Brienne Fallow

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Gridania-transparent.png Brienne Fallow
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Age 20 Summers
Deity Nophica
Nationality Ishgardian
Occupation Beekeeper
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Orientation Heterosexual


Brienne says little about herself, but she will freely share that she grew up in the Brume in Ishgard and currently lives in the Twelveswood, where she maintains a small apiary. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing sketches of people she sees in her travels, and occasionally--if she can afford the materials--painting landscapes. There's much more to her than that, but further information must be won through direct engagement and clever conversation.

Appearance and Personality

Brienne is a medium-height midlander with a build that is thin from years of poverty, but beginning to fill out from a few seasons of slightly better fortune. Her hands are well-worn despite her otherwise youthful appearance, and her green eyes tend to show the deep exhaustion of twenty years of hard living. Still, she exudes a warmth in the ruddy undertone of her pale skin and the cheerful flowers she usually has tucked into her blonde hair. Her face is plain but pleasant, and her smile is inviting. An extremely keen eye might notice the shallow point at the tips of her ears, suggesting that she may have mixed elezen ancestry. Brienne favors simple, feminine clothes that are functional but pretty, in pastel or floral prints.

Socially, Brienne can seem at first careful and restrained, usually not speaking to someone unless they speak to her first, but she eagerly absorbs the energy of the room and delights in people-watching. If approached, she is polite and amiable, often taking her social cues directly from the other person, almost to the point of mimicry, and blending into their manner as much as possible. She avoids talking about herself when she can, but will eagerly ask questions about others.

Brienne's character aesthetic moodboard contains many clues and hints to her personality and interests as well.

RP Hooks


Brienne jars and sells the honey from her bees, most often in the Canopy in Gridania, but occasionally in the other city-states as well, where there's less competition from other beekeepers. Perhaps you've heard of her through word of mouth and would like to buy, or you're a regular customer coming back for more?


If your character spends a lot of time in the Twelveswood adventuring, traveling, hunting, or any other variety of things, they may have a reason to run into her by chance encounter.

The Brume

If your character is of a similar age to Brienne and also grew up in the Brume, there's a chance that they already know each other, or at least know of each other.

Odd Jobs

Beekeeping doesn't always bring in steady money, so Brienne occasionally picks up odd jobs in the city-states, such as gathering leves, domestic help, and temporary event staff. Perhaps you have a use for some not-extremely-skilled labor?

Sex and Romance

Brienne is prone to flights of fancy and is easily enthralled by anyone who shows her steady positive attention. Although her outward demeanor is quite reserved, she ends up tumbling into bed quite quickly. However, she can be a bit hard to keep track of afterward, for reasons that she never explains. A determined suitor may be able to maintain her attention, but it would take someone truly exceptional, and she hasn't quite figured out what that means yet.

OOC Information

All players and characters who interact with Brienne must be 18 years of age or older. Brienne's story occasionally contains elements with mature themes such as sex, violence, and substance abuse, so I prefer to restrict all of her interactions to fellow adults.

Out of character, I am a mature adult roleplayer with a stable IRL life and a firm divide between IC and OOC. I sometimes enjoy getting to know my fellow players on an OOC basis and occasionally making friends, but I am not looking for romantic or sexual connections with other players, and my character expressing sexual or romantic interest in another character does not in any way reflect any OOC intention toward the player.

I respect the time and effort of my RP partners, and I understand both busy schedules and the frustration of having a brain that doesn't always want to work with you, even when your spirit is willing to write a scene. I will never guilt anyone for having to leave or postpone a scene, and I expect the same! That being said, if someone doesn't seem to be putting in the effort to prioritize a scene with me, I will probably stop putting in the effort to ask if they want to continue. If you have to drop off of my roleplaying radar for a while, feel free to nudge me later when you're ready to pick up again!

I can be contacted on Discord at thatsadorbsyo#6895. My roleplay Tumblr is @kalaisgreen (contains NSFW content). My usual RP hours are in the evenings during EST prime time.