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 C'ahli Tia
Fate is such a terribly fragile thing.
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun / Coeurl Tribe
Citizenship Sagoliian
Age 18
Marital Status Single (Demipansexual)
Height 5 Fulms, 0 Ilm
Weight 105 ponze
Alignment Neutral Good
D.O.B. 5th Sun, 6th Astral Moon (11/5)

Basic Info

An adept of elemental magic and healer-in-training, C'ahli Tia is generally described as a pragmatic straight-shooter by those who have fought beside or worked with him.
With sun-bleached hair and different colored eyes that contrast rather strikingly against his dark skin, there is little doubt that C'ahli is from the Seeker of the Sun clan. Due to a combination of his slight frame, short stature, and youthfulness, he has an androgynous look to him that sometimes causes non-Miqo'te to mistake him for female at first glance - to which he takes no offense.
His clothing choices are generally suited for one who spends most of their time in warm or hot climates, with a distinct bohemian style that seems a bit at odds with the more popular fashion trends of Ul'dah and Gridania. Comfort, bright colors, and functionality are his main concerns.


Traveling / Sightseeing
Nature / Outdoors
Music / Dancing
Sunny Weather
Spicy Food


Confined Spaces
Cold Weather


Small Build -- a lack of physical strength means C'ahli is easily overpowered in melee combat, but he is nimble and fleet of foot. He also excels at climbing due to his size but suffers from vertigo.
Youth -- limitless energy, broad optimism, and a less jaded view of the world at large. No obstacle is too big, no challenge too small! But, though C'ahli is mature for his age, the bottom line is that he just hasn't had the same volume of life experiences as more seasoned adventurers, which can be a detriment or off-putting for some.
Foreigner -- having come from a small and very reclusive tribe, he is knowledge hungry and curious of all new things - there's so much of the world he just hasn't been exposed to. However, as others were quick to take advantage of his naivety when he first arrived in the city of Ul'dah, C'ahli harbors a distrust of strangers.
Team Player -- an essential part of tribe dynamics is cooperation to achieve shared goals, and C'ahli operates exceptionally well when working alongside friends and acquaintances. Due to his upbringing as a very low ranked tia within his tribe, his deeply ingrained, automatic inclination is to rely on others to make critical decisions, even when he may have a valuable strategy to share or when a voice of reason is needed.
Unflappable -- the sun rises and the sun sets, and C'ahli takes most things in stride and speaks in a very plain/forward manner. It's very rare that he's ever embarrassed or flustered by a situation, no matter how awkward. When he finds himself in an uncomfortable position, his typical reaction is to become more serious/formal as a means to counteract any anxiety. His overall approach with others can be misconstrued as rude.
Natural Adept -- C'ahli has an innate aptitude for magic, specializing in the areas dealing with natural or elemental magic. He still has a long way to go and much more to learn, but he's made great progress over the past three years (largely due to the continued guidance he's received from the Conjurer's Guild). One of his greatest fears is losing his reestablished connection to nature and the elements.



Before C'jakka Nunh, there was another nunh - however, his tribe does not dwell on the past, so he knows better than to speak of this. But he remembers a huge Miqo'te, with deep wrinkles cut into the corners of yellow eyes and deeper, older scars set in dark skin. He remembers encouragement and a giant hand patting his head as he's told to listen to the wind's song, to feel the strength of the stones beneath the dirt, to give thanks to the rain, to revere the power of a tiny spark that can become a wildfire.
C'ahli is six when C'jakka slays the old nunh. He remembers skin splitting open to fat and flesh and a waterfall of blood. He remembers his mother dragging him away, ashamed of his tears. No one else had wept. This is the way of the tribe, the sun rises and the sun sets. And if the nunh had been stronger, he could have avoided a meaningless death. But his mother cries that night, when she thinks he's asleep. He wonders if the old nunh was his sire or if the rumors are true, and his sire really was just a worthless tia. And he wonders why the old nunh had to fight a battle he was sure to lose.
C'jakka is not fond of him. There are no kind touches or words of encouragement. But C'jakka never seems particularly fond of anyone. His style of leadership is completely opposite from the old nunh, and while C'ahli is too young to understand the intricacies, he senses the change settling into the tribe dynamics like the heaviness in the air before rain. Magic is rare in his tribe - a few of the females are capable of minor healing cantrips but the tribe relies primarily on natural remedies. A recessive trait from a line of nunh long since extinguished, C'ahli is the first tia in several generations to have this gift. But after the old nunh dies, there is no more talk of communion with nature or tiny sparks. C'jakka is nunh and nunh is the final word in what is important and what is a waste of the tribe's time and resources.
He remembers being angry when he is ten years old, a weak runt who has forgotten the wind's song after four years of silence. He sits in the dry grass and thinks of the old nunh whose voice he's also forgotten, who had to die because a new nunh was ready to take his place. It is the way of the tribe, the sun rises and the sun sets. His anger tempers to grief over a death he hasn't been allowed to mourn, and he thinks in that moment: shouldn't all life be considered precious in this world? The ground pulses beneath him, a tremble of something he feels deep in his bones, and he knows he is not wrong.

Coming of Age

At thirteen, C'ahli receives his facial tattoos, black ink bleeding red as the cactuar needles pierce his skin. These are his tribe's identifying marks, the stripes of adulthood. But he feels especially small under the calloused hands that pin him down and he flinches when a stern voice reminds him not to move. This is the tribe's annual coming of age ceremony. It is a day long celebration meant to recognize all children who have reached the age of maturity and are full fledged members of the tribe. With the acknowledgement also comes new responsibilities, the burning discomfort of the fresh ink a reminder of an adult's obligation to the tribe.
While the tias assist in weekly hunts, the majority of their time is dedicated to the outskirts of the tribe's land for border protection. There are only four tias in total and the other three are practically elders. They alternate traveling together and individually as they circle the tribe's land. The only creatures they encounter are the natural wildlife. The perimeter of the land is a well worn path, smooth earth packed down from the thousands of steps taken by the tias who came before them.
C'ahli walks this path and fills the silence with thoughts of tiny sparks as he tries to remember the old nunh's face. The sun rises and the sun sets and all he is left with is time to think of things that aren't important to the tribe. He is a tia and a runt who will never be nunh-- but he's been whispering his thoughts aloud to the wind and he's taken to apologizing every sunrise and sunset for having forgotten its song.
At the dawn of his fourteenth year, he weeps unabashedly when he hears, for a moment, an echo of the lost melody.
When his steps carry him around the perimeter of his tribe's land, a never-ending circle, he now wonders if the border truly requires the protection of tias. His entire life, he has never seen an outsider, Miqo'te or otherwise. The three elder tias with him have walked this path since their coming of age and will continue to walk it until their deaths. He stumbles and nearly falls when he's struck with the profound understanding that, this too, will be his fate.
As C'ahli follows the unchanging path of the tias, he wonders: what will happen, if he steps off this road and continues walking forward instead?
When the sun sets and his tribesmen sleep, he finds out.

The Journey

He is woefully unprepared for this journey.
The tias' camp grows smaller and disappears, while the night landscape shifts into sharper focus beneath the silver light of the stars. Nervousness, excitement, and a spike in adrenaline easily drown caution and quell any fears. C'ahli leaves with the clothes on his back and a day's supply of rations. He knows there is a city to the north, past the desert, but has no idea of the true distance.
One sun slips to three and then five. He is weak from exposure and sunburn. He runs out of water and can find no cacti to stave his thirst. The desert is a sea of never ending sand and he is utterly lost - he cannot find his way back to the tribe, even if he wishes it. He does not - he does not - but he despairs. The wind's song comes to him in earnest during this trying time and provides some measure of comfort. But the scorching sun is unrelenting and part of him wonders if this is Azeyma's punishment for abandoning his people (it is not - it is not - the wind promises, and he believes).
In the evening, he is attacked. It isn't the hulking beastmen from childhood stories that set upon him. These beings are other, with an unnatural presence and eyes a gray veil of life-in-death. He is gripped with fear and the sand ripples like the tide of an ocean as the stones far, far beneath groan.
C'ahli has always known of his gift, the magic that runs like a current beneath his skin, nests deep in the marrow of his bones. But he has never called upon it, not as he does now.
He is less than a novice and when he draws upon the aether it is clumsy and inelegant and stems from the nearest source -- himself. It isn't beautiful like the lost melody, it isn't an ancient strength buried beneath the surface of the sand. It is a desperate and wild magic that tears violently from him, like a severed artery, like organs from his chest. (Aero, Aero, AeroAeroAero-- the wind's voice pierces him with clarity he has never before experienced.) The magic cuts the clouds, connects the sky and sand -- he calls down a storm.
In the aftermath, C'ahli crumples from exhaustion, the arrhythmic beats of his heart painful. His eardrums are ruptured but he can still hear the wind's song, though it's changed - it has become a cantata of sorrow and the deep, echoing hum of the stones a lament that vibrates through him.
The cost of this magic was too great - when his vision fades to black, he is certain he is dying.

New Beginnings

There is pain, more than he has ever thought possible.


Present Day


C'ahli currently shares a modest apartment in Ul'dah with Clotaire Lemillier, the elderly Elezen merchant who saved his life nearly four years ago. In exchange for room & board, C'ahli tends to the apartment when Clotaire is traveling and often accompanies the caravan when they venture into more dangerous territory within Thanalan. Clotaire also obligates the young Miqo'te into running his mundane errands.
Given these circumstances, C'ahli has been able to amass a small savings which he's used to purchase a very small (fairly rundown) home in La Noscea! He currently divides his time between these two residences.


  • Thanalan Sherpa: will escort travelers and merchants between outposts in Thanalan, for a fee. He provides protection and navigates via the safest and quickest routes, thanks to his discourse with the elementals. However, he will not venture into the Sagolii region. C'ahli generally finds new clients through references and Clotaire's merchant network.
  • White Wolf: unofficially assists the Order of the Twin Adder's White Wolves and Yellow Serpents divisions. C'ahli is not paid for this work, as the Stillglade Fane considers this restitution for the guidance and training they provide him as a Hearer / Conjurer (as he has refused to formally join the guild).
  • Odd Jobs: has been known to accept minor jobs or tasks from Ul'dah residents who are familiar with him or Clotaire. This is more of a trade-and-barter arrangement and generally does not include payment for services rendered.
  • Bards and Friends :D: co-leader of one of the largest bard organizations in the free cities! What started out as a tiny venture between friends has expanded almost overnight into an amazing network of performers and their supporters!


  • C'ahli is very in tune with the Elementals of Thanalan and feels he understands them the best (and that they understand him the best)
  • Communication with The Black Shroud Elementals is navigated the most delicately; they make the most forceful demands (and often times C'ahli is not in agreement with them)
  • Communication with La Noscea Elementals can be vague, just general feelings or dismissive responses (sometimes, they just can't be bothered)
  • He can easily converse with just about any succulent plant variety

Theme Song(s)

อนาคต (The Future)

Character Blog

C'ahli's Journal


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"The runt of the litter! I heard that's what happens when your sire's a tia." -- Inebriated Miqo'te
"Won't take any jobs in the Sagolii Desert. Don't matter how much yer payin'." -- Sunburned Merchant
"He's one of them tree-huggin', nature-magic types. Decent healer." -- Grizzled Mercenary
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"C'ahli's disgustingly cheerful at the ass-crack of dawn." -- Former Co-worker
"Me 'n me mates used to make a game of seein' 'ow many times we could pinch 'is purse in a day. 'E's wised up a bit though, don't carry much gil any more." -- Shady Pickpocket
"He came in and got real hammered one night. We were closing up and found him sitting in a corner having a heated conversation with a potted cactus! And I hear this isn't the first time that's happened." -- Gossiping Barmaid
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"He's got a nasty scar on the right side of his chest. Won't say how he got it neither!" -- Clothier Shop Manager
"Yeah, I met C'ahli about four years ago. Picked him up in the desert. He was half-dead and delirious from dehydration. Kept going on and on about a wind-chime or something." -- Clotaire Lemillier
"Take my advice, don't ever eat his home-cooked meals. He's a terrible chef and the spice level is always cataclysmic." -- Clotaire Lemillier
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Placeholder" -- Player Name
   (feel free to contribute!)


Romantic Attraction Platonic Friend Acquaintance Negative Neutral/Unsure
Rising Griffin: Roegadyn thaumaturge who dresses in white! They met up in Ul'dah and spent some hours discussing life. He also helped C'ahli recover from a potion induced "hangover."
Igaul'a Pollis: chemist who's quite possibly insane; they went on an adventure involving cactuars and many, many needles; Igaul'a also provided C'ahli with a mental enhancement potion to assist with his reading.
X'igo Tia: rude railing squatter; trash talker and music lover.
Y'jihro Tia: an unexpected introduction at the feet of Ul'dah's Delivery Moogle, Y'jihro allowed C'ahli to have his first up close and personal encounter with a Carbuncle (C'ahli will never forget this day)
Kiara Moon: fellow music enthusiast; collector of bards (?). An unexpected friend and kindred spirit; co-leader of "Bards and Friends :D".
Pepper Altana: slightly egotistical, outgoing, crazy talented bard! C'ahli greatly admires her showmanship and musical skills!
Amon D'syrcus: charismatic Elezen in a mask; C'ahli still harbors some suspicion towards this individual.
Lysander Laertes: a young adventurer, monk, and devotee of Thaliak; he seems rather green but also rather kind.
Velari Shiku:
Kharagerel Kha:
Yukine Oshiga:
Kikyo Mihata:
Avwalya Windsong:
Mist Desiree:
Ehn Harmonia:

OOC Notes

  • OOC =/= IC: should go without saying, but yeah, let’s keep OOC and IC separate. Also, don’t be a jerk OOC. Your character can be however jerky you want IC, I’m pretty much okay with that. Additionally, don’t meta-game– my tumblr and RPC profile have a bunch of info on C'ahli that your character probably isn’t privy to IC-ly. Lastly, while I RP a teenage character, I am an adult IRL and expect you to be as well. Thanks!

  • Chronic AFK: I tend to get bored and minimize the game when sitting around in cities; if I don't respond to an emote/say or if you want to start something up, just send me a tell!

  • I don’t do multi-verses and I will not engage with those who do: My character operates in one timeline, one universe, etc. Whatever happens to him IC-ly affects his character and his story. I know it’s popular on tumblr and in game to have multiple storylines and what-if scenarios and multiple ships explored, but I don’t like that and I will not partake in it. This includes responses to tumblr asks. There are consequences for actions and my muse exists in a singular world. If we RP together, I expect your muse to also operate in a singular world / timeline. This is my preference and if you’re not of like mind, please do not initiate RP.

  • I’m cool with lore bending / breaking but only if it’s well written: I won’t RP with folks who claim to be white mages or black mages or void sent or void touched unless you have a strong supporting backstory to go with it (and more than just a generic “I’m the one” trope). Sorry, this is something I’ve determined I feel strongly about. Lore wise, white mages are restricted to the Padjal, black mages are outlawed, and void sent/touched are kill on sight. If SE ever changes/updates the lore on this, I may become more open to it. I can be flexible when it comes to lore, but, for me, there needs to be a decent story for me to buy what you’re selling, and special snowflakes irritate me. Same goes for any other lore breaking you’re into – I’ll be cool with it, if it’s explained up front and if you have an intriguing story. Playing canon characters is also fine in my book– again, assuming you’ve got a solid story to support whatever lore/canon divergent direction you’ve gone with them (and assuming I’m not already RPing with another iteration of the canon character you’ve chosen).

  • I rarely interact IC on tumblr: I don’t really understand tumblr IC interaction. Most of what I’ve seen is kind of OOC and often meta-gaming. I also don’t understand how to translate tumblr interactions into the game setting (maybe this will change with the introduction of the tomestones, haha). So, for those reasons, it’s rare that you’ll see me interact IC as C'ahli on tumblr. Any responses, reactions, etc. are generally OOC. I do talk often about my character but tend to respond to asks OOC or to write a drabble in response, rather than shifting into character and responding in first person. If I have met your character IC in game or if we chat OOC, I may go IC to respond to things now and then. But 90% of my tumblr time is OOC and it’s safe to assume I’m OOC unless otherwise indicated. If you want to interact with C'ahli, your best bet is to hit me up in game.

  • RP Wants: Here’s what I’m interested in finding RP-wise for C'ahli: 1) friends; 2) other adventurers (novice or experienced) for world exploration; 3) a more experienced, conjurer-type mentor; 4) a free company; 5) someone to train C'ahli in hand-to-hand combat. Have a storyline that needs more characters to fill particular roles? C'ahli’s your man! I’m open to discussing just about anything. I’m not looking for random ERP. C'ahli is demisexual/pansexual, meaning: while the possibility exists of him being attracted regardless of gender or gender expression, he won’t have any real romantic/physical interest without a deep emotional bond. It would require a lot of work in developing the relationship between our characters in order for this path to be explored… So, while I’m not against it, I just don’t foresee this being pursued by other players.

  • RP Style: 1) Overall – sometimes I’ll post 3 - 4 paragraphs and sometimes I’ll just post a few sentences. It really depends on what the situation calls for and what feels appropriate to me. I generally post smaller and smaller amounts when the number of people involved in the RP increases. 2) One-On-One - I prefer one-on-one sessions or like 3 players max. 3) Groups or Public Events - I rarely post much of anything IC when I’m around bigger groups. The chat scroll in FFXIV is super hard for me to keep up with. I also tend to miss posts directed at me (so please just /tell if I don’t respond). I mainly RP in game but I am not totally opposed to other mediums.

  • I’m online most evenings. Ideally, I’d like to find other RPers who are also active. I don’t mind short term / random sessions but I prefer long term play. Additionally, I don’t mind interacting with your alts but please don’t start serious RP on an alt and then vanish. ☹

  • I'm on Mateus only at this time.

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