C'asir Airdancer

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Ul'dah-transparent.png C'asir Airdancer (Tia)
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 27
Sexuality Straight
Occupation Mentor at the Pugilist's Guild
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Namesday 14th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon



C'asir is a pugilist serving as a mentor at the guild in Ul'dah, as well as something of a freelancer. Charismatic and welcoming, he's quick to make friends and thanks to such has a decent amount of connections for seeking out jobs for gil on the side. Bastard born between tribes, he carries blood of both the Coeurl and Drake tribe with him, as well as experience living in both the Sagolii and the jungles of La Noscea. He is the head of his new project, a freelancing company known as the Onyx Toramas.


Standing at 5'7, C'asir is a relatively tall Miqo'te male with toned muscle suited for his work with fist and spear. His skin reflects his mother's heritage as a child of the sands, and his hair is smooth and dark. His orange eyes almost seem to radiate with warmth, and a grin can always been found on the Seeker's face. A small scar can be found on his chin, the result of a hunt in his youth. All around, his appearance reflects his warm nature, with even his clothes taking on colors from brown to pink.


C'asir is a pleasant person to be around with little forward intention of harming others, proving himself daily as easy to smile and laugh. Often generous to even the strangest of strangers, and rather elaborate with his words and a fan of flamboyant grace, he can come off as an eccentric quite easily with the levels of energy he exerts in day-to-day situations. He keeps himself brightly collected at most times, however, his charisma often shining leadership qualities upon him through his general likability.



Born to the strong Drake tribe of the Sagolii, C'asir was a fighter from the start. With a history of training both his fists and his lance work, he has a variety of combat skills that allow him strength. Often utilizing a twin pair of katar, he employs the piercing grace of the lance with the speed and close quarters style of pugilism. The most unique trait of his in combat is the employment of a dragoon's skills, picked up while he used his lance to serve Ishgard's specialized military. The source of his titled surname, he is adept in aerial combat and often takes to agile leaps and jumps to attack an opponent from different angles.



Fruity drinks
Sweet foods, usually of the breakfast variation
Friendly sparring
Warm climates


Betrayal, disloyalty
Voidsent-related troubles
Bad smells
Cold climates
Lack of resolve


Training at the Pugilist's guild
Climbing, swimming, and other freeform athletic activities
Listening to music
Eating (often socially)


Favourite Food/Drink: Just about any fruit-based or fruit-accented drink, including wines and juices.
Favourite Place: The Sagolii Desert
Favorite Weather: Sunny
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Color: Rose red
Favorite Scents: Fruity scents, like grapes and strawberries




Easily Overheard Rumours
"The accented one? I hear he's a mentor, down at the Pugilist's guild. A bit too... colorful for my tastes." - "'Busy Bartender'"
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"You hear that C'asir's a bastard-born? He's not even from the Coeurl tribe." - "'Miserable Miqo'te'"
Rarely Overheard Rumours
"Airdancer? He picked that up from the Ishgardians, you know. Dragoons and the like. Why they'd ever let a miqo'te into their ranks is beyond me." - "'Enigmatic Elezen'"
Player Character Rumours


Born in the Sagolii Desert as U'asir Tia, the young miqo'te grew up learning to hunt in the sands with both hand and spear. Around his 13th nameday, it was discovered that his father was a Tia from the Coeurl tribe of La Noscea. Shortly after, he was sent across Eorzea to find his father's tribe and join them. Quickly becoming fond of a particular pair of sisters, C'lhamia and C'lyhhia, he spent much of his days adjusting to hunting in the jungle alongside them both. He found himself attracted to Lyhhia, the younger sister of the two, them eventually becoming mates in their youth after some years together.

Upon his twentieth nameday, both he and C'lhamia Banhi aimed to prove their skill with the lance after their countless days of hunting and training. Attempting to enlist in the Ishgardian Dragoons, the two Seekers of the Sun aimed to prove themselves the ultimate hunters through conquering the Dravanian horde itself. Though rejected at first, after some time of their persistence the near-sibling pair were permitted entry into the dragon-downing practice. There, they befriended an Elezen Dragoon who often defended them from more xenophobic Ishgardians, Lusciaoux.

After three years of remaining in Ishgard, C'asir and C'lhamia retrieved a missive from home, bearing the message that C'lyhhia had been slain by brigands along with a request for the two to come home. To leave Ishgard was to leave the dragoons, and the two took to thinking over their options. Distraction from their sworn duty came with a cost, however, and they were promptly discharged to return home to where their minds were. Upon returning to their tribe, C'lhamia returned to her role as a huntress while C'asir once again found himself moving.

Ending up in Ul'dah, he took to the Pugilist's guild and began their practices, while freelancing for coin until ultimately becoming a mentor at the Pugilist's guild after a few years.


Theme Song: "Wet Sand" - Red Hot Chili Peppers

TV Tropes: TBD

Alignment: Chaotic Good

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