young ascetic monk who hailed from Gyr Abania, Flora impressed Berrod with her devotion to the religious and philosophical aspects of monkhood. He has since then resolved to aid her development however he can, all the while learning from her steadfast determination to live well enough for the Destroyer.
Garyn Almos, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Company Mate.
Character's Thoughts: "...a Highlander from the East! Don't know many o'those..."
Garyn Almos
An adopted member of the Oronir tribe of the Azim Steppe, Garyn has traveled to Eorzea by decree of his brothers. Berrod finds the man enigmatic and very strange, but enjoys his upbeat nature and eagerness to learn -- even if he finds himself oversupplied with fish.
Giles Leigh, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Training Partner.
Character's Thoughts: "...spritey fella. Got a lot of power an' potential, an' with that comes all the lessons to learn about harnessin' it."
Giles Leigh
A somewhat unorthodox Sharlayan youth, Giles' interest in fist fighting drew Berrod's attention, and was the subject that formed their friendship. Berrod provided what guidance he could to help the young man enter the Fist of Rhalgr, and enjoys assessing his progress with the occasional spar. He has high hopes for him, something which he's made no secret of.

Khadan Arulaq, relationship. ( ) - Friend.
Character's Thoughts: "Wise, strong, a little strange! All the stuff a good friend is made of."
Khadan Arulaq
Khadan is one of a few Xaela Berrod knows and trusts. He often listens to the man's stories, anecdotes and counsel. Their friendship has been a culturally enlightening experience for the Highlander. Berrod acknowledges his strength, and thinks that he has great potential for training in the destructive arts of the fist.
Martin Adler, relationship. ( ) - Acquaintance/Rival?
Character's Thoughts: "He's a soldier in the resistance. You fill in th'rest. I like 'im, though."
Martin Adler
Martin Adler is a soldier in the resistance who came into Berrod's acquaintance by way of the events and aftermath of the Gyr Abanian liberation campaign. Berrod has an appreciation for the man's somewhat wild, free nature -- despite being within ranks. He remains unaware of the man's heritage, but likely would not discriminate regardless.
Milo North, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Rival.
Character's Thoughts: "Wild, that one. Good in a fight, knows what he's about. Don't call him Brother for nothing..."
Milo North
After a chance meeting out in Thanalan, Milo and Berrod became friends -- and through that, brothers and rivals. Though they only see one another every once in a while, each meeting goes as if their parting had been but a day before.
N'hara Tia, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Pupil.
Character's Thoughts: "One o'mine, yeah. He's workin' hard for what he wants, and I respect that."
N'hara Tia
N'hara impressed Berrod during a spar out in Eastern Thanalan, which convinced the Highlander to take the Seeker on as a student. .
Orion Llewelyn, relationship. ( ) - Acquaintance.
Character's Thoughts: "Don't matter that he's on the smaller side. The bastard can climb like nothin' else, and can hold his own in a fight."
Orion Llewelyn
Berrod chanced a meeting with Orion while resting at Fesca's wash. After witnessing the man's climbing skills he was prompted to start a conversation and introduce himself. From there he found out that the man was a treasure hunter, and immediately sought out his acquaintance. After a bit of conversation Orion demonstrated his skill in combat, and left the Highlander both impressed and looking forward to working with him.
Osric Melkire, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Pupil.
Character's Thoughts: "Salt and sand is what comes to mind. He's a good man recoverin' from bein' a bad one, and I can respect that -- especially since he's got a family. He's strong, too. Just needs a reminder that there'll always be stronger, and that's alright."
Osric Melkire
Osric is a man Berrod would trust with his life and then some. He often speaks highly of the Midlander and refers to him as an example to others. Even though Berrod is his teacher, the pair have cultivated a small rivalry, especially during spars and other contests. Nevertheless, it is usually friendly and almost always constructive.
Prelati Prana, relationship. ( ) - Acquaintance.
Character's Thoughts: "Friendly, respectful, willin' to learn, with some skill, to boot. She's someone I'm lookin' forward to gettin' to know better."
Prelati Prana
Prelati is a young woman hailing from the island nation of Thavnair. She sought for a teacher to help her improve her knowledge in the martial arts, and so found the will to approach Berrod. After a spar, Berrod was impressed with both her skill and discipline, and offered to teach her.

Reks Blanc, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Company Mate.
Character's Thoughts: "If there's a man to sooth yer hurts, it's him."
Reks Blanc
Reks served Berrod's Free Company as a healer both in house and out on the field. His work earned him a place among the most senior healers in the ranks. Outside of that the two interact somewhat infrequently, though every meeting is filled with meaning and education. Aside from what little conversational ground they have in common, the pair have sparred against one another often enough for Berrod to consider him a friend -- even if he does think the fellow is a bit odd.
Sergei Harlenk, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Company Mate.
Character's Thoughts: "If there's something you wanna know about magic, I reckon he's the man you'll wanna go see."
Sergei Harlenk
A mage of many talents, Sergei's knowledge of spellcraft very often goes above poor Berrod's head. Nevertheless, Berrod trusts the man to handle things in his area of expertise, and has more than once praised him for his work on warding their company headquarters. Outside of that, Berrod finds his balance between his magical and physical prowess impressive.
Shizu Moshroca, relationship. ( ) - Friend.
Character's Thoughts: "She helped out when she didn't have to, an' I'll always owe her for that."
Shizu Moshroca
Berrod came to know Shizu during his troubles with Gunnar Bloodblade. Though the two butted heads at one point, he came to appreciate her willingness to assist others without expecting anything in return. He also respected her wish for the different manners of monks to get together and talk -- though to him that bit is perhaps generations in the making. All things considered, he regards her as a friend.
Soshin Sinner, relationship. ( ) - Acquaintance.
Character's Thoughts: "I don't really know 'im well, but he seems strong."
Soshin Sinner
Berrod has only encountered Sinner a few times in passing, but has observed him to be a very capable fighter. It has earned the Au Ra a measure of his respect.
Subtle Raptor, relationship. ( ) - Acquaintance.
Character's Thoughts: "Weird as all hells, but there ain't no harm in it."
Subtle Raptor
Berrod has only peripheral acquaintance with Raptor, this cannot proclaim to know her well. He finds her demeanour rather eccentric, though he admits it to be amusing.
Ulfarr Reddwing, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Pupil.
Character's Thoughts: "He's so damn weird, but he's got potential."
Ulfarr Reddwing
Ulfarr Reddwing is a quirky, flighty and generally odd fellow who Berrod became acquainted to through his free company. Their interactions were limited for a time, until Ulfarr requested to be trained. Berrod agreed, which established a relationship as teacher and pupil. Despite all of Ulfarr's oddities, Berrod finds himself invested in the man's success, and more recently, his well being.
Val Covington, relationship. ( ) - Friend.
Character's Thoughts: "You mess wit' him, you mess wit' me."
Val Covington
Val met Berrod on bad terms, but through fighting the two gained a mutual respect for one another that has since then become friendship. Until a recently Berrod had not heard from Val in some time. He often speaks of the Miqo'te almost fondly.
Viktor Harlenk, relationship. ( ) - Friend/Company Mate.
Character's Thoughts: "He's a man who'd dance in a party, then show his stuff on the battlefield. His hair's strange, but I got used to it. If it's a good friend you're lookin' for, then look in his direction."
Viktor Harlenk
Berrod met a drunken Viktor in the Quicksand of all places, drinking his gil away in what seemed like the latest in a string of bad decisions. The Highlander decided to take the other back to the Agent Company house so that he could sleep safely. From there, he offered the man a job, and a professional relationship developed alongside an ever evolving friendship. Viktor is one of his favourite people to attend dances and parties with, along with Ulfarr. The man's ability to have a good time anywhere is often a source of relief, and happiness.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Used to oversee the Grindstone. Ran it for a short stint, when it was between hands. Probably doesn't count."
"I heard that he spends almost all his time training."
"Teaches a class of Pugilists on Darksday mornings, early. Tough, but they learn."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"He's bonded, I heard. Saw the ring too!"
"They say he wrote some scrolls on some powerful old techniques -- I don't believe that though, he doesn't even look like he can read."
"He don't drink no more. Prolly cause o'his religion."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"He's a dead ringer for that old bandit who ran a racket out in Thanalan a few years back -- but that guy's dead, and this guy's a moron."


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Eh? Yeah, he's an asshole--but I wouldn't fuck with 'em 'less y'want y'damned head smashed in. Damn good drinkin' partner, though." — Val Nunh.
"Some can never turn their sordid lives around; others can. Berrod knows what a second chance is and even if he is... 'rough' around the edges, he is a good man. Always keep that in mind when dealing with him." — Kayllen Stormbringer.
"There's no mystery to him! What you see is what you get--and Zindelo finds that to be very refreshing, really." — Zindelo Tarantella.
"Not someone you want to fuck with if you value your ability to walk." — Oscare Iono.
"Armstrong... he's something else. Hell of a fighter and a sweetheart to boot. I thought I had a chance with him once but alas it wasn't to be. He's a lot more than a gorgeous pile of muscle." — Obsidian Hornet.
"His kick broke my ribs, despite my breastplate. Without it they'd probably have been picking up pieces of me all over Central Thanalan" — Natalie McBeef.
"I think he and I have an understanding between us. At any rate, I trust his judgment." — Warren Castille.
"He's big, thick-headed, stubborn as hell and impulsive to boot; that is, the BEST kind of customer!" — Crooked Tarot.
"Oh I've seen this guy around! <Lets out a cute, squealing 'OH!'> I just want to meet him!" — Aya Foxheart.
"Well he's a pretty nice guy considering he didn't kill me after I fired a cannon through his roof especially since everyone said he was going to." — S'imba Tia.
"I kinda find 'im 'ard to distinguish from all the other bulgin' young sons of Ala Mhigo 'round Ul'dah. He fucked up my leg in a bout, 'nd was a damn good lad 'bout it. I would. I mean fight 'im 'gain, that is" — Kale Aideron.
"We fought once, he held back.I could tell. Don't fight him if you value your life. He punches like a Golem. " — [[Aaron Frostheart].
"You know, he's just as amazing as they say!" — Aya Foxheart.
"Master Armstrong is a strong, noble man. His training is trying, to be sure. He'll break your body down as much as your will-with his own fists no less. Whether I'll be built back into something resembling myself is yet to be seen." — Zachary Evans.
"Good for conversation. He has much on his mind. I'd offer a spar, but he has responsibilities I would not want to keep him from. Lend him an ear." — Teld're Eska'aldren.
"Highlander, right? I bet he looks bloody magnificent wi'out his shirt on. But one has heard rumors on how muscles develop on the body leave...other areas lacking. I wonder..." — Steel Wolf.
"There's a lot more to the man than he wants ya ta know, just takes some work to get it outta him." — Caleb Agron.
"Thaliak has blessed Sir Armstrong, he teaches and he leads well. All of his ilk; sees the worth of people well I think. Some are graced with him showing them their true inner strength. Or graced with seeing his." — Jancis Milburga.
"There was a time where Berry was far more callous, but that was Turns ago. I urge you strongly to not squander the chance he gives should your rivers cross. He is full of vitality and longevity few possess. Every bone he might break is an investment as are his words. Will find your life more fulfilling even only being his acquaintance." — Jancis Milburga.
Rare Rumor"Was honored to be there with Berry and Lord Caleb. That was a wonderful day, Menphina was so close, and I never saw the man blush before. He hugged Sir Evans and the care and raw emotion right before me was engulfing. Every time he assists me with healing the wounded, I feel that same care. That man's heart must be twice as big as any common man's." — Jancis Milburga.
"We're two men, he 'n' I, lookin' t'break new trail. Only gods-damned question is whether the ghosts what haunt our pasts will let us." — Osric Melkire.
"S'one'f th'strongest guys I know. I owe a lot t'the man. 'e was teachin' me things before I even knew 'e could be teachin' me things. F'there's anyone in this world y'can ever count on, it'd be ol' Berrod." — Val Nunh.
"Armstrong's a handsome bastard. He's far too young to remember the homeland, of course, but its spirit is alive and well in his lust for battle. I'd often see him scrapping in the Lane, and it was amusing tae see the nervous looks of the nearby Blades. I expect he did naught to better their perception of us." — Brynhilde Wulf.
"Berrod Armstrong? Hmm... I'm not sure what to make of him, he can fluctuate between wise and gruff quite quickly, but for some reason... I just know he's a good person at heart, so that's all that really matters." — C'eleni Meztli.
"He looks like he is ready to punch anything at any time! That's why I always stay at least five arms length away when I see him, I don't need to find out how far he can lunge!" — T'caska Khevo.
"I advised Bryn to burn that pamama hammock he called a bathing suit at the Mr. Eorzea contest for sanitary purposes. Nice guy, though." — Daghbheri Himalspyr.
"Well, he was obviously in pain, so I wanted to help him, but he was shirtless too, so it was very odd for me. Does no one wear shirts around here? — Eorla Brynn.
"Saw dis man sparrin' wit' dis other lad. From teh look o' it, he means serious business. Kinda 'mind meh o' meh sista. Migh' learn a thing or too from 'im though" — Chiyo Hoshi.
"He's the one that gave me the Rhalgr scrolls... Good reading material, certainly worth trying to put into practice, though I don't think I've the capability. Probably my favorite of the Twelve so far but I'm just not cut out for this meditation stuff... Oh, I guess I wish he'd cover up a bit more." — Jana Ridah.
"He attended a meeting at The Cross Mansion.. I could not stop staring at his abs. It was hard to keep focused.. I'm not usually one for Hyur's.. but.. I would rub those abs for days." — War Bear.
"Old Order. Same direction." — Flamesong Hammersmith.
"Mistah Berrod? Oh, 'e's a polite man, but I'm also not 'fraid ta admit 'e intimidates tha hells outta me, eitha." — Nahare Mergrey.
"I am most pleased I did brave the crowd to encounter Berrod. Training as a monk under his tutelage has proven to be one of the greatest decisions in my life. I do look forward to learning more. He hath not only become a mentor but also a very good friend." — Valentinoix Thibault.
"Rumor has it he tries to fight his students to the death to get them to improve. Good for 'em, I say. Berrod's a good man, though, and I can't wait for our next match. See if his ground game's improved." — Worren Tigre.
"He is helping rebuild his old home as much as his new, I saw. Building moral and bringing blood back to the dry canyons. It was so nice to see him once more." — Jancis Milburga.
"He is good at writing. Finds the most amazing things to send and keep my spirits up with. The color purple is very important." — Jancis Milburga.
"Brother Berrod is my teacher. Or-- well, he is my teacher's teacher. So-- for that, I owe him all the more, because he taught my teacher, and then decided I was worthy to learn from him, too. And I am grateful for it. I have never met anyone who I could discuss our faith with, with such ease. He is extremely knowledgeable. So I feel lucky to know him, yes." — Flora Valerian.
"Add your own rumor here!" — Rumormonger.



Player Note
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I try to accommodate as much as I can when I roleplay, but everyone has limits. I ask only that my limits be respected, as well as any communication I offer on them. In turn I will do my utmost to respect and adhere to your own limitations. If it turns out that our roleplaying styles/stories/characters are not compatible -- that's fine! There's no hard feelings, and I would likely still very much like to hear about your character's adventures as well as offer tales of mine.
I will playHeck, almost anything! A friend, a rival, an enemy, even as far as a long-lost relative, though extensive discussion and planning needs to take place before that. I enjoy combat RP, from one on one to large scale combat events. Count me in! Whatever the combat system is, I'll likely adapt to it just so I can get in on the fun. I enjoy plots with intrigue as well, and would be more than happy to hop in on that stuff. If you need a Highlander NPC for placeholding/performance, feel free to contact me! I rarely shy from adult situations in roleplay so long as they are approached tastefully and with IC/OOC boundaries in mind. I'll add more as I think on!
I won't play The first no for me tends to be no godmoding/metagaming. It happens accidentally sometimes of course, and when it does I do my best to politely point it out via private messages. It's easy to work out a solution through mature and civil conversation. Character death is also no. Berrod is my baby, I want to keep playing him for as long as I play this game...or until I change my mind. Maiming is a maybe, barring some discussion. While I did say that I don't shy from adult situations, that doesn't mean I consider myself open to being solicited for roleplay of the sexual variety. There will be times when I communicate with another roleplayer and perhaps engage in a scene relevant to my character's plot and development, but I am not one for just doing that sort of thing just for the hell of it. Characters are welcome to solicit him in character of course; I expect players to deal with the results of that accordingly.
Just a couple things for now. I'll add more as things become relevant.
I am not my character. That's as simply as I can put it. Berrod Armstrong and all other characters I portray are all products of fictional writing within the FFXIV universe. The things my characters do and say do not necessarily reflect my own stances, opinions or choices of action. While I do my best to employ discretion to keep those exposed to my roleplay as comfortable as possible, I am very unlikely to change the very base of my characters to meet the demands of those who think the content of my roleplay does not appeal to them. In other words -- If something about my roleplay bothers someone, I will be mindful not to do it around them, but I will not change my character just because someone thinks I should.
I am MORE than just my character. I am a person with a life (or at least I'd like to think so), and as much as I love it, roleplaying is not my top priority. I will do everything I can to accommodate those who wish to roleplay with me, but there will be times when I am unavailable, or engaged otherwise. I won't always be around to roleplay with you -- but that's where communication comes in.


Potential Plot Hooks
Honestly, I'm completely open to a someone just approaching me and roleplaying to begin and establish a connection, but of course it's nice sometime to have a hook to grab onto! I've got a few.
Resident of Pearl Lane 3-5 years after the Calamity. If your character lived in Pearl Land (Ul'Dah) at any point three to five years after the Calamity, that can serve as a way for them to have known Berrod, given that he lived there as well.
Refugee in Southern Thanalan during the years leading up to the calamity. Berrod was a member of a refugee camp in Southern Thanalan -- it's simple enough to foster a connection with anyone else who experienced the same.
A member of the Pugilist's Guild. Berrod is a member of the Pugilist's guild -- and the instructor of a class that runs two days a week. Whether your character is simply another member or someone who attends those classes...we can use either as a hook!
A member of the newly reformed Fists of Rhalgr, under Widargelt Beake. Berrod has thrown in his lot with Widargelt's revival of the Fists of Rhalgr. It's quite an easy hook if your character has done the same, or happens to be an independently training monk who at least knows of them.
Adventurers, members of the Eorzean Alliance, and members of the Ala Mhigan Resistance situated in Rhalgr's Reach, Ala Gannha, Ala Ghiri during the Gyr Abanian campaign. Berrod decided to fight alongside the other factions during the push into Gyr Abania, despite Widargelt's abstinence from the conflict. He was also present during the battle in Ala Mhigo, helping clear the streets and causeways of Imperial fighters. An easy hook for characters who were also involved in any of that!
Residents of the Ala Mhigan Quarter. Berrod spends quite a bit of time there helping out however he can. Characters who do the same, or live in the Ala Mhigan Quarter have an easy enough hook to work with.
I'll add more as I think of them, but feel free to contact me and ask if there's anything unlisted you had in mind!

Character Lore Adherence
Oh, this ever-so-sticky topic. I like to think of myself as lore-compliant (and some would laugh at that declaration). However, I enjoy taking some of the blank spots and extrapolating in order to flesh out the small corner of the world my character lives in. Of course sometimes I have to make little changes based on information that's released, but -- honestly I think that just drives the whole 'lore compliant' thing home. There are times when I apply more bombastic elements to what already exists in order to provide intense roleplay experiences in line with what a Final Fantasy universe should feel like -- but even during those moments I do my best to stay within the bounds of what has been provided. I do not view the lore as a cage -- and I never will. If there is something that can be made reasonably plausible by following certain threads in the lore, I tend to be up for it. Please note the use of the word REASONABLE. Granted, it's rather easy when the majority of what I do on Berrod is MONK FIGHTING. If you wish to discuss any of this further with me, I'm open to being contacted.
Changes/additions will be made as needed.

Berrod Wiki Profile Image.JPG
Age - MID-20'S

Alias: Berry
Citizenship: Ala Mhigan
Occupation: Miner/Pugilism Trainer/Monk
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Complexion: Tan
Piercings: Ears
Marks or tattoos: None
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Key Items: A decent pair of pants!
Favorite Food: Aldgoat Steak
Favorite Drink: Apple Juice
Favorite Color: Red
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