Brynhilde Wulf

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Brynhilde Wulf

Landsknecht, penitent, wilds walker. On first impression, Brynhilde is your average adventurer; skilled in battle, living for the moment, and concerned only with survival and worldly pleasures.

However, this Highlander is more than she seems. Disgraced Ala Mhigan noble and ex-Resistance fighter, Brynhilde lives life under a false identity, ever seeking to stay one step ahead of the Garlean Empire's terrible vengeance. All the while she endeavours to redeem herself for the crimes of her youth, a burden which she feels she will never escape.

The Penitent Knight
'The secret to living a life without fear is ever being ready to die.'
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ala Mhigan refugee
Age 40
Sexuality Bisexual
Marital Status Claimed
Server Balmung

Recent Events

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Eyes Hair Skin Body Type Voice
Icy blue. Copper; shoulder-length. Waved. Pale, lightly freckled. Athletic, strong. Soft, unhurried. Light accent.
Bearing Notable Features Alignment Element Nameday
Dignified, graceful. None. Type 2 Chaotic Good.[1] Fire 22nd Sun of the First Astral Moon, 1539

Brynhilde stands at 6 fulms and 1 ilm tall with long, slender limbs and neck. She has the archetypal developed musculature of the Highlander woman, while keeping the feminine body shape.


Bryn has a slim face, with a fine nose, full lips and thick brows. She has porcelain-pale skin, with light freckling across her nose, cheeks and shoulders.

Her eyes are a very pale sky blue, and she keeps them lined with brown kohl.

Her hair is quite thick, and she usually keeps it neatly tied. It is mostly smooth, but some of Brynhilde's hair has a coarser texture to it owing to her Highlander heritage, and these strands she wears in locks she binds with ribbon and adorns with charms. When worn loose, her hair reaches below her shoulder blades.

A good look at her reveals that Bryn takes greater pride in her personal appearance than your average adventurer. When not in her well-kept armour, she chooses light, often feminine attire. She has a good eye for colour and her fingernails are oddly well-kept for an adventurer. She wears a pleasant lavender fragrance, and often applies a light gloss to her lips.

Bryn has no tattoos, but a few fine scars on her hands and arms. She does, however, have some significant scarring on her torso. She has two piercings in either earlobe, and wears simple silver studs in them.

Brynhilde's voice is smooth and somewhat breathy. While her cycles in greater Eorzea have softened her Ala Mhigan accent, it is still notable in her rolled R's and occasional pronunciation of W's as V's. Her accent is more pronounced when she is upset.

She maintains good posture, typically keeping her head held high and back straight, accentuating her already considerable height as a Highlander. At rest, her expression is often stern or impassive. She can often come across as haughty.


PRIMARY MOTIVATOR Beneficence Sense of Humor Jokey
Emotional Disposition Calm SEXUALITY
Moodiness Even-tempered Sexual Orientation Bisexual
CORE TRAITS Libido Healthy
Outlook Realistic Sexual Expressiveness Modest
Integrity Pragmatic Sexual Expressive Style Romantic
Impulsiveness Spontaneous Openness to sexual experience Low
Boldness Courageous Promiscuousness Low
Flexibility Stubborn RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY
Affinity Altruistic Affiliation/Adherence Solitary
Comportment Agreeable Tolerance Tolerant
Interactivity Engaging Expression of beliefs Rarely
Disclosure Closed Converting others Never
Conformity Rebellious Attitude Irreverent
Topics of Conversation Adventure; hobbies; animals; jokes
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities lip-chewing; substance use; insomnia; pacing; singing
Hobbies & Enjoyments Drinking; calligraphy; smoking


Bryn, despite surface impressions, is a woman of intense feeling. She is deeply compassionate, and fervently loyal to friends and family. She is very principled, and has a tendency to consider the needs of the group above her own. She will willingly do what others won’t, if she believes it is for the best. She is determined to the extreme; once she has decided on a course of action, naught will keep her from her goal.

Bryn Valor.png

With her calm, confident demeanour and tendency to be decisive and assertive, Bryn is a natural leader. While she does not actively seek to lead, she is comfortable being the one others turn to for guidance.

Although she always desired a family, Bryn's devotion to the resistance kept her from ever having children of her own. Perhaps as a result, and owing to her qualities of being 'the protector' type, Bryn has a mothering side to her. She likes to take care of those around her, be it through making sure they're fed a decent meal, or through offering a sympathetic ear.

Bryn WHM.png

Having spent her younger Cycles in Ala Mhigo's noble courts, Bryn is adept in charm and flattery, and will happily employ both to her advantage in social situations. Bryn has been known to use her skill in diplomacy to smooth over difficult social situations to great effect. She can sometimes come across as rather flirtatious, although she rarely has genuine romantic intentions.


Her desire to protect those around her, coupled with her ‘bigger picture’ views, can make her very self-destructive and reckless. She is a martyr, with little regard for her own safety and happiness. Her principles can make her overly-righteous at times, to the point where she has difficulty perceiving other views and shades of moral grey. As a result, she can be prone to extremism.

Cycles spent in the militarized environment of the Ala Mhigan resistance have left Bryn with a measure of distaste for authority, rules and rigid social structures. She cares for laws only insofar as they serve toward achieving moral ends. As soon as she perceives them as having become a hindrance to those ends, Bryn swiftly abandons them in favour of her own moral code. This can make her something of a wildcard.


Bryn can be overly-proud, sometimes to the point of arrogance, and is often loathe to reveal anything about herself which she feels could put her at a disadvantage. Brynhilde is incredibly guarded, and rarely ever surrenders information about herself unless asked. Even then, her answers are often evasive and sometimes dishonest. She can be uptight and reluctant to relax.

She is slow to trust and does not cope well with emotional vulnerability. She has a strong desire to maintain control at all times, both of herself and her environment, and sometimes unfortunately of the people in her life, too.

Although it is a difficult thing to provoke her into anger, her temper is explosive when lost. It takes a lot to drag Bryn into an argument. Once there, however, she digs her heels in and doesn't yield. She’s not entirely above a shouting match if the argument is regarding something she feels passionately about, but generally she prefers to avoid conflict whenever she can. Insults have little effect on her; the quickest way to witness her temper is to attack those she cares for. That said, a particularly sore point is her Ala Mhigan heritage. Insult it at your peril.

Having come from a traditionalist Mhigan family, Brynhilde has some unhealthy prejudices and attitudes. She tends to keep these mostly to herself, and as a result they rarely affect her relationships.

Brynhilde believes that she has a duty to suffer until her final day. Moments of happiness for her are thus shadowed by a quiet anxiety which is hard for her to discard.


Being the guarded character that she is, Bryn does not grow close to others quickly. A potential lover would need to be willing to invest the time and energy needed to get her to lower her defences before there could be any chance for intimacy. Trust is a big issue for Brynhilde and she is also keenly aware that, owing to her history, allowing others to get close to her may put them at risk of harm.

In others she respects the qualities of strength, virtue and courage. Her partner would need to be a person who is non-judgemental and compassionate. She is put off by lecherous behaviour and empty flattery.

Bryn recognises that she is equally attracted to both men and women, but her prejudices keep her from being attracted to anyone who isn't either Highlander or Roegadyn. She is concerned for the purity and longevity of the Highlander race, and so would be very reluctant to enter into sexual relations with a man of another race.



The best word to describe Brynhilde's religious beliefs would be "Gods-fearing". She believes in the Twelve but does not actively worship any of them, although in her youth she gave homage to Rhalgr, according to her peoples' custom. Bryn believes that the Twelve have little involvement in or care for the lives of mortals, excepting that they are vengeful and sure to dole out justice to those who are cruel.

She believes nonetheless that she has been favoured by Rhalgr and Halone all her life, a belief that causes her no small amount of grief.


Brynhilde grew up in the militaristic culture of Ala Mhigo, and so was raised with a concern for the needs of the group, the unit and the nation above the individual. Her traumatic experiences of war and the warrior culture turned her away from this mentality, as she saw the worst that the 'greater good' mindset could lead to. She subsequently turned toward a firm belief in the worth of each life, and the irrevocable dignity of the individual.

As such, she reviles politics that disregard the needs of the poor and disempowered. She holds contempt for those who support such politics, and particularly those who believe that it is acceptable to sacrifice the few for the sake of the many.

Brynhilde despises the lust for wealth, and is prone to distrust those who display it.


BrynHeader Combat.png

In battle Brynhilde favours the sword and shield, and prefers a longer blade to the shortsword or gladius. She is swift in battle and possessing of remarkable grace, fighting with a dancing, flourishing style of swordplay rarely seen among adventurers. She tends toward a more defensive stance, and most often on the battlefield can be found with shield raised, stood between her comrades and that which would harm them.

In combat, Bryn wears a combination of plate, chain and leather. The heavy plate she wears to guard her torso against the inevitable blows she endures as a defender, as well as to guard her sword-arm. She wears the lighter chain on her legs to preserve mobility, and the leather on her gauntlets and greaves to maintain flexibility.

She has incredible staying power; although she may have suffered heavy blows and her body screams with fatigue, she will fight until either her foe is defeated, or she is overwhelmed. Pain seems to have little effect on her.

Her strong Highlander body gives Bryn the raw strength to overwhelm most opponents in close-quarters combat, with the exception of Roegadyn and male Highlanders. However, she possesses little defence against magical and ranged attacks.

After many moons of intense practice and study, Brynhilde has achieved a greater mastery of curative magic. As she continues to improve, she seeks ways to utilise her spells in close-quarters battle, so as to better defend and protect her allies.

Although rarely employed, Brynhilde has an understanding of the basic functioning of magitek small arms and improvised explosives. She is also skilled in the use of the traditional Highlander weapon of the zweihander, or two-handed sword.

If given the choice, Bryn would rather not fight at all. Although she is not a pacifist, she detests senseless violence and never fights without good cause.

Occupation, skills and pastimes


"I was born under the sign of the Goddess of war. My people followed the God of destruction. All I ever wanted was tae raise Chocobos."

Bryn is a Landsknecht, a follower of a little-known and proud martial tradition of Ala Mhigo. She is very selective about work she takes on, often agreeing to it only if she would not be required to violate her moral code in order to complete the job. As such, she has built up a modest reputation in Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah as a reliable person who deals fairly and honourably with those she works with. She has a marked concern for the underdog and the downtrodden. Recently she has mostly concerned herself with the dealings of the secretive Aeon free company.

Bryn loves to ride, and she and her chocobo, Astridr, typically cover several malms every day. She finds a measure of peace in travelling, in cooking and reading, and sometimes in writing. She loves Chocobos and hounds, often preferring their company to that of other people.

She also has a secret, tragic love for trashy romance novels. You know, the really awful ones with titles like, ‘The Viscount’s Mistress’, and ‘The Doctor’s Bride’. Heaving bosoms abound!

Bryn likes music and stories, particularly romance. She enjoys drinking, and owing to her noble origins, is a talented dancer. Just perhaps not in the dancing styles you’d most often find in Eorzea’s taverns.

  • Chocobos.
  • Children.
  • Romance.
  • Reading.
  • Spicy food.
  • Sweets, especially kukuru.
  • Aldgoat steak.
  • Somnus.
  • Displays of strength and courage.
  • Music, the fiddle in particular.
  • Booze.
  • Violence.
  • People who chew with their mouths open.
  • Zealots.
  • Flattery and lasciviousness.
  • Sand.
  • Intense heat/sunlight.
  • Phurbles.
  • Her occasional reliance on Somnus.
  • Mathematics.
  • Pettyness.
  • Sailing. She suffers from horrific sea-sickness.
  • ... Spiders.
  • Diplomacy and charm.
  • Swordplay.
  • Riding.
  • Cooking.
  • Calligraphy.
  • Flirting.
  • Kissing. She's a natural.
  • Ballroom dancing.
  • Taking a beating.
  • Losing herself to her rage, so that she loses all sight of who she is or what she stands for.
  • Going to her grave without atoning for the crimes of her youth.
  • Failing those she loves.
  • Being remembered merely as a traitor.
  • Deep water (she cannot swim).
  • Her past being laid bare.
  • Imprisonment.
  • The Garlean Empire.
  • Causing harm to those she cares for.
  • ... Spiders.
Bryn Raincatcher.pngBryn Mizz.pngBryn Brazier.pngBryn Embers.png


Linkshells and Organisations

Aeon Free company : Brynhilde has registered with the Immortal Flames as the leader of a new free company known only as 'Aeon'. It is an unusual company in the respect that it does not appear to actively recruit new members, and it also offers no mission statement or clue as to it's goals.

Player Character Relationships

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Positive Standing
Daghbheri Himalspyr Show text

Tiergan Vashir Show text
Striding Oak Show text

Flickering Ember Show text
Reima Awen Show text

Brave Horizon Show text

Arcian Martell Show text

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Negative Standing

Old Connections

Nadeau Celeste : Show text Varus Adelric Rosenthal : Show text
Horace Rook : Show text Sion Gyr : Show text
Raelin Aradan and Ne'ci Aera : Show text Aryianna Nightshade : Show text
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Common Rumors

  • "She can sometimes be found at the Culinarian's guild in Limsa, where she cooks. The things she makes smell divine!"
  • "She's certainly the charitable sort; I often see her goin' about the streets of Ul'dah an' the camps outside the gates, givin' gifts of food an' gil to the refugees."
  • "Likes her drink, that one! When she's not out with them 'venturers, she can usually be found in the pub."
  • "Don't bother, lad. That lass has a different suitor every sun of the week, but never takes a one of 'em to bed."

Moderate Rumors

  • "That's an odd bird she rides. Beautiful thing, but it's got a mean streak a malm wide. A bit like the rider, heh."
  • "She's a tricky woman to track down. I hear she never stays in the same place for more than two nights. Sounds like trouble to me."
  • "She's done well for herself. Aye, she used to be a down-an'-out, like most of the other Highlanders you see in the Sultanate. If only more refugees would care to follow her example, it'd do wonders to clean up cesspits like Pearl Lane."
  • "Isn't that--? No, no. I must be mistaken. But damn if she doesn't look like one of those wretched somnus junkies I used to see around the refugee camps."
  • "There are no records anywhere of anyone by that name having existed prior to the Calamity. She could've fallen to Eorzea from Dalamud for all I know."

Rare Rumors

  • "You'd do well to avoid that one. She's been seen in the company of the shadier types of Ul'dah. I don't know what she's involved in, but it can't be good."
  • "Rumour has it that she was one of the few poor souls who survived Carteneau, but just barely. It's hard to imagine what she might've seen and been through."
  • "There's a sizeable bounty on that woman's head. Questionable characters are willing to pay handsomely for her capture, but not for her death. Quite who these characters are working for is uncertain."
  • "Aye, that's her. Adelfrida Bloodwoad, daughter of the resistance. So called because she used to paint her face with the blood of the Imperials she had slain in battle. What, you don't believe me? Bah, fine. Believe as you wish. But I'm tellin' you, that one's as the Highlanders of old; she's as vicious as they come."

Player Character Rumors

  • "Lady Brynhilde is known far n'wide for beating every single Sea Wolf in Limsa Lominsa to an arm wrestlin' match! She's th'strongest lady in th'world unless Lady Oak unlocks her secret Ancient Roegadyn Powers!" -- Bard Leilani Leilai
  • "Brynhilde is one of the strongest women I've ever known. Intelligent, steadfast, loyal, and compassionate, it was as though the Twelve forged her to be a guardian and she bears that burden admirably -- even when she doesn't have to. She's willing to give her life to safeguard the lives of others, but I don't think she yet understands how many would be lost without her... " --Tiergan Vashir
  • "Bryn is loyal to a fault. Even though we do not always see eye to eye, I trust her with my life... And take comfort knowing that she could end it if she wanted to." -- Aryianna Nightshade
  • "Miss Wulf cooked me up the best steak I've ever eaten! No-ones e'er cooked me up anythin' without askin' fer gil b'fore. Huh? An apron... n-no... I dunno nuthin' 'bout that..." -- Caen Jabari
  • "Miss Wulf. She has been fighting a long time. Perhaps as long as I have been alive. She has fought for her home, her life, her friends... and I think she will fight until she draws her last breath. I admire her courage and strength, I can only hope to realize some measure of it someday." -- Roen Deneith
  • "It gladdens my heart te know tha' Miss Brynhilde is alive an' well, she remains e'ery bit as enchantin' as she did when I last remember seein' her moons ago. I feel every time we talk, I know an' understand her more, yet, at th' same time, feel I have only scratched th' surface o' her true depth." -- Gharen Wolfsong
  • "Hah! The defender, eh? Bleedin' strange lady. She ought to be usin' all that power to get rich in the arena, not pullin' chumps like me outta their own goddamned messes! I still owe that smartass a goddamned drink. Better be one stronger than she is. Or older! Hah!" -- Brandt Wintfrydsyn
  • "Brynhilde. She's a truly kind woman. I believe she looks after those close to her no less lovingly than a mother looks after her children." -- Kamome Greywing
  • "Let's see. Noble, self-sacrificing, protective, good fighter, good healer, good leader. So obviously there's a lot bubbling just under the surface, right? What are you talking to me for? Go dig! Have fun. Oh, and, don't forget to ask how Striding Oak is doing. Heh." -- Zaius Rhal'seer
  • "Basically the perfect woman. Never tell her I said that." -- Daghbheri Himalspyr
  • "I call her 'Sister' for a reason. No other has earned the title. She is close to my heart, and will be the first I rush to in defense. She inspires, enflames and encourages in equal measure. And she also has a great arse." -- Steel Wolf
  • "Wulf? Ala Mhigo yet lives through her, and if you ask me Eorzea would be foolish to overlook that." -- Warren Castille
  • "Every drop of that woman's blood is precious. It flows thick with the life of Ala Mhigo." -- Berrod Armstrong
  • "Bryn? I owe her so much. If it weren't for her kindness, I'd likely still be on the streets. sigh As a person, you ask? The 'haunted, stoic heroine' makes for a good novel but a tiring friend." -- Brave Horizon
  • "I do not doubt she will be remembered as a hero. It matters not how much blood she has spilled: only that it came from the right people. Blood weighs more than gil, and there is so much gil tied to her head. It is only a matter of time." -- Delial Grimsong
  • "...Even through our disagreements, I can think of no finer lass to have by your side. I owe her my life. I owe her my mind. And I swear I'll be repayin' those debts, even if it takes my entire life, aye?" -- Tiny Fawn
  • "Lady Bryn is... She is as a...ah...a lighthouse! A lighthouse, standing tall and strong against what great waves break upon the shores she watches over, however the coast might weather. Her's is a welcome light cast for all those out to sea, and we wayward ships could ask for no better sight to find our way home." -- Reima Awen
  • "I am glad to see more of Lady Brynhilde. First time I saw her, she was very distressed out of love and care. Now when I see her, she draws great strength from that. Is close to Sir Vashir the Captain so she surely is someone to look up to to get their attentions. I picture her like a strong matron; Halone and Nophica as one." --Jancis Milburga
  • "The lady must make Thaliak smile, she does not dismiss history and knows the stories of the land's past. She shared one by the Destroyer's stone about the Autumn War; like recounting a scar that has not healed entirely. Mayhaps she will recount another story for you; they deserve to be shared." --Jancis Milburga
  • "Someday, I want be like Wulf. Zaius and Wulf are strongest people. Even Zaius say Wulf is very strong! She gives very much but not take. She give love. She is very fun too. She make others laugh. It is respect. She be strong and give and love other people." --Flickering Ember
  • "She not want help but need it! Garleans want take away! If everyone help we keep her here and safe!" -- Flickering Ember
  • "She is Ala Mhigo. Ala Mhigo people are very important. Say mean things about them, she make you not wanted say it." -- Flickering Ember
  • "Lady Bryn? admirable, she is an example of someone who champions a cause to the best of their abilities. If ever were to ask someone to mentor me again, she'd be high up on that list." -- Leon Greymoon

"Lady Brynhilde moved like the wind, fearless before her foes!

She struck down her enemies, that were larger then roes!
Half-man, Half-coeurl, they each fell before her might!
But alas - she was injured at the end of her fight!

That's when Lady Oak came in swift as the breeze!
She summoned Ancient Roe power and saved Brynhilde with ease!
Out came the spear-tip, lodged in Brynhilde's side!
And e'er since has love grown, burnin' brightly inside~."

-- A portion of the song "The Wulf and the Coeurls" by Bard Leilani Leilai


1539 - 1558 : The Ala Mhigan Cycles

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1558 - 1559 : Rebellion

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1559 - 1572 : The Resistance Cycles

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1572 - Present Day : Without a Cause

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Character Connections

The following characters may have the possibility of an RP link with Brynhilde:

  • Anyone who keeps informed of known adventurers. While Bryn isn’t famous, her work has bought her a small amount of recognition.
  • Anyone who lives and works around Little Ala Mhigo.
  • Ala Mhigans, Ala Mhigan refugees and those involved with the Ala Mhigan resistance.
  • Anyone who lived or worked in Bronze Lake around 5 cycles ago.
  • Survivors of Carteneau, or those who assisted in searching the battlefield for survivors.
  • Garleans, those with ties to the Garlean Empire, and those who work for it.
  • Bounty hunters.

Trivia & Miscellaneous

  • Bryn has a scar on her back from receiving a kick from a Chocobo as a young girl.
  • She wears a silver chain necklace, on which hangs a distinctive ring with a fiery wolf motif, but she keeps this hidden under her clothing.
  • Bryn held her first sword at the age of seven summers.
  • While she is bothered by dirt in general, in particular Bryn can't stand having blood on her skin, especially if it's on her face.
  • She has a mild case of dyscalculia.
  • Brynhilde desires many things; a peaceful life and a free Ala Mhigo among them. But what she desires more than anything else is to have a child.


Author's Notes

Bryn's identity as Adelfrida Brandulfr has been a closely-guarded secret for the last twenty Cycles, a necessary measure to avoid the Empire's hunting. If you intend to have your character allude to Bryn's history or identity, or her status as a fugitive, please speak to me first.

The correct pronunciation of her name would be "Breen-HILL-d' Voolf." The R should be briefly rolled, if possible. However, Bryn usually introduces herself simply as "Brin Wolf", as so few people are able to pronounce her name properly.

This character is on the Balmung server.

I'm in-character 90% of the time. Please don't be afraid to say 'hi' or drop me a /tell in-game. I'm always up for random meets, too. I am in the GMT time zone, but often play late.

If you like Bryn's profile layout, please feel free to use it. I ask only that you link back to this page if you do.

Bryn has a Tumblr! It can be found at

The design of this profile includes elements created or inspired by: Deirdre Ta'ea, Gharen Wolfsong

Change Log

An imposing Highlander known for her stoicism and fierce pride in her Ala Mhigan heritage, Brynhilde is a somewhat common sight around Ul'dah and Eorzea's wild places.

Guarded yet amiable, she appears a capable warrior and mercenary.

However, this Highlander is more than she seems. Disgraced Ala Mhigan noble and ex-Resistance fighter, Brynhilde lives life under a false identity, ever seeking to stay one step ahead of the Garlean Empire's terrible vengeance. All the while she endeavors to redeem herself for the crimes of her youth, a burden which she feels she will never escape.

She leads the secretive and enigmatic Aeon free company from their home in the Goblet.