Brinoix Ahlrine

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Gridania-transparent.png Brinoix Ahlrine
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Age 30
Namesday 12th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon in the 1,547th Cycle of the 6th Astral Era
Guardian Nophica, the Matron
Birthplace Gridania
Occupation Gardener



Full Name: Brinoix Ahlrine

Nicknames: Brin

Pronunciation: Buhr-RIN-wah Ele-reen


Height: 6 Fm 6 Im

Weight: 182 Pz

Body: Slim but very well toned

Hair: Dark red

Eyes: Bright green

Skin: Dark tan


A Humble Beginning

Born on the 12th Sun of the Sixth Astral Moon in the 1,547th Cycle of the Sixth Astral Era, Brinoix Ahlrine began his life in Gridania with his parents Corin and Isaure. His older brother, Cyril, was eight cycles older than the young wildwood elezen. Brinoix's father, Corin, was an archer of the Red Otters, who helped to defend the realm. His mother, Isaure, stayed at home, tending to an impressive garden and watching over her kids while her husband was deployed forward.

Growing up, Brinoix would always be pushed around by the other children until Cyril got involved to stand up for his younger brother. Over time, Brinoix gained a talent for wood carving, a hobby a very much enjoyed. While he may not have made many friends growing up, his appreciation for nature grew over time.

By the time Brinoix had turned 15, his sister Coline had been born. In the same cycle, Cyril choose to follow in his father's path and joined the Gods' Quiver. Only six years later, Cyril was assigned to the same squadron in the Red Otters as his father.

The End of an Age

With the threat of the Garlean invasion, Corin and Cyril were deployed much more often. Brinoix would stay at home with his mother to help care for his younger sister, Coline. The determined elezen would take on different odd jobs to make enough gil to help support his mother and sister.

During the 1,571st cycle, Corin fell in battle. Cyril brought his father's body all the way back to Gridania to be properly buried. Isaure begged her son to stay after he had returned to Gridania, alas, after his father's funeral, Cyril returned to battle as he felt it to be his duty. No longer able to stand all the memories of her local surroundings, Isaure decided to move to a small village out in the Black Shroud. Brinoix accompanied his mother and sister as they hitched a cart up to a couple of chocobos and headed out.

Not even a cycle passes before the Calamity strikes. After the Battle of Carteneu, Cyril was never heard from. It was assumed that he had fallen in battle after Dalamund crashed down and Bahamut laid waste to Eorzea. Fires raging through the Black Shroud encompassed the village where Isaure, Coline, and Brinoix lived. Brinoix tried to lead his younger sister to safety after his mother had been engulfed in the massive flames. A midst the chaos, Brinoix lost his footing and tumbled down a hill. Slamming his head against a tree, the elezen fell unconscious and awoke to find his village turned to ash. From what Brinoix could tell, there was no trace of his sister's body to be found. He realized that she was more than likely dead, but the hope that she was alive was the only thing that he could hang onto. Brinoix searched all throughout the Black Shroud for his sister, with no luck. His searching brought him further and further from his homeland as he aimlessly traveled Eorzea for any sign of his sister.

Welcome Home

After five years, Brinoix had finally given up hope. He had been many places, seen many things, and met many people. Everywhere he went, he saw broken lives and ravaged landscapes. Many nights Brinoix had to sleep out in the wilderness, as he could hardly get any gil together for the luxury of a warm bed. The experience hardened the elezen, and as he became much more used to being on his own, his ability to interact with others became more foreign to him. With little thought as to where to go, Brinoix simply decided to return to the Black Shroud. Along his journey, the elezen had a rough encounter with a small group of Ixal. Believing his life to be over, Brinoix was ready to accept his fate, until a traveling lancer intervened and saved Brinoix's life. Unfortunately, the lancer's rescue was at the cost of his own life. Even though the Ixal had been slain, the poison of one of their blades had done it's deed.

All Brinoix could do was try to ensure the mortally wounded lancer was as comfortable as possible before he passed away and returned to the Aether. As he sat next to the lancer, who turned out to be a hyur, the two traded stories next to a small fire that Brinoix had put together. During the lancer's last moments, Brinoix tried to understand why a man would give his life for a complete stranger.

The next sun, Brinoix had a revelation. He decided that he was tired of being helpless while those around him died. The world seemed like it was coming towards it's end, and fighting to the death seemed much more fitting than simply waiting to die. Taking the hyur's lance in hand, Brinoix continued on toward Gridania, in search of giving his life purpose.

Current Events

The Wood Wailers

Upon returning to Gridania after years of being away, Brin found the city to be familiar yet a stranger at the same time. Many people he once knew had long since left or passed away since the Calamity.

Without any gil, Brin did not have the means nor the inclination to stay at Gridania's inn, The Roost. The elezen had grown accustomed to living out in the wilderness, and so, he set up a camp out in Central Shroud. While in Gridania, Brin intended to learn how to use the old lance he had obtained from the elezen who had given his life for Brin. For a stranger to give such a kindness to him, Brin felt honor-bound to become a skilled lancer, so that he could not only help keep the realm safe, but to ensure that nobody else would have to die on his account. To meet this goal, he would need to receive training from the Wood Wailers of Gridania.

Within the tranquil city, Brinoix searched out anyone who had served in the Order of the Twin Adder with his father. To this end, he had hoped for an easy way to join the Lancer's Guild, so that he might be able to train with those who are talented in the art.

At first, Brin's intentions seemed futile as he could not recognize any of the serpentsworn. After two weeks, Brinoix went ahead and tried to join the Lancer's Guild, regardless of having a recommendation from a standing member of the Order. As he expected, the motivated elezen was turned away from the guild. Frustrated, Brinoix did the only thing he could think of, and attempted to learn how to use a lance by watching the lancers at the Bentbranch Meadows training.

Weeks went by and Brin felt that he was no closer to his goal then when he first set out to reach it. Sun after sun, he practiced at his camp, trying to remember and replicate what he saw from the lancers of Bentbranch Meadows. On one of these days, a hyur guard of the Order was making his rounds through Central Shroud when he noticed Brinoix laboring away with his lance in tow. The guard thought little of it, but over time, he would notice Brinoix continuing to practice with a lance every time he patrolled through the area. Finally stopping by Brin's camp one sun, the guard gave in to his curiosity and introduced himself to the elezen.

After Brinoix invited the guard to eat some grilled carp that he had prepared, the two spoke at length about Brin's state of affairs. The hyur acknowledged that he had once served with Brinoix's father, ???, and remembered that ??? spoke of his kin quite frequently. Ultimately, the guard was more than happy to vouch for Brin, in hopes that he would be accepted by the Lancer's Guild. With renewed hope, Brinoix returned to Gridania with the guard, and reapplied to enter the Lancer's Guild while the guard spoke to the guild-master. This time around, Brin was finally accepted into the guild to which he was thankful to the Twelve for.

Brinoix found it ironic that it had only been barely more than a cycle when the elezen had been completely opposed to all of the fighting taking place throughout Eorzea. When he was younger, his older brother was always adamant about Brin joining the Order of the Twin Adder, to which he always refused. Brin felt that he was only just beginning to understand why his older brother and father chose to fight in the war. At the same time, Brinoix has also witnessed many of the disciples of war fall into the blood-lust of battle. It was a hunger that Brin prayed he would never succumb to.



  • Being deep underground
  • Becoming corrupted with hate and violence in his heart


  • All nature (plants and animals)
  • Basking in the sunshine
  • Carving wooden figurines
  • Listening to the wind
  • Fishing


  • Cities
  • Highly populated areas
  • Those who take advantage of the weak


  • Has a green-thumb when it comes to gardening.
  • Is very resourceful at finding his way through the wilderness...a pathfinder of sorts.


  • Lacks certain social skills.
  • Introverted


Brin is often soft spoken, but when he does speak, he makes sure to get his point across. He is very passionate about his love towards nature, and has little respect for those who abuse the land. He feels that forgiveness and understanding is a sacred virtue. Brin has much patience for those who seem to have lost his or her way, as he feels that everyone deserves a fair chance at leading a just life.




  • None


  • None


  • None


  • His ear clasp was hand-carved by himself from the wood of an elm tree.
  • Raised a chocobo he had found in the wild and named him Lumiere