Caldera Tumet

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 Caldera Tumet
Caldera Painting.jpg
"I'm an angel I swear... My horns are there to hold up the halo."
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age Uknown, about 19 physically
Occupation Mercenary, Rogue and Smithy
Marital Status Single
Orientation Bisexual


♦ General


Symbols of life, to some the symbol of rebirth or even that of purity.

To the Tumet, symbols of a child's coming of age, symbols of the hardship to come and the strenght needed to overcome them.

Caldera was once of the same opinion, a long time ago. As a child, like all of the Tumet, she was abandonned tied to a tree. Nameless, without tools or weapons, she was left to fend for herself.

Thirteen moons. Thus is the lenght of time it took her to find the way back to her tribe, her family. Thirteen moons without help to fend for herself. For most, a short time. For her, it was an eternity. An eternity during which she learned to curse her clan, then to long for her clan, then to find and scavenge food, hunt, fish, find tracks and waypoints, make camps, tools and weapons out of basic materials. And when she found her clan, they had given up on her altogether, believing her to be long dead as before that day, she had always been one of the weaker children, one to cry when hurt.

After that day, she never cried again, or at the least, never in public.

After that day, she slowly became of the most hardy, of the strongest younglings of her tribe.

The elders were mostly glad of finding such determination in their youth and such taste for curiosity, for learning. Even though some of the older ones knew she would not stay forever.

The day of parting came, however, sooner then any had anticipated. At the young age of 15 summers, Caldera left her tribe for good. Her reason for departing : A stop to trade near the mighty city of Ishgard.

The size and colors of the town captured her entirely, the dragoons, in their awe inspiring armors, the symbol of what she found her family to be sorely lacking.


The city seemed full of people whom, simply put, gave a dam. People who, as different as they were, worked together against unbelievable odds to try and usher in an astral era. This courage was so incredible to her young eyes that she left her tribe without even thinking...

...To find she was not welcome by the people of the city, nor by its protectors. They called her names, wyrmkin or dragonkin being amongst the most prominent, and refused her entry all together.

Only one man, an ex-adventurer whom had become a dragoon, was kind to her. He came from within the walls often to bring her books and supplies from inside in exchange for what she could hunt, fish and craft with what was outside. That man thaught her to read, which she found to be such an incredible ability that she soon challenged herself to reading bigger and bigger tomes. Her thirst for reading was such that the ishgardian actually had a harder and harder time keeping his interactions a secret. When his suppervisors finnaly learned of them, he gave the man a choice : Give up his friendship to the young woman, whom seemed much too dragonlike for the older soldier to even think of her as an equal, or be trialed for treason.

Realising he only was given a choice due to his supperior's liking of him, the man gave up his relationship with naught but one last gift to the woman ; Directions to a nearby shipyard and a ticket for passage to Ul'dah, where he assured her she could find as many tomes as she wanted.

Upon arriving, saddened to see her dream of becoming a dragoon crushed, she did the only thing that made sense to her and, lying on her age to be allowed in, joined the Ul'danian army soon after.

During this time, she learned of gladiators, thieves, pirates, merchants, life in the city and found bigger tomes, learning more about the world while learning to write in order to fill in reports.

It took three years for her to leave her official place in the army, finding she would never become a dragoon as she once wanted if she kept training only with swords and so far from their hometown. Seeing no other way, the young Au Ra left her new home in Ul'dah to look for adventure. With skills as varied as her aspirations, having learned to hunt and fish for her food as well as to repair or build her own weapons and armor, she found she had all she needed for life on the road...

...And a liking for battle that led her to become one of the marauder's guild, where she spent quite a few months training, using the guild's facility and guildleves when needed to become stronger until, one day, she decided she could learn no more without leaving the safety of the nearby area.

Picking up her battleaxe and telling of her leaving to her friends of the marauder guild, she bid them farewell only to be stopped as she was about to leave by a man dressed more pirate then soldier whom wanted to exchange words with her. The strange meeting, for reasons unknown, made her stay in Limsa and continue her activity with the marauder guild for a while yet.

After those few months, records of her activity mostly vanished...

Only one thing was known amongst the underground elements of the city :

The Crimson Dragon of Ul'dah, veteran of battle with axe and sword, had taken up daggers.

Caldera Tumet had joined the rogue guild.

♦ Appearance

Slightly red hair comes crashing in front of her forehead, scales of midnight black covering part of her face. Her eyes, different colors one from the other, tend to give her a slightly childish look contrasting with the horns that grow on each sides of her head.

While she adapts to situations as needed, she tend to prefer wearing clothes that are light yet stylish, although she often forget looks when it comes to her business attire for rogue guild activities, going instead for pure functionality.

While she dreams of becoming a dragoon, she dislikes helmets, a thing that has kept her from joining most guilds of fighters as few are those that dare pick up armor with no head protection.

Due to her tail and horns, she has had to adapt her clothes all her life, making her a slightly decent seamstress.

♦ Behaviour

A charismatic lass, Caldera learned that, oftentimes, actions speak louder then words at an early age, leading to her demeanor and to her being, in general, a woman of few words.

With that said, when she decides to let herself off the leash a bit, she can become quite lively, especially if a few drinks are involved.

Although she still loves Ishgard a lot, she has found, in Limsa Lominsa, a group of people whom are both interesting, laidback and hardworking, making the wench her home away from home.

She is interested in learning thaumaturgy and constantly preparing for her long trips outside the city or to other cities.


Being knowledgeable in many fighting styles, from fighting with a single sword, dual wielding and with a two handed weapon all the way to fighting using nothing but fists or magic, she tends to either use her fists or two small daggers (or swords) although she has been constantly hoping to learn lance fighting and join the ranks of the dragoons. While decent at most any fighting style, it his obvious she is used to wielding swords and using whatever she can procure, although her stance with the gigantic axes of Limsa Lominsa could still use some work. She keeps on herself quite a few hidden throwing knives, an habit she took from her time with the rogue guild, and is proficient at throwing them. While she is a fast learner, she tends to draw out fights for longer then needed as she found that she enjoys fighting quite a lot.

Echo Power

Echo Power:
She has some but do not know what they are.
While she seems to have some kind of special ability, she rarely talk of them and, to some who know her well, admit that she has no idea what exactly are her abilities. Whenever she takes damage that would be fatal to most, this strange power seems to restore her somehow as she usually reappears within a short time, with barely any scratches on her. Her ability to explain this phenomenon seems particularly poor, only finding out about what is known as echo very recently.

★ Recent RP events ★



Hot meals


Nobles who think highly of themselves
Rich folks who aren't very giving
Pirates who follow no code or creed
Inns that serves cold meals
Ul'dah's mercantile elitist life style


Training in the rogue guild's headquarters
Drinking at the drowning wench
Fist fighting for bets
Taking care of underworld "business"
Researching everything and nothing in particular


Favourite Food/Drink: Marmot and Loaghtan Steaks, Sweet Alcohols, Orange Juice.
Favourite Place: The Drowning Wench

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Higura Gainishigi



Enemies & Rivals

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"A woman with short blades, red hair and odd eyes you say? Aye, I saw a lass like that. Hang 'round the Wench I reckon. Oh, and don't say the words Isghard or Dragoon around her, I swear she'll make ye ears bleed with talk." - Citizen of Limsa Lominsa, easily heard.
"What? Girl with red hair and weird eyes? Aye, saw a woman o' that liking around. Ask at the wench, ye might just find out more, if she ain't there, I'd try th' library, real bookrat, that one." Guard of Limsa Lominsa, moderately easy to hear
"A dragon? Ain't been no dragon in Gridania for ages, what are you talking about? What? A woman? Go home, you must be drunk if you comfound woman and dragon..." - Citizen of Grigania, easy to hear
"Fire hair, eyes to scare a wyrm and with blades at her belt you say? Talks of dragoons and does research..? Aye, heard o' the lass, they call her the Crimson Dragon of Ul'dah they do, but hey, try surviving for a few years in any army without gettin' a ridiculous name slapped on ye, try it, I dare ye..! Anyroad, last I heard she was headin' to Gridania, must finnaly have worked out th' courage to join them lancers..." - "Slightly" drunk patron of the drowning wench, hard to hear (Unless you ask directly about the nickname, obviously.)
"The Red Dragon of Ul'dah? Aye, heard of the woman, but if you ask me it's another of those Ul'dah legends that never truly existed... They do love telling everyone how superior they are, in that town." - Guard of Gridania/Twin Adder soldier, hard to hear without nickname, easy when asking about said nickname directly.

Player Character Rumours

♦ Footnotes

Neutral Good (Most often, when not looking for something in particular or when her way of life is in no peril.)
Chaotic Neutral (Rarely, but sometimes resort to chaotic neutral methods without any remorse for different reasons, especially when acting as a rogue guild agent, in need of information or when her free way of life is in peril.)

Theme song(s):

General Theme
Theme of her Rogue dealings
Mercenary dealings
Crimson Dragon Of Ul'dah Theme
Theme of her past navy dealings