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"Believe in me, for my resolve does not waver, nor can it be fractured." ~Vailyx the Swifttail

Caen Jabari is a young miqo'te who was found washed ashore in Vesper Bay on the day of the Great Calamity. Caen remembered nothing of his first eleven years, and woke up to a world he did not remember living in. All he had on him, besides the tattered rags that covered his body, were water-logged letters addressed to "Caen" from an older brother "Vailyx" and held together by a pair of violet earrings. Thankfully, the kinder fisherman, Faust Jabari was able to find the young miqo'te and semi-raised the boy to be able to live on his own. After five years, not only has Eorzea changed, but so has the young seeker of the sun.

    Updated for Heavensward 
Caen Jabari
"I'm Caen, if'in it pleases. And, if it don't, I'm Caen all the same!"
The Desert Canary
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Patron Deity Azeyma, the Warden
Age 19 (Year 1579)
Nameday 16th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon, 1561
Height/Weight 5 fulms 4 ilms, 160 ponz
Occupation "Freelance Adventurer/Errandtail"
Server Balmung
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"You may be Ul'dah's desert canary, but you bear the heart of the phoenix, Caen. You can always reignite and fly again." ~Tiergan Vashir

Caen sports a wide-eyed, youthful face with bronzed skin due to living under the desert sun for years. Although he's lived in Ul'dah in the summers he remembers, Caen sports a slight Lominsan accent due to being raised in the city beside the Rhotano. His eyes are a bright amber and his large canines tend to show when he grins with his teeth. The lad also sports a shaggy mane of royal blue hair that would attempt to curl inwards over his face, yet it is mostly kept covered by a light head-wrapping. On his left cheek, he bears a X-shaped scar. Caen is best well known by his choice of attire; his bright yellow-coloured garb, to show off his love for the sunlight. His favorite articles of clothing usually include loose sarouel and leather boots or crakows. He prefers loose, billowy shirts in lieu of proper button-downs and is prone to sleeve-less vests and sometimes revealing chest pieces.



Caen is wild and carefree making him a perfect candidate for odd jobs through-out Thanalan and Ul'dah herself. A friend to everyone, the boy is cheerful and will rarely hesitate to chat up a stranger. His favorite pastime is residing within The Quicksand to watch the comings and goings of adventurers, occasionally prodding them for tales of their adventures outside the desert. This inspired him to finally leave Ul'dah to experience adventures of his own. Prone to mischief and hardly watching where he steps, Caen often finds himself in troublesome situations and relies on his quick-thinking and unorthodox methods of survival. The miqo'te is always in high-spirits and is at his best around friends, to whom he is very loyal.

Martial Arts

Fighting Style

  • Caen is naturally gifted with hand-to-hand combat, but is clumsy as a toddler when it comes to a sword. During his childhood in Limsa Lominsa, he was often made fun of for his Hyuran name, which led to many street brawls with the local bullies. He taught himself how to punch, kick, and dodge out of attacks when overwhelmed, becoming effective at fighting many targets at once.
  • When his brother Vailyx began to take up the art of the Lance, Caen naturally went out and carved his own pole-arm out of a fallen tree branch to teach himself to do that as well, desiring skills better than his perfect brother. Vailyx was never to busy to show Caen up and belittle the boy on his flawed techniques, yet managed to teach him proper form over the course of three years. By berating his younger brother on what not to do, he effectively taught him how to use the lance as an extension of his arm. And although Caen was never old enough to leave Limsa and study the lance abroad, Vailyx was secretly proud of Caen.
  • Caen continued to pave his way through the Thanalan with his fists after he had awoken from losing his memory. After saving his foster-father, Faust, from a yarzon swarm a month after awakening, he took Caen to the Pugilist's Guild within Ul'dah, where the boy would hone his skills. While mostly his training pertained of running errands for the Holyfist, Hamon, Caen did occasionally teach himself a less-clumsy fighting style after watching the students spar.
  • Caen often speaks of how beautiful and interesting he believes swords to be, but he cannot properly wield one on his own. When he does, he finds the blade "rejecting" him. Still he finds them incredibly intriguing.
  • Recently, the yellow-clad miqo'te has shown an impressive form using twin daggers. His agility from his training under Hamon and acrobatic nature have benefitted him greatly in close-quarters combat.

Tendencies & Quirks

  • Fish!
  • Orange Juice!
  • Sweet Treats!
  • Cheese!
  • Meeting new people.
  • Making people smile.
  • Perching atop high places.
  • The Sun.
  • Chocobos.
  • Yellow.
  • Snakes.
  • Slimey things.
  • Being sat on.
  • Being made fun of.
  • Being lost.
  • Burnt food.
  • Murderers.
  • Has a good singing voice.
  • Great sense of smell and direction.
  • Fast runner.
  • Acrobatics.
  • Martial Arts (Fisticuffs, Kick-boxing, knives, and tail pulling.)
  • Adaptability.
  • Loyal friend.
  • Dying
  • Being forgotten.
  • Being alone forever.
  • Being chained up or restrained.
  • Losing his tail.


  • Canary: After many attempts to get the lonely adventurer Sarisa Clementine to smile, Caen finally succeeded after singing a ballad to her one morning. She smiled for the first time in two years, since Carteneau, and called him her Canary. It has become a rare nickname for Caen, as few know of it, yet he will cherish it forever. It was also a name called to him by his mother, V'ira, when she taught him to sing as a child.
  • Chocobo: Called this by his close friends, Caen is often compared to the yellow flightless bird of Eorzea, due to his bright yellow choice of clothing.
  • Blue Wolf: Only the residents of Vesper Bay would call Caen by such. Once when he was skinny-dipping in the Bay, a group of bullies thought it would be funny to steal his clothes. Stark-naked, Caen stealthily tried to make it back to Faust's house to no avail, as the streets were rather crowded. He soon came across a pail of blue paint, and, seeing it as his only option, dumped it all over himself. He would then dart through the streets, on all fours, to Faust's home, terrifying the citizenry who lay sight to the "Blue Wolf Monster". After Faust explained the truth to everyone to avoid panic, it became a running gag within the small town's residents.



  • Father: C'aseen the Poet, deceased
  • Mother: V'ira Tarja, deceased
  • Older Brother: Vailyx the Swifttail, missing in action
  • Foster Father: Faust Jabari, A hyuran fisherman and resident of Vesper Bay. He was fishing off the coast of Crescent Cove when he noticed a small boy clinging to a large piece of driftwood in the sea. He became Caen's foster father, and attempted to teach Caen the ways of the world the boy had forgotten about.
  • Cousin: Tiergan Vashir, One of Caen's only living blood-relatives. Since he learned that Caen is his long-lost cousin, Teigan is fiercely protective of the lad, trying to be the brother Vailyx would have been to Caen. Caen loves his cousin dearly, and often tries to act out to make the older miqo'te proud of him. Caen, unbeknownst to Tiergan, would often stalk his cousin in order to study him and adopt his mannerisms. Still, much of Tiergan's past is a mystery to Caen, as the boy is unsure whether it is inappropriate to ask. Even still, friends often mistake Tiergan and Caen for brothers, and the two would go along with it, as Caen feels that Tiergan is a great older brother, in Vailyx's absence.
  • Cousin: Lurial Vashir, One of Caen's only living blood-relatives. Luri was able to track down the youngest son of her aunt V'ira to the streets of Ul'dah. When she connected the dots, she came to Caen and revealed the truth to him. While Caen hides inner worry of being apart of a family again, he cannot help but feel at home again, in a place where he belongs. Until her recent disappearance, Caen had stayed in her home in the city of Ul'dah... now Caen searches for his cousin hoping to reunite them again as she once did for him.
  • Bodyguard: Furious Storm, The bodyguard of Lurial Vashir, Caen and "Fury" instantly became best friends when Caen decided to break the shyness between them by bringing the roegadyn a warm apple tart after his first night at Lurial's home. Now the two are basically inseparable, and Caen never forgets to bring the large mute treats from around Thanalan. While he did vanish around the same time as Lurial, he still sends him treats and candy via moogle post, as they can apparently track the roegadyn better than Caen could.


Caen has had the fortune of meeting all kinds of souls by hanging near The Quicksand after leaving Vesper Bay when Faust journeyed to Mor Dhona to find his wife, Maria. Some have touched his lives more than others and even after quitting his job serving patrons for Momodi, he still eats most of his meals there and hangs around for a good while after. Being the jewel of the sand, Ul'dah is frequented by many and Caen makes a good attempt to meet them all, offering strangers a friendly flap of his ears and a story exchange to boot.

  Romantic Interest     Platonic     Family     Good Friend     Friend     Acquainted     Disliked     Distant


Caen has always had a great affinity for befriending chocobos. He often wished to become a chocobo porter or breeder when he was younger. Some will find he actually talks to them. In moments of stress, the lad will often wander near chocobos and pet/talk to them. Since the birds seem to enjoy his company, many nearby porters or breeders don't mind his presence. It's not entirely sure if Caen wears yellow to display his love for chocobos or for the sun, since he favors both. Yet when asked, he will mention that he might favor chocobos more because you can't hug the sun. He dreams of having a chocobo of his own someday.

As of the Heavensward expansion, Caen befriended a Vath kongamato named Xbalanque. While the boy left his bug friend in Dravania, he promised to return.


Caen doesn't have any real enemies that he knows of. He has lived an honest life and cannot hold a grudge to save it. Even when disrespected or belittled by an individual, he is quick to forgive all after sleeping it off, and greets them the next day, cheerful as ever.



Common Rumors

  • "That there is the boy who works at Momodi's place, wiv ol' Naih'ir... the one who's always on them rails. I dunno how'ee does it, but his smile sure brightens up a room!"
  • "What sort of fool wears such bright yellow? If I wore such on the frontlines, archers would have me dead in seconds. If you ask me, he's just asking for death."
  • "Such a cutie... but what sort of name is Caen for a miqo'te? Doesn't he respect his own kind?"

Moderate Rumors

  • "Shhh, don't stare... that's the boy who was kidnapped. The one by that ruffian Cade... the poor dear must've been so frightened."
  • " Hah! Y'know Momodi won't let him drink? Says he's too young fer such things... but I saw him get a good boxin' 'round the ears last time he was sniffin' 'round it! Haw Haw Haw!"
  • "That little shite ate all my fish! Orphans... hate their scum!"

Rare Rumors

  • " I heard him sing once, yes. It was so beautiful... but so sad. You could almost feel as if there was some pain in his heart... his very soul."
  • " Didn't y'know? 'ee can't remember a lick o' who he was b'fore the moon fell them years ago. Poor bloke. Must be lonely, havin' no-one to hold yeh."
  • "Calls himself the 'errand-tail' of the Sultana... he's the one Raubahn trusts with those letters. Sometimes I wonder what's in them, but it seems he doesn't know himself. Best not to dwell on such things."
  • "They were carrying the little lad in from the Shroud. You should have heard his breathing; I was so afraid for him. A monster? No... they say it was one of those Warriors. Are even our children unsafe?"

PC Rumors

  • "You know he's a kind little guy, he'll just brush it off until he really gets hurt. I'm gonna find Art asleep someplace and stab him between the ribs. See how he likes it." -- Augustine Frost
  • "Caen? That's my younger cousin - honest, brave, and constantly getting into trouble. He's always working to try and become a 'hero' like the rest of us, but he doesn't seem to realise he's already a strong, courageous spirit. His elder brother Vailyx would be proud of him..." -- Tiergan Vashir
  • "If there should be one person in the entirety of Hydaelyn that I wholeheartedly trust, 'tis Caen. For being as young as he is, he has never failed to make me smile and make me see the best in things. If there is someone I am willing to die for, Caen would be the one." -- Garrett Slater
  • "Caen has amesa. Had. There is pain memory. He run away into badlands but live. Sad happened but he is...very fun be with. Do not know if....healed or is...hide his hurts." -- Flickering Ember
  • "He is like Azeyma's Kiss; a ray of sunshine breaking through the dark boughs of the Shroud." -- Jancis Milburga
  • That sounds a lot like someone else I've met here recently. He's, as one would describe, like a ray of sunshine, and dresses like it too. Can't say I've seen the lad for a few days now, though. -an anonymous note scrawled in charcoal
  • "He's a little simple in manner, naive, I would say, but has a sunny disposition." -- Gil vel'Jendahr
  • "You know, he seems really nice, And he likes chocolate! You can't go wrong with that." -- Rihxo Matoi

The Story


The Legacy of C'aseen the Poet

Caen's father, known as C'aseen the Poet by his brothers in arms, was a monk in the ranks of the Fists of Rhalgr. At a young age, he abandoned his tribe along with his best friend F'une to study the ways of balance and the fist, and later came to unlock his hidden chakra. Although he claimed to be a pacifist, C'aseen yearned for unmatched power so that he could defend his way of life unopposed, whereas F'une was more aggressive, and fully embraced the way of The Destroyer. C'aseen would make a habit of sharing his small wealth with the less fortunate of Ala Mhigo, and aiding in small jobs among the lower class, behind F'une's back. He would thatch holes in roofs, gather game, and pull caravans himself. He was also known by his spouts of poetry that he would preach about the world and life. It was then, he met a woman named V'ira Tarja and fell madly in love with her. Traditions of his kind be damned, he would spend nights singing ballads to her... not knowing she was fighting feelings for him. Eventually they would come together and sire a white-haired boy who V'ira named Vailyx.

Vailyx, the Swifttail of Ala Mhigo

Vailyx grew into a wild-cat like his mother, yet bore the confidence of his father. Fond of all manner of mischief, he grew up alongside his best friend and cousin Tiergan Vashir. Along with Tiergan's sister Lurial, the trio would cast bouts of chaos among the lower levels of Ala Mhigo. Dodoes would suddenly find their pens opened and run through the streets, food from merchant stalls would go missing, and there was even one incident when the three road atop a chocobo taken back from a corrupt tax collector for their neighbor, who was struggling to make ends meet. Vailyx was always there to save his friends from peril, coming out with a bloody nose and a few other bruises; his trade-mark fanged smirk not wavering. He named himself the Swifttail of Ala Mhigo, claiming it was a title bestowed by the Twelve for his cunning and speed, but in truth, he merely thought it sounded cool and intimidating. At one point, he even dyed his long, white hair into a bright red colour, so that he would look like a fiery comet as he rushed through the streets and rooftops. Their childhood was happy... but it was not to last.

Escape from Ala Mhigo

Vailyx was eight years old when the Empire lay waste to Ala Mhigo in their campaign to take over Eorzea. F'une attempted to sneak C'aseen and his family onto a refugee caravan, fleeing the city amongst the chaos. This act cost F'une his life, but ensured his comrade's safety. V'ira's family lost or missing, C'aseen thought it would be best to take his family far from Ala Mhigo and start over, eventually booking them a passage to Limsa Lominsa, the entire journey from Ala Mhigo to Limsa taking two years. It would be there that V'ira bore another child, a small blue-haired boy with amber eyes named Caen.

Caen, The Amber Dawn

Caen's childhood in Limsa Lominsa was a rather happy one. C'aseen sought to join the ranks of the Maelstrom, the Grand Company of Limsa, and Vailyx sought to become a warrior like his father. This left Caen alone most of the time, when he was able to wander off without V'ira. Caen was the representation of a new and happy life for the four, and a hope for the future. As Caen grew older, he adopted a mixture of his family traits. While his mischief wasn't as grand as Vailyx's schemes back in Ala Mhigo, they often led to street brawls with the local bullies who beat Caen, as he was a miqo'te with the hyuran name. During the brawls, many of the "bullies" came to like the boy, as the miqo'te never fought as if he was fighting for his life and instead fighting for the fun of it. It became clear that it was difficult to become enemies with the boy, and most of his hyran adversaries turned into good friends or friendly rivals. When he wasn't tussling in the lower decks, Caen would climb to the higher towers of Limsa, looking out at the sea to watch his father fish, and see ships come in to port. He came to know almost everyone, as he was quite nosey, and always was willing to lend a helping hand to a downtrodden stranger. V'ira would teach the young kitten to sing, to aid him in his quest to make all strangers happy, but not without warning the boy of the dangers of the world. By the time Caen grew to his ninth year, he was already a thorn in his older brother's side. Constantly trying to show Vailyx up was a favorite pastime of his, while Vailyx had grown cold by comparison, still mourning the deaths of his two best friends Tiergan and Lurial. He was well on his way to becoming worthy enough to study in the ways of a Dragoon, which Caen would lovingly attempt to mimic. By Caen's tenth year, Vailyx has sought to forgive himself for not being able to save Tiergan and Lurial, seeing much of his younger self in Caen, who would bring light and joy to his terrible sorrow and cast it aside. For the first time, Caen was able to break through his older brother's cold exterior, and the brothers would bond happily for the next year. Another year passed... and with it, the Grand Companies of Eorzea prepared to meet Nael Van Darnus's VIIth Legion on the fields of Carteneau.

The Cruelty of Fate

C'aseen and Vailyx had made up their minds to fight alongside the Maelstrom forces at Carteneau. Yet, as Dalamud had lowered closer to Eorzea, Vailyx feared that the battle would not be won, and urged V'ira to take Caen on a ship and flee the continent. Caen took this terribly, and took up his practice lance, trying to fight Vailyx to let him go with them. Vailyx, out of options, slashed the practice lance in half and cut his brother across the cheek in an attempt to make his brother hate him, so that he wouldn't want to join them at Carteneau. Caen, now sporting a nasty cross-shaped wound, flung himself at his brother, understanding his fears and embracing him one last time. Vailyx would hand his mother letters to Caen, and, embracing them one last time, rushed off to join C'aseen at the battle. Caen and V'ira were able to get passage to a ship heading for another continent with other refugees, yet as Dalamud drew ever closer, the captain of their ship, Kruz Rosgaldornyn, revealed his ugly plot to turn the ship towards Ul'dah, and sell everyone aboard as slaves into the Ul'dahn underground black market. Kruz would attempt to seize V'ira and have his way with the miqo'te woman before they arrived, but Caen begged and pleaded him to release her, offering his own life in exchange. A twisted being, Kruz agreed, and took the young lad to his quarters, where he tortured the boy for making him look weak in front of his crew. As the beating grew worse, Caen could not take it anymore and bit the man's ear off. Enraged, Kruz tied the boy down and prepared to cut Caen's tail off. Before the blow was struck, V'ira burst down the door, stunning Kruz with a glass bottle to the face and released Caen. As they rushed to a lifeboat, the waves grew restless and aggressive, and the skies turned violent. Flares rained down from the sky, flinging themselves into the deep ocean. Amidst the chaos, V'ira removed her violet earrings and wrapped them around Vailyx's letters, tucking them into Caen's jacket. She embraced her son for the last time, and the ship was hit by one of Bahamut's flares. Caen was thrust into the air along with debris from the ship, the bodies of refugees, and V'ira. He reached for her, in an attempt to fly towards her again, and screamed her name, just as she was engulfed by flames. Caen hit the water with a terrible force... and fell into the abyss of his mind.

Awakening to Null

Caen awoke to a warm bed, in the small home of Faust Jabari, a fisherman in Vesper Bay. He had been asleep for nearly a week. When Faust asked the boy his name, the boy could not recall. In fact he knew not who he was, nor where he was... nor why Faust had no tail when the lad had one. Faust attempted to look through the letters Caen had washed ashore with, yet they were almost too water-logged to read. All he could make out is they were addressed to "Caen"... from someone named Vailyx. Taking a shot in the dark, Faust would return Caen's name to him, and gift the lost miqo'te with that of his own surname, "Jabari" until his memories returned. Caen was timid and shy around the other kids in Vesper, while many of them were around their eleventh year, as he was, he felt terrified to be around people. His days were spent trying to piece together who he was, and his nightmares were plagued by a vision of his chasing a red-haired knight with a lance into a blinding horizon, yet he could never catch them. It wasn't until Faust took Caen along with him to trade his wares at Ul'dah, did remnants of himself return. Faust briefly left Caen with Momodi of The Quicksand while he went to trade his wares at market. It was then that Caen witnessed the sorrow of a beautiful lady named Sarisa Clementine. A band of adventurers, her comrades tried anything they could to get her to find hope that her lover had survived the Battle Of Carteneau, but she would turn them away. Caen was overcome with a need to make her smile, and approached her, initiating conversation. Sarisa was so shocked that a mysterious boy would just walk up and chat with her, that she obliged. The two would meet at The Quicksand and talk often, about Caen's missing memories, and of Sarisa and her love for her fiancee, Lieru. And one day, Caen sang to her... a ballad conjured from the depths of his mind... and for the first time in a long time, she smiled. It was then that Caen decided, it was smiles like hers he wanted to one day protect. And he would be the light in the darkness for those who had lost their own. He dreamt of a world without sorrow, without war or bloodshed, and became determined to become strong enough to herald the arrival of such a world.

After Meteor


Five Years Later... (2.0)

After convincing Faust to journey to Mor Dhona and find his wife Maria, Caen had sang in the streets of Ul'dah for gil, while also finding an opportunity to become a messenger bearing secret letters for groups that would not like to see them taken from moogles. It was Naih'ir Molkot and Momodi of The Quicksand that would offer Caen a real job, washing dishes and serving the patrons of the inn. During this time, Caen would also find habit of "perching" atop the rails of the room, conversing with strangers and getting them to detail their adventures outside the desert, having no memory of the world beyond. Caen still yearns for a place to call home once again, and prays that the Twelve might offer a hint as to why his memory was taken from him. Still, he wields a confident smirk and a bright yellow attire, in a hope to be a light for everyone and make them smile...

Brave New Realm (2.1)

Caen could say his life changed when he met a group of adventurers in the Quicksand. The first man was a Dragoon named Artorias Mason. At first the Huyr was a marvel to behold, capable of endless feats and even more knowledge. He had had everything... and lost it all to the Empire. He was an inspiration... yet darkness existed in the mans heart having lost all he held dear. He denied the Gods existence and placed Caen's undying faith to the Twelve among the ranks of the pathetic; an event that shook the boy to his core and giving him doubt for the first time. During a trip out to Crescent Cove, Caen and Artorias run in with Garrett Slater, a free-paladin in training. Caen shows them both a crashed Garlean vessel, rusted and long-dead, when they are attacked by a giant yarzon. After defeating the vilekin, Garrett and Artorias meet in private when Caen is suddenly caught in a Garlean ambush. In a narrow victory, the group is able to flee towards Ul'dah to return Caen to the Quicksand. The following day, Caen was approached by a woman named Kelvena, who searches for her father Ikus and his mercenary company Lost Rogues. When she finds out that Caen has never been outside Ul'dah, she, Artorias, and Garrett decide to take the boy to Limsa Lominsa. There, it is revealed that Artorias plans to kill himself after fighting the primals and defeating Gaius von Baelsar. Although Caen pleads with him, Artorias' mind is made up and he eventually leaves. It is then that Kelvena and Garrett take Caen to Gridania... where Caen visits the Lancer's Guild and finds the Last Letter of the Swifttail. These last written words of his older brother, Vailyx ensure that Caen really is Caen, and that he should continue to live his own life as his father and mother had wanted. Still wishing he could remember his family, Caen tries to find solace among his new friends. Artorias senses the boy's strife and bids Kelvena look after Caen like an older sister.

Shards of the Forsaken (2.2)

One night, Caen began hearing voices in his head, including images and emotions felt by people he didn't know. This led him to run off into the Gold Court unable to control his own pain. Garrett, Kelvena, and Artorias would try to help Caen... only to be approached by two enigmatic miqo'te. Tiergan Vashir and An'nai came to find Caen, but after Artorias threatened Tiergan, the miqo'te let slip that Caen may, in fact have a shard within him, allowing him to tap into latent power and talk with others over long distances. It was only after Caen got his control over his emotions that Brynhilde Wulf appeared before the lad. After inspecting the boy, she made it clear to everyone that he was not one of the shard bearers... but in his mind, Caen could hear her saying something different. He was a shard-bearer... and a rune slowly affixed itself above Caen's heart.

Sand and Snow (2.3/2.4)

It was the day when Caen was waiting to be deployed with a handful of other new Flame cadets to the Sagolii desert. The information broker, Lurial Vashir found Caen first and told him the truth. His family was still alive, and his older cousins had survived the moonfall five years ago. Shocked, the miqo'te boy grew quickly attached to both Lurial and Tiergan. Caen's Flame deployment also ended quickly, as sand worms attacked the site of the training grounds. With the telepathic assistance from afar through the link, Caen was able to drag the soldier caravan and a few survivors back to Ul'dah. Caen was granted a scout position, which was limited to parcel and supply delivery, if only for the boy's speed and diligence. The dark hood of the Entudenin reared its head and began to attack shard-bearers, Caen included. At one point, Caen was pushed off of the high walls of Coerthas by a dark agent of the Entudenin. The boy was paralyzed from the waist down and after three days, was found by Tiergan, who had to fight past two agents to rescue his cousin. Caen was taken to the Shroud for extensive healing and afterwards, found himself hiding from the shard-bearer headquarters, afraid of being attacked by another of the dark hoods.

Taken (2.55)

As the moon cycled around the world over and over, Caen took up his old errand-tail ways by delivering letters for different people in Ul'dah, and occasionally the other nations of Eorzea. However, due to the sensitive information he unwittingly carried, he was made a target by the Syndicate agents after he was seen handing over letters addressed to the Sultana. On the night where the Eorzean Alliance were greeting the ambassadors from Ishgard, fighting began to break out in the city. Caen was chased by a few of the brass blades through the Gold Court, and nearly made it to the Royal Promenade, where he was knocked out by an ambush. Caen was imprisoned, and then sold into a slave ring with the rest of the prisoners that sat in the Ul'dahn cells.



These Eyes of Mine (3.1)

It was soon discovered that Caen had been sold to an illegal gladiator ring where slaves were matched against each other for fictional lands and titles in a game played by the nobility of Ul'dah. The boy was forced to surrender his self-made vows to never take a life, as some fights in the ring were kill or be killed. His only possessions were a wicked pair of twin daggers that he was taught to use by another fellow slave named Yae. After numerous attempts to escape and push letters from windows, Lurial Vashir and a number of brave souls, including her brother Tiergan, were able to locate Caen and organized an assault on the ringleader's mansion. Only known as her moniker, "The Woman", Caen's master threw all of her slaves and guards at the band of rescuers and even drugged Caen and set him upon his former friends. Caen was rendered unconscious during the fight and taken to the Forgotten Springs for healing and rest.

After waking up, Caen felt terrified to meet his cousins and friends again. He perceived his soul and eyes to be stained with the lives he was forced to take during his time as a gladiator. For the time being, he subtly struggles to continue wearing the mask of unbridled happiness just as he did before. The lad now carries a pain in his heart and wonders if he even deserves to live after betraying his promise to never stain his hands with blood. In spite of his inner turmoil, he made preparations to become an adventurer himself and sought employment in Ishgard, recently united with the Eorzean Alliance. Employed as a supply runner for Betelgeuse Bordeaux's Button Shoppe, Caen finds himself working early mornings; running across the realm to spread elaborate buttons to the rest of Eorzea's markets and weaver guilds. The lad spends alot of time in the Quicksand, stashing away his earned gil to fund an expedition to the mysteries of the northern lands where the lost boy hopes to find himself again.

Menphina's Blessing (3.2)

Shortly after Bordeaux's business really took off, Caen stepped away from the company to focus more on himself. He was plagued by nightmares of the blood he had been forced to spill on the gladiator ring and it seemed that the blood would never wash off. It was around this time, after returning to Ul'dah, he befriended a keeper of the moon named Kiht'a Zajhiri. He and Kiht'a both shared age and a similar pattern in their pasts. After a few meetings, the friendship developed into a young romance. Although Khit'a had expressed his desire to be open with their relationship, even Caen could not deny how fascinated he was with the keeper and spent as much time with Kiht'a as he could. The two did nearly everything together and shared a room in the Goblet for a time. Caen subconsciously felt at home and loved for the first time, feeling his hidden sadness and loneliness drift away. He developed confidence as a mate and wished to become a stronger person for Kiht'a, who was skilled as a hunter. The seeker took it upon himself to practice archery and set his blood-stained daggers aside. Their peace would not last, as a hyur possessed by voidsent stalked the keeper numerous times. Caen attempted to defend him, but found himself injured on numerous occasions. The two practiced caution together, yet the two came to the conclusion that they both needed training in their own martial practices. Both of the miqo'te eventually decided to part their separate ways.

Ballad of the Scarlet Devil (3.3)

Deep amidst the Shroud, Caen stalked creatures of the forest, tapping into his hunting instinct as a seeker miqo'te. After a few pelts had been gathered and meat taken, the miqo'te found himself upon a lone lalafel who was strumming a lyre in the most hauntingly beautiful fashion. The notes echoed in Caen's heart and soul and seemed to vibrate every branch in their vicinity. A mist descended around them, and from the small being's lyre, came aetherial light. Without warning, a band of men cloaked in red rushed towards the lalafel. Caen shouted for the lalafel, who stopped playing and readied a bow for battle while Caen fired shots from his own bow from the bushes. The men dead, the enigmatic lalafel introduced himself as Rojiko Tojiko, claiming he was sent from Dravania to stop a ritual that would summon a voidsent lord. He also claimed that his melody lulled disturbed souls back to sleep, for if all of them were to awaken, a terrible darkness would be wrought across the realm. The men in red traveled to several areas of the Shroud corrupting aether, causing discord with the Elementals, and upon chanting an ancient ballad, they hoped to summon Forenzikon the Purge, who would bathe the lands in an azure light, disrupting the Elemental balance forever. Caen did not hesitate to join Rojiko and the two set off to purify the Shroud. Caen explained how he had felt when Rojiko played his melody and the lalafel took notice of Caen's gift for song as they walked together. Before they slept, Rojiko showed the miqo'te how to play the lute, but commented on how Caen could never hope to play with such power without a soulstone. Even still, Caen was happy to learn Rojiko's many tools of the trade: Trick arrows, poison arrowheads, along with a few songs to play, should Caen ever obtain a lute of his own.

Between fending off the red-cloaked men, Rojiko putting disturbed spirits to rest with song, and campfire tales, Caen hardly noticed weeks go by. In was before the final spirit could be laid to rest that the two were ambushed by Coeurlclaw bandits. Outnumbered, Caen and Rojiko were captured and the lalafel was gravely wounded. They begged to be freed as to prevent the voidsent from being awoken and Rojiko, out of desperation, finally persuaded the leader of the band to be able to entertain them all with a song. With a strange magic, the small bard lulled them all to sleep. He and Caen escaped, making great haste to the final resting place. Caen made use of every trick he had been taught, covering Rojiko to his last arrow as the lalafel played his final song. The trees shook as the spirit of the voidsent vanished and upon strumming his last string, Rojiko dropped to his knees.

After dressing each others wounds and enjoying their victory, Rojiko asked Caen to travel back to Dravania with him. Caen agreed, still unbelieving that they had beaten back such a force. The journey was oddly peaceful and upon arriving to the Hinterlands, Rojiko bid Caen goodbye, simply saying where he was going, the miqo'te couldn't follow. He passed his lyre to the lad, making the seeker promise to remember the importance of song and how even something so simple as a melody could take back the night.

Caen's Backpack

"H-hey! Get outta there! That's m'stuffs!" -Caen after someone began to rummage through his things.

  • A thin blanket.
  • Partially-dried flatbread crackers, sandwiches, or pastry wrapped in paper.
  • Sometimes cheese. Usually he eats it all.
  • A water-logged letter from Vailyx.
  • A silver fork, spoon, and knife decorated with chocobo-style handles.
  • A leather bound flask with fresh water.
  • Spare shirts or head gear.
  • A small gil-purse.
  • Matches.


Overlooking the Great Ocean from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Home Sweet Home from Final Fantasy V: Piano Collection
Run Boy Run by Woodkid
Finale by Madeon
I'm Alive by Becca

Character Connections

There are an abundance of souls who may have crossed paths with Caen as they live in Eorzea~

  • Anyone who has lived in Ul'Dah for the last 2-3 years would've seen him working at The Quicksand.
  • He's also a well-known messenger, running parcels across Thanalan for the past 3 years. It's possible you enlisted his services.
  • Anyone who had resided in Vesper Bay or Crescent Cove in the last 5 years.
  • It's possible you have seen him honing his skill in the Pugilist's Guild in Ul'dah.
  • He may have bugged you about your adventures or asked you if you were alright if you wandered into The Quicksand looking broody.
  • Although rare, it is also possible you heard him singing in the streets of Ul'dah. His favorite spots were The Gold Court, near the Thaumaturge's Guild, and the Hustling Strip.

Trivia & Misc

  • Caen will sometimes make subtle references to Final Fantasy IX.
  • Caen's songs are Final Fantasy songs given lyrics by Katethegreat19 on Youtube. He will often recall that a mysterious bard taught him these songs. All other songs or ballads are original pieces.
  • Caen is unofficially voiced by Antony Del Rio.
  • Caen will often be played with techno/dance/hip hop music in the background and his soundtrack depicts songs of this genre. Examples include artists like Imagine Dragons, Eiffel 65, and the soundtrack from the Persona series of games, just to name a few. This is a reference to Vysce's favorite music as a child.
  • Caen's desire to "protect everyone's smiles" is a reference to the Kamen Rider series, particularly Kamen Rider OOO.
  • Caen's patron deity Azeyma is close to the word Asthma, which Caen's player was temporarily sick with while creating Caen.
  • All of Caen's family have lighter-colored hair, with him and his father having the only dark hair amongst their relatives. This is an allusion to Caen's player's (Vysce) actual family where the entire family is composed of people with blond hair, save for Vysce, who was born blond yet later grew dark mahogany.
  • Sarisa and Lieru are from a love-story, rped by Caen's player in Guild Wars 2. Lieru is also the first character he ever created.
  • Caen's yellow eyes are a tip of the hat to his player's time rping in Star Wars: The Old Republic where he wielded a yellow lightsaber.
  • Caen will often sing "Fish! Fish! Fish!" when offered a cooked fish. This is a reference to the champion Fizz from League of Legends.
  • The lad's theme is the "Netsky" remix of the song Finale by Madeon. When dueling him, a faster version of the song will play. His other themes include I'm Alive by Becca, and New Divide by Linkin Park.
  • Caen is always 100% IC, even when out leveling. SO if you see him, don't hesitate to say hello!


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