Burning Edge

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Burning Edge
Ex-Gladiator, current slave trader
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Lohengarde
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Age 38
Height 7'3"
Build Muscular

Burning Edge was once a popular, though not necessarily famous gladiator in the coliseum- With age came retirement, and retirement came a dwindling of funds. She now makes a comfortable living buying the debts of the impoverished and sending them to slave labor until they can pay it off. What a nice lady.

Basic Info

Burning Edge, AkA Edge or "Burning Blade Edge" as she was known as a Gladiator, can easily be found wandering the finer streets of Ul'dah. She can be easily spotted by her love of fiery colors (Reds, oranges, and yellows) and towering height.


Early life: Like many Lohengarde, Burning was born and raised in the volcanic Abalatia's Spine mountains. While much of her childhood has been lost to time and the fading of memory, Burning Edge did manage to have a happy start to life- despite Eorzea's many perilous times.

Aggressive youth: Once her teen years hit, there was little her family or clan could do to keep the young woman out of trouble. Her mother, Ashen Boulder, finally decided to take Burning from their home mountains and into the city of Ul'dah to start training as a sell-sword and work off her daughter's exess energy. Instead of taking to the sword for small jobs, however, Burning instead jumped head first into gladiatorial combat. By the age of 17, Burning was both popular (though not terribly famous) and wealthy enough to live alone in the jewel city.

Retirement: At the age of 27, after more than a decade of fighting in the coliseum, Burning Edge was forced to retire after suffering a humiliating defeat. She, as well as her manager, came to realize that the sport was for the young- which she no longer was. Life out of the ring was good, for six months. Burning Edge had become so accustomed to a life of moderate wealth that she nearly completely emptied her savings before the year was out. Poverty looming, Edge began to use what was left of her money to start up her new career- buying debts.

Slaver: All those refugees in Ul'dah, more like vermin to those in the city with the Gil to buy a seat high enough to look down upon the masses. So many impoverished people taking loans to feed their kin, and thus so many debts unpaid. Burning sees opportunity in this. By buying out the debt of a refugee, she both prevents the man's knees from being crushed and helps the Ul'dah economy by putting that man to work. That the work just happens to be slave labor in the more dangerous mines of Thanalan is but a trivial detail. She gets money from mine owners, the loansharks of Ul'dah get their money from Burning, and the refugee gets to work in deplorable conditions but can at least eat twice a day. Everyone is happy.


Despite age and wisdom, Burning is still as rowdy and showman-like as when she was in her gladiator days. She's loud, an aggressive flirt, and over all pretty friendly- so long as you don't insult her or her glory days, of course.

When it comes to work, though, Burning Edge is colder than an Ishgardian's nipnop. If you or yours ends up at her mercy, she will not pity your situation.


None yet

RP hooks for you and me

-You may recognize Burning if you are a Lohengarde and lived in the Abalatia's Spine mountains between 38 and 25 years ago.

-You may recognize Burning if you were/are a fan of Ul'dah Gladiatorial games during her heyday.

-You may recognize Burning if you were a Gladiator yourself, or are one now.

-You may know Burning if you are an Ul'dah Loanshark or head of a mining company that uses her services

-You may regret knowing Burning if you took out a loan you cannot pay back.