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Binary is a stern Seeker of the Sun currently exploring the world in dedication to her nation. Often very secretive due to her allegiances; if you find yourself working alongside her, she will stand strong for you.



Given name: Binary sas Xelencia
Pronunciation: [Bai-ne-ri Zell-n-see-ah]
Nicknames/Aliases: "N'aire" (birth name)
Nameday: 21st Sun of the 1st Astral Moon, 1551
Age: 26
Place of birth: Ala Mhigo
Current residence: Garlemald; deployed; owns a house within Shirogane
Grand Company Allegiance:
Employment: Military
Devout: Not an active practitioner of religion
Handedness: Right


Height: Moderate height for her race (5.1 fulms)
Weight: Slightly less than average
Body: Slender, small bust
Hair: Short and messy, snow white in colour with black tips.
Eyes: Cat's eyes with a golden colour
Skin: Light
Scars/Markings: A rather large scar cuts across the bridge of her nose, along with the usual mirrored Miqo'te markings on her cheeks.
Clothes: She will more often than not always be wearing heavy armour fashioned into a long coat. A rebreather and tactical display are a common facial accessory, though she also has an Imperial style helmet.
Voice: A medium feminine pitch, which is often very dry and to the point.

Physical Ability

  • Primary: Greatsword, magitek gunblade
  • Secondary: Hand-to-hand
Learning the sword at a young age she has adapted to using a blade which is many times heavier than one would usually wield. This allows her to swing at abnormally fast speeds with a greatsword, and incredible speeds with her gunblade.
Any semblance of range between her, and her opponent creates a great inconvenience and risk as she does not have many effective options from a distance.

Magical Ability

  • Dark magic
Her natural attunement to the abyss allows her to utilize spells while also wielding her blade.
Unskilled in any other source of magic, often relies heavily on her natural affinity or Imperial tech.


  • Blacksmithing
She has had to repair her weapon many times over the years while deployed, as such she has become decently skilled.
While she may be able to repair her weapon on the fly if needed, it's by no means a perfect repair.


Serious individual, rarely jokes around.
Extremely patriotic.
Tactically minded.
Will often dwell on past mistakes.
Very strongly believes in 'eye for an eye' philosophy.
Overall intentions and motivations are to do whatever it takes to support her homeland.
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Likes and Dislikes


  • Snow
  • Coffee
  • Reading
  • Meaty dishes


  • Seafood
  • Hot weather/Bright days
  • Incessant questions
  • Incompetent allies

General History

The Tactician


Born in the city of Ala Mhigo, N'aire dreamed of exploring the world to her hearts content. Her dream would be fulfilled, but not in the way that she expected.
In the year 1557 of the Sixth Astral Era, the Empire of Garlemald invaded and took control of Ala Mhigo. Many perished in the conquest, and many more through resistance. N'aire's parents among them, she was alone until offered a hand by an Imperial Legionnaire.

Growing up as an outsider within the Empire was hard, but not impossible. For all the adversity that she encountered, she pushed back twice as hard. She climbed her way to the top of her academy not through intelligence alone, but also clever thinking and deception.

After enlisting in the Garlean military, N'aire was given a new 'Garlean' name to symbolize her status as a true and proper citizen of the Empire: Binary Xelencia.
Binary progressed through the ranks of the military, she earned the title of 'The Golden Wolf' due to her unwavering courage and ferocity on the battlefield. She was eventually appointed to the Imperial Intelligence Division, given the rank of Praefectus Castorum and the title 'Sas' alongside it.

Being a primary tactician for the Empire, she was on the field the day of the calamity. She witnessed the opening of Dalamud, and the release of the Dreadwyrm Bahamut. During the chaos following his escape, she found herself in combat with a hero of Eorzea, before being whisked away by a bright light to an unfamiliar landscape.
It was a clear and quiet day, which was a stark contrast from the smoke and cacophony filled battleground she was in just moments ago. As her eyes adjusted to the sudden change, she saw the world as it now was. Broken by the Dreadwyrm, and in a state of partial repair.



Romantic Relationship | Platonic/Familial
Close Friend | Friend
Acquaintance | Dislike

Player Characters

Torue Tethe'alla
Kyale Boletaria

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Age: 26
Country: Canada
Timezone: PST
Availablility: N/A

RP style (light, casual, moderate, or heavy):

Casual: I am very new to this, and still learning the ropes. I used to do text based RP back in the day on various forums, but that's a completely different medium.
I generally just write short stories around my characters, and figured this would be a good avenue to mess around with.


Discord: Judge#0001

Garlemald Flag.jpg Binary Xelencia
Binary Xelencia.jpg
"The Golden Wolf"
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Garlemald
Guardian Althyk, the Keeper
Trades Blacksmith
Server Gilgamesh