C'mahji Tia

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 C'mahji Tia
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 23
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C'mahji is taller than average for a Miqo'te male and certainly has a fighter's build, though he is more athletically built than muscular, toned but not blessed with superior strength. He keeps his hair manageable but messy, brushed back quickly and oftentimes falling into his face. It's a light blonde with brownish-red highlights running through. Occasionally, he will put it up into braids to keep it out of his face, though this is rare. He also has heterochromia, with his right eye being a plain amber and his left a paler green. He is light-skinned with a slight tan.

Both ears are pierced multiple times - three in the left, two in the right. He typically wears multiple necklaces - a simple gold chain, a rope necklace with a couerl fang, and another decorated with beads and precious rocks. He bears multiple scars on his face - two small ones in an 'x' on his left cheek and a longer, thicker scar that runs over his right eye. He has a variety of other scars that decorate his body, from battle wounds to poor childhood decisions. He also has traditional markings and tattoos on his face.


C'mahji is often in good spirits, whether he is working, adventuring, or relaxing at a bar. He's quick to smile, quicker to flirt, and is generally easy to get along with. During the day, he is a diligent craftsman, working as a blacksmith. Generally, this is the worst time to speak with him, as he can be rather short and hates being interrupted.

The evenings (and his days off) are the best time to catch him. He does his best to be the life of the party - he's loud, boisterous, a flirt... and a gambler. When he's on a winning streak, he's not afraid to spend his gil on drinks for the room.

Gambling is his biggest vice - he doesn't know when to stop when he's ahead or behind, and he's often running himself into trouble.

Lastly, he carries himself with a 'runt of the litter' mentality and can be quick to anger or get defensive over real or perceived slights.



C'mahji is not what one would call a... tactician. He's a marauder through and through. He charges in, axe swinging, with no worry about his own well being. While he's never been one for strategy, he does use his natural agility once he begins a battle, dancing away from blows that he can and absorbing the blows he cannot. He doesn't lose often against other marauders or most melee fighters in his skill range, but he has a trouble in duels against magic users, seasoned veterans, and those pesky monks.



  • Blacksmithing.
  • Gambling, drinking, and flirting.
  • Fighting - duels or otherwise.


  • Cooking.
  • Losing. At anything.
  • Being spoken down to.



He grew up in a traditional setting within one of the Couerl tribes. He does not have any close ties to his parents, though he does keep in contact with his sisters, C'jhimei and C'tensa Oya. He left the tribe when he was barely an adult and has not gone back.


  • Shofie Mahowyn: While not really quite what he would call a friend yet, he met Shofie after a good streak of gambling and entered into a one-vs-one drinking contest with her. She won (he will dispute it was a clean victory) and he is currently her indentured servant for a year. Still, he got along with her and found her cute, two important factors to him when he determines if the friendship has a good chance to succeed.


  • Zhwan Unaa: Less an enemy and more a rival, she and C'mahji didn't get off on a good foot when they met the night that he and Shofie were drinking. She's overprotective of Shofie for reasons he doesn't understand, and she's combative. While he doesn't mind combative, she spoke down to him - and that pushed a few buttons.

Aside from that, he doesn't know of any, though he's afraid that he may have run afoul of someone powerful in Ul'dah for a gambling debt.

You Might Know C'mahji If...

Common Rumors

  • ... you are a member of the marauder's guild, new or old.
  • ... you have ever commissioned the blacksmith's guild for anything, normally bulk items.
  • ... you have ever frequented the bars in Limsa or Ul'dah.
  • ... you are a member of or have done business with the C (Couerl tribe) of Miqo'te. While C'mahji's tribe broke off from the pillagers of the Shroud tribe, they are still loosely affiliated.
  • ... you are, or have a relationship with, a guard in Limsa or Ul'dah. While he's never been in serious trouble, there are stories and rumors galore about his antics.


C'mahji was born in a traditional tribe setting and was known as the runt of the litter from a young age. He wasn't good with a bow or a blade, and fell behind in standard training. This was a point of great embarrassment for him and he often fought the hardest, laughed the loudest, and started the most scuffles to try to make up for it, though it was to little avail.

He came into his own in his late teens, filling out his frame and finding his calling after a former tribe member came back wielding an axe. C'mahji took up the weapon and immediately improved. Still, he was headstrong, and got it into his mind that a small change made all the difference. He challenged a Nunh and was promptly put into his place, though he was spared death. It was another embarrassment in a long line of embarrassments, and he swore off the tribal life at the age of seventeen.

He made his way to Limsa to adventure and learn more about the art of marauding. The lifestyle suited him well - it was straightforward and satisfying. He's trained with the guild since he arrived and is now a respected member. He had limited funds to live on though and quickly discovered ways to make money - gambling. He had a natural affinity for it and a great poker face, as it were, and so he was able to fund his early adventures and training. This would have been the end of it if he'd had the self-control to stop gambling when he got ahead - but he didn't.

At twenty, he visited Ul'dah to learn the art of mining... but also picked up a taste for higher end gambling with higher bidders. While he did, in fact, learn how to mine, the visit also stoked the fires in terms to his gambling and alcohol addictions.

As he became a more proficient marauder, he found himself bored more often. He took up being a blacksmith to take the edge off the boredom and fell in love with the work. While he's not necessarily a household name, he is a respected member of both guilds and works hard to improve on his craft. He's often requested to work on mid-to-high level commissions, though usually only bulk orders, as his talent and proficiency is good but better suited to mass-production than fine detail.

Now twenty-three, he's settled mostly in Limsa, though he visits Ul'dah often and still prefers it for the gambling, alcohol and women. He's got himself into a bit of debt with a loan shark - though he's not worried about it. He's always been able to talk himself out of a bad situation.


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