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Ul'dah-transparent.png C'anmaia Polaali
The Breaker
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun (Halfbreed)
Citizenship Ul'dah
Tribe Coeurl tribe of the Sagolii
Age 18
Height 5 fulm 6 ilm
Also known as C'anmaia Xin
Server Balmung
In game Most evenings - Central



C'anmaia Polaali (Ka-an-mah-yah Poh-lah-lee) - is a spunky half-breed seeker, living in lavender beds within Nymeia's Web. Though she does frequently live with her brother in many other places. After leaving the tribe to Hunt the World, she has managed to adapt to the lifestyle in the urban world despite her tribal upbringing and still retaining some habits. Recently, she adopted the last name of her Keeper ancestry largely due to her brother.

Note: C'anmaia does not have the Echo, nor is a part of the Scions. She has no information on anything relating to the events portrayed in the game.


C'anmaia is tall for a miqo'te woman. Her muscles are still kept in shape as if she still kept up the training that she had in the tribe. It can be said that C'anmaia looks very similar to her brother, C'kayah. Her skin has lightened up due to less time in the blazing Sagolii desert's sun. Her hair is dark as the night with wisps of light blonde throughout it. Her eyes ranges from the colors of pale brown to light grey and occasionally look green or blue. Her nose has been the defining trait of her face, the darkened tip of her nose which many would find adorable and cute. Her lips are plump and been blessed with a pair of sharp canines, something she had inherited from the Keeper side of her ancestry.


One of the defining trait of C'anmaia is her adaptability. She can easily adapt herself to fit the situation though being young she is quite impulsive and rash. Not many things bother her, insults and harsh words rolls right of her armor, if she's even wearing any metaphorically. She is generally an open book to read and an enjoyable company to have around especially as a drinking buddy. Her nature is quite curious, mischievous and full of life. She usually can find the silver lining in everything. Despite her enjoyable nature, she does have other parts of her that not many sees unless they are close to her.



C'anamaia was originally trained in the combat ton, learning how to use her body as a weapon itself. Even though she had not returned to her tribe, she still continues the upkeep of her training. In addition to the pugilist training, she fights with a bit of a twist. She sometimes uses magic such as coating her hands or feet with little lightning or fire. If needed, she will use knives that are frequently hidden on her body. She occasionally does dabble in archery, good enough to use a bow properly.


"Likes/Dislikes: Well let's see... I like gil. I like knowing that I have enough to not worry about where's my next meal is coming from or if I'm even going to get one at all. What else... oh! Brandy! Yes, but it has to be the *good* kind of brandy. None of that low shelf shit. I like women, beautiful ones, I like them feisty too. Occasionally, I like males but I may have eyes for one... Sorry men. There's not really anything that I dislike aside from women looking at my brother like he's their next meal. I'm quite protective of him you see."


  • Power
  • Wealth
  • Brandy
  • Beautiful women
  • Family


  • Boring people
  • Brother's enemies
  • Hypocrites


  • Adaptable
  • Experienced with number of instruments
  • Background in slave training
  • Good with brawls and hand to hand combat


Mated     Romantic Interest     It's Complicated     Sexual Desire    Friendly     Neutral     Hostile

I've seen the various ♥ icons handled differently. Here, they are a heirarchy, much like , , and :

implies both and doesn't really imply anything at all. It's complicated...


"I'm pretty sure my parents are C'xin Nunh and C'issapa Oya. I dunno. I was closer with my grandma and brother. I never understood how my father and mother got together. Father acts like he got a prickly stick up his ass and then there's my mom who's free-spirited. But grandma, she's a hoot to be with. I'm pretty sure I've given her some grey hairs. I haven't seen most of my family since leaving to Hunt the World. Though I've reunited with my brother, C'kayah."

C'xin Nunh: C'anmaia and C'kayah's father. C'xin is extremely conservative. Often distant with his children, C'xin nevertheless takes an active interest in their lives.
C'issapa Oya: C'anmaia and C'kayah's mother. C'issapa is an extremely free-spirited and free-thinking woman whose sharp canines and large eyes betray a mixed ancestry. C'anmaia has inherited her large eyes and fangs.
Mholii Polaali: Her rolanberry cousin who used to be part of the Morbolvines but has come to join the C's family business.
C'kayah Polaali: Once she reunited with her brother that she had been close with. The two found each other in Ul'dah in the most unexpected way and had become inseparable since.
The rest: As is common with Seeker tribes, C'anmaia has many brothers and sisters, most of them she can't even remember the names of.

Other Relationships

Cemi Anbolho: A former pits fighter Keeper that C'anmaia had met at Nymeia's Web, she finds the girl to be a good company and perhaps may even find her more than just cute.
Vi Lyrre: A beautiful seeker who she met through her brother. C'anmaia finds Vi quite entertaining and interesting.


Common Rumors (Easily Overheard)

  • "I see her hanging around that male that looks a lot like her... They seem close." - Quicksand customer
  • "I think she's very charming. Sure knows how to flirt, perhaps she's spent some time living a courtesan's life." - Ul'dahn Hyur Man

Moderate Rumors (Uncommonly Overheard)

  • "Some says that she knows a lot of things in a bedroom... Some might say impossible things." - Ul'dahn courtesan
  • "I've seen her on the streets a while back and now she's parading around like she's got all of the money in the world! Did she marry a rich man?" - Ul'dahn beggar
  • "She's the sister to that guy... Perhaps she knows some things of his criminal background." - Ul'dahn Sultansword

Rare Rumors (Very Difficult to Discover)

  • "She's had a terrible past, I can see it in her eyes. She's okay with what happened to her, that's the scary thing." - Limsan courtesan
  • "I've heard that she's been called as 'The Breaker'" - Ul'dahn Mage

PC Rumors (Feel Free to Add IC Rumors)



C'anmaia was born into the Coeurl tribe and people instantly regretted her being born. One can describe her as a wild menace or a child that just couldn't be controlled. Many blamed her Keeper ancestry for having a free-spirited personality. She was often called the bad mix of Seeker and Keeper. She often wandered off to try to hunt her own game down when she was far too young to hold a bow and arrow. In efforts to discourage her from going out, she was put into the combat ton, learning how to fight with her body for possible attacks on her tribe. She often played with the boys, never feeling she fit the ideal role of a girl within the Seeker tribes. C'anmaia quickly became proficient with her fighting skills in her ton and thus she was set out to hunt the world as a young age of fifteen.

Teen and Hunt the World

Once upon leaving the tribe, C'anmaia quickly found herself in the streets of Pearl Lane, begging for food and money. It was at this time that she also set out to find her brother, C'kayah. She had many rumors of his fortune in the city and her search took her out to Ala Migho where she was kidnapped. C'anmaia spent the next three years training slaves for the kidnappers, it was in this moment of her life that she changed. Then she was thrown out into the streets with no memories of what had happened to her yet still retained the skills that she had learned. C'anmaia got into the courtesan life as a way to make money and survive. She was content with the life.


After a year of earning decent gil from her courtesan job, she recently across her brother that she had been looking for so long. After spending some time with him she begin to rediscover their bond that they had when she was younger. She is determined to stick around her brother and follow him wherever he does this time. She soon quit her job and joined her brother in building a family business that soon would make her the head of the organization.


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