Brennus Ackerman

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Ishgard.jpg Brennus Ackerman
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Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 23
Marital Status Single
Occupation Dragoon
Height/Weight 5 fulms 7.8 ilms / 152 ponz
Orientation Homoromantic asexual
Relatives An old Duskwight Elezen (name unknown), Tavor Ackerman (adoptive brother)
Brennus Ackerman

Basic Info


Sweets and fine/high-class foods
Miqo'te ("I-it's not a fetish...")
Sitting in trees and/or high places


Girls/women (basically a phobia at this point)
Gross-smelling things


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Recklessness, Aloofness
Favorite Food: Pearl Chocolate
Favorite Drink: Green Tea
Favorite Color: Red
Nameday: 25th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon (12/25)
Guardian: Nymeia, the Spinner

Appearance & Personality


(... Backstory currently in progress.)



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He can toss back handfuls of sour candy without flinching. "It's not that sour." (It is. It is definitely that sour.)
His dislike (see: phobia) towards women spawns from the fact that growing up, he didn't come in to contact with many of them, if any. All throughout the time before he was picked up by a Dragoon (character still in progress), Brennus had only ever known the Elezen who raised him. Even after joining the Dragoon in training, Brennus continued to lead a very secluded life, keeping contact with other people limited to the Dragoon and the friendly butler (if you could call him that) who kept care of the house.
Brennus is a total lightweight. (After his first experience with alcohol (see below), he swore off drinking for the rest of his life.)
His first "official" confrontation with more than one woman at a time (and when he wasn't hiding behind his adoptive father) was when he was 18. His fellow Dragoons took him to a pub to celebrate his promotion to Dragoon. He doesn't remember much of the encounter, but it seems some Courtesans had take a liking to him. In his effort to avoid them, he managed to knock over two tables, elbow one unfortunate Miqo'te in the nose, and trip over three chairs before landing face-first in a Roegadyn woman's bosom. As the poor boy was terribly flustered and hopelessly drunk, she let him off easy with one black eye, a broken nose, and a horribly, horribly bruised ego. Brennus wouldn't talk to his comrades for days afterward.
His affinity for high places comes from when he was growing up in the woods. Due to the beastkin and scalekin roaming the ground, he would often be up in trees, jumping and climbing from perch to perch. (Think Assassin's Creed 3.)
Since the Calamity, one would not find many Miqo'te in Ishgard nor Coerthas due to the cold climate. As a result, Brennus had never encountered a Miqo'te before. When he was taken to The First Dicastrial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena to meet Ser Alberic Bale to begin his training as a Dragoon, he met a Miqo'te adventurer there. The only odd thing he noted was the tail, as their ears were covered from the cold. When he asked them what the odd bumps in their hood were, they removed it to reveal their ears. Brennus has been intrigued by Miqo'te ever since. (Some of his comrades tease Brennus about having a full-blown Miqo'te fetish. He vehemently denies it.)
Brennus's last name is taken from Mikasa Ackerman, a character from the anime Shingeki no Kyojin (or Attack on Titan, if you'd prefer.) "...surname is derived from the German name "Ackermann" meaning "fieldman"."
The name Brennus is the Latinized form of a Celtic name (or title) that possibly meant either "king, prince" or "raven". [1]
Because of his exceptional climbing abilities and fondness of high places, Brennus would often climb on top of unsuspecting Goobbues to go for a little ride through Coerthas. They didn't seem to mind, or maybe didn't notice Brennus at all due to his small and petite stature.
Only a small handful of people have actually seen Brennus's face. He rarely (if ever) takes his armor off except for when he sleeps and bathes. It's mostly due to the fact that he doesn't really have any other clothes to change in to.
Brennus has an adoptive brother named Tavor Ackerman. At present, they do not know of their relation to each other.


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