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C'laihn "Lain" Venator



Given Name: C'laihn Venator
Birth Name: C'laihn Tia
Nickname: Lain, Doggy, Jumps
Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun
Age: 25
Height & Weight: ~5 ft 11 in, 210 lbs
Hair Color: Usually Blonde (Currently black)
Eye Color: Purple
Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Freelancer, Treasure Hunter
Residence: The Goblet, Room at The Jumpy Dragoon
Tribe: Formerly Coeurl
Alignment: Neutral Good



C'laihn is a creature born for hunting and jumping. At least, that's what his body would lead one to believe after years of training and providing for his tribe. His taut figure has an obvious lean athletic build, emphasized by his broad shoulders and narrowed waist. His hours out in the daylight are easily shown by his tanned skin, although a few scars here or there stand out notably paler. He also has a styled black tattoo upon the left side of his back, stretching from his shoulder blade down towards his hip- tribal in design and fairly abstract.
Wild blonde hair is usually halfheartedly slicked back upon his head, although purple strands are easily visible as well among the blonde. That bit of color helps emphasize his fierce amethyst eyes. His eyes are likely the main culprit in his so-called “angry” or “delinquent” resting expression as well, although his strong jawline and brow don't help. Marring his facial features is a small slanted scar that crosses between his eyes just above the bridge of his nose. That... also doesn't help.
As far as Miqo'te go, C'laihn is a little on the fluffier side. His ears have long tufts of fur at the end, much like a Lynx and his tail is jokingly referenced to that of a winter's dog.
His clothing and outfitted gear preferences vary, although he tends to like the lighter options such as minimal shirts in hot weather and durable, breathable leather for hunting. And jumping purposes.


Lain's appearance sometimes mistakenly contradicts his actual personality to an outsider or acquaintance. While his sharp gaze gives off a mean appearance, the energetic and friendly Miqo'te is far from a ruffian or social deviant. While he might not be the chattiest person in a group, Lain enjoys being around others and watching interactions. Still, sometimes his own brand of awkwardness is revealed when a particular joke flies over his head or he shows himself to be quite oblivious to a stranger's advances.
His hunting prowess can be compared to a feline, but his personality often is commented as being much like a canine. Lain is a sucker for helping those who seem in need and it's not far fetched to see him attempting to please a friend with a gift or something he believes they need (usually they don't.) This pleasing attitude sometimes links into unpleasant encounters, as he has a hard time saying no when dragged off to do a job he might not necessarily want to do. However, while not often glimpsed, C'laihn is capable of becoming intense, furious and even passionate when push comes to shove- especially in a glaringly negative situation or fight. He's also usually composed with any negative feelings, but once and awhile they can growl to the surface.
Regardless, Lain likes to see the glass as half-full and is viewed as a pillar of strength and a loyal friend or ally.
Hot chocolate
Free food
Fluffy rugs
Being around others

Fruits & Veggies
Not getting the joke
Fighting other people
Leaping (and jumping)
Hunting wildlife and such
Vaulting (and jumping)
Has a keen sense of hearing

Trusts easily
Can be pretty gullible
Listens to his brother too much
Misc. Notes
Tends to lose his shoes
Often fidgets
Known for having a "mean" resting expression
Favored weapons are polearms
Sometimes seen with his Coeurl cub, Gravel


C'laihn Tia was born to the Coeurl Tribe during a particularly harsh year. It was made even worse by his brother's standards, as their mother passed away shortly after C'laihn's arrival. Despite this, the females of the tribe shared the duty of raising the brothers and they were often passed around. Due to the grueling rough patch of years in C'laihn's childhood, he learned quickly about the importance of hunts for the tribe. He and his brother quickly adapted, often finding little treasures but Lain positively thrived off of the praise and joy of returning successfully to help feed the very mothers and sisters who helped raise him.
As he grew older, so did the pressures of being a male. That pressure didn't truly surface to Lain though until abruptly their father passed away in an accident, leaving a known rival to take the place of nunh. Both Lain and his brother Vincint were considered old enough by this point and thus, a scrutinizing gaze was suddenly turned their way. His brother's hot-headed but sharp personality that resembled his father quickly had him forced away from the women that raised him, but Lain was a different story. Perhaps part of it was due to C'laihn's obvious disinterest in becoming a nunh and while he had the skills to fight, he lacked the mindset to lead. So, Lain was allowed to remain close and most importantly, continue to hunt and provide for the tribe.
Eventually though, conflict bubbled to the surface. It happened like an avalanche- starting from something Lain had thought to be small and growing into a crushing blow. He remembered the innocent attraction and eventually building his shy confidence for a request. He recalled the promise and what he killed that day, only to return to find the promise to be a backhanded lie. Then his brother had come in. His temper had finally flared to life, furious at both his brother for being a fool and the insufferable nunh. Lain remembered the brief clash and then the surprising emptiness afterwards.
Then Vincint left the tribe and C'laihn followed him.
The pair found themselves in Limsa Lominsa and the years that followed were a blur. It had been difficult navigating a new way of life for themselves and often it led them both with no roof and less than appetizing meals. Eventually though, they adapted, made contacts and in some cases a few friends. Of course, gil was always a struggle due to atrocious spending habits that were primarily dominated by his brother. They also got into a few spots of trouble navigating the scams and the wrong places, but the pair scrapped along just fine.
Eventually Vincint decided they would be treasure hunters, because hunting wildlife was boring. Lain didn't understand the reasoning, but he was happy to hunt for the exciting idea of shinies and hidden gems. Of course, Lain had no idea how difficult it actually is to find real treasure. When a few friends joined up with the self-declared “organization,” it was even more apparent that in order to pay their rent and survive, he'd have to continue doing odd jobs here or there.
Recently the brothers have been separated for awhile, which has given Lain some anxiety. He is currently under the belief that there's a secret evil organization that creates guns, strange gadgets and they're a bad influence on his brother who now has far too many of all of those things.

♣ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
“He's someone's hired brute! He just stares at you silently, waiting for a wrong move.”
“He jumped... how high?”
“He's part dog. I'm serious! I saw his tail wag when he was happy for a free burger.”
♦ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
“That man? Psh, he can't fight for shite. Ran away with his tail between his legs in this very bar.”
“Is he drunk? B-but... he only had a few drinks!”
“He once tried to sell us ten barrels of cotton bolls he picked himself. Ten barrels.”
♥ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
“I heard he had to leave his tribe 'cause he and his brother killed their own family.”
“That black-haired Miqo'te is always being followed by him. I think they're together.”
“Don't let the nice act fool you. I saw'm lunge faster than you can blink. Took out the captain's man without so much as a flinch- all 'cuz of some squealing woman.”
♠ PC Rumors (Feel free to add your own)

Romance     Attraction      Platonic      Friendly     Indifferent     Business    Uncertain     Dislike     Enemy    
Vincint Venator Older Brother | The Leader
“I follow him because we're family. Even if he complains. Or loses our gil. A lot.”
Since parting from their tribe, Lain has followed and done his best to help his gil-spending brother in his endeavors. While often teased or told to be quiet and stare down potential hard sells, Vincint and Lain have a fairly friendly and close relationship. Even if Vincint seems to run their combined gil funds into the gutter. Constantly.
C'viht Nunh Father | Deceased
“I don't remember warmth. I just remember respect.”
C'viht passed away during an accidental conflict with a rival. The brothers were always kept at a distance and their relationship wasn't close.
C'arath Iln Mother | Deceased
“They said she was... uh, a lot like Vincint.”
C'arath passed away in childbirth. Lain has no memories of her.

Allies & Friends
Sylvistral The Pirate Queen
“Why does she always laugh when she asks me how to thrust?”
Sylvistral is a long-time friend of Lain's. She discovered Lain and his brother when they first came to Limsa Lominsa after leaving their tribe, scrounging for any odd job. Fiery but sly, she helped them out on occasion until finally she was won over into helping their treasure endeavors. She occasionally asks Lain to train her in using a spear, usually to her own amusement.
Sarina AlyneThe Healer Lady
“She's a new friend. A new friend who didn't seem to care how... well, me-ish I was.”
Sarina is a new friend that Lain is pretty proud of making, not only for her friendly nature but also due to the fact that it was without his brother's aid. He finds her relation to Gridania to be interesting and completely foreign to him.
Maqali Qulaan The Foodie Friend
“She likes food and has just as much energy as me, I think!”
Maqali is a new friend that Lain encountered on his accidental stumble into The Golden Gala. Not only did she help him make another friend, but her energy coaxed him towards going to The Bountiful Chest after and potentially opening up more contacts outside of what his brother knows. He enjoys her company and finds her both curious and amusing.
Shilugei Ganbataar (Gan) Maqali's Friend (Mine too?!)
“He's quiet, but I think he could be awkward like me.”
Gan is another Xaela that Lain encountered at The Golden Gala, although met through Maqali. Lain doesn't know a whole lot about Gan, but hints mentioning of teaching the younger Xaela how to use the spear and his treatment towards others has him in a very positive light from Lain. He thinks Gan might be a friend, but Lain's own hesitance has the Miqo'te second guessing such a notion.
Mana Uranaishi The Third Wheel, Free Muffins
“She gives me free muffins. That's nice, but Vincint is always around her lately.”
Lain is not quite sure what to make of Mana. On one hand, she is upbeat, kind and has helped keep his brother out of trouble from what he's heard. Yet on the other, she's joined the organization and is working a lot with Vincint. It's weird.
Faith Nova'loras The Book Lady
“I think her treasure maps are broken. All we find are books.”
Faith was the first person to join up in Vincint's self-proclaimed treasure hunting group. While the hyur's provided pleasant company with the brothers and grown close to them, her maps are often lackluster to the brothers. They want things to sell for gil, but all they ever find are valuable research items, which the studious woman is relentless of keeping their paws off.

Nameless The Liar
“Nameless” to keep a possible connection open should a Coeurl member wish to connect.
The past Nunh likely responsible for Lain's father's death. His lie also was the ultimate cause for the brothers' departure.

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