Bukha Noykin

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 Bukha Noykin
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship None
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Veternarian
Height/Weight 4'8", 110 ponze
Relatives Mother, Khulan; Father, Togut
Server Mateus
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          Bukha boasts an unnatural hair color among her tribe. She was born with midnight black hair that has transformed to a stark white as she grew older. Now she keeps the length relatively short so she can better hide her hair under hats and the like. Bukha inherited her father's deep green eyes, offset by the silver umbral rings common among her race. She has a very slight and unimposing figure. She's among the smallest of the young women of her tribe, standing at a paltry four fulms, eight ilms. She weighs in at 110 ponze and she can't seem to gain any more weight than that, despite her best efforts. Beyond her common racial features, Bukha has no other unusual markings. Despite her wandering and nomadic nature, Bukha understands the importance of cleanliness. She bathes daily and is as neat as possible. Her attire usually reflects her upbringing as she keeps to tribal clothing such as furs and leathers. Clothing worn by others in the city seems confusing and complicated to her.




Flaws, Merits, and Behaviors


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Before Dalamud's Fall





After Dalamud's Fall





Present Day


Family and Relationships

Friends               Family               Romantic Love               Neutral              × Rival

Jay's real family and any blood relatives remain elusive, but she's a firm believer that you don't have to be related by blood to be considered 'family'.



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The Harbingers of Dawn: Jay has become affiliated with the Harbingers of Dawn, a company that serves the people. She views the members as her family and is content to be a part of their ranks. In time, she would like to be viewed as a valued member.

Current Status: Martial Lieutenant under Saint Lan Darklyn.


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