Caeldrin Rofaux

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Ishgard.jpg Caeldrin Rofaux
"I'll bop you right hard."
The Sass Train
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 42
Occupation Retainer
Guardian Halone, The Fury
Namesday 6th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
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♦ General

Caeldrin Rofaux is a retainer. Fairly approachable to most and often felt inclined to approach others, he often smiles and is rather hard to upset unless provoked deliberately. His attire is clean, his posture straight and his gate well practiced to present himself as proper. Glasses can often be seen on the bridge of his bird-like nose and some form of walking stick or cane is held either hand.

♦ Appearance

Caeldrin comes off as a well rounded individual in regards to his physique. He is neither too lean, stout, muscular, or tall, but his skin appears yielding to the touch as if to announce himself to be soft. Cael's features are very angular like that of a hawk though his ears be shorter than most, yet his hair remains to be feathery and full. His pale complexion is as if someone had dipped the man in cover-up makeup to make him look more alive. The contrast of his almost white, ice tipped strands doesn't aid him in how lively he may appear, but the staggering pale yellow hue of his eyes, though somewhat obscured, come out as his foremost feature. These eyes of his are the most expressive when he comes to his appearance, varying in the most sharp, meaningful gazes to his subtle, and gentle of smiles. At first glance it is easy to not note the faded tattoo upon his left cheek. It's tribal design betrays his heritage and barely shows against the skin, but in the light of the sun and moon, it comes out more visibly to the eye. Cael's lips appear a shade of gray darker than his flesh in comparison though the faint scar of once having a lip piercing can be seen when up close.


Caeldrin will not shy away from a fight. However he is not the one to take hits well. His ability is restricted to a supportive role. He will rarely go offensive and often will not attack unless in his or another's defense.

Skills are as thus: Basic medical aid, weak fire and ice conjuration, strong protect and cure.

Personal Tastes











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Enemies & Rivals

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Currently Seeking

Connections, People to meet so he can expand his currently tiny social life.


Delving into the past, Caeldrin was abandoned as an infant and recalls his only brother Aeonis Rofaux as his sole caretaker until coming to the gates of Ishgard, at the age of four, to be taken in by one of the higher of the minor nobility behind its towering walls; House Dunant. It was then by the Patriarch's will, though with much scrutiny from House Fortemps at his abrupt decision to let in outsiders, that the brothers be trained to best be fit into their roles early to better serve his house.

Caeldrin was trained by the head butler of the house to be proper, patient, respectful, and above all else, to be attentive, and silent. Through the years, Caeldrin's personal growth bloomed a strapping young man with a flirty silver tongue. Much did he get himself in trouble. It did little to help him through the chaos that came from it. Women peeked at him and soon the halls of the house were flooded with the whispering of his personal problems. The teasing and the bullying commenced hence forth and though the elderly of the staff did attempt to aid him, the damage had already been done. With Caeldrin's brother as his shield, Cael never did venture far from the walls of his home, his friends having left him for fear of their social power, and buried himself in his work as a butler in silence.

It was the day that the Dunants had their first born, word took quickly like wildfire and it was the Patriarch's brothers that then joined in on the festivities before departing on their own family fortune. Caeldrin, having grown old enough to partake in duties fit of his role, was given the task of taking care of the babe with the Matriarch that was blind and could not do so without aid. At this time, Caeldrin was fourteen. The Matriarch soon had given birth to another son after the ninth year from Levinth's own, and seven years from the youngest brother was born the twins. Caeldrin, the head butler, and the Patriarch had their hands full for twenty-three years. The Matriarch, though happy in her life with family, fell ill. She died two years before The Calamity struck.

Levinth, as first born son, had much to dwell on after The Calamity struck and the great plains that once was Coerthas became the hellish winter wonderland it is today. The Ishgard Dravanian War drove House Dunant to make decisions for their future. It was Levinth's decision to leave Ishgard as a means to build trade with the neighboring factions and bring in goods to further aid Ishgard for the trials to come. Caeldrin, refusing to stay within the walls of his home as he had for years, went with Levinth to begin anew; leaving his brother Aeonis to attend to the Patriarch and his children with the head butler at the age of thirty-seven.

At current, it has been five years and the pair had toiled in the great city of Ul'dah where Levinth became a reknown merchant while also giving his efforts within The Adders. This left Caeldrin to deal with shipment manifests, trade, and exploring himself anew without the peer constraints that gave him foundation within Ishgard. For once in his life, the Duskwight felt himself. Wanting to further extend his prowess in adventuring, he pleaded with Levinth to become his legalized 'retainer' as a means to be able to further impress his usefulness even when Levinth wasn't around to watch him. To this day, he proudly states he is a retainer for Levinth alone, but remains loyal to House Dunant within Ishgard.